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Monday, 25 September 2017
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Escuchar Chamame Kilometro 11


Sociedade Falida (Stuff)

você assiste a televisão
e eles lhe fecham a porta
pra você não enxergar
o que está a sua volta
não sei onde mas eu vou achar
todas respostas
nesse dia comemorar
poder jogar sem fazer aposta

eu não sei mas o que faço
se tudo parece ser em vão
eu me sinto tão distante
tentando achar uma solução

eles te chamam a atenção
eles invadem sua casa
sem nenhuma preocupação
com o real estado da desgraça
quem ve o futuro sabe conversar
sem virar as costas
pois o inimigo sempre vai estar
atrás dos olhos, á frente das respostas

sociedade falida
todos acham que sabem o que querem de suas vidas
nas greves nos jornais
protestos caóticos que representam a paz
eles não entendem
mas também não há o que entender
se tudo que eu vejo é uma corja de covardes
ganhando salário pra ser autoridade
assim vamos vivendo cada dia, cada momento

You Don't Know What It's Like (The Early November)

You don't know what it was like, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...

See you don't know what it's like
To be a man in the world
And be scared to lose everything
See you don't know what it's like
To build a life from nothing
And be scared to lose everything
I bet that's not what you said back then
And don't sing your blues to me
You have no right

By the time I was old enough to run
Mama couldn't move and dad was gone
See she set me in a room alone to watch TV
By the time I went to school I had no friends
I didn't even know how to play with kids
They would all run around
And I would just sit alone

And do you know what it's like
To cry yourself to sleep at night
At the age of 6
And 7, and 8, and 9, and 10, and 11, and 12...

Forbidden Fruit (11:18)

You are the forbidden fruit.
I cannot enjoy you,
Although I want to.
I know it sounds selfish,
Past, Present, Future,
but I wanna take 2 out of 3.

Right now...
You are another guy's girl,
One less deserving than me.
you're both in 2 different places,
so why can't you see.

That you, are the forbidden fruit
ah and I can't get a taste
and you, can't choose between old and new
but here is where i'll wait.
here is where i'll wait.

Torture's comin, ha fun.
really wanna be with you,
sun is settin, yea right.
who who who?

You, are the forbidden fruit
ah and I can't get a taste
and you, can't choose between old and new
but here is where i'll wait.

and you say...

haha, I'm the forbidden fruit
yea and you can't get a taste
and someday maybe I will choose,
but here is where you'll wait.
here is where you'll wait,
here is where you'll wait,

The Five Alive Song (11:18)

I drink my Five Alive real slow
Out of a striped blue bendy straw
I like my Five Alive real cold
And leave some time to let it thaw
I've tried a lot of other drinks
But nothing seemed to do the trick
No juice could beat my Five Alive
Unreal assorted fruit juice mix

The other day I was at school
Sipping my Five Alive, looking cool
Bumped into you and spilled my juice
All over you, felt like a fool
But you just looked at me and smiled,
"Hey baby, I like your style"

You like Five Alive, and I like you
You like Five Alive, and you're cool
I like Five Alive, and you like me
I want to have some after school with you

You drink so fast it makes me sick
You're my Five Alive sidekick
Every day you cheer me up
With Five Alive in a plastic cup
You're my juiced-up sugarbaby
If you asked me now, I might say maybe
I want you to be
My Five Alive lady

Christmastime is coming
Get your Five Alive
It's gonna go fast so
Don't be left behind
La la la la la la la
La la la la la

Tight Whips (504 Boyz featuring Lil' Romeo, Magic & Yungsta)

We roll tight whips, everyday
Bentley, Lex, Mercedes, and Escalades
We roll tight whips, everyday
Hustlin to make a big buck, but that's ok

(Verse 1)
They say the top ain't acting funny
He ain't holla'd a day
He got the top back, you know his new Z28
Holla at ya (BOY!) with the 8 of us 8
But they like my rims they just non-stop (SPREWELL!)
Look like they runnin away

(Verse 2: Magic)
I'm doing 80 in the lightin
Duece trays on shine
The cops try to pull me over but my rims done blinded em
Cus I got 4 models in the back of my truck
18" Bazooka bumpin my stuff
Waking the BLOCK UP!

(Verse 3: Master P)
Call me Ghetto Bill cus my seats they be Gucci
And when I roll through the hood I got 2 or 3 hoochies
Lou Vaton Airbags 'case I crash bad
Futuristic kidded up like I'm Batman
Represent the PROjects
TV when I roll that
Gamblin for a car, no
Hope I don't blow that, WHOA!


