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Thursday, 24 August 2017
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Gulf Winds (Joan Baez)

It's only when the high winds blow that I wish my hair was long
Sailing through the autumn leaves singing an ancient song
Or falling in love in the streets at night at the edge of a local square
It's only that I'm here tonight thinking I was there

There are high winds on the pier tonight, my soul departs from me
Striding like Thalia's ghost south on the murky sea
And into midnight's tapestry she fades, ragged and wild
Searching down her ancestry in the costume of a Persian child

And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon
Show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew
And cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low
Echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico

When I was young my eyes were wise, my father was good to me
Instead of having a flock of sons he had two other girls and me
And if we had used our Spanish names, here's the way they'd run
Thalia, Margarita and Juanita, I'm the middle one.

The screen door kept the demons in as we moved from town to town
It's hard to be a princess in the States when your skin is brown
And mama smoothed my worried brow as I leaned on the kitchen door
Why do you carry the weight, she said, of the world and maybe more?

And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon
Show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew
And cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low
Echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico

My grandfathers were ministers and it came on down the line
My father preached in his parents' church when he was ten years and nine
And mama dressed in parishoners' clothes and didn't believe in hell
Her daddy fought the DAR, if he'd lived I'd have known him well

They said go find a Sunday School, we must have tried them all
I never stole from the silver plate, my sisters had more gall
One preacher said sing out loud and clear, it's the only life you've got
And the next one said be good on earth, you've another life at the feet of God

And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon
Show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew
And cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low
Echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico

My father turned down many a job just to give us something real
It's hard to be a scientist in the States when you've got ideals
And mama kept the budget book, she kept the garden, too
Bought fish from the man on Thursday, fed all of us and strangers, too

But time will pass and so, alas, will most of what we know
Though tonight my memory's eye is clear as the story's being told
And I'll play ball with the underdog and sit with the child who's wrong
Be still when the earth is silent and sing when my strength is gone

And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon
Show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew
And cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low
Echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico

Now father's going to India sometime in the fall
They tried to stay together but you just can't do it all
I'll think about him if he goes, there's a little grey in his hair
Though not much because he's Mexican, they don't age, they just prepare

And if he goes to India I'll miss him most of all
He'll see me in the mudlarks' face, hear me in the beggar's call
And mama will stay home, I guess, and worry if she did wrong
And I'll say a prayer for both of them and sing them both my song

And gulf winds bring me flying fish that shine in the crescent moon
Show me the horizon where the dawn will break anew
And cool me here on this lonely pier where the heron are flying low
Echo the songs my father knew in the towns of Mexico

Crip 4 Life (Bloods & Crips)

Well now I'm creepin' on your**like a mother**in' frogman
Six Pac's the maniac from Franklin
Uzi, A-K, Tec-9 millimeter
Blastin' out the sunroof, drunk on Margarita
Slobs ain't shit, we're gorgeous, ready for the raid
Let 'em on pull up and watch me spray
The F is for death and when I take that first
They ** with 1-0-3
You know ain't no more Snoops left
Shit, it's an everyday thang and we gangbang
Watts Franklin Square Crip no one can't hang fool
You get your mother**in' cap peeled
Ain't no joke and I'm smokin' all Slobs that stinks
You thought ya - slow me down when you put me in the wheel chair
But that's OK cause I still claimin' Squares
Three Crips and a bomb with the F-M is on
Cixx Pac, Big Freeze and my nigga young Keystone

G-Bone pass the Glock cause this Slob is set trippin'
In my party while we crippin'
You know this nigga slippin'
Tell all the Cripalette to get into the ??
You gon' tear it get this mother**er and trap Slobs in
I can't stand a nigga wearin' red shit, dead shit
Cause then I gotta grab my gun and shoot him in the head and shit
Because I'm livin' in a blue pearl, blue world
It ain't no bitch pussy better than a Crip girl
Cause Slob niggas listen up, pay attention, I'm Scarface from Atlantic
In case I didn't mention, the crazy Lil' Hawk
Just wanna make a bitch and got a gun to the Slob head
Playin' Russian roulette, so bet
Now check but do it for your set
If you down with the Slob killer Cuz
You say what the hell
Off-brandies really can't stand - me
So I'm surroundin' about the Crips in Compton ?? this
I kick kack I see cool in the cut
I catch the Slob I'ma shoot his**and his nuts
Y'all niggas want problems come to my place
And just remember the name: Atlantic's Scarface

