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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Escuchar Punta catracha wilson bailando punta


Historia De Las Sillas (Silvio Rodríguez)

En el borde del camino hay una silla
la rapiña merodea aquel lugar.
La casaca del amigo esta tendida
el amigo no se sienta a descansar.
Sus zapatos de gastados son espejos
que le queman la garganta con el sol
y a través de su cansancio pasa un viejo
que le seca con la sombra el sudor.

En la punta del amor viaja el amigo
en la punta más aguda que hay que ver.
Esa punta que lo mismo cava en tierra
que en las ruinas, que en un rastro de mujer.
Es por eso que es soldado y es amante
es por eso que es madera y es metal
es por eso que lo mismo siembra rosas
que razones de bandera y arsenal.

El que tenga una canción tendrá tormenta
el que tenga compañía, soledad.
El que siga un buen camino tendrá sillas
peligrosas que lo inviten a parar.
Pero vale la canción buena tormenta
y la compañía vale soledad
siempre vale la agonía de la prisa
aunque se llene de sillas la verdad.

What's Your Mama's Name (Tanya Tucker)

Thiry some odd years ago
A young man came to Memphis
Askin' 'bout a rose that used to blossom
In his world
People never took the time
to mind the young man's questions
Until one day they heard him ask
a little green eyed girl

What's your mama's name child
What's your mama's name
Does she ever talk about
A place called New Orleans
Has she ever mentioned
A man named Bueferd Wilson
What's your mama's name child
What's your mama's name

Twenty some odd years ago
A drunk went down in Memphis
Lost a month of life and labor
To the county jail
Just because he asked a little green eyed girl a question
And offered her a nickel's worth of candy if she'd tell

A year and some odd days ago
An old man died in Memphis
Just another wayward
So the county had to claim
Inside the old mans ragged coat
They found a faded letter
It said you have a daughter
And her eyes are Wilson green

Reapeat Chorus

Outta State (Akinyele)

[Extra P] Yeah.. yeah.. everything's real!

Chorus: Akinyele

I got all my life to live
and I got so much love to give
But I gotta survive, and make papes outta state
I'm ready to make papes outta state, man
I got all my life to live
and I got so much love to give
But I gotta survive, and make papes outta state
I'm ready to make papes outta state

Ak to the Nel to the LE, I'm tryin hard as hell
to pick my future before my future picks me
Twenty-one years of AGE, not with minimum WAGE
Don't ever seem like I'ma get paid rhymin on the STAGE
College, I always dreamt of tryin it; the only problem here
I don't seem to meet financial aid requirements
Locked writin rhymes in the crib -- when would I get out?
Seems like I'm pushin yo a hip-hop bid
At home the vibes don't feel right
My parents keep lookin at me as if I'm some type of parasite
My moms seperated from her spouse
The oldest of two kids, it's my job to play man of the house
That means gettin off my ASS, makin immediate CASH
That broke shit, save it for an orthopedic CAST
I get road maps, learned the interstate
Shit I'm headed out state to make papes; man


I'm ready to get up on a scam trip
The I-95 outta state to make the damn loot flip!
First I need a crackhead with a credit card
So he can head uptown and purchase me a rented car
Just make sure that it's black
And take off the rearview mirrors cause it ain't no lookin back
I'm goin one deep, in the driver's seat
Throwin the vegetarian book cause I'm ready for beef
I got a three-hundred and fifty-seven, faren-degrees-heit
of HEAT, better known as a burner on the STREET
Cool, I got the keys to the CAR
Accelerate on the gas, and have the rubber burn up
on the TAR, I'm out to get money real FAR
I hear my moms voice, {singing} "I'm wishin on a star!!"
But I got to go far ma! {sing} "But I could wonder where you are!"
On the streets just DELIVERIN, packages
so I can just relax and get some type of LIVIN
Think that it is when it ISN'T
Easy to see a family, suffer from povery, as bein GIVEN
Man, like heck, and when I get back
I'ma rip up them welfare checks
I got a new nine to five mom, so don't wait up late
My job's located outta state


