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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Escuchar Tony melendez


Zimbabwae (Toni Childs)

what you gonna do zimbabwae
what you gonna do zimbabwae

zimbabwae is a man who tried
to teach his children what was right
but then there came a time when war
split the family from inside
he said no fighting no more

what you gonna do zimbabwae
what you gonna do zimbabwae

the old man sits and shakes his head
while the multitudes insist
war is the cause of unity
with just one thought there could be peace
men gathered in silence the same

can there be some peace on earth
can there be a love
greater than the world we see
greater than us all
it's the last station home
it's the last station home

you ran your heart in those days
when no-one could see days
you want to run in the wind
you want to go back inside
see no more crime in your lifetime
zimbabwae, zimbabwae
no more crime in your lifetime
zimbabwae, zimbabwae

With You (Tony Terry)

Yeah, just like that

[Ooh, ooh, ooh]
[Ooh, ooh, ooh]
Yeah, yeah

When I'm with you, I hear a sound
That makes me laugh and smile and sing to you
When I'm with you, I feel so free
I love that love is going to take control of me

When I'm with you
It's for real [It's for real]
What I feel [What I feel]
When I'm with you [You], uh-huh

When I'm with you, I wonder why
People do stop and stare and smile at us
When I'm with you, the sun shines my way
Baby, our love reflects its rays of light on everyone in the world

When I'm with you
It's for real [It's for real]
What I feel [What I feel]
When I'm with you [You], Hey, hey, hey

Uh-huh [Special touch, a warm embrace]
A sweet and tender, your smile, whoa
Body warm my heart, so pure
Chills when I look, look in your eyes

I wonder why
People [Do stop] and stare [And stare and smile at us] and smile at us
When I'm with you, the sun shines my way
Baby, our love reflects its rays of light on everyone in the world

When I'm with you
It's for real [It's for real]
What I feel [What I feel]
When I'm with you [You], you, hey, hey, hey

Oh, girl
I love you, baby
Ye-ye-ye-yes, I do
Ye-ye-ye-yes, I do
I'd give the world to you, baby
Oh...whoa...oh, yeah

When I'm with you, whoa...baby
It's for real [It's for real]
What I feel [What I feel]
When I'm with you [You], yeah, yeah, eah, hey

Everything, everything's alright
When I'm with you
It's for real [It's for real, what I feel]
What I feel [You're heavy on my mind]
It's okay [It's okay, gonna pray]
Every day [Every day]
It's so nice [So nice], so right now [So right]
When I'm with you [You], nobody but you
Honey, I love you, yeah, ooh

Ice Water (Raekwon The Chef)

featuring Ghostface Killer Cappachino

Intro: Ghostface Killer

Tommy Hil' rockin ice niggaz
Tommy Hil' ice rockin niggaz who **...
Mira afrente
Take a one on one to this shit y'all (yeah)
Get your nostrils clear (yeah)
Come on sniff your brains out
All my Al Capone Al Pacino niggaz (yeah)
Who's down with drug smuggling
Cappadonna Golden Arms

Verse One: Ghostface Killer

Yo, yo
Take out the rap kingpin, the black Jesus
I know a few niggaz sniff coke, it cause seizures
Peace to half-moon Caesars
and all the bitches in the bleachers
Hot weather, ** on the beaches
Jury shopping out of the country
Deluxe luxury, people saying dem not change
Look, truckle me
But what about the Wonder Woman bracelet
Two-oh point three diamond cut engraved rubies
Kid I laced it
My sweet tooth gotta nigga throbbin, ready for robbin
But first hit Maria's, for a butter almond
The bionic microphone is stacked mechanic
Move like a bunch of Mexicans with bandanas
Son, it's on so we can just Maximillion
I got the spot sewn, so we can make a billion
The God's tropical
Ladies call me black fruit punch
Rainbow, flavored niggas murder niggas for lunch
Peace to the Paris crew in the avenue, and my nigga Jay Love
Who carries switch blades on the red roof