Sort of like a dump truck
But I don't dump no dirt
I'm dump the funk you shoot my trunk to put you Slobs to work
You Snoop niggas just tryin' to dis to count you up in the street
You couldn't fade me, yo I'm crazy if you caught me in my sleeping then
Daze me and amaze me that you're Rip for tryin' to Crip the 44 in your face
And have you pushin' up daisies
When push comin' short I get psycho
So when you **in' with the Locs you got to deal with the pistol
The nick name: Freeze
I represent: Watts
And if I catch you slippin' best believe what you get got
It's some of this lead when I catch you on chin
Over than a green as I bank once again
And when you're knees buckle pump
Nigga you be seen it starts I'm layin' in the cut to ** you up
Like the red card
Check this out, I'm Franklin Crip - ride
You see me every - night
If you got beef with me well nigga you know we can fire up
I got my Locs who serve 'em Snoops with a fat sack
I keep the pistol in my pocket cause I watch my own damn back
When I ??? him
It's Freeze so you won't be fade him
The top to get the drop and where I stay
It's the stadium
Nuthin' beats the feelin of your grill when I'm stealin'
They don't believe I'm crazy so I guess I got to kill you
Push from the shoulder I get wicked
I'm at the top of the crack
Finna kick you with the Crip, yes
Slob mother**ers get stole on inner face
Get with them one of this
This Unabomber I caught you in the way
Hey you should I told you 'bout Locs like me
America's sarcastic belegerent and skip if
You got a bullet proof
?? and I keep the plan see
We raise up the ghetto
A menace to society

Cuz I gotta grab the strap, pull the trigger and blast
This Snoop's in my hood and I don't give a **in' past
So we got to get gaffle, scuffle and buck it up
Slob slippin' on this side straight get shut the ** up
This is B-K to the mother**in' heart
I'm from Atlantic Drive but got love for Kelly Park
Cause we put in work and take this Slob out without a doubt
Pop pop, biggety bang Cuz, duck, run and hide out
Cover up, duck and run - but don't slip
Cause I'm precised when it come to empty clips
Click - Tec 9 throw that**up
Down on their ground Slobs shut the ** up
He lost his life cause he was slippin', flossin' and frontin'
The S on his chest like he was Super Slob or somethin'
S-L-O-B K-I double L-A
That Slob is dead so he can't come to retaliate
** them Slob niggas let 'em come cack and trip
I got a Tec 9 with 2-30 round clips
On safe thinkin' Slob niggas hate me
Cause I see dumpin' on his**diggety daily
Buck them Slob niggas
** them 'Brand niggas
** them Snoops niggas and them Die-'Ru niggas
This is the mother**in' A-D double C
B-Dog killer Cuz, you should've been a L-O-C

Die-'Rus better shake the spot when I'm high
Got a 17 shot
With infra-blue in a Glock
In a drop top deuce, gettin' loose on you Snoop fools
But it ain't no rules in this game givin' Slobs blue
Killin' up shit for the Crips on the East Side
** a B-Side, cause C-Side is where the two C's Ride
The best, not forget about the Crip's on the west
Cause they steady puttin' mother**in' Slob to rest
In their casket
That shit is drastic, you slippin' hectic like Magic
You vanish when they cap in your back bitch
From this East Side gangsta call me Troll Loc
Dead rags gettin' tear with the red throw
Jaws brokes, Slobs shot out from the shoulders
Punk I told you
So step and I'm gonna fold you
Bustin' caps on these Slobs at night
Cause it's East Side Kelly Park Crip 4 Life

Now once again my friend it's time to up the C in
Servin' mother**ers
Lives was end
We on mission - shit
This is a hard test
We takin' no flees, no burgers on**ain't no joke
This shit for real so don't be hard
You not a Slob but still
It's like a dream
That's come true
And caught in the zone
Boom, you're through cause I'm serious
I make your life end
And before you know your life's been at
You started this shit
Made your own rule but you're just too stupid
Sucker you a Snoop, you in a zone
And watch we call Atlantic
Cause when you see it's comin' know
Don't panic
I want you
I want your all damn life
And now I'm fill up to ends
Even smoke your wife but not your kids
Cause there too young to know
But you **ed up Cuzz
You gotta go

Livin' In Black And White (Tracy Lawrence)

This makin' a livin' is killin' me
I work like a dog in this hot factory
Can't even afford a vacation when I've got the time
But I've got road maps of Mexico
Brochures and pictures of places to go
Dreamin' in color. Livin' in black and white

I can drink margaritas with sweet senoritas
Work on my tropical tan
Dangle my feet in the crystal blue water
Lay in the snow white sand
I've never been down to Mexico
But I'm gonna go there tonight
I'm dreaming in color. Livin' in Black and white

