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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Escuchar Anoche soñe - paquito baron


Rebel Of The Underground (2Pac)

Rebel, rebel, rebel
They just can't stand the reign
Or the occasional pain
Of a man like me who goes against the grain.
Sometimes I do it in vain
So wit the little bass and treble ain't missed a
So it's time for me to explain that I'm the rebel.
Cold as the devil.
Straight from the underground, the rebel alone laughs.
They came to see the maniac sychopath.
The critics heard of me and the aftermath.
I don't give a damn and it shows.
A when I do a stage show I wear street clothes.
So they all know me: the lyrical lunatic, the maniac MC.
I give a shout out to your homies.
Maybe then, the critics'll leave your boy alone, G.
On the streets or on TV, it just don't pay the be a truth tellin MC.
They won't be happy till I'm banned.
The most dangerous weapon: an educated black man.
For point blank in your face, pump up the bass, and join the human
I throw peace to the Bay.
Cuz from the jungle to Oaktown, they backin me up all the way.
You know ya gotta love the sound.
It's from the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
He's the rebel: rebel of the underground
Now I'm face to face with the devil.
Cuz they breedin more rebels than the whole damn ghetto.
And police brutality,
Put you in a nip and call it technicality.
So you reap what you soe.
So read the wrath of the rebel jackin em up once more.
Now the fox is in the henhouse.
Creepin up on your daughter, while you asleep
I got her sneakin out.
Tupac ain't nuttin nice.
I'll be nothin how I wanna and do it when I'm gonna.
Now I'm up to no good.
The mastermind of mischief movin more than most could.
So sit and slip into the sound.
Peep the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
He's the rebel: rebel of the underground
They say they hate me, they wanna hold me down.
I guess they scared of the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
But I never let it get me.
I just make another record 'bout the punks tryin to sweat me.
In fact, they tryin to keep me out.
Try to censor what I say cuz they don't like what I'm talkin 'bout.
So what's wrong with the media today.
Got brothers sellin out cuz they greedy to get paid.
But me, I'm comin from the soul.
And if it don't go gold, my story still get told.
And that way they can't stop me.
And if it sells a couple of copies, the punks'll try to copy.
It's sloppy, don't even try to.
I'm a slave to the rythm and I'm about to fly through.
Sold yo(ya-yo) to the people in the ghetto.
When ya hear the bass roll, go ahead and let go.
Now everybody wanna gangbang.
They talkin street slang, but the punk still can't hang.
By makin records bout violence
But when it comes to the real, some brothers go silent.
It kinda make you wanna think about
That ya gotta do some sellin out, just to get your record out.
But 2pacalpyse is straight down.
So feel the wrath of the rebel: the rebel of the underground.

Can't Help Myself (Album Version) (2 Brothers On The 4th Floor)

I don't wanna be a freak
But I can't help myself.
This is it; freestyle hip hop.
I'm a freak soon as the beat drops.
Grab the mike and start the rhyme.
Yo, I'm working overtime.
To get you sweatin' on the floor.
Until you can't take no more.
As I remeness, you can guess the rest.
Yes, I'm the best of my class!
5, 4, 3, 2, 1.Now it's time to have fun.
Get out there and do your thing.
Boys and girls let me see you swing.
Move your body to this smooth caper.
Don't stand there like you was wallpaper
I'm a freak but I excel.
And I just can't help myself.
Yes, here we go again.
Now I'm the artist and you're the fan.
Funky lyrics for funky minds.
Check your swatch if you don't know the time.
House and rap: a perfect combination.
This is real no imitation.
Party people, are you ready to dance?
Well come on, here is your change.
Like a diplomat I like to make contact
.All the cuties- I keep 'em in check.
With the smooth raps, the good groove.
Now is the time so get loose.
Bass is pumpin', I feel good.
Now get jumpin' like you never knew you could.
Da Baron MC was the one who did it.
1, 2, 3 hit it.
Kickin' the bass- I like it deep.
I work nighttimes, I don't sleep.
Strive to be the best I can.
Don't judge a person 'til you now the man.
2 brothers on the 4th Floor.
And the Baron MC got rhymes galore.
I don't play, I ain't no toy.
And that's because I said so boy.
The work is done the money in the pocket.
I heard the jam and I rocked it.
Shake that ass, go berserk.
Don't just stand there like a jerk.
Come on, ask a lady, take a change.
Now let me see you dance.
I'm a freak, can't you tell.
And I just can't help myself.

