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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Escuchar The Queens - Olimpica Stereo Barranquilla


Margarita Chum (Anouk)

here,if it's any consolation,take mine
no.no need for explanations,it's alright
with me it would only be redundant see
if you only try to keep it all inside
I lay me down with your decision
blow your mind,don't hesitate
this devil takes your pain away
take mine

but now that I have finally found you
I'm gonna take it one step at a time
let's try to keep this good thing going
you tell a joke,I nearly die
we have to laugh until we cry
take mine,please take mine

my margarita chum,that's what you are
I'm laughing my**of when you sing
everybody's happy now
the Luna-queens become the lunatics
while Janis Joplin tells her friend
he's just a one-night stand

I hear you retching in my bathroom
but I don't mind
no,I'll clean it up tomorrow,just sit down
again you choke me when you grumble
you and me we're so much like RG
and now I'll show you how to tango
I think it's time for us to say
that this has been a perfect day
and retire,please retire

my margarita chum,that's what you are
I'm laughing my**off when you sing
everybody's happy now
a v.i.p. is what you are to me
I love it when you take me on your lonely Sunday stroll

Like A Diamond (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Like A Diamond
madmen crawl
across the wall
knight gets away
kings all fall
queens chase men
saints all sin
and good things
all must end

but she goes on forever
she's gonna shine forever
yeah, she's gonna shine
like a diamond
in the sunlight

big full moon
above the road
i'm a long long way
form tomorrow
gotta light my way
down this highway
to get to her

'cause she goes on forever
she goes on forever
yeah she's gonna shine
like a diamond
in the sunlight

deacons steal
and ma can't feel
if you're lonely
and behind the wheel
when the ground gives way
you have to pray
to the unknown
and hope it's real

but she goes on forever
she goes on forever
she's gonna shine forever

like a diamond
in the sunlight

Rocket (Primitive Radio Gods)

Rocket, rocket, the skins like the sun like the red colored one that they call my
Rocket, rocket, that some ancient tune that invented the moon and the stars
Now that I've found you I'm learning the sound to explain how you are
I'm a soul…Built on reactions and fatal attractions and phony hopes

Rocket, rocket, the flowers of death and the gin-tainted breath of don juan
Rocket, rocket, the people should know that the radar won't show where you are
Now that I've found you I'm learning the sound to explain how you are
I'm a soul…Built on reactions and fatal attractions and phony hopes

Rocket my soul, swallow me whole, the rocket begins
Rocket you know, when I explode, the rocket song ends

Rocket, rocket, this deep outer space to replace what you reach from within
Rocket, rocket, the message to millions who don't understand what you're told
Now that I've found you I'm learning the sound to explain how you are
I'm a soul…Now that I've found you this song is about to
Now that I've found you this song is about to
Now that I've found you this song is a sound on your stereo

Rocket my soul, swallow me whole, the rocket begins
Rocket you know, when I explode, the rocket song ends
Rocket you sought, whether or not, the air was too thin
Wherever you go, rocket you know, that I'll be your friend

Submitted by Michael **

High Flying, Adored (Mandy Patinkon And Patti LuPone)

High flying, adored, so young, the instant queen,
A rich beautiful thing of all the talents, a cross between
A fantasy of the bedroom and a saint
You were just a back street girl
Hustling and fighting
Scratching and biting
High flying, adored, did you believe in your wildest moments
All this would be yours, that you'd become the lady of them all?
Were there stars in your eyes when you crawled in at night
From the bars, from the sidewalks
From the gutter theatrical?
Don't look down, it's a long, long way to fall
High flying, adored, what happens now, where do you go from here?
For someone on top of the world, the view is not exactly clear
A shame you did it all at twenty-six
There are no mysteries now
Nothing can thrill you
No-one fulfill you
High flying, adored, I hope you come to terms with boredom
So famous, so easily, so soon, is not the wisest thing to be
You won't care if they love you, it's been done before
You'll despair if they hate you
You'll be drained of all energy
All the young who've made it would agree

High flying, adored, that's good to hear, but unimportant
My story's quite usual, local girl makes good, weds famous man
I was slap in the right place at the perfect time
Filled a gap--I was lucky
But one thing I'll say for me
No-one else can fill it like I can

TOO MUCH AIN'T ENOUGH (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Looks like you got a little more to lose
N ow a little more at stake
I see you've had a hard time
Livin' with the change
You've got me up in line
Now tryin' to call your bluff
But you just won't be satisfied
Too much ain't enough
It ain't enough, it ain't enough

You're standing by the telephone
waitin' for the word
And ever since that bathroom scene
there's been a slight concern
I'm trying' to make this easy baby
you seem to like things rough
You just can't be satisfied
too much ain' t enough

It ain't enough, it ain't enough.

