, repeat, welcome, slaughtahouse!, many, suckas, records, played, money, bein, made, slayed, war!, jeep, niguh, whatcha, never, hear, "i, could, man!!", started, making, still, break, crown, make, frown, wake, town, tick, check, tock, block, funk, dialect, stock, boom, bashin, bass, drum, smashin, crashin, bedroom, walls, monster, mashin, dashin, kick, flying, kids, trying, trick, scien-, -tifical, ninety-nine, rappers, sound, couldn't, find, their, drill, it..., *sound, drill*, [what, funny, house!], welcome, playpen, there's, escapin, place, where, freestyling, skills, sharp, axes, chills, cash, rash, you'll, itchin, green, everybody's, mean, crazy, baby, ready, holdin, pistol, then, they, gun, hand, standard, every, other, candid, just, allen, funts, nothing, worse, than, rapper, fronts, throw, hands, really, care, next, man's, chair, [the, price, must, pay], whassup, album, sidewalk_?, right?, yaknow, that's, grow, ain't?, mother**er's, heads, start, burstin, incorporated, lord, digga, shiloh, eyceurok, brooklynites, floor, builder, watch, back, biggest, enemy's, mirror, long, road, freedom, from, self-destruction, breeds, *faggot-ass*, average, original, killer, inc., gritty, outlandish, [chorus]in, busbumping, thugsyou, slap, whuton, setyou, testyou, porchin, cribeating, mammas, mealyou, phone, doing, buiss'trying, close, dealyou, whut[rapverse1, waqas]we, party, monsoon, wedding, heresoon, touch, ground, "tusi, chad, chak, dey"say, what?we, roof, upand, crunked, "garam, chai", feet, up[rapverse1, lenny]me, llaman, cabronno, quiero, escribirle, maldita, cancionestoy, cansado, hacer, favoresponte, zapatoseste, ritmo, esta, estropeado, para, carajo[translation]they, call, cabroncoz, dont, write, damned, songi'm, tired, favoursput, self, shoes!this, rhythm, waisted[rapverse1, waqas]if, shoe, fit?**, anywayman, tight!!!then, iti, need, spacedid, her?nah, seen, faceshorty, acting, biggie, faith[rapverse1, lenny]?quien, ?pelusaquiero, como, diegorebelde, puro, amor, juegocoraje, latinoeso, puroserena, intensidadeso, aseguro[translation]who, be?pelusai, diego, maradonarebellious, passion, gamelatin, spiritthat's, pureserenely, intensityyou, bet[chorus][rapverse2, isam]rghh, tfuu!snakes, chasei'm, shhhhthey', steal, platekeep, them, showkeep, goaldon't, sweet, talk, youkeep, flowi'm, y'all;, get's, done, herei, pork, thought, clearyou, slipped, bacon, white, rice, instead, prawnsi, clue, came, home, breathe, smelling, santa, clauswho, boss???, you???naah, who!!!who, bread???, who!!!say, buttyou, believe, jobcuz, food, **ed, fired, fool!!!, [bridge]we, else, notake, business, somewhere, fooltell, peeps, bother, moreya, keep, friend, enemy, closertake, bitter, bittermix, cheddarhow, gon', live, brotha, matter[chorus][rapverse3, waqas]all, moros, uplet, skyhigh, cutletting, moro, club, uphow, brother, what's, up[rapverse3, lenny]mira, miramewatch, downsuavemente, admiramepresente, mara, queresvete, este, lugar, bebe[translation]watch, mewatch, downadmire, gentlypresent, gang, want**, outlandish, bread, &, barrels, water, kebab, treating, wrongwhen, strongdon't, maintainplease, stop, messing, brain, bridge:ohohohyeah, yeahlet's, early, morn'ohohohyeah, downchorus:i, namebeing, amdoing, thangshang, friends, clandoing, stuffme, sametime, roughquien, hizo, seno, pero, finalla, historia, absolveráporque, estuve, lugarde, todos, lados