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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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Last Call (Kanye West)

[Intro: Jay-Z (Kanye)]
Yo ** you, Kanye, first and foremost
For making me do this shit. Muh'**er
Had to throw everybody out the mother** room
'Cause they don't **..

(I'd like to propose a toast)
(I said toast mother**er)

[Chorus: Kanye]
And I am
And they ask me, they ask me, they ask me, I tell them
Raise your glasses, your glasses, your glasses to the sky
This is the last call for alcohol, for the..
So get your**up off the wall

[Verse 1]
The all around the world Digital Underground, Pac
The Rudloph the red nosed reindeer of the Roc
I take my chain, my 15 seconds of fame
And come back next year with the whole ** game
Ain't nobody expect Kanye to end up on top
They expected that College Dropout to drop and then flop
Then maybe he stop savin' all the good beats for himself
Rocafella's only niggaz that help
My money was thinner than Sean Paul's goatee hair
Now Jean Paul Gaultier cologne fill the air, here
They say he bourgie, he big-headed
Won't you please stop talking about how my dick head is
Flow infectious, give me 10 seconds
I'll have a buzz bigger than insects in Texas
It's funny how wasn't nobody interested
'Til the night I almost killed myself in Lexus


[Verse 2]
Now was Kanye the most overlooked? Yes sir
Now is Kanye the most overbooked? Yes sir
Though the fans want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest
But all they got left is this guy called West
Better take Freeway, throw him on tracks with Mos Def
Call him Kwa-lI or Kwe-li, I put him on songs with Jay-Z
I'm the Gap like Banana Republic and Old Navy, and oooh
It come out sweeter than old Sadie
Nice as Bun-B when I met him at the Source awards
Girl he had with him -**coulda won the horse awards
And I was almost famous, now everybody loves Kanye
I'm almost Raymond'
Some say he arrogant. Can y'all blame him?
It was straight embarrassing how y'all played him
Last year shoppin my demo, I was tryin' to shine
Every mother**er told me that I couldn't rhyme
Now I could let these dream killers kill my self-esteem
Or use my arrogance as the steam to power my dreams
I use it as my gas, so they say that I'm gassed
But without it I'd be last, so I ought to laugh
So I don't listen to the suits behind the desk no more
You niggaz wear suits 'cause you can't dress no more
You can't say shit to Kanye West no more
I rocked 20,000 people, I was just on tour, nigga
I'm Kan, the Louis Vuitton Don
Bought my mom a purse, now she Louis Vuitton Mom
I ain't play the hand I was dealt, I changed my cards
I prayed to the skies and I changed my stars
I went to the malls and I balled too hard
'Oh my god, is that a black card?'
I turned around and replied, why yes but I prefer the term
African American Express
Brains, power, and muscle, like Dame, Puffy, and Russell
Your boy back on his hustle, you know what I've been up to
Killin y'all niggaz on that lyrical shit
Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips

"... last call for alcohol, for my niggaz"

