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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Escuchar Tony melendez


Sauce Money Freestyle (Tony Touch)

featuring Sauce Money

"You're the best there is" (who the ** else could it be)
"You're the best there is"

[Sauce Money]
Uh don't get it twisted you know I'm just a fly nigga
Don't even wonder why nigga I'm a Bed Stuy nigga
Do or die nigga take a slug for my nigga
If I got to die inside I cry nigga
Sauce spit for the now and laters
Spit for the heavyweighters spit for ballers and playahaters
Spit for mutha**ers who rock gators
Spit for niggas on the come-up playin corners and elevators
Nuttin to lose, so what's to choose
Never discriminate, spit for niggers and Jews
If it's pennies to clock, spit for Guineas and Wops
Spit for hoes that's addicted to Henney and cocks
Spit for threesomes and little dicks who like to watch
Been spittin this way since the days of Koch
Spit for Jaguars, Ranges, eights and drops
Spit for uncles, nephews, moms and pops
Spit this biz for cats who need the brick wit wiz
Mistresses who don't know who dick this is
I spit for clicks who empty they clips for kicks
For motha**ers on the block screamin "That's that shit!"
Tony Touch, Sauce Mother**in just too much
Middle Finger U, ya heard?

Mouthing Off (Ludacris Featuring 4-Ize)

Look, when it all comes down to it...
we ain't have shit
its word of mouth

Ludacris, 4-ize, its like dis
I make niggaz eat dirt and fart dust
then give you a $80 dolla certificate to Pussies 'R Us
I eat the whole pie, and leave nuthin but da crust
So you can feel what its like with instinct but no guts
A sack wit no nutts or
A mack wit no sluts
Give me a full-body **, I still can't be touched
They call me Seymour Butts
Cause I get more**than most
they say next and got dat butta love and get too close
Follow da leader cause I'm meaner than
My trials of more quest than midnight Marauders
its all Pina Coladas
No cops and robbaz
Takin' trips back and forth from here to the Bahamas
I hump more than Llamas
Get rolled more than tires
If you say I'm not nice, than you a motha**in' liar
entitled to your Opini-um
into the next millenium
So many major coins that I thought I had a Millio-um

Yo, I am going to blow up the earth
with my few dirty ???
explosive space modulator
Buda, we praise you, meditatior
Drop squad interrogator
85 percent regulator
the Educator
and the Almighty Creator
The seperator, of fiction
I start friction
smoking hay without the crucial confliction
4-Ize prescription
Microphone, Jackie Stallone
Psychic Prediction
Egytian describition
of my psychical, my flesh is weak and its pitiful
Spiritiual is hooked up to da Invisibile
Umbilical Cord of my Lord
Kumbiya Devine ???
Remove paper of tar from every cigar
I slap authority like the boy Ja Ja
Half Allah, Half Anti-christ superstar
Rockin da microphone wit a hand like Mr. Claw
While I'm hitting Three...
Harder than Sonny Bono
Double Dragon mixed up within a Volvo
I kill villians in Slow Mo for talkin crazy in my Dojo
Got nothing to lose like I'mma Boxcar hobo
When I get Ludacris with bridges on da promo
Niggaz wanna clown, I'm homie and Bozo
Cause in the grandprize game my life is callin like Dojo
the name sticks like ???
I keep it reala than alien autopsy photo
You similiar to a Spice Girl going solo
You lost like ???
or a dog named Toto
My statue of liberty is Rebecca Lobo
??? Promos
Virgo, bust**like a motha**in' Homo
Como.. Estes?
Tony Del Negro
Built to destroy these kid's blocks of Legos
Lego my Eggo cause I say so
Hold the microphone, 4-Ize, I stay gifted
Manifested, Elevated, I uplifted
The Elevator, the esclator, Thats not a knife
Thats a knife
Pocket out and leave the Alligator
Cause I hustle Ya
Unda da china
Big Trouble, Little Sewer but I still find ya
Cause I'm thinking
Manifest, throw you down the stairs like a slinky
Yo, my third eye is blinky