, disparanlos, malos, hábitos, acaparana, errores, ellos, amarranno, solo, tengo, cosas, malassoy, humano, igual, todosno, perfecto, todosvulnerable, todosquiero, traten, todosquien, tiene, respuestapor, comprendo, hacemosen, fondo, buenoquien, nunca, sabremostranslatedwho, it?i, knowit, wasn't, endthe, history, will, absolve, mecuz, current, placefrom, sides, blamedand, habits, monopolizedto, errors, attach, melike, have, thingsi'm, human, everyonenot, perfect, everyonevulnerable, everyonei, treated, everyonewho, answer?cuz, we're, doingin, bottom, goodand, we'll, knowbridge…i'm, feeling, goi, can't, stay, moreno, mourni, feel, rain, pain, creeping, under, skinyou, haven't, been, i've, beeni've, places, facesunsolved, caseskids, streets, shoelacesso, hell, telling, meit's, alrightso, please, goislam, 'em, knowchorusboo, calling, wantsas, homemamma, wouldn't, thatcuz, noso, name, moand, let's, happy, hour, lowsee, muhammadbut, knowbut, anuff's, said, rightin, crib, lightget, high, screaming, namedreaming, 'bout, while, you´re, manthinking, might, youbut, lied, coolgirl, stopsee, outland's, official, quiet, hereif, got's, thisif, [rapverse1, isam]i, takin', granted, helldon't, wellcome, straight, bedu, like;, remember, salaatand, forget, thati, missed, first, anyhow, deny, conscious, brokedouble, ask, chokesistas, brothas, clubstale, spinning, fast, lanes, drinking, damn, u'd, walk, 1000, miles, won't, even, nearest, corner, shop, yafood, table, homepraying, focus, gonecan't, serious, blame, miserywhy, son, sick, wish, turn, timeif, would, soninstead, tears, du'a[chorus]oh, friendcan't, anymorethe, good, times, missin'help, singif, downif, we'd, work, strong, holdin', on[rapverse2, waqas]it, sight, nightcame, later, build, mutual, respect, insightok, argue, yaaaaa, leavingso, stupid, things, 'emcome, expect, connect, fastwe, knew, zero, each, hooked, motheru, digging, bollywood, beats, rhymes, before, relationship's, support, trustand, cracks, both, divorcethen, thoughtall, though, diapers, baby's, bootie, barely, affordfor, scrubbing, floors, togetherbut, someday, inshallah, floss, togetherit's, bumpy, ride, face, togetherno, matter, weatherit's, ours, forever, [chorus][rapverse3, lenny]si, pudiera, viajar, tiemposi, pudieravolver, momentoy, sentarme, junto, ustedy, hablar, hijo, padresentarme, ustedde, amigo, compadrele, diria, una, cosa, debe, olvidarla, familia, primero, elementalpero, supongo, puntosomos, diferentes, reprocharlesi, usted, ausentey, ahora, sirveno, culpa, decirlemi, madre, hombreella, fuerte, orgulloa, ella, debo, todo, pasado, futuro[translation]if, couldtravel, couldgo, momentand, youand, fathersit, youfriend, companioni, tell, thing, shouldn't, forgetthe, family, number, essentialbut, aspect, different, reproach, youif, always, absentand, gone, doesn't, differencei, who's, fault, isbut, youmy, manshe, proudto, everythingmy, past, future[bridge]why, quietbaby, nowwe'd, betterwhy, fightin'maybe, should, talkinstead, hidin'[chorus][ending]nobodyholdin', downno, moreoh, creer, jaci, velasquez, puede, talvezmanana, vuelva, aparecerpuede, quizas, puedan, olvidarpero, perdere, dejare, ...de, tide, rodillas, frente, viviryo, jamas, tipuede, dolor, convierta, amorpuede, final, angustia, sera, pazcuando, vensa, bien, maldad, dejara...de, vivirpodras, acabar, siempre, vivire, ticreere, creere, ti..., jaci, velasquez, llegar, molotov, awantas, bara, carrilla, karga, kagas, leche, sumas, peor, amarga, juntos, celebremos, enchilas, ardes, importe, sino, vale, madre.el, pongase, flojito, mientras, pendejeouste, diga, frio, papa, feotiramos, carro, queda, sacoy, fumamos, tapete, porque, acabo, tabaco, guey.here, muchoif, wannathey, tepalcuana, manahere, nachalet's, baro, hacerhere, comes, bomb, nowvamos, hacerle, paro, haciendo, disco, carovenimos, decididos, quedarnos, barovender, albumz, fresas, wannarayarles, ropitas, lanaencarreraderazos, bajada, frenossomos, feos, somos, amigos, buenosomos, playa, chingan, planes, chingonessomos, superchilangos, entre, vacaciones, molotov, amateur, queen, smiths, !, dear, blighty, london, anywhere, liverpool, leeds, birmingham, ...i, bless, themfarewell, land's, cheerless, marshes, hemmed, boar, between, arches, very, lowness, head, sling, truly, sorry, sounds, wonderful, crave, appear, front, daily, mail, dressed, mother's, bridal, veil, ?, ..., checked, registered, historical, facts, shocked, into, shame, discover, 18th, pale, descendant, world, changed, 9-year, tough, peddles, drugs, swear, :, wereoh, broke, palace, sponge, rusty, spanner, "eh, cannot, sing"i, "that's, play, piano"we, precious, tied, apronno-one, talks, castrationoh, poverty, flattens, hair, ...oh, lies, make-up, saps, church, who'll, snatch, boys, lonely, limb, wrecks, lonelylife, smiths, accept, higher, jazzy, jeff, fresh, prince, mark, worldwide, here's, intro, torch, pointed, perpare, world's, best, annoited, field, dreams, hopes, manifest, smashed, smitherines, team, pow!, goes, blocks, perpetrators, through, gladiators, soul's, possesed, hercules, barcelona's, aincent, rome, stoppin', turnin', giving, slack, spirit, zeus, loose, fire, taking, chorus:, push, harder, faster, track, step, tryin', moan, groan, stone, well, oops, look, another, bang, quite, soft, crushed, weak, certain, defeat, meets, meet, coliseum, same, battle, wears, gold, chain, lose, g-o-l-d, three, winners, desire, lower, chorus, michael, jordan, scottie, pippen, mr., robinson, barkley, magic, johnson, larry, bird, patrick, ewing, chris, mullin, karl, malone, john, stockton, clyde, drexler, christean, lattener, barcelona, prince, psycho, master, 1992, master, mother**eryo, lets, right, man., everybody, plays, yoright, left, nut., everybodysing, along, bitch.stop, music!we, worldwe, dealerswe, ones, sell, crack, cocaineso, sellin'there's, fiend, hooddumb, fiends, bring, pipesit's, nigga, betta, thenthat's, dealin'c'mon, everybodywe, sellin'talking, muffled, loud, beatscheck, fooli'm, partythese, bitches, lookin', hella, prettyi, kiss, **in', "your, hole, explode"i, took, her**&, clothesin, words, movin', pick...pocketsee-, mother-**in', maniac, bitch, 'emi'm, drilla'i, arms, offand, bloody, game, golfand, legs, shoulda, soonerreach, stomach, pull, piece, o', tunai, ghost, goyou, untested, arrested, codesfor, headya, period, 'cause, dick, redi, youi, crybut, eyes...make, speakthat, round**could, luncheon, meatin, peeledsee, shit's, realyo, whacha, thatman, bullshit, realoh, outit's, 1993, sayin'i, lil', talkin', shitbut, backya, sayin'i'm, paidand, methere's, murdayo, kent, 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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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The Dark (Anouk)