So this A&R over at Rocafella, named Hiphop
picked the Truth beat for Beanie. And I was in the session with him
I had my demo with me. You know, like I always do
I play the songs, he's like "Who that spittin?"
I'm like "It's me." He's like "Oh, well okay."
Uhh, he started talkin to me on the phone
going back and forth, just askin me to send him beats
And I'm thinking he's trying to get into managing producers
cause he had this other kid named Just Blaze he was messin with
And um, he was friends with my mentor, No ID
And No ID told him, "look man, you wanna mess with Kanye
you need to tell him that you like the way he rap"
[No ID:] "Yo, you wanna sign him, tell him you like how he rap"
I was all, I dunno if he was gassin' me or not
but he's like he wanna manage me as a rapper AND a producer
[Hiphop:] "I'll sign you as a producer and a rapper",
I'm like oh shit
I was messin with, uh, D-Dot also
People were like this, started talking about the Ghost production
But that's how I got in the game. If it wasn't for that, I wouldn't be here
So you know. After they picked that Truth beat
I was figuring I was gonna do some more work
But shit just went poppin off like that. I was stayin in Chicago
I had my own apartment. I be doin' like, just beats for local acts
just to try to keep the lights on, and then to go out and buy
get a Pelle Pelle off lay-away, get some Jordans or something
or get a TechnoMarine, that's what we wore back then
I made this one beat where I sped up this Hal Melville sample
I played it for Hip over the phone, he's like "oh, yo that shit is crazy
Jay might want it for this compilation album he doin, called The Dynasty."
And at that time, like the drums really weren't soundin' right to me
so I went and um, I was listening to Dre Chronic 2001 at that time
and really I just, like picked the drums off Xxplosive and put it like
with it sped up, sampled, and now it's kind of like my whole style
when it started, when he rapped on 'This Can't be Life.'
And that was like, really the first beat of that kind that was on the Dynasty album
I could say that was the, the resurgence of this whole sound
You know, I got to come in and track the beat, and at the time
I was still with my other management. I really wanted to roll with
Hiphop. 'Cause I, I just needed some fresh air, you know what I'm
sayin, 'cause I been there for a while, I appreciated what they did
for me, but, you know there's a time in every man's life where he
gotta make a change, try to move up to the next level. And that day I
came and I tracked the beat and I got to meet Jay-Z and he said, "oh
you a real soulful dude" [Jay-Z: "you a real soulful dude"]. And he
uh, played the song 'cause he already spit his verse by the time I got
to the studio, you know how he do it, one take. And he said
[Jay-Z:] "check this out, tell me what you think of this, right here"
"tell me what you think of this." And I heard it, and I was thinking
like, man, I really wanted more like of the simple type Jay-Z, I ain't
want like the, the more introspective, complicated rhy- or the, in my
personal opinion. So he asked me, "what you think of it?"
[Jay-Z:] "so what you thinkin?"
And I was like, "man that shit tite,"
you know what I'm sayin', man what I'ma tell him? I was on the train
man, you know. So after that I went back home. And man I'm, I'm just
in Chicago, I'm trying to do my thing. You know, I got groups. I got
acts I'm trying to get on, and like there wasn't nothin really like
poppin' off the way it should have been. One of my homeys that was one
of my artists, he got signed. But it was supposed to really go through
my production company, but he ended up going straight with the
company. So, like I'm just straight holdin' the phone, gettin' the bad
news that dude was tryin' to leave my company. And I got evicted at
the same time. So I went down and tracked the beats from him, I took
that money, came back, packed all my shit up in a U-Haul, maybe about
ten days before I had to actually get out. So I ain't have to deal
with the landlord 'cause he's a jerk. Me and my mother drove to
[Mother:] "Come on, let's just go"
Newark, New Jersey. I hadn't even seen my apartment.
I remember I pulled up
[Mother:] "Kanye, baby, we're here",
I unpacked all my shit. You know, we went to Ikea, I bought a
bed, I put the bed together myself. I loaded up all my equipment, and
the first beat I made was, uh, 'Heart of the City.'
And Beans was still working on his album at that time, so I came up
there to Baseline, it was Beans' birthday, matter of fact, and I
played like seven beats. And, you know I could see he's in the zone
he already had the beats that he wanted, I did nothing like already at
that time. But then Jay walked in. I remember he had a GuccI bucket
hat on. I remember it like, like it was yesterday. And Hiphop said
"yo play that one beat for him." And I played 'Heart of the City.' And
really I made 'Heart of the City,' I really wanted to give that beat to DMX.
[Hiphop:] "No I think Jay gon' like this one right here".
And I played another beat, and I played another beat. And I remember that
GuccI bucket, he took it and like put it over his face and made one of