I reached my destiny and my goal
I done flashed right past the dumb-ass highway patrol
If everything goes well I'm in it to win it
I'm tryin to find a hotel so I can rest up for a minute
A round of crackheads gonna show me -- neighborhood clowns
fear me up and down cause they really don't know me
But all my hits, I see them scopin out the clip
They wanna get open, I can let shit rip!
Whatever is broke got to be fixed, twenty dimes and nicks
Step into my house made of bricks
My man gave me work, home on credit
You think that I'm comin back? Tch, black he can forget it
Cause I got moves to BAKE, no time to be FAKE
Bad enough gotta watch out for a SNAKE called JAKE
Money nonstop, kept in the hush
At twelve o'clock, I'ma catch, huh, the midnight bus
And watch the dough flow like water
I'm not Taco Bell but hell I'ma make a run for the border
I feel odd, like a extraterrestrial left alone
A calling card number, so I could phone home
to let my people know my mission went great
on my great escape to outta state

Rest in peace to my little brother Donnie Boy
Rest in peace to my man Rakim
Rest in peace to my man, named Understanding
Rest in peace, umm, to Atiba
Rest in peace to my man Wilson from Exena Street
Rest in peace, to all my other peeps
Also rest in peace, to my man T-Bone
You know I ain't forget you
Yeah yeah, and I'm.. and I'm.. and I'm..
and I'm.. and I'm OUT!! *echoes*

Yo No Me Sentaría En Tu Mesa (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)

Por más que quieras sacarnos de nuestro lugar
y pienses que solo somos un puñado de idiotas
no no podrás quitarnos lo que hicimos ya
ahora somos más hermanos que antes
ya no podrás mirarnos a los ojos más
nosotros somos amigos vos que solo estás
por más que quieras callar toda nuestra vos
nunca podrás callar esta canción.

Y si después no creés lo que te estoy diciendo
mirá mis piés bailando al son de este ritmo
voy a vestirme de traje aunque me veas mal
voy a saltar toda la noche sin parar de silvar
está lloviendo pero yo no me voy a mojar
mis amigos me cubren cuando voy a llorar
por más que quieras callar toda nuestra voz
nunca podrás callar esta canción.

To Live & Die In L.A. (2Pac Featuring Makaveli)

featuring Val Young

[Dominique] Street Science you're on the air *static*
What do you feel when you hear a record like Tupac's new one? *static*
[Man responds] I love Tupac's new record *static*
Right but don't you feel like that creates *static*
a tension between East and West? *static*
He's talking about killing people *static*
I had ** with your wife and not in those words *static*
but he's talking about I wanna see you deceased *static*

Intro: Makaveli

No doubt... to live and die in LA
California -- what you say about Los Angeles
Still the only place for me that never rains in the sun
and everybody got love

Verse One: Makaveli

To live and die in LA, where everyday we try to fatten our pockets
Us niggaz hustle for the cash so it's hard to knok it
Everybody got they own thang, currency chasin
Worldwide through the hard times, warrior faces
Shed tears as we bury niggaz close to heart
What was a friend now a ghost in the dark, cold hearted bout it
Nigga got smoked by a fiend, tryin to floss on him
Blind to a broken man's dream, a hard lesson
Court cases keep me guessin, plea bargain
ain't an option now, so I'm stressin, cost me more
to be free than a life in the pen
Makin money off of cuss words, writin again
Learn how to think ahead, so I fight with my pen
Late night down Sunset likin the scene
What's the worst they could do to a nigga got me lost in hell
To live and die in LA on bail, my angel sing

Chorus: Val Young

To live and die in LA, it's the place to be
You've got to be there to know it, what everybody wanna see
(repeat 2X)