I'd like to buy a new cadillac
Build me a house with a pool out back
And eat at the country club every saturday night
But there ain't much pay in my ol' paycheck
But I'll win the lotto one day I bet
Dreamin' in color, livin in black and white

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm dreamin' in color, livin in black and white

Margarita Chum (Anouk)

here,if it's any consolation,take mine
no.no need for explanations,it's alright
with me it would only be redundant see
if you only try to keep it all inside
I lay me down with your decision
blow your mind,don't hesitate
this devil takes your pain away
take mine

but now that I have finally found you
I'm gonna take it one step at a time
let's try to keep this good thing going
you tell a joke,I nearly die
we have to laugh until we cry
take mine,please take mine

my margarita chum,that's what you are
I'm laughing my**of when you sing
everybody's happy now
the Luna-queens become the lunatics
while Janis Joplin tells her friend
he's just a one-night stand

I hear you retching in my bathroom
but I don't mind
no,I'll clean it up tomorrow,just sit down
again you choke me when you grumble
you and me we're so much like RG
and now I'll show you how to tango
I think it's time for us to say
that this has been a perfect day
and retire,please retire

my margarita chum,that's what you are
I'm laughing my**off when you sing
everybody's happy now
a v.i.p. is what you are to me
I love it when you take me on your lonely Sunday stroll

Across The Border (Harlem World)

Uh uh
It was the middle of June me and my grand mama
Had some free time flew to Panama
I was playin' the bar sippin' a Margarita
When this chick from Argentina her name Armenita
She told me you could make some fast cash
You help me change my name from Vasquez to your name
Take me to your domain
Trick you must be out yo' brain
She said it's no game my pops got tons of cocaine
And you could have some if you get me on your plane
I said here the dealie, you sound silly
Think hard, there gotta be another way to get you a green card
Hey ma, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
It 'id be like paradise, baby
Rosalie you don't know who I suppose to be
But whatever you wanna be? You can come go wit' me
Her last thoughts thinking I'mma get her a passport
Whatever you need ma, just ask for it
Now she lunch meat, she look at J like she home free
J, can you really get me in your country?
[Sugar J]
No lie, I can do whatever I mo' tie, so fly
Mami started offering me chochas
Certainly the way she flirt wit' me
If I get her in the US she work for free
Though she nice to me, I'm runnin' twice the G
For the right price, she could be a wife to me
1 - Hey ma, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
It 'id be like paradise, baby
2 - Hey girl, you wanna go wit' me?
I promise you, we gon' see the world
But if you cross me, you lost me forever, baby
[Blinky Blink]
I got a girl out in Asia, name Malaysia
Who was a real bad chick that owns a Bodega
She wanted me to save her and make her life greater
Cuz her dad hates her and rapes her
She tried to get some paper
When you wanna leave, I'mma take ya
In fact, pack ya things, I got a crib in Jamaica
Mami, mi casa a su casa
We could do the salsa so, que pasa?
She said she had money but it was all in trust funds
But I could get a lump sum if I can get her through customs
So bring the cake, we gon' swing outta state
I'mma make you dream when you awake
Yo Loon, sing the break, what
Repeat 1
[Huddy Combs]
In the middle of Nicaragua, met a mami named Talia
Weren't plain, then I caught a boat wit' this dumb dame
An immigrant, marry her, make her legitimate
Illiterate, mess wit' Hud, she don't consider it
She said pa, llevame contigo
Lean dough and I'mma pay yo' peoples
This retard chick started looking at me hard
She gassed up thinkin' I'mma get her a green card
And she don't know that she ain't coming wit' me
And I don't stuck up for some hundreds of G's
And while I see her standing there lookin' around
Huddy took the money, slid outta town, what? uh?
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
I mean this
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
I mean this
Repeat 1
Repeat 2
I mean this
Repeat 1

Wu Gambinos (Raekwon The Chef)


And in our line of work we need all the help we can get
Tony Wind is the name he works for a drug ring in Central America
Who wants to kill him?
No information say yes or no
One point five million
Alright you get what you want money's no object
They're all clean no **s untraceable
And there are explosive head bullets in the clip

[Raekwon Ghostface (Method)]

Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo-yo, here come the cop man
Yo Starks come here, come here Sun
Come here for a minute!
Aiyyo aiyyo hold up hold up
Shit we gotta go to the store for more baking soda
Yo yo yo get your **in, yo this made of glass nig!
Get your big Adidas off my moms table man!
Get the ** off it man.
Yo just chill man, pass the Cristal man.
Niggaz is greedy man, damn.
Yo man you ain't smoking none of that weed in here man.
Chill man.