Verse Two: Cappadonna

Yo, the first branch, the third leaf, whoever want it got beef
I politic, show love, crush those who dare creep
Into my realm of sunshine I praise divine
Fine line between dawn of dumb, deaf and blind
He ain't mine, he shook like the faggots on daytime
Crossed over grain while we was bubblin moonshine
Sippin on the Moet, laid up, Rae-Gambino
Mastermind the plan, Tony Starks, Cappachino
Develop while your head be swellin up all for the nation
Blinded by the ice while I release the confrontation
Donna holy fat bads of weed, ravioli
Pasta, Bodyguard the killa bee songs like Kevin Costner
Infrared all inside your bumba rasta
Cappadonna pimped the derby like the mobster

Interlude: Ghostface

Yeah, yeah
Eight spaghetti lame brain**niggaz
Quarters, nickels, and dimes bitch
Except for overtime nigga
Any**money should be fine
Cause I'm coming strong, reaking niggas backs
Keepin shit real
If you haven't noticed this crazy**rusty,**nigga
Let me tell you this four times
Tony Starks, Raekwon the chef
Cappachino and Golden Arms
Is comin through mad strong
From the isles of Shaolin
For all them faggot**
Rusty ticket-head bitches too
Shump shump baby

Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef

Yo back in the days, baggin crack, scrapin plates
Flippin cakes to them heavy head niggaz hatin Jakes
It be us, all the war's soldiers, hangin in halls gettin over
City niggaz who for blood money rockin Rovers
Stay dipped, don't have no money in your pocket
In the streets while these people mark money in their Jeep
Crack bums watch your back for jumps
Caught before a fake twenty dollar bill
Get em son, we ain't the one
Politickin, purse vickin, sick of these Dominicans
Eatin good, had to shoot my way up out of Bennigans
That's life, to top it all off, beef for white
pullin bleach out tryin to throw it in my eyesight
Yo what the ** was on yo mind?

Soldier (50 Cent)

[50 Cent and DJ Whoo Kid talking]

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT!
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT!

[50 Cent]
It's a fact homie, eagles don't fly in flocks
But the eagles I got own sixteen shots
Like beefin', homie I ain't sayin' a word
I'll run up on your punk**squeezing the bird
Now what New York niggas know about country grammar
Not much, but we know how to bang them hammers
When I pull out that thing, you better break yourself
Or win a trip to ICU, and you can take yourself
If you lucky mother**er, I'm solider I told ya
Push ya shit back, put my knife through ya six pack
Gat bust, adrenaline rush, blowin' the dust
Five point O, burnin' the cluth, while I'm burnin' the dutch
You thought them other niggas was hot, I'm turnin' it up
This the blueprint, nigga are you learnin' or what
You done told me you respect me, now tell me I'm the nicest
Admit it nigga, I'm a mid-life crisis

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (I got the rep of a villian, the weapon concealin')
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (full of controversy until I retire my jersey)

[Lloyd Banks]
It's like niggas rate the respect of who gat bigger
Banks been blowin' on purple stuff before that fat nigga
Henny's make dollars, and dollars make death threats
I'm doin' remixes to bulletproof the Lex next
Duck nigga, everdays war
I'm heavy on sports, to my draw like NBA's store
Don't make me send the piece at you
I'll have your man walk around with another rest in peace tattoo
Look creampuff, you can get killed here
Nigga you ain't invincible, even Superman in a wheel chair
I've always been a picky man, but I ain't a flowered star
So I'mma ** all fifty fans
Look, whether you like it or not, right in ya spot
All in your grill, wearin' the crown, airin' em down
We're in the pound puttin' fare in the clown
I'm running with gangstas, don't make one of em shank ya

(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (I got the rep of a villian, the weapon concealin')
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! I started my own gang
(I'm a soldier) G-UNIT! (full of controversy until I retire my jersey)