Too much baby ain't enough no way
Too much baby ain't enough no way
Come on baby I'm down on my knees
Guess some little girls just can't be pleased

Little miss queen of hear ts you're a strange thing
Why you wanna stay so vague
I'm wanderin' through this mess you made
To see what I can save
I'm livin' on the line now
tryin' to call your bluff
But you just won't be satisfied
Too much ain't enough.

Southern Fried Intro (Ludacris)

Hey, yeah! I want all you proud sistas to stand up
I want everybody to stand up and be counted tonight
Brothers and Sisters if you know you got your thing together
I want you to stand on up, now I got somethin' to tell ya'
I told ya' how to think about it, now I want to tell how to get the thing together
So come on now and get up to it yall

[Verse 1]
The incredible, untouchable nigga spittin' venom out his body wit' the dopest flows
And wonder why the line's around the corner
Cuz the little mother**er has the dopest shows
So one time for my independant women and all the single mothers who be gettin' that cake
Two times for my dawgs pullin' triggers
And my niggaz in the kitchen that be flippin' that weight
East coast, west coast, midwest, dirty south
Then we took it all around the world
I got fans in retirement homes, to teenagers, to little bitty boys ans girls
Droppin' lyrical bombs up in ya' hood,
Non-stoppin', I'ma hit 'em till the block explode
Hip hop, R&B, Pop-tart, what you want?
I even got a little rock 'n' roll
The most creative, original, got 'em takin' subliminal
*Boom boom* cuz they cant get what I gots
They want it so bad, four million dollar pad
And enough to retire off two albums, gone, wave ya' white flags, I'm hot!
And everytime I rhyme I'm puttin' rappers in the ground
Wit' lines that got 'em hooked like dope
They gotta make up they mind, because they runnin' outta time
And I'm about to make 'em choke
Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach
Let's get arrested for Disturbin' the Peace! (C'mon)

Man! This Disturbin' Tha Peace shit gettin' on my nerves
Boy I tell you the truth, know what I'm sayin'?
While he doin' shows, I'm in these skreets, know what I'm sayin'?
While he on tv, I'm in these skreets
And then my broad, my kid walkin' around singin' it
Boy, if they sing another verse, boy I swear
Know what I'm sayin'? I'm on another level though
I gotta car wash, I gotta shop on O' National
I got my own record label, you heard of us
The Posse Family Cartel, you know what I'm sayin', we real
Who this nigga thing he is?

[Verse 2]
I'ma house hold name, wit' game spittin' outta my mouth at all times
I spit it out and about, and spit outta the south,until they recognize the danger signs
So feel a tingle in yo' s-spine, by the way I talk
And it's pimpin' in my blood, you can tell by the way I walk
Ooh lawd, more styles than a barber shop, call the cops
People in the way wanna baller block
Little do they know that I'm callin' shots
And I'm not to be **ed with
If you see me comin' 'round the corner, then duck quick, perpetrators can suck dick
I tried to tell 'em, but they dont wanna listen
I tried to shine 'em, but they dont wanna glisten, while the high hat keeps on tickin'
And the kick drum keep on pumpin', I'm dumpin' on the closest fools
Cuz rules were made to be broken, but you cant make broken rules
Hear what I'm sayin' or heard what I said
Hear what they playin', cuz thru this music I'ma still be heard if I'm dead
Call ya' producers, cuz I'm hurtin' these beats
I said it once, I'll say it twice, biatch, Disturbin' Tha Peace

Yeah, folk
The King of the kings has spoken
ATL shawty! Hood to hood, block to block
We bouta let our nuts hang!
Disturbin' Tha Peace!
We dont die, we multiply
We makin Def Jam history
Thanks for gettin' the CD shawty!