Bobby Steels
Somebody go to the store man
Sup kid?
Get that baking soda.
(Yo!) Let's cut the pie five ways
(Noodles) We came off with two mil kid
Fast (Rollie Fingers, no doubt coming through)
La cosa nostra
(Johnny Blaze!)
(Lou Diamonds!)
Represent kid.
(Tony Starks)
Universal frontier
(Original blood claat bad bwoys)

Chorus: Method Man

Who come to get you? None. They want guns!
I be the first to set off shit, last to run
Wu roll together as one
I call my brother Sun cuz he shine like one

Verse One: Method Man, a.k.a. Johnny Blaze

Check it
Scriptures hit the body like sawed off shotties
Like my hair notty and my nosepiece snotty
** a nigga hottie, that whole pussy probably
Burn like the deserts of Mogabi, for real
Ain't nuttin fraudulent here, we pioneer
Commandeer a new frontier, this be the Wu yeah
Thirty-six chambers of fear, huh, you lost it
Information leakin out your faucets, hmmmmm
Time to forfeit your crown and leave the ground
There's a new sheriff in town holdin it down
It's the two holster, shit shot smoker
Wanted dead or alive, bounty on the poster
Wild in the West, a student of my culture
And life is the test, hold up
Let a nigga catch his breath, we still payin dues
And the last one is death, back to the essence
With that shit you stressin, this rap profession
Now peep Tical, the son of the Shaolin
Isle plus my style, Criminology pays
The last times and days, Johnny **in Blaze

Verse Two: Raekwon the Chef, a.k.a. Lou Diamonds

This goes for niggaz who know
Wu will grow like llello, ley no
Plus coolin in Barbados
Ricaans be givin me much shit, the dutch shit
Stay cool papi, seize it with enough shit
Back at the lab a, crack's bagged up
Yo niggaz act up, what blow up the workers if they hafta
Senoritas, **in up a storm buyin guards margaritas
Suckin his dick, up in the whip long
Designed for rhyme prime nigga jail time jiggas
Them niggaz up in Height figures bitin niggaz
Silks Wally-Wear finger rolled chain yeah
Jakes beware black rap millionaires
Rock hairs leather goose bears blowin this year
One eight hundred gambino niggaz yeah

Wu roll together as one
I call my brother Sun cuz he shine like one

Verse Three: RZA, a.k.a. Bobby Steels

Solid gold crown is shinin
Solid gold, check it Sun yo
Solid gold crown be shinin and blindin like some diamonds
I be pioneerin the style in the cloud with silver linings
Double breasted, bullet proof vested, well protected
The heart the rib cage the chest and solar plexus
Castin stones, crackin two-hundred and six bones
And watch yo'**get blown to a sea of fire and brimstone
How dare you approach it with dim pones
The overfiend like noah bean green souls with a soldier mean
The grand exquisite imperial wizard oh is it
The Ryzarector come to pay your**a visit
Local bio-chemical, universal giant, the black general
Lickin shots to Davy Crockett on the bicentennial
Happen millenium two thousand microchips two shots of penicillin
goes up your adrenalin son it's time for boutin
It's a mileage resemblin niggaz who like followin
Trapped inside your projects like a genie inside the bottle

Verse Four: Master Killer

God steppin forth upon holy down of the track
It's the sound that surrounds and hurts me like I'm under attack
So I decided to bite down on the mic
So the pain of the track won't deny the fact
That I'm the Master, for what lurks, is an expert
That hurts the individual who tries to visual-ize under
Cuz I strike, like thunder
Niggaz couldn't stand my heat, it's unbearable
My wisdom **s up your respiratorial
Systems are fractured by the killa tactics
Style is ragged and thoughts are mad jagged
Enter the entity, my vicinity
Is three hundred and sixty degrees of humidity
Represent the school of hard knocks and glocks my
Clan is hoss and got mad moss for blocks so
Feel the force of impact from the iron side of
The gat as I attack the track
From the blind side of the pack, Starks pass the chrome
Watch a nigga get blown out his mutha**in dome
piece, deceased, laid to rest


Verse Five: Ghostface Killer, a.k.a. Tony Starks

Yo, aiyyo I got to serve them my way, move give me room
Holdin up your saloon, clean sweep, like a broom
Full moons make me howl like a wolf outta breath
Sold only new vocal cords I heard Genius on Gef
So step back, to the lab at, high velocity
My teammate, enhance cells well like a pharmacy
** horado pablos plan growas bravo
Goodfellas we know, best sellas become novels
The man rockin head bands, silk scarves and jams
Early 80's british rock, playboys, mocks, and shams
The laser beam vocalist does well at symphonies
Bad days, watch me snatch ice right outta Tiffany's
Remember them kids that came off with 8 million
Robbed the Brinks and I labelled in royal pavillions
Them flower heads must have been stupid
Tell me how the ** black niggaz get caught wit all that loot kid
That's jet money, undaground money
Submarines and rings too bad you **ed up dummies

Cosa cosa, come on...