[Tony Yayo]
I'mma ride with my rap shit and my body armor
Ride like a Taliban suicide bomber
Four five six feet, I off ya feet
I kill ya with a pillow when you fall asleep
Your records can't sell, your company is buyin' em
Give it up, Burger King is hirin'
You shoulda been a cop, cause you snitch a lot
Talkin' to the jakes, you bound to get shot
I used to watch Big Bird and Scooby Doo
Now I'm choppin' big birds and them bundles too
For that Master P money, that shoppin' spree money
That coke, that dope and that ecstasy money
I'm tryin' to build empires across the state line
So move like vampires, never see me in the daytime
I jump out with a nina and a mack
I have you like Khia, my neck, my back

Stick N Move (Dayton Family)

{Bootleg}I got some bad news for you Tony.
{Tony}Whut choo got?
{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment.
{Tony}Whut you mean?
{Bootleg}We lost the whole shipment. The Columbian Drug Cartel
intercepted the whole
{Tony}Those **in' guys every **in' time that happens! I
told you **az to Stick N Move N get tha ** outta there.
I see lots of people gots to die tonight ** (Fading).
(Bootleg) Part 2, 19 mutha**in 96, Bootleg tha
mutha**in' rap Kapone, Ghetto E, & my nigga Shoestring, gonna
Stick N Move & bust up yo**fo' tha 9 6
My memories get haunted by events in tha past, had an outlet to
be free from dirty visions at last. A brothaz out here stalking,
but bitch you aint no. I've been poppin' window panes, my brain
aint tha same no more, movin' just like a criminal, but my mind
still carries me. I'm seeing the bloody images of tha tools that
bury me. Skeletons they walk with me, while holding my right hand.
My mother be weepin' N cryin' while I box with a deadman. Loc
tha AK, spot a family & kill 'em all. Take a butcher knife, &
spill some blood on tha **in' wall. Murder, you bitches better
understand, ** a plan, bring tha bitches down right where they
stand. If you ever do that again, I wouldn't advice you to. 44
is good to go when I'm busting caps at fools. Takin' you hoes to
school. The books N desks, no crooks or police sketch. You bitch
& no arrest. You can try yo mutha**in' best to stop a villian
on a killing spree. I'm living it so **in' hard & so easy.
Murder to tha first degree, gotta represent dividend, president,
flint, is sweet to me like peppermint. You'll never find my
fingerprints, so watch me getaway, murder victom, killer though,
free to strike another day. Hurryed to runaway, to get some Yahjl
back where I stay, tha fedz are like mosquitos in tha alley way.
I'm goin' to tha thang, take tha pain, cuz I'm a ghetto champ.
Steal a quarter, & my whole neighborhood is like a prison camp,
food stamps & drug dealz is all a nigga know. Strut & Kokane,
got me addicted nigga pass tha blow. Pass that. Grab my glock
to make my getaway smooth. Close your eyez, no surprise, bitch
boom. Stick N Move...
CHORUS Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house,
sight that any. Here no evil see no evil, bitch N I done got away.
Mov'n N Mov'n out, take that cocaine out your house, sight that any.
Here no evil, see no evil, bit
(Shoestring) Gangsta from tha streets. Mutha**a
dont make me bust ya, buck ya down. Quick to bury your**&
then I bust some, whut tha ** you quick to put it down N away.
Silencers be equipped so mutha**a there be no sound today.
Bring you to war, so playa haters lock ya door. AK 47 locstas
case up off tha floor. Riddlin' bout not can bout all tha stashes.
3 killaz with masses, all we leave is ashes. Take ya shit &
dashes, move away in tha caskats, fo' a murder got me breakin'
out in rashes. So we can reach N feel your ass, like hoes reachin'
fo' ya clothes, ain't no rump fo' ya toes. People with ammo is
creepin' down my block, str8'n with a glock, followed by a hollow
point shot. Betta watch yo aaass, a killaz creepin' up from tha
past, finger fast, & you be seein' **in' last. I'm a killa, so
dont ** with this Grim Reaper, gonna go peep her, don't wanna
hit you with this street sweeper. Down where I'm callin, niggaz
sellin' now you swellin'. Put it on them bitches, cuz they always
tellin'. Click tha stick, so we be screamin' **-A-lot, little
state which you aint never saw from tha straw. So whut tha **
us hustlaz thinkin? Drinkin? Thinkin? Been thinkin better **
your mutha. ** that nigga with Shoestring. Slap it across your
hands & watch ya screamin' my polos bloody, my case was lookin'
kinda muddy. Stub with this bald head, ** you dred, leave you
dead, thru tha swamp. I'm so high, bitchin, tension, still kickin'
slim shit. S to tha H to tha O-E String 96 puttin' trix playin'
duece with dicks off that ass. So skutch me as I drop my grooves
as I pop that clip nigga lots. Stick N Move...
(Ghetto E) Ughhh, rat a tat to tha tat, I'm gonna
take him out his misery. Put his**in a box & leave him as a
memory. See when you sleep, that's when we creep. Get on your
toes, knock you off your feet, damn, beep, N damn I peep. then
I know him or I, so I got him. Master Mass took my shit, then I
shot him. Left him bloody with no money. Cut his pocket, cocked,
seen his head, dropped it, popped it. Now I was rollin' like a
mutha**in' bowling ball. Who's 10 whut? I'm sending him to tha
graveyard. Time to play, Eric Dorseys on another mission, I called
him Tony, Cody's in tha kitchen. Them niggaz talkin', conversation
on tha phone. Killa gone grabbed my chrome, I'm in his home.
That get it gone, put him in a headlock till I heard him choke.
So I used my kane, whip & slit his throat. Jody Jody's dead, now
this shit is smooth. Makin' money to get paid, Eric Dorseys on
tha move.