For Da Brothaz (Kool G. Rap)

I knew a youngster met him at 14 a very short scene
Fiendin to make his dreams come true but see money was caught mean
Started runnin wild and livin life type of foul that was my shorty's style
But deep down in heart he was still only a child
He was typin nice at ball if he had height y'all
Mighta been 'NBA Today' instead I watched his life fall
Blowin up the spots and poppin them tec glocks
Collectin street props, splittin tops, didn't stop, so many men dropped
Started committin murder after murder
Blasted the last nigga that tried to riff so fast he flipped him like a burger
Slipped and became the victim of his own murder hunger
He got put six feet under by a small shorty that was younger
And this type of street violence today happens too often
It hit me hard as hell to see my dog up in the coffin
People droppin a rose when the casket is closed
Hey yo, that's the name of the game out on the street, that's how it goes
They say: "Live by the trigger, die by the trigger"
It ain't about whose gun is more bigger, nigga
It's bout whose draw is quicker
So to my shorty dog puzzled I'm pledgin
Died at the age of 17, Brooklyn East New York legend

(Tap the bottom of the bottle for the brothers)
Keep it real on the street, money, and look out for one another

Thinkin back when I was chillin with K-Von, but now he's long gone
So I carried on and wrote this song to keep the strong on
Me and black-o way back in childhood when we was wild hoods
Runnin around the neighborhood and up to no good
Started hangin hard out there on the boulevard in stolen cars
Then put behind bars sellin drugs and pullin yards
Then my crimey got locked up for cookin the rock up
Started bouncin uptown to stuck up, my nigga straight blew the block up
Yeah, the blue and whites was on sight runnin with flashlights
On the double a fast life, that's when he seen his last nights
Out on the street runnin from the heat
Then got locked up from (Happy New Year!)
All the way down to (New Year's Eve!)
The two of those in a wardrobe of clothes
Got back on crackin, I let him whip the macks and go lookin for hoes
And then another sad story is headed for me
When i found out another soldier died in the territory
So in memory of my dog I write a lyric
Straight hopin melodies travel from my mind to your spirit
Hear it when I get biz for K-Von, I'm pledgin
Died on 104 Northern Boulevard, Corona, Queens legend

(Tap the bottom of the bottle for the brothers)
Keep it real on the street, money, and look out for one another 3X

(Tap the bottom of the bottle for the brothers)
Keep it real on the street

Worldwide (Akinyele)

Yeah yeah yeah
We got my man Extra P in the house
But me and my man Akinyele
you know we goin Worldwide this tour
Cause yo you know how that go
We gon' get together y'all, word up
That's how we gon' bring it to you
We gon' go all around the world
get this money, and do what we got to do
Word up, my man Rhasaan in the house
We gon' bring it to y'all like this, word up
Just give it to em Ak.. UHH

I been in and out all areas
And all you true hip-hop fans, you know the Ak's takin care of ya
Slap your**with real rap
I keep it underground, like subways, so I can stay on track
I'm not a carpenter, but I'll cut the rug
Think you can hang with Ak? Ha, that's your brain on drugs
Smack fire out your**like a flag from _Backdraft_
Didn't peep the movie, you don't know the half
Schoolin MC's until they start learnin
We don't gotta be Mississippi to watch the Ak start Burning
I kick that shit that's known to hit
So much rap lines, you might ** around and hang clothes on it
But yo it ain't no THING in it, your static-free rhymes
that you kick, need to be kicked, cause it doesn't got no CLING in it
Then you turn around and start SINGIN it
Hard Akinyele be brought, so I'm here to start BRINGIN it
First cannibalistic rhymer, eatin bitch niggaz
by the statistics, like, Jeffery Dahmer's
Huh, scrapin you like a SCULPTURE, murder you for the VULTURE
My dozen dirty, my brains be donated to agri-CULTURE
So come on and face it, my skills are like medicine nigga
You just don't wanna taste it
You best to slide to the side, another corner of the map
Cause this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Put them tired rhymes to bed, and loosen up your laces
Your shoes are too tight, and now it's goin to your HEAD
Me you feel you can pull with
Remember that I'm not a matador, so get off that bull-shit
I put rappers and singers in they place
A real rudebwoy with the raz', I write it all over your face
Leavin you bloodier than a MaxiPad
Crayola crayons, they'd have to Color Me Badd
So play like a midget and FORGET it
Cause I put oil to the fire, like an arsonist
when it comes time to SET it
I get more run than an ATHLETIC
Sharp as a hyper-DERMIC
Lyrics are flavored up like a dia-BETIC
I recoups, and they try to step to this
Nowadays I probably have as much kids as Jerry Lewis
My rhymes drip like a RAZOR, punch like Joe FRAZIER
I don't sell shoes, because I don't believe in FAVORS
Ducks better break North, before I start
baggin that ass, like a mother**in washcloth
Winnin battles cause I'm a hip-hop soldier
Act like you know, and ** what your girl told ya
No bluff, for years I've been IN THIS
A nine to five employee don't got shit on me
cause I done stepped to nuff rapper BUSINESS
Beggin for for-GIVENESS
Channel 7 news and people from Jehovah done WITNESSED
the whole Akinyele vibe
You know what I'm sayin kid, this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Ak not catchin wreck, come the ** on
Ring the alarm, I drop bombs like the Guard in Vietnam
I kick that shit, niggaz dream to write
My brain so hot that it ignites, but you can't see the light
Fast rappers can't speed by this, you better slow down
because I'm puttin the brakes on your**like Midas
Nope, it don't matter what type of slang you drop
I give you rope and you still can't hang with the Ak
For years I put ears through therapy
Watch a episode of Cheers before you come try the beer with me
I graduated from lobbies, bangin on walls for a hobby
I battle anybody, even a dead body
I got rhymes that would attack ya
so you better watch your back, or **in hire a chiropractor
Ain't nuthin change from BEFORE, slap niggaz with mani-CURES
Stomp you down, after a pedi-CURE
Here's another lesson, I'm not a quiz
So that talk about me not gettin biz that's out of the question
It's a Ak, jam, god damn don't get slammed
You catch the backhand, word to my dead man
You best to rest if you want peace
Cause like a hooker from up the street, I'm down for beef
I'm hotter than a sauna again the drama is rugged
Word to Sinead O'Connor, I be tearin shit up
Cause I sprayin immaculate, like a Mac-11..