(Verse 4)
We roll big body Benz it's the navigators
In the hood, servin freaks like I'm a restaurant waiter
Blue lights on the Jag cus I love to shine
Keep it by my shorty so that we be hard to find
I ain't pay the car note, in about 3 months
I'd rather, spend my paper on Henney and blunts
Even when the truck stop those things be constant spinnin
I'm a 504 Boy so I'm constant with it

(Verse 5: Yungsta)
Roll around in tight whips
Catch me on the night shift
I'm just a Yungsta, I roll without a license
My dogs is triflin, homie you can bite when
First one in the hood on the block with the ice rims
My seats be piped out, TVs with the lights out
Had these blinkin when I passed, try not to wipe out
Dash with the wood grain, still in the hood man
Catch me on lean car clean we doing big things


(Verse 6: Silkk)
The way we do it
She got a man, but she still gonna turn around
Bentley, a bucket with chicken I'm like ma, go turn em now
It's like No Limit said it, we all day, no loss
Just parkin lot pimpin, car changin colors
These boys go hard off

(Verse 7: Master P)
We leave the tags in the window, whodee
Cus it's worth about a hundred
V12 with remote control (cha-cha) engine runnin
P.Miller throwbacks, with the convertable shift
Candy paint thong version with the iced out chip
Yokahama tires, whodee, but I only got 3
No Limit Boys we thuggin I get a high for next week!

(Verse 8: Lil' Romeo)
I'm fish tailin my dad, and I'm rollin on drops
Sportin Sprewell to the curb I think I saw the cops
They call me Richie Rich, I got my name in the seats
X-Box in the front and the back DVDs
Got TVs in the head rest with the big wide screen
Got the navigation system with the phone in between
Rollin a coupe with the top down when I go outdoors
We roll on old days around here, that's 24s


(Jamaican flow)

(Verse 9)
I got that whip block paint off, my ride air ding dong
The nose on my hood just like my ride stay PISSED off
I roll through yo hood they ask me do I call lift off
Like if it was made out of space with 20s and crishtoff

(Verse 10)
Go real glistens
These chicks, call me Mista Cleana
A fire**, big ballin, it's something you've never seen
I'm sippin lean, off thick playin on 6 TV screens
Interior green, 24s, but you know, it ain't no thing

(Verse 11: Master P)
We ghetto fab, let our bling bling show
Driveway like a dealership, don't walk no more
We wiling out, all day, all night
Cus this is my life, my life, my life...


For Those Who Died Alone (Pentagram)

11. For Those Who Died Alone


Messiah (Dead Celebrity Status)

(Chorus) - Move out the way when I'm passin' through.
I got heads to the front and the back of you.
I got the world in my hands, you could have it too.
I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you!


I'm the messiah, I'm anti-celebrity,
I'm anti-war like John Lennon in the 70's.
Dead Celeb's the movement, your the student,
It's time to change the world kids!
Here's the blue-print.
Something smells like teen spirit,
Like the ghost of Kurt Cobain wrote these lyrics,
And forced America to listen,
With a million angry misfits screamin', "** the system!"
I'm the pain in Axel Rose's diary,
That's why an appetite for destruction lives inside of me.
I'm not - your - typical lyricist,
Acting gangsta and sellin' out appearences.
They need to take a musicology class,
So thank God the prince has finally come back,
To save from the w** water at El Creek's sideshow,
I'm the anti-American teen idol!

(Chorus x 2)

Like the hands of Michael Jackson's plastic surgeon,
Changin' music into a different person.
I took it's face and changed it, replaced it,
Surgically, verbally, gave it a face lift.
Now it's some new shit we callin' Blood Music
For Dead Celeb fans who can relate to it.
(And now!)
So let the games begin, you either turn with the world or you watch it spin.
If your dreams were stolen by a liar,
Then steal it back like your name is Winona Ryder.
Don't be afraid, be stronger, divide and conquer,
Come out swingin' like Ozzfest concerts.
Times up, I'm callin' you to rise up,
No more walking blind with your eyes shut.
Find a message hidden in these chapters
Like Black Sabbath records played backwards!

(Chorus x2)

[10 second interlude]

I'll fight for this like it's a violent game,
I'm in between Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne. I'm the magic in the hands of David Blain,
Spit so much that I'll leave this microphone stained.
Along came a spider, spinnin' webs of hatred.
Welcome to the wonderful world of entertainment,
Where stars are born and celebrities tell lies,
The revolution will now be televized!

[11 second interlude]

(Chorus x 2)

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at you.

Move! I got two middle fingers and they're pointed at,

** you!

Corrido De Cananea (Linda Rondstadt)

Voy a dar un pormenor
De lo que a mí me ha pasado,
Que me han agarrado preso
Siendo un galla tan jugado.