War (Beenie Man)

A pure idiot ting a gwaan
As far as mi see a war, physically, but ketch mi lyrically nuh
Mi a di gal dem trolly

A war wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, what dem really fighting for
War wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, everyman a tun gun dor
War wah wah wah war, wah wah wah war, but mi an mi gal dem a par
War wah wah wah war, war wah wah wah war, everybody tun (Hold)

Verse 1:
If a D.J. a di year dem haffi wuk fi dat
Yuh nuh see a mi an mi gal dem fight in all di combat
When mi a work fi mi gal dem haffi get flat
Pop off mi pistol like a gun mi a fire shot
When mi a bowl yuh nuh see a pure gal a bat
Gal dem a rush mi seh mi bad like a gala wasp
After nuh man dis yah D.J. nah nuh bus nuh shot
Takes two to quarrel after dat a hottaclasp (Cause)
Dem never realize seh Tupac dead a bleed
Biggy never care nor him never take heed
Dem kill him an left him baby mother she a breed
An bring it come a yard, but a dat mi haffi leave


Verse 2:
Well, if a so mi an mi gal in a pure fist fight
Special ocossion a must late a night
Bus weh di bikini like a big bagey kite
Knock out di brazierre get it out a mi sight
A pure murderation right through di night
Yuh tink mi an Tony a go fight, yuh mad
Mi nah nuh time fi go waste out mi might
Fi go fight 25 man like mi a look stripe
Gimmi a gal mek mi wuk until she start bite
A mi dem call call Mr. Nice, (Cause)
Karen, Suzette and Dawn, a dem de gal mi want in a mi palm


Verse 3:
Mi nah go have mi gun an go rob nuh sneaker
Through mi fancy mi life till mi run in a gleaner
One big stone mi use an lick dung maria
An den mi drawfi Helena, di Sister
When mi a go through girls town mi flex like a twister
Who nuh in a pain get bruise up and blister
I nuh Looney Tune so nuh call mi Sylvester
I am di gal dem brididista, watch yah
Mi al dem love sponge, mi a dem faucet
Not a liability, mi a di girl dem asset
Di gal dem have mi man fi listen pon cassette, gees, gees

Chorus 2x

Repeat Verse 1

Repeat Chorus

Tonight We Love (Tony Martin)

