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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Respect My Mind (Hot Boys)

(Lil' Wayne)
What what
Check Check
Head buster set ripper
Neighborhood superstar
Going to split up
While we dispose of
Nigga broad hitter
Hot Boys soldier
Expedition flipper hell
Niggaz be terrified of us cause they know how we play
Them niggaz hide form us or catch 3 from a K (AK)
I'm just a scrub I can't scuff
I'm too light to fight
I'm too thin to win so I ride at night
Your face respect nigga
You're playing with the wrong one
I'll break your neck nigga
You're playing with the wrong gun
I use K's to wet niggaz I'm spraying the whole room
Better watch your back nigga
little one that's a wrap
Watch niggaz step up when I bust a cap
Niggaz drop like (whistle) splat
keep joking here and gone show you what I'm bout
Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out

Respect my mind or get your brains knocked out
Respect my mind and have them boys in your house
Respect my mind look we ride on chrome
Respect my mind cause we get our shine on
Respect my mind cause we that Hot Boy clique
Respect my mind nigga you can't phase this
Respect my mind look we'll ** your bitch
Respect my mind look we bout that gangsta shit

Watch me grow up
When I was small he had plan
My daddy was balling and he was the right hand man
My poppa bought us a house to keep our family secure
Livin good on a ranch in the middle of the woods
I understood at a young age my daddy would spray
Seen him slit a niggaz throat and shoot one up in the face
He'd be murder case after case he was untouchable
But he had a right hand man that wasn't trustable
Who undercover slow made deals under the table
Working for the feds round my people wearing a cable
My daddy got busted so we got left at the door
All of our shit got repossessed
And our family was flat broke
Moved back inside the projects in summer 84
(?) from Yomey and Black Zo
And I got to the point where I wouldn't smile no more
Hooked up the same nigga that handled my daddy dough
I know that he sheisty but the nigga just don't know
Swear to god I ain't bout it but the nigga just don't know
I got 2 under my belt and gone make it one more
cock the 4-4 and knock his brain out on the floor
respect my mind


Me, Wayne, Turk and Juvenile getting blunted
In a pair if white suburb 1500
No stunting counting 100 thou nigga in front of the brick
He should have knew Hot Boys wasn't bringing back shit
That's how the game going that's how the game get played
Head buster for sure sweat no hoes haters get sprayed
All week long look I'm a nigga on the grind
All year long I make you niggaz respect my mind
Every single day it's a must I tote the ** iron
Disconnect your spine leave your balky paralyzed
I use blocks to bust heads
I use glocks to play hotels to feds
Niggaz know I ain't the one to be roughed on
move when I'm coming through or you'll get stepped on
I don't give a mother ** if you got your vest on
I'm shooting through that I thought you knew that
that's how Bee Geezy do that
I ride dirty and when I ride you die
all the time you bitch niggaz gone respect my mind


Nigga respect my mind can't then stay your distance
Kill realahs like that niggaz coming up missing
I soak your spot when you rapping on me
You get hit with shots when you hating on me
Must of had ‘em whoa there
Do you think you ready for us
Disrespect my mind ** over you is a must
Come through your cut
Nigga don't spook now
Cause when you was talking bout us it was all good huh
Nigga ** all that I ain't gone talk I'm a save it
Original HB nigga I ride Mercedes
I got stacks of money and ** plenty hoes
Nigga respect my mind or I'll knock off your nose


I Want My Shit (Insane Clown Posse)

It was like March or April **in' Libra...**in' um shit...

(1st Verse Violent J)
Taurus born in 1775
I'm like a hundred and somethin', but I'm still alive
I used to hang with the original Billy The Kid
You prob'ly think I'm only playing but I did
My daddies were a two headed freak show
Momma a fortune teller Esmarelda Zella
Anyway they had ** on a ouiji board
and I was born the next day...Violent J
When I was 14, I tripped on the train track
And I was crushed right there on the steel rack
I'm out cold, they thought it had **ed me up
I got up and itched my butt, I'm like, "what?"
Everybody tripped and called me the clown devil boy
Child of the witch heffer...whatever
Tied me up, burned me and threw stones
Had a few scrapes and cuts, smokey nuts
After that they started bowing and shit
Praying at me, you know how them primatives get
I said, "Get off my dick, I ain't a savior,
I'm what you call a juggalo and all I want is my flavor
Four simple things in this bitch, before I die...