La The Darkman Freestyle (Tony Touch)

featuring La the Darkman

*send corrections directly to typist*

[La the Darkman]
Yeah Tone Touch Power Cypha MC's
*In Jamaican tone* Yeah ya mon know alot of dat cum from killen
I run da place take it from me (real gun talk)
The fortified nine millime
Yo Darkman King doin my thing the bee sting
Assassinate your whole team wit the vocal red beam
Sold yourself a dream I sharpen my script as an arrow
Professional and live, my style double-barrel
I Self Lord, Master natural disaster
Holy sling to splash ya, dark force to thrash ya
Blind eyes, poligimous got four wives
Inside my square, rappers get buried alive
We never even, put you in the dirt still breathin
Perfection, the gold mic touch dun, I'm blessin
Flames lit the flesh, shot at some of the best
When Dell played me at my rest, stabbed a kid in his chest
Now I got respect, runnin through boroughs, hoods and towns
Niggas pull they pants down when I show the four pound
Verbally, fantastic, cocked my rhyme, blast it
Trapicante classic, gun talk gymnastic
The Bronx back to Brooklyn got my slang cold cookin
Pull up in my four-hundred, mad bitches be lookin
And I'm a rude boy, wit lyrics to seek and destroy
My gold tec gonna blast niggas from here to Quebec
Yo I'm Bronx-born, Brooklyn-raised
You niggas get more than grazed, when I blaze my gauge
It's not a arcade, dun my gun is real as AIDS
I'm Holyfield, rappers is Tyson these days, Darkman

Butt ** Booty Bless (Poor Righteous Teachers)

{Culture Freedom}
Ay Yo Wise why they want to be pullin' out dey mics on me
Yo...I ain't be got no weapon drop that booty butt ** fo em' babyyy

Verse one
{Wise Intelligent}
I bring the lessons from Allah as speach to teach
As I speak to the brothers that be lackin'
Butt ** Booty Bless
Some simply say it be hittin'
While the teachers teachin'
All the other crews will be clappin'
Give me the time drop the rhyme
{Culture Freedom}
On two
{Wise Intelligent}
The Poor Righteous Teachers are gonna have ta' come teach
Either Culture Freedom on by
Or either kick the scratch as the wise man speaks
Lesson number one so many brothers selling coke
But me know, I'm your brother who commence to drop
Educating tunes from a lesson of life
Built into a form hip style
Hip hop
No one could tell ya that Wise be the lacker
I study this style like I study my life
Takin da head of the snake that be snakin'
And building the brain cells of brothers my type
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the drawers
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

{Instrumental break}

Verse two
{Wise Intelligent}
I da divine
{Culture Freedom}
And Cult
{Wise Intelligent}
Teachin' as we greetin' every god with peace
Stoppin' every snake that the posse might approach
and stampin' on his head
{Culture Freedom}
This kid be'es weak
{Wise Intelligent}
Lessons are the key to the style I drop
Hip hop
Not weak miscellaneous rhymes
Stop me nigga please
Back, back calm down
Culture tell em
{Culture Freedom}
Never sucker...No not this tiiime!!
{Wise Intelligent}
Praises are due to Allah
Thats me
Wise Intelligent drop the God's technique
Who gives a damn if you stop my tribe
Steppin' thru the script and your crew don't speak
Give me the chance to ignite one thought
Just one it will teach every student in my presence
Wise Intelligent be the teacher I'm teachin'
Stop, look, and listen to the level of my lessons
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the drawers
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

Verse three
{Wise Intelligent}
There's so many styles that the Wise must teach
Check the speach
As I drop to the level of your brain
Teachin' you the knowledge of yourself
"Like you're God"
Now some may look at me and state that I'm insane
Get wise If God's your creator
Tell me this, Tell me this
If he's your father by the mental eye sight
And like father like son it begun
The vision make the blackman grab his birthright
Teaching is the duty of a civilized man
Teach truth to the youth
That be thirstin' for the knowledge
Take that head of the snake
That mistake
The Wise be the brother that could wax or either polish
Teachin' what was taught to the king that sings
Droppin' mathematics as the Wise comes through
Represented by the Sun, Seven, Moon and Star
And this is a taste of the PRT crew
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the cause
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}

