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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Escuchar Rocio Crooke - Escudero Fiel


Tru 2 Da Game (TRU)

Haaa uuuuggggghhhh
this is for all the G's ou there
we bout it bout it
and g ettes i ain't forget about y'all uuuugggghhhh
gold look like this here

today I have a half an ounce
tomorrow I'll have a key
and if you tryin' to get some ice cream
won't you call me or won't you beep me

Looked out the window
it must be the giggidy first of the month
cause everybody in the ghetto is smilin' and dressed up
Little kids havin' fun in my neighborhood
And fiends walkin' up, talkin' bout its all good
See I'm a G, ????? I got that 2 for 3
And y'all a know that I slang, that I-C-E
And everybody in the ghetto use nicknames
Like V-90, Master P, Boz, and Big Man
My little homies posted up
some hang, hang, and some slangin'
Others gang bangin'
I'm tryin' to make it out the hood with this gangsta rap
And stay TRU to the game, and put the town on the map
But haters hate me and niggas try to talk shit
Cause I done made, a dollar out of 15 cents
On the curb, posted up with them bouldas
And servin' fiends, A-1 yola
And still tryin' stay true with my frist meal
Cause in the ghetto, you got money, you might get killed
And stayin' TRU to the game, is a part of life
And if you don't player, you might lose your life

Tru 2 da game, Tru 2 da game
Ain't nothin' changed but my bank account
I'm still the same

[Silkk the Shocker]
Tryin' to have things major, they can't fade me
cash the chips like casino
Today I'm a keep it real, and chill, and get blitzed like Marino
My girl be fussin', she be tussin', constantly buggin'
Askin' me why I be hustlin'
I got money to make, so mother** it
I'm a keep it real, if it kills me
Y'all gonna feel me before I'm done
Ball till I have it all, I want the whole while
if not, I don't want none
Why I hang with the same ol' niggas
That's what they ask me
I be like, I'm the same ol' nigga
But 'stead, right now, I gets my sacks free
I gots to stay TRU fool, about my mother**in' mail
I'll be a rich**nigga, y'all gonna be visitin' me in the jail
I gots to ball, can't fall, gotta have things major
If you don't believe me, next year round this time
its Silkk up on his pager (then ask me)


[Big Ed]
Bustas can't see me, they blind
I claim TRU, I thought you knew
My foes catch elbows, cause I'm on em like a tattoo
Man I'm layin' low like the eyes of a danked out china man
Stayin' gangstafied
While I'm tryin' to make a million
But politicians run for office
They rather me bust a cap in a rat, cause they both gonna try and stop
Gangsta rap is what they call it
But I gots to come with the realness
So all my folks can feel this


[Mr. Serv-On]
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord that my momma will never weep
and let her live in peace and stop spendin' a hundred G's up in her sleep
When will it stop
I guess when they leave me lyin' on the block
With tears on my glock
A pocket full of lemon drops, laughin' at crooked cops
I guess I'm doin' what I gotta do
As long as I stay TRU, until they put me through
I know its a shame, things'll never change
I hope I live long enough to see my daughter spell my name
I'm TRU 2 Da Game


[Master P]
still the same
Master P, the whole TRU click (y'all gonna feel this)
TRU to the gizame (tru to da hood)
money can't change you, it just can make you
(never forget where i came from)
No Limit Records, Down South Hustlers (independent black owned)
and the West Coast Bad Boyz
and I told y'all, I can drop something anytime I want to
Y'all done realized by now, the haters done fell off
Cause they ain't TRU 2 da game
I could never forget where I came from
I'm from the ghetto
But I won't ever change
Cause I'm TRU 2 da game, believe that
Keepin' it real, keepin' it real
Never sell out, can never sell out
TRU 2 Da Gizame

Antojo De Un Dios (Avalanch)

Cielo azul respóndeme,
he de saber
por qué me diste a mí
tan triste papel.

Tanta luz no deja ver,
y tal vez
debieras darme a mí
lo que no tendré.

Mi destino cambió.
Quizás se enredó al antojo de un Dios,
hiriendo mi corazón.

Y yo aquí hasta el final,
le soy fiel ,le doy mi vida,
donde esté, noche y día,
y aunque sé
que mi ser jamás la alcanzará,
me da igual, pues con sólo saber
que mañana la veré
me basta...