them faces like 'OOOOOOOOOOH.' Two days later I'm in Baseline and I seen
Dame. Dame didn't know who I was and I was like "yo what's up I'm Kanye."
[Dame:] "Yo, you that kid, Kanye?"
"You that kid that gave all them beats to Jay?
Yo, this nigga got classics"
[Dame:] "Jay got classics, G."
You know I ain't talkin shit.
I'm like "oh shit." And all this time I'm starstruck, man. I'm
still thinking 'bout, you know I'm picturing these niggaz on the show
The Streets is Watching, I'm lookin, these were superstars in my
eyes. And they still are, you know. So, Jay came in and he spit all
these songs like in one day, and in two days... I gotta bring up one
thing, you know, come back to the story, the day I did the 'Can't be
Life' beat on track, I remember Lenny S, he had some Louis Vuitton
sneakers on, he think he fly. And Hiphop was there, I think Tata, John
Minnelli, a bunch of people. I didn't know all these people at the
time they was in the room, and I said, "yo Jay I could rap." And I
spit this rap that said, uh "I'm killin y'all niggaz on that lyrical
shit. Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push miracle whips." And I saw his
eyes light up when I said that line. But you know the West, the rap
was like real wack and shit, so that's all the response.
He said "man that was tite."
[Jay-Z:] "That, that was cool. That was hot."
That was it. You know, I ain't get no deal then, hehe.
Okay, fast forward.
So, Blueprint, H to the Izzo, my first hit single. And I just
took that proudly, built relationships with people. My relationship
with KwelI I think was one of the best ones to ever happen to my
career as a rapper. Because, you know, of course later he allowed me
to go on tour with him. Man, I appre-- I love him for that. And at
this time, you know I didn't have a deal, I had songs, and I had
relationships with all these A&R's, and they wanted beats from me, so
they'd call me up, I'd play them some beats. "Gimme a beat that sound
like Jay-Z." You know, they dick riders. Whatever. So I'll play them
these post-Blueprint beats or whatever and then I'll play my shit. I'll
be like, "yo but I rap too." Hey, I guess they was lookin' at me crazy
'cause you know, 'cause I ain't have a jersey on or whatever
Everybody out there listen here. I played them 'Jesus Walks' and they
didn't sign me. You know what happened, it was some A&R's that **ed
with me though, but then like the heads, it'd be somebody at the
company that'll say "naw." Like, Dave LottI **ed with me, my
nigga Mel brought me to a bunch of labels. Jessica Rivera, man
[Jessica:] "Man, you niggaz is stupid if y'all don't sign Kanye, for real."
I'm not gonna say nothin to mess my promotion up
"Y'all niggaz is stupid". Let's just say I didn't get my deal.
The nigga that was behind me, I mean,
he wasn't even a nigga, you know?
The person who actually kicked everything off was Joe 3H from Capitol
Records. He wanted to sign me really bad.
[Joe:] "We gonna change the game, buddy."
Dame was like, "yo you got a deal with Capitol,
okay man, just make sure it's not wack."
[Dame:] "you gotta make sure it's not wack."
Then one day I just went ahead and played it, I wanted to
play some songs, 'cause you know Cam was in the room, Young Guru, and
Dame was in the room. So I played... actually it's a song that you'll
never hear, but maybe I might use it. So, it's called 'Wow.'
"I go to Jacob with 25 thou, you go with 25 hundred, wow
I got eleven plaques on my walls right now
You got your first gold single, damn, nigga, wow."
Like the chorus went. Don't bite that chorus, I might still use it. So
I play that song for him, and he's like "oh shit"
[Dame:] "Oh shit it's not even wack."
"I ain't gonna front, it's kinda hot."
[Dame:] "it's actually kinda hot."
Like they still weren't looking at me
like a rapper. And I'm sure Dame figured, 'like man. If he do a whole
album, if his raps is wack at least we can throw Cam on every song and
save the album, you know. So uh Dame took me into the office, and he's
like "yo man, we, we on a brick, we on a brick"
[Dame:] "you don't wanna catch a brick"
You gotta be under an umbrella, you'll get rained on.
I told Hiphop and Hiphop was all, "oh, word?" Actually, even with
that I was still about to take the deal with Capitol 'cause it was
already on the table and 'cause of my relationship with 3H. That, you
know, 'cause I told him I was gonna do it, and I'm a man of my word, I
was gonna roll with what I said I was gonna do. Then, you know, I'm
not gonna name no names, but people told me, "oh he's just a producer
rapper" and told 3H that told the heads of the Capitol, and right--
the day I'm talking about, I planned out everything I was gonna do
man, I had picked out clothes, I already started booking studio
sessions, I started arranging my album, thinking of marketing schemes
man I was ready to go. And they had Mel call me, they said
"yo... Capitol pulled on the deal"
[Mel:] "Yo, Capitol pulled out on the deal."
And, you know I told them that Rocafella was interested
and I don't know if they thought that was just something I was saying
to gas them up to try to push the price up or whatever. I went up... I
called G, I said, "man, you think we could still get that deal with Rocafella?"