I'm walking in the park
And I'm talking to the dark
But there ain't nobody listening no
My heart has turned to stone
When I found myself alone
Now all I do is whisper to the dark


There's only so much you can take
You've gotta to give yourself a break
But I don't think you're listening no no no no
If you're gonna take it all so hard
You gonna tear yourself apart
I can understand you miss him in the dark

oh oh oh
Yeah, teach your heart how to sing get the courage again now
Yeah, take the 10:50pm train to the city
Yeah, I had a chance for romance so I do it again now

If love is no longer being served
You've got to leave the table
Mister aznavour told me, merci beaucoup
Though I miss him, got to let go
Though I miss him, got to let go
Let it go

It's about that time to leave it all behind you
You don't want to but life is passing by you
The hard knocks, got you twisted like dreadlocks
Catalogue your dark and set some new marks
I understand your body's filled with hesitation
Trust me it's gonna be a whole new situation
Turn this page I guess you know what to do
Rise up like phoenix I'm bringing out the beauty in you

Yeah, teach your heart how to sing get the courage again now
Yeah, take the 10:50pm train to the city
Yeah, I had a chance for romance so I do it again now

oh no no no
come on come on come on
(x 4)

oh yeah oh yeah

Slaughtahouse (Masta Ase Inc.)

* This song has two parts:
A. "The cutting edge of hardcore rap; the most innovative stuff
for 1993" gangsta parody following the "Classroom" skit
B. Paula Perry introduces the _real_ Slaughtahouse

Part A:

(Yeah... yeah... yeah...)
This is MC Negro
And this is this Ign ant MC
And this is our new mother** single
This shit is called Slaughtahouse
Negro! Coming off our last platinum LP
Platinum LP
_Shit's Real Killin' Mother**ers Dead_
Killin em dead
And this is how we gonna rock shit for the nine-tray

Verse One: MC Negro

Here come the craziest niggaz on earth
Cutthroats, ever since birth
Blood and guts are gonna spill
Cuz it's murder murder murder, and kill kill kill
Chainsaw in my holster
Barb-wire rope, and I'll hang ya like a poster
So when I grab my axe you better drop
Cause I'm "swing swing swing, and chop chop chop" in the Slaughtahouse

Yeah, yo Ign-ant MC
Show these niggaz what the dress code is

Verse Two: Ign-ant MC

Strictly Raiders and Kings gear
Only wear black and I don't know how to act
no more... so come and take a chance and
Mess around with the black Charles Manson
Body parts in the freezer
I'm not Jeffrey Dahmer but I'll slaughta ya momma
So open up the do'
To the Slaughtahouse, so I can kill a little mo'


Yeahhh, mother**er
This is MC Negro
And this the Ign-ant MC
And this shit is real over here, mother**er, real real
This is the brand new LP, it's called _Brains on the Sidewalk_
Brains on the sidewalk!
And all we wanna do now
Is murder murder murder, kill kill kill

Part B: Paula Perry, Masta Ase

One two, one two
This is Paula Perry and it's a brand new year
Time for the weak-ass, wack-ass
No-skills, negative, anti-everything
MC's to get shut down
They're gettin Slaughta'd!
[Lord Digga] Death to the wack MC's --> repeat 4X
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Too many suckas, too many wack records gettin played
Too much money bein made, it's time for the wack to get slayed
Take these suckas to war Ase, take em to war!

It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Whatcha know about the jeep (ass niguh)
It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Here we go, with the jeep (ass niguh) (Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Never hear me talking "I could kill a man!!"
Started making records but I'm still a fan
I'll take you down, I break your crown
I make you frown, I wake the town
Tick, check it out tock I rock your whole block
Got the funk dialect in stock
With the boom, bashin, bass drum is smashin
and crashin your bedroom walls, and monster mashin
Dashin, man with the kick, that be flying
Kids don't be trying, this trick cause I'm scien-
-tifical, ninety-nine rappers wanna kill
to sound ill, you couldn't find their brains with a drill
Check it...
*sound of a drill*
[What a funny little house!]
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)

Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, it's like a playpen
Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, there's no escapin
This is the place where freestyling skills
are sharp like axes, and suckas get the chills
Drum is the cash, like the rash you'll be itchin
for the green and, everybody's talking like they're mean and
crazy, oh baby, you're ready, for this yo
Make me, a poster, holdin, a pistol
Then I can be the (man)
I can be the (man)
Cause they see me with the gun in my hand
I, am not, down with the standard
The man did, not do, what every other man did
Candid, just like the man Allen Funts
And there's nothing worse than, a rapper when he fronts
So throw your hands up in the air
If you really don't care
about the next man's life, you get the chair
In the Slaughtahouse
[The price a rapper must pay]


Whassup kid you hear that new album _Brains on the Sidewalk_?
Yeah it's FAT right?
Yeah I like that part
Yaknow that's what it's all about
Yeah I'm gonna be just like that when I grow up
You think I ain't?