Sólo un Dios podría ser
tan vulgar
y a la vez tan cruel
por una mujer.

Y mi alma se cegó
sabe que jamás podrá volver
a ver la luz del sol.

La amaré, la honraré,
sólo en sueños la tendré.
Sufriré, lloraré,
por su vida velaré.
Cuando muera moriré…

From The Cradle To Enslave (Cradle Of Filth)

Two thousand fattened years like maniacs
Have despoiled our common grave
Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs
From the cradle to enslave?

Sickle constellations
Stud the velts that welt the sku
Whilst the Bitter winter moon
Prowls the clouds, dead,eyed
Like shifting parent flesh
Under silk matricide...

Watchful as she was upon Eden
Where every rose arbour and orchard she swept
hid the hissing of a serpent Libido
In an ancient tryst with catastrophe
Soon to be kept

Hear that hissing now on the breeze
As through the plundered groves of the carnal garden
A fres horror blows
But ten billion souls
Are blind to see the rotting wood for the trees

This is the theme to a better Armageddon
Nightchords rake the heavens

And what use are prayers to that ´god´?
As devils bay concenus for the space to piss
On your smouldering faith
And the the mouldering face
Of this world long a paradise lost

This is the end of everything
Hear the growing chora that a new dawn shall bring

Dance macabre ´neath the tilt of the zodiac
Now brighter stars shall reflect on our fate
What sick activities will be freed when those lights burn black?
The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back...

I see the serpentine in your eyes
The nature of the beast as revelations arrive

Our screams shall trail to Angels
For those damned in flames repay
All sinners lose their lot on Judgement Day
We should have cut our losses as at Calvary
But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief
Salvation, like a promised nation
Gleamed a claim away...

This is the end of everything you have ever known
Buried like vanquished reason
Death in season
Driven like the drifting snow

Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising war
On our knees or another **er´s shore
Heiling new flesh
Read, then roared
To a crooked cross and a Holy Cause
What else be whipped to frenzy for?

This is the end of everything
Rear the tragedies
That the Seraphim shall sing

Old adversaries
Next of Eve
Now they´re clawing back
I smell their cumming
As through webbed panes of meat
Led by hoary Death
They never left
Dreaming sodomies
To impress on human failure
When we´ve bled upon our knees

Tablatures of gravel law
Shall see Gehennag paved
When empires fall
And nightmares crawl
From the cradle to enslave...

This is the end of everything

Piensalo (Kannon)

miro a mi alrededor respiro
no tengo fuerzas pa pensar si creo
no veo señas que apunten al cielo
todo hacia el suelo
piensa que la vida es mejor si no hay dolor
condicion salud dinero y amor
si alguno falta esta dios
no tengas miedo ruega, entra en la rueda
aprende como pedir si nada entregas
piensalo, piensalo
miralo, miralo
alguien detras la rueda gira y gira
alguien te dio la vida alguien de los hilos tira
mira a tu alrededor indaga
no te conformes con seguir la via
se siempre fiel a tu filosofia
alguien te espia
dicen que la vida en pecado es mas divertida
y es cansado actuar sin medida
hay que elegir y seguir
y dar gracias por lo dado
dejar de lado el pedir, pedir
sin dar a cambio.
piensalo, piensalo
miralo, miralo
alguien detras la rueda gira y gira
alguien te dio la vida alguien de los hilos tira.

Sonnenbrillengestell (Wohlstandskinder)

was ist denn aus dem hype nur geworden
und wo sind all die richtigen sterne hin
fastfood klang und flie�band kitsch
regieren den �ther doch mein herz nicht
james dean fort, graceland leer
und karl-marx-stadt gibt's auch nicht mehr

ich hab den regen auch gesehen
er fiel schnell auf mein sonnenbrillengestell
ich hab den regen auch gesehen
glaub mir ich hab ihn gesehen

was ist denn aus dem hype nur geworden
und wo ist all der kult um die subkultur
68 in berlin versuchten sie die loveparade zu imitieren
ch� ist tot, robin hood fantasie
und das disneyland spr�ht vor untergrund-esprit

Selva De Olvido (Kannon)

Amigo... ...bienvenido a la selva del olvido.