Verse four
{Wise Intelligent}
Stand back I attack
That weak new jack
That lacks must I mentally beat him
Poor Righteous Teachers teach to the weak
So I takes his weak, wack crew and teach them
Butt-** booty style make it wild says the crowd
So drop Hip-Hop by the ounces
So loud as I teach this crowd, as I teach ya
and control that body as it bounces
Let me think should I stay meditate
Sink most deep into the crescent of your soul
Assume to accomplish techiques speak
this is from the Father who promise gold
Shakiyla my queen is my queen
This means this queen
submitting to the G-O-D
One G said "God not a mystery, God but Allah"
And Allah says "God be'es me"
Gods get applause from the things we protest
Ya **in' this style when this style is undressed
Culture one time for the mind
Drop the cause
This is the what?!
{Culture Freedom}
Yo I would like to say "Whats up and give a special shout out to my homeboy Supreme,
Power God, Master Knowledge and C-Justice".
{Wise Intelligent}
Peace This is the magnificent MC Wise Intelligent and I would like to give a shout out to
the Gods and Queens, my queen Shakiyla and the Producer Tony D.
We in dis...Peace

P's & Q's (Saukrates)

Captiol Hill yeah
Ain't nobody with the skills we got
Putting shit together just to form another plot
Better be on your P's and Q's
Here's a message from me to you bloow
Ain't nobody with the skills we got
Always putting shit together just to form another plot
Better be on your P's and Q's
Here's a message from me to you bloow

Verse 1:
I break you off a little something
There ain't no reason to be frontin'
He sat with a cold blunt in hand, other nothing
Pick up my pen, begin
To let my mind bend again
Rush with thoughts, bust, discuss how I'm finishing
Cleaning niggas off, you just a pig who need a bigger trough
While I chill on the land of the lore
With your raps sound soft
Beats never coming off
How you feel? I know you thought you were reeeaall
Losing you skill, what's the deal?
Peeling caps on you record
Interludes on some y'all ain't even seen real steal
Imagine if you will kid, getting ill on a record
Making dough, but it's your own shit still
Now's time to play big Will nigga
After you learn how to play the field, rocking the act vigor
Trigger in you clutches
Remembering the time you thought of doing niggas
Spoke about the dutches
New style every month from Tony Touches
You capitalize on franchise type of shit
Generic in your eyes
No name brand the same
But can't even do it like the orginal Fame
Get that**out the game
Nigga, what!


Honey! Where do you think you're going with my money?
Broke you off last week, Yo!
Girl listen funny, you thinking you're runnin'
On some different type shit
But your position at present could get your wig split
Baby, what!
I know we cool like that because, we known each other for years
And all the time we was on the same level
But you turned up the treble
Not me I became a hip-hop MC
On the other hand, babee
You think of profiling as an acuvision (?)
Last year was a different situation
Hanging out with the niggas, when you were in need to kick back
Smoking BDs, mixing hash with weed
Denim and army fatigues
You were never afraid to put degrees on a nigga who slapped up ya seat
Now you're chilling with some type Johnny G type of cat
Put you up in the crib
Now you think you're all that
Fly DKNY, Versace panties on your**
But, your son's looking like crass and tripping up in class
Correct that bullshit, fast!
And quit coming around my niggas begging for cash
That's you boyfriend's task
I heard he 'tacked you up really bad the other day
'Cause I can hear your seed screaming, running my way
Time to talk to that fool, cause my sons don't play
Ah, honey, next time you change, don't stray
You hear me?