Freddy Martin
- words by Bobby Worth, music adapted by Ray Austin and Freddy Martin
- from Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto in B-Flat Minor

Tonight we love while the moon
Beams down in dream light tonight
We touch the stars
Love is ours
Night winds that sigh
Embrace the sky
Tonight we love in the glow
That glows so softly I know
This wasn't meant to borrow but tomorrow
Will it be gone
Or will it always live on
Tonight we love

In-2-Deep (Three 6 Mafia)

Yeah, you better watch the situation that you get involved in
You might get involved with the wrong people
Get into a situation you might can't get yourself out of
Dig a hole you can't climb out
You know what I'm saying
Get in it too deep

Chorus x2
I'm in it too deep to get on out
They always told me death was the only way out
I'm sitting up all night
I can never rest my head
How will my family take it if I ended up dead

(Lord Infamous)
There was a man who approached me every night
I was resting fast asleep
He traveled deep into my mind
And he promised me power beyond my wildest dreams
He said he could take me away from the suffering
Begging and our poverty
So I had to agree
There's one catch, I must worship him throughout the centuries
But I really didn't know any better
I'm tired of the pain and Koop taught me running
He gave me the things he promised to me
But I cannot leave I will suffer forever
I'm tired of his wrong
All of his powers are much to strong
Oh so bad I want to move on
But if I do my sould is gone
Lions from the cages
Saw you murderers, adulterers, and thieves
What you don't know is that
You're walking in the same shoes with me

(Koopsta Knicca)
Nothin' but a man says forseekin' that's all I see
Is he close to me
Said is she Victoria Secret
hells of the air with the smells of a prayer
Bled right here with a stale bud
Doggystyled in a chair
Turned him on his stomach
Cash his money for the motions
If you ready for mystic (?)
Koop finna come a little bit closer
Rolled him over just before a sound went pop
Then I reached for my heart
Oh my god Koopsta just been robbed
I hope you feel me
I'm laying ** lookinn' at the ceiling
In bloody red
Just same old same for the Koopsta


(Gangsta Boo)
I'm in it too deep to escape this kind of drama
That costs playa hatas and fakers
That equals problems
Today and day in time
You can't read nobody's mind
These smiles turn to frowns
When they see a playa on the rise
On top of the world
Just a looking down and laughing at'cha
I never be bothered like 2pac
I ain't mad at'cha
So baby beware
This game of life is like do or die
It's hell on this earth
The only thing that's missing is the fire
Come on baby tell me
Is it something that your eyes can't see
Or are you jsut blind to the fact that you in it too deep

(Juicy "J")
Yeah I know what ya mean
I had to stand on my ground
To give them the scene
Just me and my brotha down in the struggle
Then I serve 'em to the fiends
And after dark
Deep in the park
The dope up fiends
We start to light the pipe all through the night
I use to wonder will god
Please help the poor come up on their feet
Cause ther was nothing to eat
Didn't want to jack or rob
A brotha had to maintain the streets
Up in the projects wasn't no flodgin'
Cuase I was trying to get out who can you trust
I had to be tough
I never ran my mouth
Me and the crew would constantly hit the brew
A natural high
How can you make it in this world but to try

(DJ Paul)
1991 was the year
901 was the area code
38116 was the zip code of all the roads we road
Now let my story be told
A young boy dropping out of school house
But not to learn off in the 10th grade
Try to come up at last
Like a doe
Outcast off all them songs I done made
Bump my undergound tapes up and down the hall
To DJ Paul was no damn things
But to my dogs Tony and Shysta
Asked me to join a gang that ain't even made
But hanging around them fools
I had to get down and join the click see
Cause I made so many enemies
>From clicks off in my city
Now if I told ya what gang it was
Then you I will seem more down
But if I told ya what gang I'm in
I can only do a show off in my own town
But it's all to the good
Much love to the thugs an my good
And in my set much respect
I wit'cha for life that cha can bet
We lights one up tonight


My Turn (Big Punisher)

[Big Punisher]
Uhh.. psssh.. it's my turn, y'knahmean?
Get this mother**in money y'know?
Yeah I went double, y'know?
Niggaz goin triple.. five.. ten platinum
Can't do what I do
This is my game, this is me..
[T. Squaders] Y'know?