Verse Two: Makaveli

It's the, City of Angels and constant danger
South Central LA, can't get no stranger
Full of drama like a soap opera, on the curb
Watchin the ghetto bird helicopters, I observe
So many niggaz gettin three strikes, tossed in jail
I swear the pen the right across from hell, I can't cry
Cause it's on now, I'm just a nigga on his own now
Livin life Thug style, so I can't smile
Writin to my peoples when they ask for pictures
Thinkin Cali just fun and bitches, hahaha
Better learn about the dress code, B's and C's
All them other niggaz copycats, these is G's
I love Cali like I love woman
Cause every nigga in LA got a little bit of Thug in him
We might fight with each other, but I promise you this
We'll burn this bitch down, get us pissed
To live and die in LA
(Let my angel sing)


Verse Three: Makaveli

Cause would it be LA without Mexicans?
Black love brown pride and the sets again
Pete Wilson tryin to see us all broke, I'm on some bullshit
Out for everything they owe, remember K-DAY
Weekends, Crenshaw -- MLK
Automatics rang free, niggaz lost they way
Gang signs being showed, nigga love your hood
But reconize and it's all good, where the weed at?
Niggaz gettin shermed out
Snoop Dogg in this muh**a perved out, M.O.B.
Big Suge in the Low-Low, bounce and turn
Dogg Pound in the Lex, wit a ounce to burn
Got them Watts niggaz with me, OFTB
They got some hash took the stash left the rest for me
Neckbone, Tre, Head Ron, Punchy too
Big Rock got knocked, but this one's for you
I hit the studio and drop a jewel, hopin it pay
Gettin high watchin time fly, to live and die in LA
(Let my angel sing)


Outro: Makaveli

This go out for 92.3, and 106
All the radio stations that be bumpin my shit
Makin my shit sells katruple quitraple platinum, hehe
This go out to all the magazines that supported me
All the real mother**ers
All the stores, the mom and pop spots
A&R people, all y'all mother**ers
LA, California Love part mother**in Two

Tonz Of Fun (Presence)

How shallow can a man be
I borrowed this story from a friend
now an enemy
'cause no friend of mine would ever cross the line
and disrespect a lady of any kind
Verse 1
(sing) Stranger in my bed
can't recall last night
that's why
I'm sleepin' with Carney Wilson's head
oh god
got to wash my nuts
I've done it once again
(rap) Go Go get dressed
get outta my bed
now find your way home
Verse 2
(sing) Lucky to have survived
she was more than twice my size
big is beautiful
but I'm just a small guy
and I could break
under the weight of her thighs
maybe now I should quit my drinkin'
what was I thinkin'
oh god
I've done it once again
(rap) I had the beer goggles strapped on
passed out
face down
** on the lawn
awakened by the vibration of the earth shaking
the type of girl that literally brings home the bacon
in my state of mind
I was hers for the taking
it seems she was interested in some lovemaking
"do you know Jay Slim, I heard he was hung"
it was then that I knew
we were in for wang chung
she grabbed my car keys
my ID
we dipped
in between sips of Schlitz
she kept lickin' her lips
I couldn't tell if that meant she wanted my dick
or to drive-thru KFC for another drumstick
(sing) I feel so ashamed
no one to blame but myself
I've done it once again
How shallow can a man be
he must be too blind to see
that he's bleeding insecurities
and she cries…

Off The Chain (Twiztid)

Daddy I'm high as a cloud looking to touch Anything soft enough I can bust my nuts on
Like them average**titties of yours
Now I done seen many many pairs of titties before
But them titties right there
Look suckable to me
With the ** in the middle were the sucker supposed to be
She gotta kinda bangin booty, kinda more not then so
If I don't drop this load, my nuts are gonna explode

Now I'm stoned sober, in a room full of ugly
And all I want to do is get some**tonight
And if I play my cards right, and smoke this weed
Then I'll be swimming in some**like the tsunami
And it won't matter if she kinda looks like a he
Cause as long as I stay high there all dying for me
Bumpin Ron Eisley in the truck with the trees
Getttin high
Hoping this sucky bitch will ** me