And a little sip of Faygo, too

(2nd Verse- Violent J)
So anyway...
50 years pass, all my homies are old****s
I ain't even got hair on my nuts
I left the village in search of my ends
I wrestled alligators, battled terminators
Nothing ever killed me, nothing could harm me
I fought in the Civil War, Yankees army
I walked across enemy lines with a mack-10
Man, they didn't even have that shit back then
(Violent J)
How you just gonna come in my shit and ** it up?
Well at least make this shit sound real, man, damn!
(Violent J)
I walked across enemy lines with a...lantern
Steady taking cannon balls, to the balls
The war ended, I traveled the country horseback
Until this fool tried to horsejack
He put his gat to my head and blew my face up
[powww] It didn't even smear the make-up
I took his gun and put a divot in his neck
Sheriff didn't like it...I got indicted
87 long years in the state pen
Until they finally forgot why they put me in
They had to let me go you know they had nothing
On the way out they're like, "Yo, ain't you like 100 and something?"
I said, "That's right, and I ain't gonna die,

And just a little sip or two...

(3rd Verse- Violent J)
I slept under bridges, lived in the valleys
Climbed the mountains, searched the alleys
More years passed, and I still ain't died
Now I'm in Detroit on the Southwest Side
My homie has an Impala, blue '67
Last night we hit the road pushing 111
I stuck my head out the window, told him floor up the most
And let my nugget ping off a light post
Ha ha ha! Hell yeah, 'cuz
Hurts a little bit, but then you get a straight buzz
The world hates me 'cuz of shit like this
They always try to kill me but MIIIIIISSSS
I know it's odd that my face is forever painted
When I was born, the bitch-ass doctor fainted
My toungue's a little long, I choke people with it
Looks kinda nasty...but chicks dig it
And I told ya my neck can stretch for miles
I look like something from 'The X-Files'
People wanna see me die more than a little bit
But I'm a juggalo, and as a juggalo I want my SHIT!

I said Faygo. ** Mountain Dew.

Making Money (Goldie Lookin' Chain)

Eggsy I'm goin' down town to the DSS,
Mysti fcuk with me I'll leave your face is a mess,
2hats Thats right his name is Mystikal,
Xain And if he looks at you twice he'll fcuk you up like a bull,
Eggsy I needs to get money to go on the pull,
Xain And to buy a new sweater made of cashmere and wool,
Mysti When I gets there I realise the job centre's full,
2Hats But I can always get cash cos I ain't fcukin' dull,
Eggsy I saw my parole officer she had a 'tashe,
Mysti She knew I got caught last night with my stash,
2Hats I don't think she minds,
I think she fancies me,
Eggsy I think she wants to fcuk all the GLC,
Xain So I layed on some pills and made a fcukin' killin',
Eggsy With all this cash I'm really fcukin' chilling,
2Hats Got a new tracksuit-it's really fcukin' safe,
Eggsy Spent money on a horse and it came in first place,

There's loads of ways to make some cash,
But the best way to do it is to sell some hash,

Xain I can make a raise in loadsa ways,
Eggsy I lay you ons with an ounce cos I knows you can pays,
Mysti fcukin' monged out in a smoky haze,
2Hats Gettin' wrecked up in one of these ways,
Xain Smoking on a bucket, or a spliff or a bong,
Then I'm drinking beer all night fcukin' long,
Eggsy If you're really clever and in the GLC,
Then you can make 100 quid out of 50p,

There's loads of ways to make some cash,
But the best way to do it is to sell some hash,

Eggsy Watchin' the news up on ITV,
fcuk me bra, that stories all about me!
They said I was a bastard causing loadsa misery,
Taking money from the old to pay for fcukin' LSD,
Xain I makes my money by ripping off fools,
And selling drugs outside the local schools,
2Hats I makes my money selling the coke,
But I don't get high off my own fcukin' dope,
Eggsy I can stand here all day and give you a big fcukin' list,
But I gotta help my mate do over a fcuking post office,

Mysti In the good old day's you'd steal some old birds purse,
But in the procceding years I started to feel worse,
Watching old dears see the mental health nurse,
But they felt the wrath of the glc curse,
Keepin' it real in the GLC household,
You know it makes sense, take care of yourselves,