* impossible to make out the rest of the verse with voiceovers *

I take you to London Worldwide
I take you to Europe Worldwide
Come back to Queens Worldwide
I take you to Russia Worldwide
I take it to the North pole Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to the West Indies
I give it to em Worldwide
I take you to India
I give it to em Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to Germany
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to...

Mama's Just A Little Girl (2Pac)

Young mothers
That's right
I feel ya (hey)
I know how it is
Don't nobody understand
I feel ya

She was ..
Born A heavy set girl with pig tails and curls
A heart full of gold
Still it won't change the world
Though she could never understand why
Some underhanded plans, witnessed a man die
Was only 15
Should have been a beauty queen
Still see here crying by the caskets when here parents got killed
Little girl don't cry
'Coz even though they died
You can best believe they watching over thee from the sky
Never asked for this misery
But look at what you gettin'
It's a blessing in disguise
When you find out your pregnant
No money, no home
And even though you all alone
You'se got to do this on your own
So baby go on
I wish you luck
And if you need me, call
Just come to me and let me feed you all
I can understand
The way it feels when you fighting the world
Facing all this drama
When mama's just A little girl

Don't know why
Mama's just a little girl
Given that she's a ???
Time ain't on her side
Mama's just a little girl
(Mama's just a little girl)
She gotta hold her head up high

At 16 what a beautiful thing
The very essence of a jet black ebony queen
And who could tell she would get pregnant at an early age
She didn't listen, had **
Watch her belly raise (hey)
Got violated by someone she dated
If this is fate I hate to see the seed she created
So we wait, though it takes time to build the body and the mind
She reclines 9 months
Then finally its time
What do we find?
A little grown boy a mind with a tortured soul
Addicted to a life of crime at no time of the growing stage
He learned his values on the streets at an early age
Watch for police
Don't come home (why)
'Coz mammas acting crazy
At the hospital
'Bout to have another baby
Like the rose from concrete
Grown within
Blessed with twins
How the hell can mamma raise 3 men
So we began a closest family
Such insanity
A happy home
For one act inhumanity
Plus mammas said the seed was corrupted
Used the rubber belly
Begging us to breathe if she love us
Now mamma sits quiet
Sipping peppermint schnapps
Turned the house into a spot and made her watch for cops (hey)
How could mamma bring a thug like me into this world?
She ain't the cause of all the drama
Cause mommas just a little girl

Don't know why
Mama's just a little girl
Liven if she is or not
Time ain't on her side
Cause ama's just a little girl
(Mama's just a little girl)
She gotta hold her head up high
(How could she raise us)

