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Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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Wontu (Das EFX)

(*You see you can't back out on me now. This is the only place in
town I
can get these titles*)
(*The question is....*)
Ah yeah wontu (get busy nigga) word up
Ha ha (check check)
Gimme room to get this mic check
cos I'm about to wreck it one time for my peeps from the sewer
My sewer style run thru any slum crew tryin to get the wontu
checks cos rippin dialects is what my tongue do
Best sold on a-nother slang son-a
Yo Krazy come and kick it like the [shit], well hear, I wanna!
(Krazy Drayzie)
Well here I be-a with the quickness, kid I'm wit this, I rip to swig
Just because they think this be like leapin out my curses
Who's the next jerk to test the expert? You might regret it
I fry ya to a *?fricker?* seed cos if you see me, baby, be like
I put the hurt ins on that body when I spark it
I'm super like the market when I'm bringin niggas' harkin
Yeah it's my man and me bringin more horrors than that gripplin Amity-
ville, still my crew be pullin bitches like Vanity
Six for kicks cos I write songs like I was lyrical
Straight from the bottom of the pit with the residue
If niggas wanna box with rhymes than ring the bellhops
Cos yo I got more lives than ????? ?????
Aiyo well check it, it's my follow up so watch me swallow up these
kids for
Boy I shock em when I rock em cos my crew be on a mission
Boy I swing it yes indeedy, I get more props than Speedy
Gonzalez, make more dollars than these niggas write graffiti
Boy I'm straight up, you're gettin ate up, that's how it go
Bring terror to your era so you better check my flow so
OK, I float just like some helium and stings like tobasco
The nice with mic skills ever since I had an afro
Aw shit, sometimes I get the notion when I'm rippin
to flow or slang, is it just to keep a nigga slippin
Think I ain't when I is or is it when I ain't
From subject to butter, kid my retoric is spank
It's no competition when I'm flixin with my diction
Oops flexin to the beat y'all, yes yes yes
I cross my heart and hope to spark up blood the size of marker
Some say I look like Books but, kids I be a tad bit darker
Ain't no jokin when I'm rhymin, I'm in effect so check my structure
I switch again, I'm in this bitch again see how I flucture
Wait, I'm great, ya niggas know who sent this
I be knockin out more teeth than your local family dentist
Boy, I'm dynamite, just peep the rhymer right, that gets me over
You better get'cha crew because the *?duke?* is when I grow up

I Got That (Amil Featuring Beyonce')

Uh, uh-huh
Amil-lion, yeah Roc-a-fella
(Oh, oh yeah)
What? Huh, uh-huh
Yea-yeah, yeah, I got that
Uh-huh, yo, yo

I make cats pay like lay-way
Own like they stole
Deal with late pay and I got that from Hawk
Plus I got my own bread
You ain't gotta wave them over my head
I got that
(I got that)
And you can't leave me stranded
Cause I got a ride back
And besides that
What chick you know cock glocks back?
Eight in the back, they rockin' hot jacks
In high heels, mini skirts and thighs fat
My styles like the international
Pancake house or whatever avenue
I got that, uh I got that

1 - [Beyonce']
Think I need you cause the rent is due
You can be outta here baby
Cause I got it
I got it, I got it
Cause cash, coupes, credit cards
All the exotic things baby
I got it
I got it, I got it

Ever since cats found out I ran with the Roc
They wanna take a closer look, wanna examine the box
Magazine want cameras to pop
They catch me in the ** like a Samantha Fox
Listen dude but I got dollars and cents
You don't gotta promise me to pay my rent
I got that
(I got that)
Catch me a drop black playing Speedy Gonzalez
Toes never unpolished
The way I be dressing dudes wanna toss the salad
The way I be dressing got broads acting childish
But I pay my own bills
Amil-lion always has and always will
Y'all got that?

Repeat 1

I got that
The house that you live in
I got that
The bed that you sleep in
I got that
The Benz that you're driving
I got that, I got that
I got that
The ice that you're wearing
I got that
So why you complaining
I got that
Who you gaming?
I got that, I got that
I got that

Yo my life's still on
Gas bill caught up
Indian Amil, call me chief running water
Cable still in order
Phone still dials out
Money still long but my patience got shorter
You can leave baby give me everything I bought you
Like you leaving me was some type of torture
I don't need no man to
Do for Amil what Amil can do
You got that?