Yo me fui para Agua Prieta
A ver quién me conocía
Y a las once de la noche
Me aprehendió la policia.

Me aprehendieron los gendarmes
Al estilo americano,
Como un hombre de delito,
Todos con pistola en mano.

La cárcel de Cananea
Está situada en una Mesa
Y en ella fui procesado
Por causa de mi torpeza.

Despedida no la doy
Porque no la traigo aquí
Se la deje al santo niño
Y al señor de Mapimi.

Ballad of Cananea

I'm going to detail
What happened to me,
That they have taken me prisoner
Being a well played rooster.
(Even though I've been around and
should have known better.)

I went to Agua Prieta
To see if I had a reputation there
And at 11:00 at night
The police apprehended me.

They arrested me
In the American style,
As though I were a criminal
All of them with pistol in hand.

The jail of Cananea
Is situated on a plateau
And in it I was processed
On account of my stupidity.

I give you no farewell
For I don't have it with me
Leave it to the Holy Child
And to the Lord of Mapimi.

Web Of Lies (Ayreon)

[Simone Simons]:
Dear PX, I feel you are the one
What's your name? Where are you from?
I'm in love, though we never met
Looking for clues, i search the net

Dear PX, I'm waiting for your name
Check every hour, to no avail
Been up all night, couldn't get to sleep
No way out, I'm in too deep

Dear PX, It's been 11 days
I'm kind of lost within the maze
Are you there? Give me but a sign
Are you at home? Are you on-line?

[Phideaux Xavier]:
Dear Simone, I'm sorry for the wait
I've seen your pics, you're looking great
I'm all alone, dying for a date
I think we match, it must be fate

[Simone Simons]:
Dear oh well, I feel you are the one
what's your name? where are you from?
I'm in love, though we never met
Looking for clues, I search the net

Confidential (Ombladon Featuring Bitza)


Poate ai povestit de prima ta noapte de **
E de neinteles oare cum sa inteles
Ca in lok de dragoste-n exces
Ai gafait la bagaboante 5 min. pervers
Poate ai furat,poate`nvene ai bagat
Te-ai alcoolziat,prea putin ti-a pasat
Poate ai fumat neincetat
Te-ai rupt in 2 repetat
Poate e acelas cerc vicios
Esti inteles si intelegi pe dos
Nu-ti place cand esti etichetat
Atunci numai cataloga eronat
Poate te intrebi chiar tu
Esti judecat gresit sau nu
La intrebarea asta nu-ti raspund eu
O sa-ti raspunzi doar u mereu

Numai da vorba mai departe
O sa auzi acum ce nu vezi in fapte
Numai spune intr-un final
TOt ce auzi e confidential


Ora 2 6.04.79` ma nasteam ca orice om normal
Intr-un spital bucurestean
Nu-mi dadeam seama de nimik
Nu cunosteam teama
Eram prea mik
Nu credeam ca viatza e complicata
Si ca nu o sa-mi placa sa ma complik
Am intalnit multi oameni in viatza
Multe zdretze,mi-am luat multi pumni in fatza
Asa se-nvatza si acum s-o dam pe fatza
Sa trecem la treaba ca multa lume se-ntreaba daca
Daca am f*** femeia altuia
Daca mi-a f*** altu femeia
Daca am ramas repetent in a 11 si a3a
Daca`s matol acum
Daca trece macar o zi fara sa trag un fum
Daca chiar imi trece prin gand
Daca rad cand altii plang
Daca mi-e teama de cineva
Daca tin la cineva
Daca e cineva care sa-mi placa
Daca ma cheama Ion
Daca vrei un raspuns sincer
Stii ceva ti se pare de kkt sau nu raspunsul meu e DA



Mai am multe de raspunsuri de dat constat
Dar am sa le raspund doar celor care deja m-au intrebat
Daca cu heroina m-am injectat vreodata ca se aud vb
Daca am multi bani
Daca am 28 de ani
Inca odata daca am bani
Daca ai mei sunt mandri de ce fac eu
Daca zambesc mereu
Daca BMW in care am fost vazut e al meu
Sau daca am fost sa votez vreodata
Daca la vreun partid politic are ce sa-mi placa
Daca,daca,daca,daca trupa paraziti s-a destramat
Ma doare-n p***a de ce crezi tu
Raspunsul meu la toate e un NU date-n kkt



Kilómetro 11, Himno de Corrientes, Cuna del Chamamé. Mario del Tránsito Cocomarola VISITANOS EN www.corrienteschamame.com.

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