Would she remain in the same spot?
The gunshots rang, they came from the cane spot
Now look here
I see her clutching her son
In her arms she hurt
Her heart bleeding as she watched her seed die in the dirt
Fulfill prophecy
But who could stop the grief?
I walk around trying to hold the world up on top me
Probably be an innocent man
But still I'm the victim of a curse
What could be worse?
Nothing but pain
Since my birth, taught me functions at the pen
Cause everybody's in paying back society
I'm guilty of a life of sin
I watched the drama occur
My eyes blurred 'fore I jet it
I wonder why we all have to die for we get it
Though we shed tears
So many peers I done buried
Worried and scared
Knowing I'ma see the cemetery
Must be prepared in this cold world
No-one cares
No it ain't fair
But we all there
And do our share
In this land of underhanded schemes and plans
Vivid dreams of a nigga having g's in hand
Mamma told me not to be a punk
** what you talking about coward
What you niggas want?

They ain't a thing I wouldn't do for my mamma in this world
Cause you know I ain't mad at cha
You' just a little girl
See mammas just a little girl
(hey hey)

don't know why
Mama's just a little girl
Given that she is or not
time ain't on here side
mama's just a little girl
(mama's just a little girl)
she gotta hold her head up high

They ask us why we mutilate each other like we do
And wonder why we hold such little worth for human life
Facing all this drama
But to ask us why we to turn from bad to worse
Is to ignore from which we came
You see you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from the concrete had damaged petals
On the contrary
We would all celebrate its tenacity
We would all love its will to reach the sun
We are the roses (echo)
This is the concrete (echo)
And these are my damaged petals (echo)
Don't ask me why (echo)
Thank god nigga (echo)
Ask me how (echo)

You see, mama's just a little girl

If You Play Your Cards Right (2Pac)


Another shady mission, had enough of shady tricks,
you so suspicious, like watchin' pictures and haze vision...
tonight is love makin', take you any place you wish,
today we satisfied, and tradin' slowly kisses...
blind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my family,
not understanding the destiny, had a plan for me...
if I have kids, will I live to see 'em grow?..
tho' I don't know, I live the life of a Thug nigga until the day I go...
broken promises, a secret bound broken
I know I'll die alone, but yet and still I'm hopin'...
visions of prisons, maybe I'll be forgiven,
I know it's better in heaven cause being here ain't livin'...
close my eyes and see nothing but pain, the worlds crazy,
still look for a queen to plant seeds and have babies...
maybe I'll be the one, or just maybe I'm lost,
you'll never know, being cautious, and play yo cards right...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo


I'm always in the mix,
life is full of tricks...
I guess, tryin' my best,
nothing less, before I lay to rest...
my quest and future I'm mold like a new born baby,
intense and seldom to the world I'm so crazy...
my daddy raised me to be a man, do the best I can,
he said you won't succeed in life without a plan...
it's hard to take my people trade me,
with Indian hate, can't wait better change before it's too late...


They got me at the bottom of a deck, searching for my Ace,
I can't take too many jams, ain't much lovin' no place...
full of torman and soul, and it's written all in my face,
hollow inside, a crooked smile is the only trace...
a mission slightly incomplete,
misconceptions of success and defeat,
I rome these dark streets alone...
searching for yo homie, smokin' til I'm gone,
when I need someone to kind of lay my praries on...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo

[Edi Ameng]

December 30 in nineteen-ninety feen yeah,
my reincarnation steps in, born into a world that don't love itself,
but the love is wealth...
my little nigga listen closely, if you don't remember nothing else,
just remember that life ain't nothing but a game,
a gamble, and how you play yo hand will sho' explain,
for what's ever...
in times you gone journ into a crossroad, get lost tho',
keep on buryin' and let 'em see you up in floss mode...


Mysteriously it seems,
thru my deepest thoughts and dreams,
it's all wrong, Pac do wrong gone...
and now 18, I'm stranded on my own abandon here in a zone,
protect my throne...
pow like a king, Al Capone style...
lay no tracks on this rhyme, coked up, with Craig Ogenwind,
livin' life as a Don, Guess Cortex; Louie Vaton...
with my future behind me, livin' with these snakes,
sent here to blind me, one day I know my futures gonna find me,
am I crying?...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo


Con su entusiasmo y alegria THE QUEENS prendio los estudios de OLIMPICA STEREO recibidas por Javier Echeverry y Andre DJ. Muy agradecidas con este talentoso ...

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