Repeat 1 (2x)

That's right baby
Amil-lion, uh
I got this what?

Speedy Gonzales (Hank Ballard & The Midnighters)

It was a moonlit night in old Mexico.
I walked alone between some old adobe haciendas.
Suddenly, I heard the plaintive cry of a young Mexican girl

La-la-laa la-la lalalaaa

You better come home, Speedy Gonzalez.
Away from tannery row
Stop alla your a-drinkin`
With that floozie named flo

Come on home to your adobe.
And slap some mud on the wall
The roof is leakin` like a strainer
There`s loadsa roaches in the hall

Speedy Gonzalez, why dontcha come home
Speedy Gonzalez, how com ya leave me all alone?

Hey, Rosita-I hafta go shopping downtown for my mudder-she needs some tortillas and chili peppers."

La-la-laaa la la lalalaaa

Your doggy`s gonna have a puppy
And we`re runnin outta coke
No enchiladas in the icebox.
And the television`s broke

I sawe some lipstick on your sweatshirt
I smelled some perfume in your ear
Well if you`re gonna keep on messin`
Don`t bring your business back a-here

mmm, Speedy Gonzalez, why dontcha come home?
Speedy Gonzalez, how come ya leave ma all alone?

Hey Rosita come queek-down at the cantina the giving green stamps with tequila!!!

La-la-laaa la la lalalaaa
La-la-laaa la la lalalaaa

Switch (TLC)

Switch switch switch switch

I ain't one to be questioned
About who and where I've been
I ain't one to be questioned
About what time I came in
Tryna squeeze baby please
Hit the road and don't come back
'Cause I can't trust a relationship
Wit no trust and that's a fact

Don't take no mess from nobody
If they act up just leave 'em alone
Don't take no mess from nobody
When ya' done wit 'em you can send 'em home

I won't answer to no one
Until I feel I'm ready to
I'm gonna have my fun
Doin' the things I like to do
See I need space get off my case
Stop breathin' down my back
Cause we ain't gotta relationship
If that's how you have to act

Commitment true devotion
Right now is not the way
For you to come at me
When I need it
I'm sure you'll be the first to know
But for now, in my plans, no demands
I'm gonna have to make a switch

Throw his behind in a ditch
While my definition states as it relates
To us mates, one eliminates
Solely contemplates n' de associates
Like my new drink was V-8's
Just as quick as I get in it
I'll drop 'em in a minute
Like the dollaz
In my pocket, Speedy Gonzalez
Couldn't stop the way I spin it
I'm known for breakin' every speed limit
This switch could be infinite
I said L to da E to da F to the T to da E to the Y
Because I'm so fly
Bring it back to the E so come and see me
At the hotel motel Holiday Inn
I said if your man starts actin' up
Switch and take his friend

Erase replace embrace new face come on
Erase replace embrace new face


Born 2 Kill (M.O.P.)

featuring LaShonda

Chorus: repeat 2X

Represent show niggaz the deal
I'm packing my blue steel keeping it real
Cause niggaz were born to kill

[Lil Fame]
Here comes the Brownsville slugger mother**er
I bust off shots at fools
To avoid these obstacles
I roll deep me and my nigga Llama
With about seven niggas thats up in the clip to bring the drama
Homicide take a ride in the hearse
Enemies out to hit me, but I'ma see em first
I'm ready, steady, and deadly but yet nervous
Let my words a serve its purpose general moved him off the surface
Gunshots let off! My instincts was to get him
Make sure I hit him, then break North, shonuff!
Holding down my fort, taking no shorts of no sorts
My four five turn to a blowtorch
It's still cocked! I tried to get away safe
You that shit was out of shells I still stuck it in my waist
Then my dirt, YEAH, Get murked, YEAH, murder was the case
That it hit heart beating like a nigga on base
I found a spot, chilled, parleyed for a second
Fixed my weapon, then headed back to my section
Now I'm back home smoking and drinking I'm bent now
I meditate on flash backs of how it went down
It's kill or be killed, thats a true fact
There aint no telling when these niggaz are coming to bust open your back
It's ill, it's real, but still I feel
It's provoke murder nigga I'm born to kill

Chorus - 4x

[Billy Danze]
Yo, it's the case of the state
Versus the great one seven one eight
Gun slinger from Brownsville
Where niggaz were born to kill

Yo, some chick think she saw you jump up out the jeep
You said you was across the street laying with the heat

[Billy Danze]
What? That bitch lying
Heres a cocksucker I never heard of
I aint doing time for no mother ** murder
When Mr. Gonzalez stretched in the mud
I was home with the dog dome taking down whats up
Therefore I'm innocent!