Med Cezir (Ceza)

Şair olmak isteyen bir gezgin
Yaşama hevesi kalmamış bir bezgin
Bezirganın önde gideni zengin
Rengi kalmamış ki kiminin
Engin denizde lodosa yakalanan bir gemicinin
Yaşamı hep çetin, metanetin de sınırı var beyim
Kimisinin mutluluğu bir resim, kimisininki dört mevsim
Kelebeğin ömrüne bedel bir geleceğin
Getirecek hediyesi nedir ki bilemedim
Vay haline elekte elenenin
Hayata ağlamaklı başlayan bu insanoğlu gördü geleceği
Bir dilim ekmeğin sonunda bedelinin de alınacak olması gibi
Düşenin de dostu olmamış ki batanın olsun
Müttefik de belli değil ittifak da
Mutlak mücadele kazanmak, zafere koşmak
Yenilince ağlamak, yenmek için hile yapmak
Her sonuçta pay kapmak dünya kuralı olmuş
Taştan bozma kalplerse hep kanla dolmuş

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Gökkuşağındaki bir rengim ben

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Yağmur sonrası güneşim ben

Zamanda yolculuk beyinde meşgul edebilir
Fakat objektif olmaz
Zararı yoktur yararı olmadığı gibi
Benliğinde kaybedilen her şey
Benliğinde kaybedilen her şey
Hesap masasında olabilir yalnızken
Utanma aç kalbini gir topluma
Göster haydi kendini ve ´buradayım´ de!
Savaşı kaybetme yürüme geriye, dönme
Bak ve ileriye ilerle
Hisset deliğe düşme, dönme deliye
Karaya boyanan adamın boynuna ilmeği geçiren cellat'a
Biçare lanet hayalet olana dek
Beklemek mi gerek acep?
Çarkı dönmemiş ki feleğin gözünün yaşına baksın
Gözümün yaşını alsın
Kanımı canımı alsın ancak canımı yakmasın
Azap çeken gönüllere, kül olan tüm kalplere yağmur yağsın
Kalp dağlayan tüm eller kalpleriyle dağlansın
Kalp karalayanlar yansın

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Gökkuşağındaki bir rengim ben

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Yağmur sonrası güneşim ben

Koşturmak boş durmaktan iyidir
Boş durmak boş koşmaktan yararlı
Hoş tutmak gönlü, yas tutmaktan çok zormuş
Yaşlanmak her dökülen yaprağın arkasından ağlamak gibidir
Hayatta erkeN emeklilik seçim değildir, kadere bağlıdır
Hayat ince bir çizgi, narin bir çalgıdır
Yüzlerce yıL emek veren insanin
Hasat zamanı ölü tohumları mıdır?
Her güne yeni umutlarla açılan gözler
Yalanlarla aldatılan gözler
Dolanlarla ağlatılan gözler
Bir güzel sözle güler
Akıtılan her damla ter yok oluşu engeller
Negatif değillerse, art niyetli değillerse eğer, bu böyle
Devam eder
Dilediğim her şey olmuyor
Çabalar bazen çok nafile
Nargilenin dumanına benzer hayallerim
Sadece beni zehirler ve uçup gider
Kafileler gibidir insanlar
Bazen seni seyreder giderler
Herkes kendine paha biçmiş
Bende karşılıksız bir çek
Emeklerim dostluktan yana, ama olmuyor!
Anneme sordum niçin böyle?
Ama baktım o da ağlıyor

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Gökkuşağındaki bir rengim ben

Kanadımı kırdılar uçamadım anne
Savaşa soktular koşturdum
Kalbini açamayan herkesin aklına
Eğriyi doğruyu ben soktum
Sonbaharda dökülen yapraktım
İlkbaharda geri geldim ben
Aileme dostuma selamlar olsun
Yağmur sonrası güneşim ben

** You (Cam'ron)

[Featuring Mase]
B I'm feeling it from the heart now B.
Yo straight up yo this Murder Harlem World is the clique
I'm with my nigga Killer and we bout to lay it down 4 y'all niggaz
All yall faggot**niggaz out there that wouldn't give us $300
dollars for
the tape
To make a demo ** YALL NIGGAZ!
All y'all bitches that wouldn't suck my dick when I was Mason Betha
And all yall bitches that wanna ** my nigga*
Huddy Combs cuz he roll wid me, ** YALL BITCHES!!!
All y'all niggaz that **ed around and made my nigga Blood can't be
Poppin' on niggaz, mayn, ** YALL NIGGAZ!!
*background chorus starts, goes all throughout song until noted
Background chorus:
Aaah, oooh.
** you, ** you!
This goes out to Mr. **in' Russell
Who never let me gamble or play numbers, you always talkin' bout
I'm **in' too young
And what about that **in', that **in' transit cop
Who was there every time I had to **in' hop the train
Wanted to play like he **in' ran the whole station
Like he, like he had to run the whole **in' shift
Also yeah, yah...
To the teacher who failed me
To the bitch who never bailed me, yah, you thought I wasn't getting
right, bitch?!
Well now, I got out, ** you!!
Plus she never gave me no bread
Plus she never gave me no head
And that pussy was soooo wack
It was wack, B. Yo, ** you!
Yeah, you thought I wouldn't go pro
But now I'm **in' yo' hoe!!
HaHa!! ** you!!
But I know these, these bitches wanna say ' ** these niggaz', too,
He want you to lick his balls
But, yo, his dick is small. Ha!
Tell that nigga, ** you!!
** him, B.
Yah, he always wanna come beat it
But the nigga never wanna eat it!
** that nigga, Cam will eat it, I really don't care. ** him!
He never spends a dime
And yo he never comes home on time. ** them, B.
(Background chorus stops)
Cam'ron, Mase, Lance "Un" Rivera, and Darryl "Digga" Branch:
** you, ** you, fu-u-u-u-uck you! ** YOU!
** you, ** you, fu-u-u-u-uck you! ** YOU!
** you, ** you, ** you, ** you, ** you, ** you, ** you,
** you
** y-o-o-o-o-o-ou! Hey!!
** YOU!!!!
Mayn, ** you!