Wroci Wiosna Baronowo (Kult)

Mowisz, ze cie milosc mierzi - zmierz mnie sobie, wolam, zmierz!
Spojrz, powiadasz, to sa piersi - kogoz natchnie taka piers?
A ja twierdze - baronowo - wkrotce minie zima zla,
Z wiosna zaczna sie na nowo nasze slodkie trulla-la...
Znowu bede twoj don Diego, znowu ksiezyc, znowu bzy,
Jak u Pawla Geraldiego: sitwa zmyslow, ja i ty.

I nie powie stary baron wiecej do mnie "paszol won!",
Nie wypchnie za prog z gitara - bowiem w grobie lezy on.
Czarna kryje go pizama, biedak gonil resztka sil
I - jak stal - w salonie zamarzl, bo otwarty lufcik byl.
Zly baronie, dobrze tak ci - chciales nasza milosc zgniesc,
Nasze slodkie koci-lapci, ze tak powiem - nasza plec.

Na zlosc tobie wiosna amor, co sekrety rozne zna,
Ukolysze nas tak samo w tym najslodszym trulla-la.
Aktualnie jeszcze zima - jakze nie lubimy zim!
Nasze zmysly w karbach trzyma i rozkwitnac nie da im.
Ba! - przez cala Europe - "zimno" krzyczy dziad i wnuk
I zawieszam sie jak sopel pod okapem twoich nog...

Lecz sie nie martw, baronowo, juz przemija zima zla,
Rozpoczniemy znow na nowo nasze slodkie trulla-la!
Trulla, trulla, trulla, trulla, trulla, trulla, trulla-la!
Rozpoczniemy, ach, na nowo, nasze slodkie trulla - la!

Dzis widzialem - to nie farsa, dosc juz mamy takich fars -
Jak jamniczek twoj zamarzal, "siusiu" krzyczal, lkal i marzl,
Wiec go wzialem na raczyny, otulilem w cieply puch,
O, jamniczku moj jedyny, wycierpiales sie za dwoch...
Na piers moja marmurowa chodz jamniczku, gdy ci zle,
A ty wlasnie, baronowo, swym jamniczkiem zowiesz mnie.

Czemu dni wesole nie sa, czemu z oka plynie lza?
Cierpliwosci, baronesso, jeszcze miesiac, jeszcze dwa,
A powroca nasze swieta, jak najpredzej, pragnalbym,
Szal zmyslowy sie rozpeta! Huknie harfa - rym cym cym!
I pochlonie przepych kanap purpurowe serca dwa,
W gore uszy, ukochana! Trulla, trulla, trulla-la!

Snoopy's Christmas (Royal Guardsmen)

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum,
Du kannst mir sehr gefallen!

The news had come out in the First World War
The bloody Red Baron was flying once more
The Allied command ignored all of its men
And called on Snoopy to do it again.

Was the night before Christmas, 40 below
When Snoopy went up in search of his foe
He spied the Red Baron, fiercely they fought
With ice on his wings Snoopy knew he was caught.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ring out from the land
Asking peace of all the world
And good will to man

The Baron had Snoopy dead in his sights
He reached for the trigger to pull it up tight
Why he didn't shoot, well, we'll never know
Or was it the bells from the village below.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ringing through the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man

The Baron made Snoopy fly to the Rhine
And forced him to land behind the enemy lines
Snoopy was certain that this was the end
When the Baron cried out, "Merry Christmas, my friend"

The Baron then offered a holiday toast
And Snoopy, our hero, saluted his host
And then with a roar they were both on their way
Each knowing they'd meet on some other day.

Christmas bells those Christmas bells
Ringing through the land
Bringing peace to all the world
And good will to man

Me Falta El Aliento (Estopa)

Llega el momento me piro
Al filo de la mañana. ¡Qué frío!
Que no me he puesto el sayo
Pero me he puesto como un rayo
Me siento como un esperma esperando
En un tubo de ensayo

Congelado pero vivo
Se rompe el hielo si tiro un suspiro
Que no hay nadie más por la calle
Que yo sólo pienso en canciones
Que una poesía me sale
Porque se me caen los pantalones
Y es que se me escapa el aire

Porque me falta el aliento
La fuerza, la pasta, las ganas de verte
El encanto, la salsa, la luz de mis ojos
Mi as de la manga, tus ojitos rojos
Me faltan, me faltan

Madrugada de hielo
Alguien que se arrastre a ras de suelo
Ya debe entrar el sol
Por tu ventana azul
Y yo en el ascensor
¡Qué cara, que estúpida expresión!
Menos mal que ya no estas tú...