There's loads of ways to make some cash,
But the best way to do it is to sell some hash,

Adam You knows I loves making loadsa dollar,
Eggsy Pay money for my cock and the girls start to hollar,
Adam And I pays for my car and my tracksuit is free,
Making the money since 1983,
Eggsy Touch my wood but you won't get splinters,
I can sort out computers, scanners and printers,
Eggsy I use my money to but pasties that are made by Ginsters,
Mysti I'll even sell you pictures of arseholes and sphynchters,

There's loads of ways to make some cash,
But the best way to do it is to sell some hash,

Mysti Ding dong I'll show you my schlong,
Feeling like Mario in Donkey Kong,
Leave the girls singing a song,
And kicking back large and smoking my bong,
Eggsy Back in the day around 1983,
I was just a fcukin' kid climbing up a fcukin' tree,
These times are too busy trying to make some fcukin' cash,
But I won't sell my**cos last time I got a rash,
The skin was coming off there was puss on the floor,
I thought "fcuk this clart I'll stick to selling fcukin' draw",
Adam Don't diss my nan, don't say she's a slag,
Cos she gives me cash from her fcukin' handbag,
Eggsy Quick like lava,
Wearing a balaclava,
I'll nick your T.V and sell your fcukin' father,
Xain I'll sell you a T.V or maybe a computer,
I know a bloke who can sort out a fcukin' shooter,

There's loads of ways to make some cash,
But the best way to do it is to sell some hash.

Deus Nova (Pain Of Salvation)

10.000 DC – 1 million people
9.500 DC – 2 million people
9.000 DC – 3 million people
8.500 DC – 4 million people
5.000 DC - 5 million people
4.500 DC - 6 million people
4.000 DC – 7 million people
3.500 DC – 10 million people
3.000 DC – 14 million people
2.500 DC - 20 million people
2.000 DC – 27 million people
1.500 DC – 30 million people
1.000 DC – 50 million people
500 DC – 100 million people
Year 1 AD – 170 million people
500 AD – 190 million people
1.000 AD – 254 million people
1.500 AD – 425 million people
2.000 AD – 6.080 million people

Trying to understand the system of life
Trying to understand myself
I created the world to be an image of myself – of my mind
All of these thoughts, all of these doubts and hopes – inside
I took out to form, a new breed, a new way to be
And now I am many, so many, so much larger than ever I were
Yet at the same so much smaller and more vulnerable
They all can ___ of the whole
Together they become me
I see them interact, develop
I see them take different sides
As were they different minds, believers in different ways, in different gods.
I think they will teach me something.

Abortion (Kane & Abel)

Verse 1 (Abel)

Peep this 5'6'' nigga with more game than Starter
Been pimping these hoes since I was shooting dog water
Call me plastic man cause I pack that plastic glock
Slinging my rocks on my block to the sunrise to the sun drop
I'm bout it than done some shit that God couldn't forgive
Ever since I was that coke baby with two weeks to live
Shit my life is complex think I got a voodoo hex
Busters try to wet me, bitches step get shot up like Malcolm X
You ** mother**ers got his pocket full of boulders
You sick of being sober hit me on my motorola
Drink Cavassi A straight out the bottle counting g's
Why you counting on the lotto
** ya'll is my motto
Hit the streets make my ends rocks hidden in my M & M's
Bitch this ain't Whodini, ain't no mother** friends
Niggas average while caine be deadly like miscarriage
And if it come to it I'm gone put one in your cabbage
I'd rather steal to get paid like Shaquille O'Neal
Soon as I drop my draws all of ya'll old ladies gone kneel
Getting deep getting funky like some rock star coochie
I'm jigging player haters just like pace makers for my loochie
Partner my name is Kane got more game than the dope game
Know less than 16 for every bird that I slang


My mama wish she had a ** abortion
Cause I done so much shit so much gangsta shit
>From every crime from drugs to extortion
I know my mama wish she had a ** abortion

Verse 2 (Kane)