Ain't nobody, skills we got,
Ain't nobody, Saukrates y'all
Better be on your P's and Q's
Here's a message from me to you, bloow

Insaneology (Necro)

[John Tardy]
Praise me, oh god, things I have done
Raise the introspect, wars I have won
Rise me, oh god, stand still the end
Send in the solace one, wars never end

My black magic creates tragic fates like back fractures upon magistrates
that disagreed with what Necro advocates
If you know thugs for 4 G's you could be coked up
Involved in orgies on top of pentagrams soaked in goats blood
With innocent maidens, reciting rituals in a menacing cadence
I'm blatantly a sadist, making me Satan's acquaintance
My sepulchral corporals disobeyin' court rules, assault bishops
Burn 'em with liquid from the cauldron on the altar with chickens

These verses are satanic like Salmon Rushdie
Reading Talmud on embalming fluid next to Muhammad, the devil told him to do it
Music made for thrashers and** bashers
We slay fascists, while I parlay puffin' LaVey's ashes
You're enslaved to Mephisto's imprisonment
Piss on Monroe's grave and christen it when I piss in it
Blasphemous like Baphomet's tits, evil like African ticks
Make the female sacrifice and suck the Capricorn's dick
You got pulmonary edema
You'll soon be buried like Gary Coleman's career, but your skull recovered by FEMA
Attackin' the mental, walkin' backwards into temple
Gold inverted pentacle, fang platinum dental
Magically create tragedy internally
Similiar to Merlin so your fragile anatomy burns in Hell
Your permanent murder's a travesty
Sincerely and personally I'm eternally HIM, his infernal majesty

[John Tardy]
It comes to me
I feel insane
I write the book of corpse
I feel the strain
Killing it comes to me
It's what I do

This shit's heavy, like the illustrations of Eliphas Lévi
Should've left you forever celibate at your Briss with a machete
Sick, demented women prance, centered in the pentagram
Enter the pit, kill a divine being like Glen Benton's band
Importing to Miami beach, no law in the streets
I don't wait for the lord to preach, 'cause God is dead, according to nietzche
Shit on Christ while the beat rocks
Blasting King Diamond during the Equinox, sacrificin' peacocks
A black Bar Mitzvah, rabinical satanis
A clinically sick cynical clique with banana clips and bandanas
If your career was killin' for Satan and now you're locked up
It's clear as day you were decieved like Ramirez
I have no physical address, I just spiritually manifest
Like mystical hat tricks, split in two in a casket and switch backwards
Sammy Davis Jr. was satanic no less
Recruiting many actors and actresses in to the C.O.S

L. Ron Hubbard thought he was Satan, you wish you were me
The scientologist gynecologist doin' abortions ritually
Free Masonry's why Michael flipped
Tom Cruise's brain is microchipped, they cleared his mind completely then recycled it
Travolta's been trapped since '75
Before "Welcome Back, Carter!" they soddered his brain open with blotters
Politician occultists hexin' humans with complex infections
That bludgeon, 'cause they hold grudges like Stryker from X-Men
It be the God like Marquis de Sade, the priesthood of Mendez
Sacrificing chicks like Lizzette Melendez
Like Trevor Perez and Sean Martin on Fenders
We're rugged thuggin' shout to my Insaneology members, DIE!!!!!!!!!

Dedication (Brand Nubian)

[Grand Puba]
C'mon Alamo, let's swing it
Before I get this wreck, I like to take a sec
To say this jam here is dedicated to some of my favorites