[Lord Digga]
This is a brand new year for mother**er's heads to start burstin
Masta Ase, Incorporated
Ase, Lord Digga, Shiloh, Eyceurok, the Brooklynites
And the Floor Builder
Watch your back black man
Your biggest enemy's in the mirror
Long is the road to freedom from self-destruction
The Slaughtahouse, breeds death
Death to the *faggot-ass* average wack MC's
And death of the original man, turned killer man

Gritty (Outlandish)

In the bus
Bumping with my thugs
You don't want me to get up and slap you whut

On my block
In my set
You don't wanna test
You don't want me to get up and slap you whut

On the porch
In the crib
Eating mammas meal
You don't want me to get up and slap you whut

On the phone
Doing buiss'
Trying to close a deal
You don't want me to get up and slap you whut

[Rapverse1 (Waqas)]

We gonna party it's monsoon wedding up in here
Soon as we touch ground "tusi chad chak dey"
Say what?
We gonna tear the roof up
And get crunked on "garam chai" up at the bar with my feet up

[RapVerse1 (Lenny)]

Me llaman cabron
No quiero escribirle a tu maldita cancion
Estoy cansado de hacer favores
Ponte en mis zapatos
Este ritmo esta estropeado para el carajo


They call me Cabron
Coz I dont want to write your damned song
I'm so tired of doing favours
Put your self in my shoes!
This rhythm is waisted

[Rapverse1 (Waqas)]

If the shoe don't fit?
** it wear it anyway
Man it's too tight!!!
Then cut it
I need my space
Did you know her?
Nah never seen her face
Shorty acting like we go back like biggie and faith

[Rapverse1 (Lenny)]

?Quien quiero ser ?
Quiero ser como El Diego
Rebelde puro con amor por el juego
Coraje latino
Eso es tan puro
Serena intensidad
Eso te lo aseguro


Who I wanna be?
I wanna be like El Diego (Maradona)
Rebellious with passion for the game
Latin spirit
That's so pure
Serenely intensity
You bet


[Rapverse2 (Isam)]

Rghh tfuu!
Snakes all up in this chase
I'm trying to get out of this shhhh
They' trying to steal my plate
Keep them out of my show
Keep them out of my goal
Don't give me that sweet talk you
Keep them out of my flow
I'm tired of y'all; nobody get's the job done around here
I don't eat pork, thought I made my self clear
You slipped bacon in my white rice
Instead of them prawns
I had no clue, came home
Breathe smelling like Santa Claus
Who the boss??? You???
Naah, me that's who!!!
Who got the bread??? You???
Naah, me that's who!!!
Say, you want me to get up and slap your butt
You better believe you out of a job
Cuz of the food you **ed, you are fired, ya fool!!!


We, we don't need nobody else no
Take your business somewhere else fool
Tell your peeps not to bother me no more

Ya keep ya friend close but ya keep ya enemy closer
Take the bitter with the sweet, and the sweet with the bitter
Mix it with a little bit of brains and some cheddar
How ya gon' live my brotha if ya don't matter


[Rapverse3 (Waqas)]

All my live moros throw your hands up
Let me see you go skyhigh to this cut
Letting you know El Moro tear the club up
How you gonna live my brother if you don't know what's up

[RapVerse3 (Lenny)]

Mira al Moro, mirame
Watch me as I put it down
Suavemente admirame
Presente con mi mara que queres
Vete, este no es lugar para un bebe


Watch El Moro, watch me
Watch me as I put it down
Admire me gently
Present with my gang, what ya want
** off, this ain't a place for a baby

Ill Kebab (Outlandish)

Why you treating me so wrong
When all I try to be is so strong
Don't want me to maintain
Please stop messing with my brain, my baby

Yeah yeah yeah
Let's get it on
To the early morn'
Yeah yeah yeah
Let's break it down
Baby, break it down

I gotta bad name
Being the bad man I am
Doing bad thangs
Hang around with
My bad friends, bad clan
Doing bad stuff
Me and you all the same
Time to get rough