¿Nunca has tenido tiempo de parar y pensar?
Nunca mentes alocadas vi deliberar
Aquí estas a salvo tío, nadie se acuerda de ti,1
nadie sabe lo que has dicho,
nadie sabe: donde has ido, Do' stas metido,
quien es tu amigo, o que haces cuando a solas
juegas con tu barbie de goma,
pones la ducha en zonas,
al edén te asomas...

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Sigo, mi fiel amigo aquí no hay castigo
Esto es la selva del olvido
Aquí no hay madres severas, novias celosas...
...hay muchas cosas color de rosa yo soy testigo.
¿Pero que pasa cuando hasta el culo de cerveza,
que pasa, si pierdes la cabeza, que pasa?
No pasa nada tío, esto es la selva del olvido,
Fácil salvar el culo amigo.

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Lo que niegas con la lengua
Lo confiesan los colores en tu cara,
Calores y flores rojas, pides perdón
Y te sonrojas, esto es posible de evitar
No hay que gritar, hay que viajar
a la selva del olvido... amigo...

...ven pa' ca yo te invito... yo te invito a la


Al Mundo Dios Am¨® (Jaci Velasquez)

Chris Eaton/David Vel¨¢squez

Al mundo Dios am¨®, que a su Hijo Él nos di¨®
Y todo aquel que creyera en Él
No perezca m¨¢s tenga vida eternal

He tratado de hallar palabras que decir
Y hacerte conocer a un Dios de gran poder
Nada puede en este mundo comparar
Con la paz que siente tu alma cuando Él en ti est¨¢

Si yo s¨¦ que dif¨ªcil es de contemplar dejarlo todo
Y confiar solo en Él
Si yo s¨¦ que es la verdad
Que su amor es para ti
Toma su Palabra y ves lo que Él har¨¢

Él es fiel con sus promesas, tomando su mano
Seguro estar¨¢s

Hay que dar ese paso de fe
Él te ve, te ayudar¨¢ y paz Él te dar¨¢

Vida eternal, vida eternal, al mundo Dios am¨®
Que crea en Él, que crea en Él
Él te ama mucho
Él te quiere

Literal English Translation of Al Mundo Dios Am¨®
(The World God Loved)
Translated by computer and edited by Adam Agonis

The world God loved
That He gave us His Son
That everyone who believed in Him
Will not perish but has eternal life

I have tried to find words to say
To make you know a God of great power
Nothing can in this world compare
With the peace that you feel inside when He is in you

Yes, I know that it is difficult to consider leaving everything
And to trust only Him
Yes, I know that it is the truth
That His love is for you
Take His Word and you see what He will do

He is faithful with his promises, taking his hand
You will be safe

It is necessary to take that step of faith
He sees you, he will help you and He will give you peace

Eternal life, eternal life, for God sp loved the world
To believe in Him, to believe in Him
He loves you so much
He wants you

Lyrics ©1997 SGO Music Pub. Ltd. (adm. by Bug Music Inc.)/BMI/Brante Music/ASCAP

Choir Of Tears (Jag Panzer)

Cover my eyes from the filth and disgust
Wash my soul clean of the self-centered lust
Backward in time before the first sin
Before the decay of a civilized man
Forward in truth looking back just to know
Disturb not the ebb of life's forgiving flow
Learn by mistakes through the fullness of time
Will truth leave a scar in our father's bloodline

All the years
Fueled by fears
Learn to hear
The choir of tears

Follow me into truth I will show you the way
Crooked the path that we choose every day
Come take my hand we will make it I swear
We shall be cleansed of the cover we wear
Turn look away you will find innocence
Blessed the power of our youth too soon spent
Hidden inside is the child within
Just let it sing that we all start to live

The path now renewed our souls are reborn
Vessels as pure as the virgin snow
Hold innocence as we walk through that door
Not destroy or decay as we have once before
Follow me now I will show you the way
Learn how to make life as on the first day
Refreshed and reborn filled with pleasure not pain
Keep it alive, growing stronger each day

Steam From Da Knot (Lords Of The Underground)

Verse One:

Well I'm gonna creep through your area with steps that are slowly
Camoflauged and in black so niggas they don't know that
While niggas givin hi's I'm givin goodbye's
I'm still shooting persons out the corners of my eyes
But brothers know nothin and ain't seen nothin
But best yet the fest when I leave knots in their stomachs
So who wanna have a little shindig with me?
Well, bro, you got it, until the return of Funky
Cuz I'm that brother who was born in the under
And if you don't believe that then go ask my mutha
Cuz when it gets hot I ignite what I got
Just to let you know that I blow up the spot