I like to dedicate this to PE, I like to dedicate this to BDP
I like to dedicate this to the X-Clan, I like to dedicate this to Heavy D
Kiss my mother bye 'fore I hit the road of stardom
Put away my rhymes, make sure the pimps got em
Just cuz I'm a rapper, doesn't mean I'm not a fan
My favorite, Rakim, Big Daddy, Kool G and
LL who always keep the girls jingling
C'mon honey dip, you can jingle on my (Yo, cool chill)
When it comes to female rappers, bust it, here's a few
MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, and Linque
What more could I say, I wouldn't be here today
If the old school didn't pave the way
Hats off and I'll never forget
Cuz if it wasn't for them, there wouldn't be no rap shit
Back to the track of the new
For short you can call me MC Grand Pu
I made this splendid cuz that's what I intended
Don't try to break it cuz you just can't bend it
I got a bad habit, see I live hitting skinz
Well if hitting skinz is wrong then forgive me for my sins
C'mon Ak, I'm straighter than 6 O'clock
So what you oughta do is flow wit the flock
My sign is the fish, yo, also loving on my disc
It's cool, I got dismiss cuz I hated liverwurst
But here I am, a rapper, my best friend Pos the dapper
Tony X who I grew up wit in a jet so
Shake the motion if you got the notion
Puba rubs off on ya just like lotion
I'm not conceited, girls say that I'm attractive
They describe my love and that's being hyperactive
I'm just a brother who likes to romance alot
Look at me as the black Sir Lancelot
That's right, your knight in shining armor
If I went to college, then my major would be drama
Or theatrics is more like my tactics
If you want the proof then lay down on the mattress
Swing wit the swinger, I can be a singer
Alamo controls the beat wit just one finger
If you wanna swing to this, you better take precaution
Alamo, when you hook it, make sure there's no distortion
Here comes the two, better known as the babuloo bad boys
Who makes much noise
Two Express, no local stops
It's time to get fat and collect our props
Kamikaze like Japs, you roll a 7 in craps
And if you think that this is booty, yo, it ain't no half
Met Lisa Simms, she bought a gear from Vin's
The knucklehead got her pregnant, now she got twins
The type of brother to stand out, always keep my hand out
To help another brother, what is taught by my mother
Good to the drip drop and I won't flip flop
Straight to the tip top in this here hip-hop
My style varies and my vocal carries
To El Segundo where I seen Q-Tip
Sipping on khaluda wit this honey dip
So. c'mon baby, spend the money, don't save it
Cuz this jam here I dedicate to some of my favorites
(Some of my favorites, some of my favorites)

Hey yo, check this out
I like to dedicate this to Chuck Chillout
(I like to dedicate this to the Awesome Two)
I like to dedicate this to Red Alert
(And I dedicate this one to Biz Mark)
I like to dedicate this to De La Soul
(And this one goes to the JB's)
I like to dedicate this to EPMD
(I like to dedicate this to Kid Capri)
I like to dedicate this to Andre
(I like to dedicate this to Puffy)
I like to dedicate this to the SD's

Shout outs

Seven Whole Days (Toni Braxton)

Seven whole days
And not a word from you
Seven whole nights
I'm just about thru
I can't take it won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you
I'd rather be on my own
Yes on my own

You know if you cared anything about love
You woulda been front and center
Lovin' me and touchin' me
You know if you knew anything about me
You woulda been much more tender
Ooh squeezin' me, caressin' me
You coulda had about anything you wanted
But you messed it up
You had to be tough
You told your friends
You had me wrapped around your finger
You were talking kinda cocky
Like you had it goin' on
All the while you knew
That things were kinda shaky
You knew that you were wrong
Dead wrong to be
Mistreating me
How can we go on

Seven whole days
And not a word from you
Seven whole nights
I'm just about thru
I can't take it, won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you

I'd rather be on my own
Yes on my own

You know if you knew anything about sweet
You woulda been talkin' to me
Seven days a week
You shoulda been givin' me
A little more time
But you were just much too busy
Abusin' me and usin' me
I woulda done about anything
Ya wanted
I was there for you
I was crazy about you
When I was sittin' thinkin'
I was kinda special
You were runnin' round
Hittin' every other girl in town
How could you love me
When you knew you played me funny
You knew that you were wrong
Dead wrong to be
Mistreating me
How can we go on

Seven whole days
And not a word from you
Seven whole nights
I'm just about thru
I can't take it, won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you

I'd rather be on my own
Yes on my own

Deep in my heart
You were number one to start
But then you changed
You threw my heart away
Told your friends that
You were runnin' thangs
Why'd it have to be that way
You're wrong
Dead wrong
Tell me how
How can we go wrong

Seven whole days
And not a word from you
Seven whole nights
I'm just about thru
I can't take it, won't take it
Can't take it no more
I had about enough of you

I'd rather be on my own
Yes on my own

West Of The Wall (Miss Toni Fisher)

West Of The Wall
Toni Fisher
Written by W. Shanklin

West of the wall I'll wait for you
West of the wall our dreams can all come true
Though we're apart a little while
My heart will wait until we both can smile
That wall built of our sorrow
We know must have an end
Till then dream of tomorrow
When we meet again

West of the wall where hearts are free
West of the wall your heart can come to me
And in my arms that hold you tight
You will forget the darkness of the night
The world knows about sadness and we are not alone
West of the wall that soon will fall and you'll come home

[Wall built upon sorrow
One day you will end
Hearts true to each other
Will not break
They will not bend
In our hour of sadness
How clearly we can see
Tomorrow's gladness
Free, free, free, free........]