I roll with No Limit cut throats trying to stack C-Notes
Wearing green and white Nauticas and Mecca polos
It all started my cousin got 'em got some heroin from Puerto Rico
We call it ?? and snorted by alot of people
Going to the place where danger awaits me
I never knew my moms but if I did she probably hate me
>From small time hustling to sticking up dope spots
My grandma found a 100 grand stashed in a shoebox
She kicked me out sent me down south where they be balling
Got a 100 got 200 on a trip to New Orleans
They used to love that weed like its they only child
Now they got the naza cocaine it got 'em wild
This child was born a twin seven minutes from my brother
No visions of my dad wouldn't recognize my mother
And now I'm so obsessed with this money I be earning
I'm sicker than the ** Germans
All I see is green like Erick Sermon


100 Miles and Runnin' (N.W.A.)


And why do we call ourself 'Niggaz 4 Life'.
'Cause if we die we still gon' be some dead niggas.

"You don't really think you're gonna get away, do you?"
"We haven't spotted them yet."
"But they're somewhere in the immediate vicinity."

[MC Ren]
A 100 Miles and Runnin'.
MC Ren, I hold the gun and
You want me to kill a muther**er and it's done in.
Since I'm stereotyped to kill and destruct -
Is one of the main reasons I don't give a **.
Chances are usually not good
'Cause I freeze with my hands on a hot hood.
And gettin' jacked by the you-know-who.
When in a black and white the capacity is two.
We're not alone, we're three more brothers, I mean street-brothers.
Now wearin' my dyes, 'cause I'm not stupid, muther**ers.
They're out to take our heads for what we said in the past.
Point blank - They can kizz my black azz.
I didn't stutter when I said "** Tha Police".
'Cause it's hard for a nigga to get peace.
Now it's broken and can't be fixed.
'Cause police and little black niggers don't mix so
Now I'm creepin' through the fall.
Runnin' like a team. Well, see, I might have slayed y'all.
So for now pack the gun and
Hold it in the air.
'Cause MC Ren has a 100 Miles of Runnin'...

"Into this news. Four fugitives are on the run."
"FBI sources tell us that the four are headed"
"100 miles to their homebase, Compton."

[Eazy E]
Lend me a muther**in' ear.
So I can tell you why...

[Dr. Dre]
Runnin' with my brothers, headed for the homebase.
With a steady pace on the face that just we raced.
The road ahead goes on and on.
The shit is gettin' longer than the muther**in' marathon.
Runnin' on but never runnin' out.
Stayin' wired and if I get tired, I can still try out.
Hitchhikin' if that's what it gotta do.
But nobody's pickin' up a Nigga Witta Attitude.
Yo, but Dre's a nigga with nuthin' to lose.
One of the few who's been accused and abused
Of the crime of poisonin' young minds.
But you don't know shit til you been in my shoes.
And Dre is back from the C-P-T.
Droppin' some shit that's D-O-P-E.
So ** the P-O-L-I-C-E!
And any muther**er that disagrees.
Stuck and runnin' hard, hauling ass.
'Cause I'm a nigga known for havin' a notorious past.
My mind was slick - my temper was too quick.
Now the FBI's all over my dick.

[Eazy E]
Got us tick and runnin' just to find the gun that started the clock.
That's when the E jumped off the startin' block.
A 100 Miles from home and ,yo, it's a long stretch.
A little sprintin' muther**er that they won't catch.
Yeah, back to Compton again.
Yo, it's either that or the Federal pen.
'Cause niggas been runnin' since beginning of time.
Takin' a minute to tell you what's on my muther**in' mind.
Runnin' like I just don't care.
Compton's 50 miles but , yo, I'mma get there.
Archin' my back and on a straight rough.
Just like Carl Lewis I'm ballin' the ** out.
>From city to city I'm a menace as I pass by.
Rippin' up shit just so you can remember I'm
A straight up nigga that's done in, gunnin' and comin'
Straight at yo ass.
A 100 Miles and Runnin'...


This one goes out to the four brothers from Compton.
You're almost there, but the FBI has a little message for you:
"Nowhere to run to, baby. Nowhere to hide."
Good luck brothers.

[MC Ren]
Runnin' like a nigga I hate to lose.
Show me on the news but I hate to be abused.
I know it was a set-up.
So now I'm gonna get up.
Even if the FBI wants me to shut up.
But I've got 10 000 niggas strong.
They got everybody singin' my "** Tha Police" song.
And while they treat my group like dirt,
Their whole **in' family is wearin' our T-shirts.
So I'mma run til I can't run no more.
'Cause it's time for MC Ren to settle the score.
I got a urge to kick down doors.
At my grave like a slave even if the Ren calls.