Mad shells were split

[Billy Danze]
They ain't mine
I do damage with an imp, you found shells from a nine
This shit is crazy
Would you please contact Lazy
Tell him I need an attorney
To ride with me on this mother ** journey
Now ten months later after being indicted
Third off of fifteen are clickin shit so ** it I'ma fight it
Me and the TRU boy lay back after D.A. spoke
Cross examination, first thing jumped up and broke no joke
Stepped over the judges crown
Stepped on the D.A.s ground
Looked at the snitch with a frown
Went to the jury and got down
Seventy-two hours later Creeping on some playing no more shit
Toting the same glock Mr. Gonzalez got knocked off wit
As I...

Chorus - 4x

Straight Playin' (Shaquille O'Neal)

It's hard being this good

I took a stand in the 90's
Shook but heard turnin it
The fact that Shaq could leave a cold track burnin
Even though in the Tahoe
My whole crew could follow
I convoy 100 000 dollar car follow
Keep your eyes on the biggest big man in the era
Represent rap for all
Enrico Gates bring the terror
T W I s to the M The World Is Mine
I'm gonna shout till a thousand 99
I'm dope for breakin backboards easy
Even caught bills slippin
Like they greasy
Pockets stay cheesy
Believe me
I can stack your chips on the remix
And you still couldn't see me
Now pay me
Run to the border
Hit the water
Cause your style and your profile is out of order
I flow like a river
None come bigger
It's a fact big Shaq is just one bad

I like playin on the west side
Even though I miss playin on the east side
My girl Michelle still got my back and its alright
We could do it from the night until the daylight
**I got suckers from my past tryin to feel me
And all the ones gettin fresh tryin to kill me
A force goes through her body that could chill me**
There's nothing left for you to do but try to feel me

We can cut through the red tape
And bust through the fakers
Keep your eye on big Shaq
And put your money on the Lakers
I'm guaranteed
(You'll do what?)
I repeat i'm guaranteed
To bring it to your face indeed
Type of brother who can stay up all night and hit 40
After the game get naughty
And pull your shorty
And its hard to the next stage to bring it to your idol
Bring it to your whole team and bring home the title
Let my crew known for how we do when we travel
Let's straddle leavin folks grounded like gravel
Saddle up your horse and hit the course
It's your turn
You could stay in my face and watch your whole crew burn
Now some say I
Don't shine I
Know a different story, never lie
Come watch me fly the sky's no limit
And Shaq's no gimmick you can mimmick
But you front and your finished

I like playin on the west side
Even though I miss playin on the east side
My girl Michelle still got my back and its alright
We could do it from the night until the daylight
**I got suckers from my past tryin to feel me
And all the ones gettin fresh tryin to kill me
A force goes through her body that chill me**
There's nothing left for you to do but try to feel me

Now peace to the playa haters that hate me playin
Knock what I do knock what i'm sayin
I'm pullin out the red carpet and your inside it
Bring it to the front and light it and get excited
Trauma my good fellow mellow like a cello
Enrico Gonzalez one rich fellow
And watch me make your girl jiggle like jell-o
Whose world is this?
Over here baby hello

I like playin on the west side
Even though I miss playin on the east side
My girl Michelle still got my back and its alright
We could do it from the night until the daylight
**I got suckers from my past tryin to feel me
And all the ones gettin fresh tryin to kill me
A force goes through her body that could chill me**
There's nothing left for you to do but try to feel me

I like playin on the west side
Even though I miss playin on the east side
My girl Michelle still got my back and its alright
We could do it from the night until the daylight
**I got suckers from my past tryin to feel me
And all the ones gettin fresh tryin to kill me
A force goes through her body that could chill me**
There's nothing left for you to do but try to feel me