Namarie (William Elvin)

Ai! Laurie lantar lassi surinen,
Yeni unotime ve ramar aldaron!
Yeni ve linte yuldar avanier
mi oromardi lisse-miruvoreva
Andune pella Vardo tellumar
nu luini yassen tintilar i eleni
omaryo aire tari lirinen

Si man i yulma nin enquantuva?

An si Tintalle Varda Oiolosseo
ve fanyar maryat Elentari ortane
ar ilye tier undulave lumbule,
ar sinda noriello caita mornie
i falmalinnar imbe met, ar hisie
untupa Calaciryo miri oiale.
Si vanwa na, Romello vanwa, Valimar!

Namarie! Nai hiruvalye Valimar.
Nai elye hiruva. Namarie!

Hasret (Sezen Aksu)

Ter döküyor dört duvar ter
Bense beklerim bir gün mutlaka
Ters dönecek anahtarlar bir gün
Elbet çikacaksin isiga
Sen aydinliga ben sana hasret
Gel eritir demirleri bendeki ates

Bir gün açilir
Açilmaz sandigin kapilar
vurunca günes
Bir karanlik daha eristi güne
Saat neredeyse bes

Gün bizim günes bizim
Gögsümüzde ates bizim
El ele oldugumuz
O gün gülmek bizim
Yana yana sevmek bizim
Hasrete vurdugumuz
Göz göz yürek bizim

Süsledim gelin misali gençligimi
Sandigima kaldirdim
Sensiz geçen yillari verdim
Sana yeni zaman aldirdim

Rapstar (Ceza)

Türk lokumundan yermisin bu rapstarın derbisi ve de hiç kan akıtmaz, mermisi
Beni görebilecekmisin abisi herkes piyasada bir ben eksik bir popstardanda neyim eksik
Sizi bilmem bence fazlam akıldır hadi kalkta bak lan nerede kaldı bak nam şöhret ve şan
Dersi olmaz sıra herkese gelecek gibi önce mikrofonu tutmayı öğrenmeli bunu bilmeli
Herkes birşey zannetmeli seni beni deli gibi görebilir ama yenemezsin
Bana geri dönebilir ama gidemezsin ben pabuç bırakmam eğer ben bir rapstarsam
Limuzin bol para süpermodeller hem popüler hem sansasyonel hm boş ver abi kalsın
İyiki bir popstar olmadın birdenbire kendini bozacaktın
İçki sınırsız etmiş arsız bunu ben bilemem
Sen bulacaksın her biri birbiri ardına hırgür vırvır hergün dayanamadım
Eskiden erkekmiş tanıyamadım siz bize getirin biz karalayalım
Dikkat et bu rapin faslı mikrop kapma dilim paslı
Patlak clublar beni kastı bu çatlak seslere suikastti bu...
Benim üstüme gelmeyin artık yeni bilim olacak hiphop
Bunu görmezden geleceksen eksenin etrafında dön sen dengen bozulur sersem
Yere serilecek her flowunuz aynen yengen televizyon dizi karakterlerimi adam edecek bizleri
Roketle atmadılar beni doğuştan bir yıldızdım basamakları tek tek çıktım
Umrumda değilki star olmak basın bak bu yeni basım yeni bir nazım becerebilen
Çok yok çok detone ve çok fazla cover var sorsan işi bilen onlar anırmakla rap yada rock olmaz
Yapılan hatalara hep bir ört pas en korktuğumdu benim
O üç faz ve tek pasla yenebilen bir cambazdım her yalana bak bu gönül inanmaz...
Hala meclisim ala ben bulamıyorum hiç mana ala olan bu raptir bu duyduğun rapte tekdir
Anlamadıysan yuh sana bu sesle bence git ve top sektir
Mecazi anlamlar kötektir nam ı diğer ben ceza.