[Dr. Dre]
Clouds are dark and brothers are hidin'.
Dick-tricklin' at the sunny muther**er's are ridin'.
Started with five and, yo, one couldn't take it.
So now there's four 'cause the fifth couldn't make it.
The number's even - now I'm leavin'.
We're never gettin' took by a bitch with a weave in.
Her and the troops are right behind me.
But they're so **in' stupid, they'll never find me.

[Eazy E]
One more mile to go through the dark streets.
Runnin' like a muther**er on my own two feet.
But you know I never stumble or lag last.
I'm almost home so I better haul ass.
Tearin' up everything in sight.
It's a little crazy muther**er dodging the searchlight.
Now that chase, the shit, is done and
Four muther**ers goin' crazy with
A 100 Miles of Runnin'!


Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
Surprise, niggas!

Gun Rule (La The Darkman)

Yo yo yo
Once once again
Know what I'm saying?
Darkman stay on the street with a tool
For these devil worshippers wit' gats and these ignorant fools
Find yourself in the hustle rocking free mint shoes
Middle week Michigan brand rap and gun rule
Verse 1:
Me and my man contemplating on these future operations
For night clubs two four shit packed like cases
I'm nineteen paid young can only get better
Got cheese in the war trying to be enormous cheddar
** a Fugees sweater stay Wu-Wear fly polo
Pepe jeans new boots kid labelled in solo
Rolled my dolo, killed from the east
Me and Reef left them twenty hour stole four bricks 100 G's
Twenty-five a piece straight in they mind that's what it's like
Peace to my man Ted who got hit on New Jersey's turnpike
I send a kite, wit a hundred in your money order
Hol' it down in your cage see you back at headquarters
Everything is fine LA blow spots like landmines
Do the knowledge as I kick seven deadly signs
>From the glock that'll make city streets boom dock
The industry is calling me like Cookie wit' rocks
And I can't stop, cocoa plants grow in large crops
Darkman east coast hip hop pad lock
I'm determined to kill the mic like Jews and Germans
Shoot a shell through your chest and leave your rib-cage burnin'
While you smiling I got forty-five to life on Rapper's Island
49507 what you dialling, fight faster pushing up deluxe Dutchmaster
Enter my potential of script it might flash you,
Wit impact, of a two hundred pound wind,
See you chased by Wu-wolves wit' no way to escape
Do it from the mouth, crush bones cause this is my house
And I'm prejudice give Mark Clayman like whiteys down south
Verse 2:
Aiyyo, I'm hungry like 3 lions starving in a crack house
Wid guns galore taking Jakes to war
Don't challenge the score from here to Van Couver
I stand wit' this Lex Luger stashed in the Couger
Going through you like needles from Phd's
On any demon, drunken wit' 41 thieves,
Crack fiends drug dealers and killers run the block
3 thieves wid' binoculars surveillance to drop
A credit dot little Nookie got hit wid' a shot
>From a 4-4 calibre government glock in front of the shop
Equivalent to gun galleries I better keep the eye locked
Show and prove I'm doing Gs trying to teach these 100 Gs
If I hol' nines I freaked it,
To getting all this money is a ancient Chinese secret
The liquid, LA can sit down like a precint
I'm flippin' on you MCs for no ** reason
Yeah, You know what time it is
Gun Rules, You know what I'm sayin'?
Yo, Word Up, Yo, yo
Verse 3:
I spent about 20 Gs on weed as I proceed
To grow up fill my weight 100 Gs
Stacking loot, known to kept blood on my boots
Trapacane burning blazing outta fifth hundred coupes
So what you stupe?, I freezin' ya blind to sub-zero
And kept all devil killers like Robert Shapiro
The LA brings action packed heat like De Niro
I'm ancient in this rap shit king like a Pharoah
A terror, terminatin' false niggas style
Kill a man, his woman, MC and his child
Shit is wild I hold niggas hostage like Riker's Isle
Gotta deceptive, murderous money gettin' smile
I'm the judge while you on trial supreme, Killa Bee
A serpent LA can bite the whole industry
Darkman stay on the streets wit' a tool
For these devil worshipping gat slingers and ignorant fools
Find yourself in the hustle rocking free mint shoes
Middle week, Michigan brand rap and gun rule
Gun rule, Gun rule
Triple Darkness