Now you like Madonna with a splash of J-Lo
Mixed with Halle Barry and Anna Nicole
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain
A little Gwen Steffani, some Fergy and Britney
Charlize Theron with some Angelina Jolie
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain

Sometimes we would get high in the back
And there would always be a girl with a super ** rack
And I wouldn't hit it with a bat if I'm not stoned
But ** it since I'm high little ugly got boned
I'm in the zone
My mind kinda trippin off of this
Everywhere I look is a fine bitch
God dammit I love this weed
Cause every last bitch look good to me

Beauty is skin deep in ugly is to the bone
Ain't no reason that bangin**need to be havin pants on
I like that upside down heart that lives inside ya G-String
Packed to the max with needful things
Like coochie and butt, watch you jiggle and such
As she walks by with that run way strut
I'm mesmerized
on how much ass, cat, and thighs you manage to stuff inside the Levi's

You look like Jenna Jameson and Vivica Fox
? and Beyonce
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain
A little Paris Hilton and some Gretchen Wilson
With a splash of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson
Cause when I'm smoking every girl I see seems to be so off the chain

Your lips are just so soft and supple
I'm willing to bet the farm, she got a tight moose knuckle
I'm seein so many turkeys that I wouldn't mind stuffin
Like that one right there, I bet you she like it rough and hard
And then she wanna cuddle right quick
Turn an indoor hoe into a outdoor trick
Let her suck your dick
In a public bathroom
When theres people on the side of you, taking a doon

Now I'm walking through the mall and I'm high as the sun
And I swear this bitch's**is looking like a cin-a-bon
And then I go and get a pretzel from Aunt Annie's
Then I fell in love with a flattened fanny
I'm getting out of here, before my penis gets hard
And I get thrown out by the security guards
Feeling like a retard, I'm horny and high
But I'm almost outta weed so I'm saying good bye

Llame Pa Verte (Wisin y Yandel)


Llame pa' verte ('W' con Yandel!)
Tu quieres conocerme ("Pa'l Mundo"!)
Y yo conocerte (Un millón de copias, obliga'o!)
Llame pa' verte (El arma secreta, Nelly!)
Tu quieres conocerme (Oye, esto es "Pa'l Mundo"!)
Y yo conocerte (El dream team!)

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

('W', dembow!)
De coco y de piña pa' la niña
Lampiña, llego el que te "kidnap"
No le hagas caso a las aves de rapiña
Yo tengo la crema pa' tu piquiña
Honey, te noto funny
Repartiendo belleza en el lobby
El novio tuyo tu sabes que es un pony
Yo soy el caballo de Troya
El que controla el money

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

Tanto fronte, y viste
Yo te llame y te vestiste
Por la mía corriste
Te fui a buscar y tú te fuiste
Por mi te derrites
Ahora me llama pa' que la excite
Aquí no hay pieza de reemplazo
Déme un abrazo, un codazo
Hágame pedazos duro pa' que gane el caso
La noto dando bandazos, quiere un puñazo
Viste, yo te llame y te vestiste
Por la mía corriste
Te fui a buscar y tú te fuiste
Por mi te derrites
Ahora me llama pa' que la excite

Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
Bailando **y le doy
Dembow, dembow...
A ella le encanta
Como le hago y le doy
Dembow, dembow...

Luny Tunes!
El arma secreta, Nelly!
'W' con Yandel!
El dúo dinámico!
El dream team!
100 mil copias, Yandel!
Baja el volumen pa' que no lloren!
El dúo de mayor resistencia!
De una y mil maneras!
Oye, hermano!
No trate más que esta haciendo un ridículo!
El arma secreta, Nelly!
"Pa'l Mundo"!
Te pusiste triste!