Rock on baby
Rock on baby
Oh yeah
Rock on and on
Oh yeah
I love Superman
I love Superman
I love Superman
I love Superman

I love the Westside, it's time to party
Whenever Superman is in the house
I love the Eastside, it's time to party
Whenever Superman is in the house

(Music repeats until end)

Dieguitos Y Mafaldas (Joaquin Sabina)

20 años cosidos a retazos
de urgencias disimulos y rutinas
20 años cumplidos en mis brazos
con la carne del alma de gallina

20 años de príncipes azules
que se marchaban antes de llegar
20 tangos de Manzi en los baúles
20 siglos sin cartas de papá

De Gonzáles Catán, en colectivo
A la cancha de boca, por laguna
va soñando, hoy ganamos el partido
la niña de los ojos de la luna

Los muchachos de la 12 más violentos
cuando la "junan" en la bombonera
le piden, a la virgen de los vientos
que le levante a Paula, la pollera

20 años de mitos mal curados
dibujando dieguitos y mafaldas
20 vidas hubiera yo tardado
en contar los lunares de su espalda

Le debo una canción y algunos besos
que valen más que el oro del Perú
sus huesos son sobrinos de mis huesos
sus lágrimas los clavos de mi cruz

De González...

Alguna vez le harán un monunento
los de la barra brava a mi "bostera"
y una ermita, a la virgen de los vientos
que le levanta a Paul, la pollera

De Gonzalez Catán a Tirso de Molina que trajín
De España a la Argentina, que meneo
que vaivén, que ajetreo
que mareo, que ruina
Y por culpa de quien?
del amor de una mina
Y total para que?
Si al final, se rajó con un pibe
que le prohíbe a mi ex
ir a verme al gran rex
cuando estoy de visita
no sea que Paulita se ponga a llorar
al oír su milonga
no sea que a Paulita le de por bailar
al compás de la conga
y vuelva enfermita a González Catán
y no se reponga
y se ponga más loca que lo habitual
bendita pollera
menuda bandera para una canción
y que delantera!
aquel año Boca salió campeón
en la Bombonera
ninguna bostera se puede quejar
aunque le sobre razón si,
pinta rmeras en el corazón
y con las caderas
le toca a Palermo tocar el balón
"la doce" se altera
le toca al gallego
tocar este son...
para una bostera
el año en que Boca salio campeón
en la Bombonera.

Ljubav (Atheis Rap)

Ljubav je polje zelenog zita
Ljubav je kad Jovanka voli Tita
Ljubav je polje zrelog raza
Ljubav je odnos Tito-Draza
Ljubav je fluid divan, topao
Ljubav je opojni miris cveca
Ljubav je tuga, ljubav je sreca

Ljubav je snazna, velika i jaka
Ljubav je simpatija malog djaka
Ljubav je Ljuba, ljubav je Manda
Ljubav je cak i Bata Kanda
Ljubav je ptica u slobodnom letu
Ljubav je kad cika salece tetu
Ljubav je riba sto brzo pliva
Ljubav je gajva 'ladnog piva

Zigraj uz ritam taj
Sad mi novu snagu daj
Nemoj mene grditi
Hajdemo se ljubiti

Ljubav je kao Grejs Keli lepa
LJubav je kao Stivi Vonder slepa
Ljubav je dodir voljenog bica
Ljubav je mamurluk posle pica
Ljubav je smesna k'o dobar vic
Ljubav je igla, droga i spric
Ljubav je putovanje kroz dimenzije
Ljubav je smislila razne perverzije

Poljubi me filmski u celo

Hints (Jose Gonzalez)

While the crowd is waiting for the final kiss
The one which allows them to sleep well
We'll walk along our own path
The one which will lead us to our own bless
But we need hints before we get tired
We need speed before we lose pace
We need a hint to know we're on the right track

All You Deliver (Jose Gonzalez)

On the verge of ruin
You'll see it all clear
How steep the fall is
How long the way back is
On the verge of success
It's all white and fluffy
Horizons are blurred
By the time you reach your goal
Tongues will be twisted
To the point where you'll lose track of your soul
Distorted pictures is all you deliver



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