[Repeat verse 2]
Come home
[West of the wall]

From: David cassells <cassells@nex.net.au>

Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix) (Timbaland And Magoo)

featuring Missy

Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps
Da boogie da boogie da boogie da boogie
Like dat
Up Jumps

Verse 1: Magoo

Mag and double ooh came to move your body
M C old school like Lodi Dodi
When you hear Up Jumps Da Boogie
Dance till you can't and shake your cookie
People to the left like Mag to def
People to the right need to clean your breath
Bigger than my butt, pulled out some cheese
We the best on the scene since the three degrees
Aachoo sneeze
Cool like the breeze
Me and Timbaland two Master P's
I hope you bout it
Cause I been bout it
South on the rise, V-8 bout it bout it (uuuh)
Driven in my '89 Mercury
Record label don't you try to carry me
Got some of that project in me
Get dem flashback, you besta all flee

Verse 2: Timbaland

I'm the dope producer in the industry
I'm tired of producers bitin' on my beats
Baby, thats cool, I ain't got no beef
But you must pay me producers fee
I am the man with the ill**sound
I got all the execs saying I love that sound
Timbaland was next on the agenda
A house, some stocks, three zorts for the winter
Don't y'all sappy fools get mad at me
Because I became a millionaire in a year times G
I thank god for blessing me
I give all my thanks to the all mighty
Now I'm just chillin in my house in Rohb beach
Now it's time to catch a plane to N-Y-C
This is the remix to Up Jumps Da Boogie
Boogie, woogie, woogie
Oogie, oogie, oogie

Verse 3: Missy

M-C's mad at me
But you better get back
I'm bout to ratta-tat-tat
Lay me flat on my back
In fact, I interact and make the track turn phat
You heard that
Have it, give it to me daddy
Cut it like confetti
I know y'all said mother uuh wasn't ready
You back in the studio, yeah I got you sweatin
Timbaland my man, chica my man
Beep beep
In the caravan, there go my man
Magoo, what you got plans for pullin down your pants?
So Magoo know dat, why you trippin like dat?
Is it pissed
I make a list, of those who diss
Who try to be me cause my style sickening
Yeah and my phone's ringing


Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me (say what?)

Verse 4: Magoo

Verse number two
Two verse rhyme
When I get greens, I gets a dime
Peace to god, my neice, to Mario
Y'all don't know nuthin bout Jamario
Huckle Berry Finn
I'm country and I'm thin
They make rock eat and buy my black Benz
Hook it up with tens with candy coat
Me and Cheech and Chong rope, but still smoke
Smell like butter
Salt n' Pepa push me
How to be a player squeezin on your tushy
Mag in a row of all wannabee's
When Wimbledon drank all the teas
Eating Rice-A-Roni with Toni Toni Tone
Keep Cindy Crawford, to me she's to boney
See another Rain, unless you know Missy
Clown suit on so don't you dare diss me

Verse 5: Timbaland

Now I'm gonna make my rap only eight bar
On this track Maganoo's the star
One of my favorite rapper's Nas Escobar
I listen to his tape driving in my car
Now let me get back into the groove
Tap the person standing next to you
Tell him or she to move side to side
And tell them to keep the party live to live

Verse 6: Missy

Up jumps da boogie
Boogie jumps me
Got to move my knees straight down to my feet
Down to my hands, clap, clap
Tell me where the party at? Where we boogie at?
Up jumps da boogie
Boogie my flow
Yo-ziggy-yo Timbaland here we go
Y'all to slow to make this kinda doe
Shoot you don't know, shoot you don't know



Video de tony melendez y el papa Juan Pablo ll Catolico.

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