Born In Puerto Rico (Paul Simon)

I was born in Puerto Rico
We came here when I was a child
Before I made to my sixteenth
I was running with the gang and we were wild.

He keeps looking but don't recognize me.
Some guy from Lexington or Park
Rrd beans and rice from kitchen windows
It's supper-time and the barrio is dark.

No one knows you like I do
No one can know your heart the way I do
No one can testify to all that you've been though
But I will.

I was born in Puerto Rico
And my blood is taino
Spanish Caribbean in my soul
We came here wearing summer clothes in winter
Hearts of sunshine in the cold.

Your family rented this apartment
You'd watch the street lamps from your perch
In the sacramental house your stepfather in black
Preached the fire of the pentecostal church.

No one knows you like I do
Nobody can know your heart the way i do
No one can testify to all that you've been through
But this will.

I was born in Puerto Rico
Came here when I was a child.
Small change and sunlight, then I left these streets for good.
My days as short as they were wild.

I'm Frenchy Cordero, I'm Angel Soto
Indio Rivera, 'Baboo' Charlie Cruz
The faces blurred in every grainy photo
And fading headline of the Daily News

Judge's Voice
Wiltwych School for Criminal Children
Auburn, Brooklyn House of D.,
Dannemora, Sing-Sing, Attica,

Twenty years inside, today you're free

You cannot even read your story
The pages piling up in shame
Before the words released you, the
Guard would kill the light
The night you took The Capeman for your name.

I was born in Puerto Rico
I was born in Puerto Rico
Yo nacir in Puerto Rico
All my heart is Puerto Rico
All my soul is Puerto Rico

Esta Tristeza Mia (Lupillo Rivera)

Esta tristeza mia
Este dolor tan grande,
Los llevo muy profundos
Pues me han dejado
Solo en el mundo.

Ya ni llorar es bueno
Cuando no hay esperanza,
Ya ni el vino me intiga
Las penas amargas
Que a mi me matan.

Yo no se que sera de mi suerte
Que de mi no se acuerda ni Dios,
Hay pobres de mis ojos
Como han llorado por su traicion.

"hay amorcito y no se aguite compa Lupe,
que los hombres de adeveras
si le lloramos a las mujeres"
"alla nos vemos en Fresnillo chiquita"

Yo no se que sera de mi suerte
Que de mi no se acuerda ni Dios,
Hay pobres de mis ojos
Como han llorado por su traicion.

Pero Que Tal Si Te Compro (Lupillo Rivera)

nadie me puede ver en tu casa
todos me miran con gran desprecio
dicen que yo no valgo la pena
pa' merecer tu amor y tus besos
pero que tal si te compro
para llevarte conmigo
te llevo lejos muy lejos
para perderme contigo

yo siempre te e querido deveras
no se si tu tambien lo habras hecho
pero tus familares de plano
siempre me ven con triste desprecio
pero que tal si te compro
para llevarte conmigo
te llevos lejos muyy lejos
para perderme contigo

pero yo no te quiero hacer dano
quiero que seas feliz y dichosa
pero tus familiares de plano
nunca me dejaran ser mi esposa
pero que tal si te compro
para llevarte conmigo
te llevo lejos, muy lejos para perderme contigo

nadie me puede ver en tu casa
todods me miran con gran desprecio
dicen que yo no valgo la pena
pa ' merecer tu amor y tus besos
pero que tal si te compro
para llevarte conmigo
te llevo lejos, muy lejos para pederme contigo

Borracho Naci (Lupillo Rivera)

Borracho yo he nacido.
Borracho yo he crecido.
Y se sinceramente
que borracho he de morir.

No culpo yo al destino
que me marco el camino.
Que irremediablemente
yo tengo que seguir.

Mi vida es un abismo
igual como otras vidas.
Tragedias y comedias
llevado de existir.

Todos gozan lo mismo.
Todos sufren lo mismo.
Es una ley eterna
de llorar y reir.

Que culpa tengo yo
porque me gusta el vino.
si encuentro en la embriaguez
dicha y dulzura.

Que culpa tengo yo
si me brindo el destino.
El falso amor que alivia
mi amargura.


En la expoguadalupe.

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