[Chorus: Big Punisher]

Yo it's my turn, I demand my respect
Give me my burn, or get slammed in your neck
cause it's my turn, I'ma reach to the top
Gimme my burn, I'ma speak with the glock
cause it's my turn, don't make me turn your wig
Gimme my burn, don't make me burn yo' crib
I'ma rhyme it right, and keep the ghetto in a trance
But when the time is right, me and the Devil gon' dance

[Big Punisher]
** you and yours; make way - I'm comin through the door
And screw the law - breakin the rules ain't nothin new at all
I'm true to all the shit that I done, check the clip in my gun
Respect the click that I'm from, or get lifted and stunned
Dunn, you just a small fry, **in with the fall guy
Big Pun, The Honorable, all rise
Sky's the limit, nuttin less if my guys is in it
For the right price, even Christ could get it
Fast life we live it - all my memories are vivid
I remember only minutes
that's how I mentally get rid of all the enemies
The spirits that definitely mimic my every melody
and lyric which so heavenly rhythmic
In magic do I build, but math do be equally compatible
And secretively battle you to reach my peak in equilateral
I'm from the streets deep in the bottom yo ain't no Mario Brothers
Official Bronx niggaz, quick to body yo' mother (ouch)


[Big Punisher]
Jesus H. Christ, how many times I gotta pay the price?
You scared to death I'll make you twice as afraid of life
I bring sight to the game for every night you complained
you couldn't see the light - I was bright in your brain
Ignitin the flame, keepin your third lid
Speak and observe with the mind
what are blind sleep til they worth shit
I'm earth wind and fire, the first one to fire
Reppin T. Squad since birth til I retire
I wire your jaw, wire the walls with plastique explosives
and riot the halls at the malls where all the **s ? live
Keep flappin yo' gibs and I'ma come back with those kids
from the back of the bridge
I think two and touch means tackle the bitch
I rap for the chips, but I'm truly assassin
Four hundred pounds, six feet tall, brutally handsome
That's the pro - got beef with Pun, you gots to go
Mafia style - tear you a new ass-a-hole
Flash your dough, but you too cool for the captain
cause I don't give a ** if I was quadruply platinum
And to the 50 Cent rapper, very funny, get your nut off
Cause in real life, you don't know
I'll blow your mother**in head off (ooh yeah)

That's my mother**in word, you understand?
Thought we was a **in joke? Shit
Terror Squad nigga, you don't know me
You don't know my name, don't say it, you understand?
Told you before I ain't no mother**in rapper understand?
Shit, I don't make no songs about rappers I don't like
If I'ma make a song,
it's gon' be how I beat yo' mother**in**understand?
That'll be the name of the mother**er
"That's Why I Had to Beat Your Mother**in Ass"
featuring Tony Sunshine
T. Squaders, T. Squaders, T. Squaders


From The Vine Came The G**(The**lords)


From the vine came the grape
From the g**came the wine
From the wine came a dream to a lover
He was back with Marie on the Isle of Capri
With a million stars shining above her
Once again he romanced as the kissed and they danced
And even her wedding bells chimed

From the vine came the grape
From the g**came the wine
And for Tony, a wonderful time

With a song in his heart
He would sip another little glass of wine
With each sip he would cry
My bella Maria you're mine


From the vine came the grape
From the g**came the wine
From the wine came a dream to a lover
He was back with Marie on the Isle of Capri
With a million stars shining above her
Once again he romanced as the kissed and they danced
And even her wedding bells chimed
From the vine came the grape
From the g**came the wine
And for Tony a wonderful time
For Tony a wonderful time


Video de tony melendez y el papa Juan Pablo ll Catolico.

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