Fevered (Amen)

A nation of fools a nation of lies
1000 fools for 100 lies
Believe nothing that I tell you
Believe nothing that I say

Fever. Got you fevered

Going down on everything I wanted
I'm ** off anything diseased
This that this and that this and that
Bombing every fear I need
Fever. Got you Fevered
Can't you feel the bombs around you?
Coming home and falling on you
Get it? Get it? Get it? Get it?
Got you fevered

100% Pure Fool (The Derailers)


Well, I'm one hundred percent, not 99 and nine tenths
Hundred percent pure fool
I wasn't very good at fractions back in school
But I know what I am, I'm one hundred percent pure fool

I guess I wasn't thinkin', guess I lost my head
I stayed out a drinkin' while you were home in bed
You were makin' coffee when I came stumblin' in
And it's painfully clear I've been a perfect fool again

Repeat Chorus

Strung out honky-tonkin', a foolish man it seems
Leaving you at home, dear, alone with just your dreams
You could take me back and forgive me if you can
But I won't blame you for leaving, 'cause you know just what I am

Repeat Chorus

Supa Ninjaz (Cappadonna)

[Featuring Method Man U God]
(repeating in background: "rock the body body rock the body body"
[U God]
Dino the dart specialist
Golden Arms yo
Meth Tical John John do your thing thing
What? Check it
The all eye seein heavenly divine
The truth brings out the temper in my spine
A Hill sound again feelin symptoms that bit me
I feel for you victims with everything up in me (uh huh)
A head ringa, stuffed in sidewalls of frenzy
Back the ** up, cause I'm stimmi off the Remi
A semi bloodshot eye, donkey dick of nuts
Every cut, I split and try and felt the guts (what?)
Nigga what, earthquakin speech, woofer hissin
The razor faced victims, WHEW, that's what kissed em
Appropriate precaution, surroundin, certain it curtains
I'm dumbfounded, I'm poundin, the pavement
for mental enslavement, I'm cravin, a misbehavin savior
America the grave for gun wavers (what?)
The wave runners, what the blood seed again
Make you wonder, about the thunder underneath the skin (hmm)
The sapphire rhymes slap fire out your minds
with right timin, bite with vampire rhymes
[Method Man]
Hmm, eye spy, with my crooked eye
Four metal street soldiers, born to die
Put em up yeah ** yeah, when it's Hammertime
niggaz can't be touched here, the true and livin
Night vision unseen, like Jean
when I ** men The Unforgiven, left in prison
in the Wu-Tang dirty dungeon, now you succumbin
to my twelve part dirty dozens, flabbergasted
by tracks that be Tru Mastered, opposites attract
beef plus they**backwards, stick yourself
til I'm felt, this**whoopin, is bein dealt
Like hot peas and butter nigga, I got the belt
What the deal huh? Swing low, sweet chariot
I walk the Underground Railroad, with Harriett
Just a slave to the rhythm - victims I'm like alien
About to put that shit up in em, I Can't Live
Without My Radio, a 100 Miles and Runnin
T2 Judgment comin, nobody's safe
when I reminisce about Case, still hit the staircase
when the coppers give chase, I give em finger
The only hip-hop singer, to tell America
to kiss his Killer Bee stinger, nothin can save ya
from this major misbehavior, heavy hands
layin corners in the elevator, guard your grill
I speculate, get my darts straight, don't exaggerate
Dictate, do it with the Papermate, set the plate
set the bait, checkmate, **in with cha mental state
Double take, meditate, earthquake, VGL contemplate
Big boys integrate; catch you at the sess skate
Army tank, high rank, got the bank
Got the shank talk the talk walk the walk from New York
to Up North to downstate to L.A., to all day
To cliches to instant replays, to all the DJ's
To PJ's, in the PJ's, equality days
With money like legs I plant eggs, Pele roundhead
The dog bred, snakes runnin from red, catch dead
Big born is on take the uniform, we perform
shit like gangs are now born check for new dawn
** a U Conn, you been warned, we the realest
We never were conned, duffed out and knowledge born
("Rock, the body body - rock the body body") - repeat til fade



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