Verse 2:

I have an attitude that's shitty but don't need no pity
Cuz all I wanna do is get down to the nitty
So watch every move as I step up on this groove
My voice is filled with madness, and not ment to sooth
Say the name Doitall, say it backwards [llatiod]
Say it one more time and I'll appear by your side
My voice'll drop a measure and your ears'll feel the pleasure
You'll here my tongue lashing because my tongue is like leather
Now I be from the land where the crooks be grand
And the boys grow up to be the Stickyfinger man
Now I got you straight from the block known to rock you
But just like I got you some day you want the Do
I smell a sniff, can it be the Funkyman approachin?
Well I'ma keep roastin on behalf of the Lords
I swear to my G, I have unity, my crew have unity and this is me
Now who be I when I be that fly guy from NJ?
Some say Doitall, but my real name is Dupre
The ghetto type heart is sparked by the horror
I creep at the corner while you search for tomorrow
Tomorrow, tomorrow, they love me tomorrow
Words I usually hear cuz I have hip-hop by the collar
Underground the meaning: below, beneath
That's what they think of us rhymin on these beats
Rap music - can't hear it, peep it, or speak it
That's why a Grammy, I'll probably never see it
So who in the public does the Doitall trust?
The Lords, the Lord, until my heart busts
So remember, L.O.T.U.G. is forever
You dis one, you dis the other
You dis the other, you dis the under
And you don't ever wanna dis the under.


Psyclones (The Psycho Realm)

couldn't belive your eyes
when you see what the ** is comin'
psyclones all you sorry motha**as runnin'
the city has turned to renegades
with guns and blades
and criminals seeking to get paid
i maintain, keep cool-ahead
in the face of destruction whether i live or die
unpredictable, invincible, untameable, individual
uncontrollable like a psycho deadly
so let us begin to take your min'
to another plane 'cause i know you ain't ready
the course of the psyclone is steady
so who in their right mind
would get in the way of the machete?
the serpent **in' with me
in the turbulent times of war on the street
gran your **in' heat
come with me inside the whirl wind
everybody's welcome into the psycho's den

even though we don't know the attack's exact origin
man-made diseases show traces of an assassain
the goverment went deranged and came blastin'
tryin' to finish us off with poisoned rations

as you sleep
nightmares and dreamscapes awake
now it's time to renovate
use thoughts and plots to elevate
violence is like cellophane storing all you renegades
the only thing is you're already spoiled
so now you play the game
teams are spread out all over your city
mobile with your lo lo
on 520's and 560's
guns and drugs are spread into your town
you must realize open your eyes wide
the drama will be televised
revolution waitin' for your input like dail tones
strap on the psyclone's takin' your zone
grab your weapon keep streppin'
if you don't defend
don't mention it to anybody who questions
step into the eye and die you've been shook and took
by madman, psycho slash crook

the cities' survival depends on defense methods
we bring L.A. to the stage live coverage
methods are jagged like pieces of broken records
are now shanks we abuse in the holding tanks
it's going down in the middle of downtown
out of line, confined to get checked and robbed blind
vigilante to protect and serve the people
violent sequels 'til the evil and death equal

even though we don't know the attack's exact origin
man-made diseases show traces of an assassain
the goverment went deranged and came blastin'
tryin' to finish us off with poisoned rations

the day could feel what i feel
life in the battlefield facing **in' steel, no shield
puppet goverments on the streets
to confiscate C.B.'s, batteries and M.C.'s

look at the deep thought dwelling within' your mind
do you got what it takes to survive the city of the blind?
everyone follow and let your soul feel free
can you keep up or will you fall behind me?

look for spies near telephones
neghibourhood informants, tapping into your dial tones
televisions act cameras also
enemies program your box of cables

invasion of your spaces calls for rowdy occasion
deliberate attacks on your stacks means retaliation
can you succeed in leaving the other side bleeding?
can you succeed in leaving the other side bleeding?
or will they defeat my street fleet?
can you succeed in leaving the other side bleeding?


People's Church, NJ.

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