Tengo un reloj que se para
Siempre que tú de mí te separas
Y anoche se paró a las dos
Las dos nos paró a los dos
Que ya no hay tiempo que transcurra
Ni sudor que se me escurra por tu cuerpo
Ahí donde curra mi silencio
Mis manos, mi boca, mis ganas, mis besos
Mi cabeza loca, mi tema, mis sueños
Te digo por qué...

I'm Goin' Out Lika Soldier (Willie D)

Born, born, born, born, born, born, born killer
I'm that motha** god damn nigga
The brother that's tougher than any other you cover
The one you don't wanna take home to your mother
** a loose screw, let me enlighten
I got a whole motha** toolbox need tighten
Fast like lighting, punch like Tyson
It's a clash of titans when I start fighting
So what's a god damn reporter?
A nigga with a foot in his**and a tape recorder
Dissing W-I double L-I-E-D
And don't know shit about me
But you don't see me running
I'm from the ghetto, hoe, so I keep coming...
With more nerves, more verbs, more cuss words
To ** with the suburds
You can't stand me or can me
Bullets gonna go thru people if you ban me
Cause you ** with my livelihood
For your health that ain't no good
Like Breed I'm 20 below and getting colder
Going out lika soldier...

Crisp and clean I'm leaving the scene
Blowing motha**as to smithereens
And if I fall you know they didn't pimp me
Cause the banana clip will be empty
You say: Willie, clean up your act
And maybe you can sell more records than that
Survival comes before principles and morals
So to the man on the street I'ma stay loyal
And ** up those who oppose
Outta there smelling like a rose
You ain't never seen a motha**a kill a motha**a
Lika motha**a named Willie D motha**a
Rambo can't go
And Robocop get dropped like a hoe
By something that they never saw
An M-72A2 motha** law
We can rumble in the jungle
Or have a World War 3 right here on the concrete
God damn, I done told ya
(Willie D) goin' out lika soldier...

** this, ** that is my motto
Willie D is ** everybody like a hot hoe
So you better put a condom on your ear
Cause I'm burning up the normal shit you hear
Smoking, smoking
Y'all motha**as know I ain't joking
I've been paying my dues for a decade
(What time it is?) It's time to get paid
Yeah, ** the bullshit
And that nigga standing at the damn pulpit
I left Charlie Brown on the cut
Cause I felt like Snoopy working for peanuts
Now my**is soe
And I can't be **ed no mo'
So if you wanna test me, that'll hold ya
I'm goin' out lika soldier...

I'm goin' out lika S-O-L-D-I-E-R
Pumped up for an all out war
Searching like a predator
With an M-16 looking for a magazine editor
I know they don't write the columns
But they co-sign every volume
So I'm cutting off the head of state
So the rest of the body can't operate
And while I'm into the slaughter
I may as well bust a cap on a TV reporter
And a DJ by the way
For giving that wicky wack shit radio play
If that's your preference so be it
But I'ma call it like I motha** see it
And never be a pop chart trick
Y'all talk loud but you don't say shit
I'd rather boycott that picture
And rap about that which affects ya
You wonder why the cussing won't disappear
God damn, we ain't happy down here
Willie D got problems
So when mom walk in, turn down the volume
And act like you're doing your homework
Or get your pussy or your dick knocked in the dirt
There's a vet in your vicinity
So pump up Ice Cube and jam Public Enemy
And let the O.G. Ice-T kick a rhyme that'll mold ya
And go out like a soldier...

You Miss The Point Completely I Get The Point Exactly (Harvey Danger)

one awkward conversation can ruin my whole day
in the company of strangers with some vulgar shit to say.
cocktail hour social like an obsolete machine spitting anecdotes and boring jokes from someone else’s spleen.

and i always seem to miss the point completely (and here i am again).

culture baron trainwreck and it’s hard to look away
but i’m yawning like a kid in a carpet store.
refusing to be interesting is a funny way to go
but i guess you know your business
you’re the one who makes the windstorm blow.

and i always say i miss the point completely
(and here i am again, here i am again).
and i always wish you’d behave more discreetly;
it’s kind of puzzling, but you’re falling into place
(it’s what you do best).

you’re a po**r opinion,
you’re an easy thing to foster,
you’re an ostentatious tourist,
you’re a predictable posture,
you are a record left on the dashboard,
you’re a nasty little hang.
you miss the point completely
i get the point exactly
you miss the point completely
i get the point exactly
you miss the point completely
i get the point exactly
no you miss the point completely
no i get the point exactly
no you miss the point completely
no you miss the point-a!