Good To Go To Mexico (Toby Keith)

I can feel a chill of a cold November wind
Here in Oklahoma that means it is wintertime again
Every time I think about the rain and sleet and snow
I start dreamin' about siestas underneath this sombrero

Chorus 1:
Baby if you're good to go we'll go down to Mexico
Get a place in Cabo, kick back in the sand
It'll be just you and me and moonlight dancing on the sea
To Spanish guitar melody of a mariachi band

I got two tickets bought
There won't be no second thought
Weather's always nice down there in paradise
We'll find that little man who owns that taco stand
We'll be drinkin' margaritas while we're workin' on our tan

Chorus 2:
Baby if you're good to go we'll go down to Mexico
Get a place in Cabo, kick back in the sand
If you'll get off that telephone and put your shorts and sandals on
Tomorrow we'll be dancing to a mariachi band

Cancun don't get me high
That's where the snow birds fly
They like to winter there
Then they come from everywhere
I'll take the Baja sun
It ain't overrun
With the gringos and the touristas
We might be the only ones

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

If I Had Me a Million (Pat Green)

If I had a million I would build you a mansion,
a hundred miles from nowhere with all a girl could need,
We would run through the hallways and dance in the backyard,
if we ain't got no neighbors ain't noone will see.

and if I had a speed plane we'd fly across the land,
settle in some little border town,
we'd drink margaritas and dance to mariachis,
put you on my speed plane and I would bring you back home.

and if I had a steamboat we'd sail across the ocean blue,
dock in some little port of call,
we would have a fine time with Swiss cheese and French wine,
put you on my steamboat and I'd bring you back home.

But I ain't got a million and I ain't got a speed plane,
I ain't got no boat upon the sea,
all I've got is two strong arms to hold you so tightly,
so baby won't you, won't you please, come back home with me.

all I've got is these two strong arms to hold you so tightly,
so baby won't you, won't you please, come back home with me.

Everything Must Go (Steely Dan)

It's high time for a walk on the real side
Let's admit the bastards beat us
I move to dissolve the corporation
In a pool of margaritas
So let's switch off all the lights
And light up all the Luckies
Crankin' up the afterglow
'Cause we're goin' out of business
Everything must go

Talk about your major pain and suffering
Now our self-esteem is shattered
Show the world our mighty hidey-ho face
As we go sliding down the ladder
It was sweet up at the top
'Til that ill wind started blowing
Now it's cozy down below
'Cause we're goin' out of business
Everything must go

We gave it our best shot
But keep in mind we got a lot
The sky the moon good food and the weather
First-run movies - does anybody get lucky twice?
Wouldn't it be nice...

Tell me can you dig it Miss Fugazy
Now it's gone from late to later
Frankly I could use a little face time
In the service elevator
And if Dave from Acquisitions
Wants to get in on the action
With his Handicam in tow
Well we're goin' out of business
Everything must go

Can it be the sorry sun is rising
Guess it's time for us to book it
Talk about the famous road not taken
In the end we never took it
And if somewhere on the way
We got a few good licks in
No one's ever gonna know
'Cause we're goin' out of business
Everything must go

Thumbelina (Tracy Bonham)

Mmm- Set your wildabeast free
Mmm- Let your lady bug be
Gladiolas don't go to sleep 'til dawn
**y people sleep with their hair do's on
Mmm- let your jack hammer sing
Mmm- pretty angels get wings
Thumbelina girl with her tongue tucked in
Angry woman caught with her mouth again
Margaritas walk with their hips
And win in the end
One day when everyone's gone
What will it matter what kind trip you¨ªre on
Mmm- Give your soul sucker gin
Mmm- Let your sore loser win
Pretty people swim with their lipstick on
Little matches sleep with their lashes long
Margaritas walk with their hips
And prove me all wrong
One day when everyone's gone
What will it matter what kind of trip you're on
One day when we're all gone
What will it matter what kind of spell you're on
Thumbelina caught with her tongue tucked in
Yellow belly ran from the rain again
What will it matter
Who's watching in the end
One day when we're all gone
What will it matter
What kind of trip you're on
One day when we're all gone
What will it matter
What really turned you on


Margarita turpo huaynos sstev.........

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