Quien lo hizo no lo se
No fui yo, pero al final
La historia me absolverá
Porque no estuve yo en el lugar
De todos lados me disparan
Los malos hábitos se acaparan
A mis errores ellos me amarran
No solo tengo cosas malas
Soy humano igual que todos
No soy perfecto igual que todos
Vulnerable como todos
Quiero que me traten como a todos
Quien tiene la respuesta
Por que no comprendo lo que hacemos
En el fondo yo soy bueno
Quien lo hizo nunca sabremos

Who did it?
I don't know
It wasn't me, but at the end
The history will absolve me
Cuz I wasn't at the current place
From all sides I get blamed
And the bad habits can be monopolized
To my errors they attach me
Like if I only have bad things
I'm human, like everyone
Not perfect, like everyone
Vulnerable, like everyone
I just want to be treated like everyone
Who got the answer?
Cuz I don't get what we're doing
In the bottom, I'm good
And who did it, we'll never know


I'm feeling low so you know I got to go
I can't stay any more
No longer will I mourn
I feel the rain and the pain
Creeping under my skin
You ain't my friend cause
You haven't been where I've been
I've been places
Seen faces
Unsolved cases
Kids on streets with no shoelaces
So how the hell you gonna go off by telling me
It's gonna be alright
So please let me go
Islam B let 'em know


Boo be calling me
Like what ever she wants
As long as she don't call me home
Mamma wouldn't like that
Cuz that's a no no
So say my name is Mo
And let's do this happy hour on a low
See my real name be Muhammad
But nobody really has to know
But anuff's said and let's do this right
In your crib by the TV light
Get you real high screaming my name
Dreaming 'bout me while you´re doing your man
Thinking that I might come back to you
But I lied too
Played you cool
Girl, stop calling me
You better stop
See you did it
Just to get a rep

If Only (Outlandish)

It's all so quiet in here
If only - I got's to do this
If only - yeah

[Rapverse1 (Isam)]

I know I'm takin' ya for granted as hell
Don't care, never talk, when we do, not well
Come home, all tired and straight to bed
U b like; remember salaat
And I be like; forget that
I missed the first 4
Anyhow can't deny my conscious is broke
Double standard - 100, ask me why and I choke
Sistas stay home while brothas hit the clubs
Tale spinning on fast lanes, drinking all up
I give a damn about u'd walk a 1000 miles for me
I won't even go down to the nearest corner shop for ya
Food on the table every time I run home
Praying while the TV is on, my focus all gone
Can't take ya serious when ya blame me for ya misery
Why can't ya be mo like his or her son, I'm sick of it
I wish I could turn back the hands of time
If I could, if I could
I would be ya perfect son
Instead of these tears in du'a


Oh my friend
Can't take it anymore
The pain, the rain, the good times missin'
Help me sing
If only - we could be down
If only - we'd work it out now
If only - we'll be strong, we got's to keep on holdin' on

[Rapverse2 (Waqas)]

It wasn't love at first sight, not even the first night
Came later build on mutual respect insight
Ok we argue a lot yaaaaa told u I was leaving
So we say stupid things when we mad but we don't mean 'em
Come on how did u expect us to connect so fast
We knew zero about each other got hooked up by my mother
U was digging Bollywood while I was in to beats and rhymes
Before it all was about me
Now it's all about us
You see relationship's build on support and trust
And we had cracks in both
We came close to a divorce
Then he came in and things got better we thought
All though diapers for our baby's bootie we could barely afford
For now me and you we scrubbing floors together
But someday inshallah we gonna floss together
It's been a bumpy ride so far we'll face it together
No matter the weather
It's me you and ours forever


[Rapverse3 (Lenny)]

Si solo yo pudiera
Viajar en el tiempo
Si solo yo pudiera
Volver por un momento
Y sentarme junto a usted
Y hablar de hijo a padre
Sentarme junto a usted
De amigo a compadre
Le diria hay una cosa que no se debe de olvidar
La familia es lo primero, es elemental
Pero supongo que en este punto
Somos diferentes y como reprocharle
Si usted es el ausente
Y ahora que ya no esta de que sirve
No se quien tiene culpa pero una cosa quiero decirle
Mi madre me hizo hombre
Ella es fuerte y con orgullo
A ella le debo todo mi pasado mi futuro