Mr. Simpatia (Fabri Fibra)

Quando giro in città c’è chi mi chiede curioso “hei Fibra come mai non sei ancora famoso?”
Lascia che ti dia questa spiegazione qua io mica aspetto un treno che passò anni fa
Questa vita è paranoica così come è io scrivo rime e senza queste ucciderei vengo dal settantasei
Con il suono assassino io voto si per l’aborto al mio primo bambino noi veniamo dal buio
Ed è li che torneremo con il rosso negli occhi ormai gonfi di veleno sento la frustrazione
Il sangue in ebollizione piango in continuazione senza motivazione per questa educasione
Ci mette in soggezione sentendomi colpevole anche senza l’intenzione Cristo che religione
Mi azzera ogni emozione mi vedo in punizione dopo l’eiaculazione se provo l’attrazione
Ma quale protezione coprendo il mio organo di riproduzione è la deformazione bella consolazione
Ragazza col pancione Madonna che impressione mia madre è in depressione per questa concezione
Dalla benedizione al peccato e confessione ma in questa situazione aumenta la disperazione
Per questa Porco Dio di crocifissione!
Quando giro in città c’è chi mi chiede curioso “hei Fibra come mai non sei ancora famoso?”
Lascia che ti dia questa spiegazione qua io mica aspetto un treno che passò anni fa
Questa italia è paranoica impazzisco qui la Madonna quando piange che va al TG
Questa chiesa crea dei mostri per spaventarci molte madri sono al mondo per soffocarci
Molte volte questo dio vuole arbitrarci molte volte questo credere può limitarci
Stando soli preghiamo puntiamo ad incoraggiarci quando invece il Vaticano può soltanto castrarci
Questa chiesa fa di tutto per addomesticarci vuole terrorizzarci con bugie per congelarci
I miei spermatozoi sono tutti marci non conosco una sola persona che possa salvarci
Qualunque canzone italiana punta a rattristarci qualunque regista in Italia punta ad annoiarci
Non passano i ** potremmo almeno masturbarci che andiamo a puttane
Ma non dobbiamo innamorarci in classe mettono un crocifisso per educarci ti prendono a shiaffi
Se lo stacchi tu non provarci ma quante ragazze che all’estero sono diverse intendo diverse nel senso
Dovresti scoparci in questa nazione spendiamo il tempo a complessarci ma senza confrontarci
Dovrebbero influensarci diverse culture ma senza entrare e uscire a calci ma siamo razzisti per noi
È un classico alienarci da quanti pregiudizi cominciamo anche a spellarci tanto vale a sto punto
Un bel sottovuoto ad intubarci dovrebbero incollarci uno all’altro per poi drogarci ma con le nuove leggi possiamo solo ubriacarci possiamo intossicarci di alcolici e poi schiantarci ma non legalizziamo il papa tende a denunciarci mentre fumano questa erba per cui stanno ad arrestarci in questo mare di complessi in cui vogliono affogarci con delle trasmissioni fatte per ipnotizzarci come fossimo animali
Non vorranno imbalsamarci? Vorranno massacrarci ancora un po’ con l’inquinarci con delle storie assurde come per addormentarci cosa vuoi paralizzarci solo per controllarci vorresti illuminarci?
Vuoi sensibilizzarci? Non possono sfollarci in questo mondo puoi restarci e invece di aiutarci noi
Potremmo anche spararci.

Zamba Malato (Susana Baca)

La zamba passes through
The watering trough
Dancing, shaking it
So we can see her

This little bird
Red painted breast
That?s what you get
For falling in love

Zamba malató
Zamba malató

La zamba se pasea
Por la batea
Zamba malató
Bailando se menea
Pa? que la vea

Ese pajarillo
Pecho colorao
Ese te sucede negro
Por enamorao

Landó landó
Zamba landó

Bailando se menea.....
A la mucurú
A loña loña
A la recolé
A la mucurú
A la mucurú
Eee tiritiri
Mandé mandé


Hola soy catracho espero les guste mi video m encanta bailar punta.

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