(interlude francais)

long way down (baron lesh)

the first curse,is worse than the first curse holds me here like the words. before the light had found my heart,i swore these words would tear apart i bore this cross cross,i got the dark,i got the evil in my heart. and its a long way down the long way around... a seed is shown in an empty row,does deed alone have the means to show? do you do in your life whats wrong or right? this grey surrounds your black and white. cant know the dark to know the light. the blindness leads the blind. so can you show me around? can you take me now? cause the world wont wait...am i too late? the worse curse for never to be givin the chance to realize,to understand the the word. and the word did tear and tear apart,the shadow crawled across my heart. a broken circle and the course was changed for evermore,for evermore.. the change i had found,had taken all my time to late to turn back now.the choice was never mine.climbing at the speed of sound. all my life,futher to fly futher to fall and its a long way down...

The Lady Is A Tramp (Epic Voices)

Ladies and gentlemen
Its a privilege and pleasure to introduce the worlds greatest singer
Alice Cooper

Ive wined and dined on Mulligan stew, never wished for turkey
As I hitched and hiked and drifted too, from Maine to Albuquerque
Alas, I missed the Beaux Arts Ball, but something twice as sad
I was never at a party where they honored Noel Caad
But social circles spin too fast for me
My Hobohemia is the place to be

I get too hungry for dinner at eight
I love the theater, but never come late
I never bother with people I hate
Thats why the lady is a tramp

Wont go to crap games with Barons and Earls
Wont go to Harlem in ermine and pearls
Wont dish the dirt with the rest of the girls
Thats why the lady is a tramp

I love that cool fresh breeze in my hair
Life without care
And Im broke (thats oke)
Hate California, its cold and its damp
Thats why the lady is a tramp

And I go to Coney, the beach is divine
And I go to ballgames, the bleachers are fine
I follow Winchell and read every line
Thats why the lady is a tramp

Well I love a prizefight that isnt a fake
And I just love canoeing on Central Park Lake
I go to the opera and stay wide awake
Thats why the lady is a tramp

I like that green grass under my shoes
What can I lose?
Im flat (Thats that!)
Im all alone when I turn down my lamp
Thats why the lady is a tramp

No, no, no, this is ridiculous
What are we doing here?
This is the stupidest? hey you!
Here take this mic, give me my beer, here
I cant take this thing anymore
Its about time we wise up
Ahh! I cant do this thing, Im not gonna?
Cut it! Cut it!
Cut it! Cut it here!
Cut it here!

Too Much Brandy (The Streets)

Smell of good earthy herbs makes my nerves shudder but where were you that cold December
cos we were in the Grasshopper spending guilders
Central Station, charged up like Scarface Amsterdam ain't a nice place off your face, we
enter the race
Walk down, been there before, done that, no joy, if you're bored, let's go see Roy, get
**ed up with the boys
Calvin, Schmalvin, I'm well within my limit, oh hang on a minute, these mushrooms just
kicked in, think I might be finished
The ball game heads for the worse, for what it's worth I might just fall off the edge of
the earth, brain's kind of surfing now
We wander down darkened pathways in a daze, "Want to buy any cocaine?", am I paranoid? "Yes,
you're paranoid"
Charlie, darling, please save me, this is raving, take me home to my baby, two bags of
mushrooms, room's mushed up and I need a cradle

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy

Now getting to the bar's gonna be trouble
So the Marlons'll have to be doubles
Then you drink doubles
The same speed you drink singles
Ah beautiful, the barman holds aloft the crystal glass and I'm having all that's in the
bubble in the bottom of the bottle
Then by three or four, your head's a bit mangled
Club's full, you mingle
You dance the fandango
You sing all your favourite jingles
Far gone on one, call me Baron Von Marlon
One has a monocle and cigar
Dickie-bow and long johns
My utility belt tells me it's to the bar Batman
Fat cans of that lager then it's straight to the dance-floor
For much more fancy footwork, it's adored by many amour
Don't awe me with your little sidestep technique
Gget to the beat, loosen up, it's The Streets

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy

We eat junk food, sat drunk on the tube
Every time the train clunks I feel like puking
Wonder whether that beautiful bird'll ring,
Then it all goes hazy, these are the days we're walking up out and back to the road, talking
Well shouting actually, loads more drunk, by Jove, mind's focused, balance **ed up
Ra, ra, ra, it's all back to the Dogstar and if it's his round I'm quite partial to another
Marlon at the bar
Bad idea to start again late, should've given my brain a break
Take it easy mate, you start to think you're a state, you definitely are a state

In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy
In its own little way, my body was trying to say that you better stop drinking brandy


Aqui una tremenda cancion del señor paquito baron.

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