If only I could
Travel back in time
If only I could
Go back for a moment
And sit down with you
And talk son to father
Sit down with you
Friend to companion
I would tell you there is a thing you shouldn't forget
The family is number one, is essential
But I guess that in this aspect
We're different and how can I reproach you
If you have always been absent
And now that you're gone it doesn't make a difference
I don't know who's fault it is
But one thing I want to tell you
My mom made me a man
She is strong and proud
To her do I owe everything
My past and my future


Why why so quiet
Baby ya think by now
We'd knew any better

Why all this fightin'
Maybe we should talk
Instead of all this hidin'



Holdin' us down
No more
Oh no

De Creer En Ti (Jaci Velasquez)

Puede ser, que talvez
Manana el sol no vuelva a aparecer
Puede ser, que quizas
Lo que yo fui no puedan olvidar
Pero yo no perdere la fed ni dejare ...

De creer en ti, de creer en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Yo se que jamas dejare de creer en ti

Puede ser, que el dolor
Un dia se convierta en amor
Puede ser, que al final
En ves de angustia todo sera paz
Cuando vensa el bien a la maldad quien dejara...

De creer en ti, de creer en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Podras todo el dia acabar pero siempre, para siempre vivire por ti

Creere en ti, creere en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Yo se que jamas dejare de creer en, oh, de creer en, de creer en ti...

Here We Come (Molotov)

si tu no awantas bara en la carrilla que te karGa te kaGas de la leche
y sumas peor que leche
amarGa juntos celebremos si te enchilas o te ardes no es que no nos importe
sino que nos vale madre.
El pongase flojito mientras yo lo pendejeo
Uste no diga frio no diga papa soy feo
Tiramos puro carro a ver a quien le queda el saco
Y si fumamos el tapete es porque se acabo el tabaco, guey.

Here we kum and we don't care mucho
If you know what they wanna
they just want your tepalcuana mana
Here we kum and we don't care nacha
Let's make baro baro hacer baro baro baro hacer
Here comes la bomb so how you gonna stop it now

Vamos a hacerle el paro haciendo un disco no muy caro
Venimos decididos a quedarnos con tu baro
Vender miles de albumz a los fresas we just wanna
Rayarles sus ropitas y quedarnos con su lana
Encarreraderazos de bajada y sin frenos
Somos los feos y malos somos amigos del bueno
Somos los que en la playa chingan los planes chingones
Somos los superchilangos entre tu y tus vacaciones, guey.

Here we kum and we don't care mucho
If you know what they wanna
they just want your tepalcuana mana
Here we kum and we don't care nacha
Let's make baro baro hacer baro baro baro hacer
Here comes la bomb so how you gonna stop it now


Oh ! Take me back to dear old Blighty,
Put me on the train for London Town,
Take me anywhere,
Drop me anywhere,
Liverpool, Leeds or Birmingham
But I don't care,
I should like to see my ...

I don't bless them
Farewell to this land's cheerless marshes
Hemmed in like a boar between arches
Her very Lowness with a head in a sling
I'm truly sorry - but it sounds like a wonderful thing

I said Charles, don't you ever crave
To appear on the front of the Daily Mail
Dressed in your Mother's bridal veil ?
Oh ...
And so, I checked all the registered historical facts
And I was shocked into shame to discover
How I'm the 18th pale descendant
Of some old queen or other

Oh, has the world changed, or have I changed ?
Oh has the world changed, or have I changed ?

Some 9-year old tough who peddles drugs
I swear to God
I swear : I never even knew what drugs were
Oh ...
So, I broke into the palace
With a sponge and a rusty spanner
She said : "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing"
I said : "That's nothing - you should hear me play piano"

We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry
And talk about precious things
But when you're tied to your Mother's apron
No-one talks about castration
Oh ...

We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry
And talk about precious things
Like love and law and poverty
Oh, these are the things that kill me

We can go for a walk where it's quiet and dry
And talk about precious things
But the rain that flattens my hair ...
Oh, these are the things that kill me

All their lies about make-up and long hair, are still there

Past the Pub who saps your body
And the church who'll snatch your money
The Queen is dead, boys
And it's so lonely on a limb
Past the Pub that wrecks your body
And the church - all they want is your money
The Queen is dead, boys
And it's so lonely on a limb

Life is very long, when you're lonely
Life is very long, when you're lonely
Life is very long, when you're lonely
Life is very long, when you're lonely

Higher Baby (DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince)

on your mark get set and now go
a worldwide show
now here's the intro
the torch is lit and now the gun is pointed
perpare for the world's best to be annoited
on the field of dreams hopes and passion
some will manifest while some get smashed in
to smitherines now who's the best team
there goes the gun now run
out the blocks now who's the perpetrators
time to zip through to the real gladiators
your soul's possesed by Hercules
Barcelona's now aincent Rome
and there ain't no stoppin' no turnin' back
no giving up and no cutting slack
the spirit of Zeus is loose
feel the fire
taking us higher higher

higher baby get up a little higher
push a little harder or a little bit faster
repeat 7x

in your face now take that
get on track or ya best step back
don't come here tryin' to moan and groan
if you ain't stone well then ya best go home
oops watch out look out here comes another one
he wasn't quite ready son
coming hard is a must
cause you come soft you get crushed
this ain't no time nor place for the weak
certain defeat meets the mob of a meet
a coliseum or in streets it's the same
a battle to see who wears the gold chain
win or lose it's how you play it they tell me
but you ask me I want the G-O-L-D
three winners but my desire
is to do a little lower and I'll be the one that's


Michael Jordan
get up a little higher
Scottie Pippen
get up a little higher
Mr. Robinson
get up a little higher
Charles Barkley
get up a little higher
Magic Johnson
get up a little higher
Larry Bird
get up a little higher
Patrick Ewing
get up a little higher
Chris Mullin
get up a little higher
Karl Malone
get up a little higher
John Stockton
get up a little higher
Clyde Drexler
get up a little higher
Christean Lattener
get up a little higher
get up a little higher

Psycho Rhymes (Master P)

Yo it's 1992 and Master P is back up in this mother**er

(Yo man lets do this shit right, man. If everybody plays right, then put yo
right hand over yo heart, and let yo left hand grab yo nut. Now everybody
sing along, bitch.)


We are the world
We are the dealers
We are the ones that sell crack cocaine
So let's start sellin'

There's a fiend in every hood
Dumb fiends that bring they pipes
It's truly nigga betta then
That's why we dealin'

(C'mon everybody)

We are the world
We are the dealers
We are the ones that sell crack cocaine
So let's start sellin'

(Talking muffled by loud beats)

Check this out fool
I'm at this party
These two bitches lookin' hella pretty
I walk up and kiss 'em each on they **in' T
I say "Your hole there - it's about to explode"
I took a gat to her**& she took off her clothes
In other words I be movin' fast like a pick...pocket

See- I'm a mother-**in' maniac I gotta top it
I talk to the bitch ... before I kill 'em
I'm like a psycho like Charles Manson - the blood drilla'
I take yo life and take yo arms and cut the bitches off
And play a bloody mother-**in' game of golf
And break your arms, your legs I shoulda did it sooner

Reach in yo stomach - pull out a piece o' tuna
I guess you're dead, you're ghost, you gotta go
You untested, cause DAMN they like arrested codes

For a dead bitch - ya give some good head
Ya must be on yo period - 'cause my dick is bloody red
I left it in you
I see you face - ya about ta cry
But before ya do make me pull out them eyes...
Make me slap yo mother-**in' face but don't speak
That big round**could make some good luncheon meat

In other words you're dead, you got your cap peeled
See I'm a crazy mother**er and that shit's real

Yo man, whacha think about that
(Man, what you say about that is bullshit - that shit ain't real)

Oh, aight, check this out

It's 1993 and Master P is back in this mother**er
Ya know what I'm sayin'
I had to get a lil' stupid 'cause last year some niggaz was talkin' shit
But see, I'm back
Ya know what I'm sayin'
I'm about to get paid
And all them mother**ers that try to stop me
There's gonna be a bloody murda

Yo Kent, turn up some of that gangsta-ass music



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