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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Escuchar Jesús Adrián Romero - Magicas Princesas (Intro / Piano - Cover)


Push It To The Limit (Necro)

feat. Jamey Jasta

We'll push it to the limit like a tourniquet crushin' your cranium
Mushin' you, murder you, burnin' you to a crisp live on uranium
Maintainin' sins like Iranians holdin' grenade pins
Blazin' your skin, stomp you with a whole parade of Timbs
Put a gemstar to your flesh pa, the emperor
Of demented sentences with a temper, your mentor
Demonic like Skeletor, Destro, 'Deceps'
Criminal corrupted culprits'll beat you to death
Keep your head up or you'll get your head cut off
Your whole life shut off with a knife, wipe the blood off
My perspective is respect this or expect
To be left With a neck full of stitched up imperfections
'Cause you bitched up, in retrospective your collective
Woulda switched up if you knew what a bunch of sick **s
We are when we get hectic too late, drama, we all up in it
Go all out, push it to the limit

[Chorus 2X: Jamey Jasta]
Push it to the Limit, walk along the razor's edge
Don't look down, just keep your head up till you're finished
Up and up the limit, past the point of no return
Reach the top, but you gotta learn how to keep it

Attack you like an evil gargoyle with swords
Burn you like radiation, leave you a charbroiled corpse
We represent every satanic element, I'm malevolent
Murder you, you're gettin' sent to where the Devil went
If I'm wrong you could be dead right
When you pass you'll be forgotten 'cause I'm rotten like the website

We get ogrish, poisonous like a cobra's kiss
Demonic, like when the last day in October hits
You're miserable, livin' trapped in your bed
You should be clapped in your head 'cause you'd be happier dead
You little pussies get choked to death with a Cotex
You're dying little by little, every second, go check your Rolex
You're not living forever, I'll bet you
How much you wanna put up? For the right price somebody'll dead you
No cushion for lyrics, mushin' you if you're timid
Extreme rap, explicit, we push it to the limit


You tremble from the brutality
Make you resemble George A. Romero character in reality
Bring your big posse
You'll be a bunch of fertilized faggots, like Versace and Liberace
Get killed in a building, smashing you like Zildjian
cymbals, buckin' you like Brazilian children
Write your will out to your attorney
After a weekend at Bernie's you'll be deceased, dead on a gurney
I rip the beat like the contours of your flesh stripped
As you stare, pump gore, it's a trip
Can't think about food with bullets buried in your belly
But notice bloody flesh looks like blueberry jelly
You're repulsively corrosive
Your mother taught you not to get involved with explosives
Skull opened like Iron Maiden Eddy, kaput, finished
Wanted excitement, you died for it, you pushed it to the limit

Blueberry Yum Yum (Ludacris)

*smoke inhaling*

*smoke inhaling*
Think I'ma try something that I ain't, that I ain't neva did before on this one...
Let's go...

Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).

[Verse 1]
Got a lil' bit of blueberry yum yum, and I never woulda thought that it could taste this gooooooood,
Thank God for the man who put it in my hooooooood,
It's got me singing melodies I never thought I wooooooould.
I'm feelin' sorry for the homies who be smokin' wooooooood.
Chop chop, break it down for a player like me ye ye ye ye ye ye...
I'm 'bout to find me a woman that skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet...
I'ma keep smoking 'til I reach my peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak peak...
Or 'til I'm stuck, and my body feels weak weak weak weak weak weak...
Headed down to the dungeon, wonderin', if they got some mooooooo'...
Well, if they don't, then I'ma hafta settle fah some droooooo.
But it just ain't cool 'cause right on afta, I'ma hafta gooooooooooo.
And continue on my mission, fishin', for the yum yum, but I'm movin' slooooooooow.

Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).

[Verse 2]
(Yes) Fire, fire got me so tired, I'ma stop, drop, and roooooooooll,
Put a wet towel under the doooooooooorrr.
Don't pass it, I can't take it no moooooooooooooooorreee,
Somebody take a trip down to the stoooooooooooooore.
Hurry please cuz I need some snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks snacks...
And how long will it take to get back back back back back back?!?
Yes indeed, I'm a lil' off track track track track track track track...
Off this beat and I'm full of dat Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak Yak...
Get on in that stankin' Lincoln, crank it up and riiiiide,
And it ain't enough room to fit the, other chicks insiiiiide.
I'm so hungry with the munchies I'ma eat everything... in siggghhhtttt.
Me and my blueberries together and everything's... alllrrrriiiight.

Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).

[Verse 3]
Get the propane, rollin' thangs and let's blow this place uuuuuuuuuuup,
You already know what's uuuuuup.
I mighta had to pay some extra buuuuuuuucks....
But I really don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
'Cause a brotha feels great great great great great great great great...
But I'm barely awake wake wake wake wake wake wake wake wake...
All bent outta shape shape shape shape shape shape shape...
So stomp on yo' brake brake brake brake brake brake brake...
If you toting good, then all the smokers, let me see ya flaaaaame.
Don't know what you got, but my bag'll.. put yo' stuff.. to shaaaaame.
All the different kinds and other flavors.. they don't mean a thaaaaaaang,
You can't compare it, don't stare, 'cause I got the ultimate mary jaaaaaaane.

Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higha (Let's get hiighyaaaahh).
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's dat fiyah (It's dat fiyyaahhhhh).

Hopeless (Ludacris)


[Intro: ludacris]
Ooooh you feel that as i take you to them dirt roads deep in your southern roots
When nobody said life was going to be easy and we travel to this emotional roller coaster called life
And we have our ups and downs
Just keep in mind
When you hit rock bottom
There aint no where to go but up baby
Just all you about how you deal wit it you feel me.. listen here

When life seems hopeless
It make a nigga lose focus
Empty beer bottles and roaches, helps to get it off my chest cause
Im so stressed and all i here is "** tha world" [2x]

[verse 1: ludacris]
Man ever since life been a gamble
My life been in shamble
Double edge sword burnin both sides of the candle
"But Cris, you cant handle the truth"
Dont wanna face reailty
So lord accept my apology
Please like when police say freeze
And i aint do shit
But im down on my knees
Its a crooked system but gin straight take the pain away i charge the game
And put my problems on layaway
A black man but i feel so blue
So i smoke green and purple til my dreams come true
Then my eyes turn red
Sky turns grey
Children slangin white in the hood
We call it yaay drink old gold
Down my yellow brick road
Then rewrite my script til my story's untold
See i got a little money and my life sped up now
Im fallin and i cant get up

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2: trick daddy]
I had to dream about a dope fiend
And its strange cause he can bearly write or read but seems to get folkz about anything
curious about him
I wanted to talk to him but he was to busy fo that
But i was more then welcome to walk with him
As we walked
He talked and i just listen
He said theres a big differnce between crackas and niggas
See he said white folks look out fo the white folks but uh black folks blang wit tha black folks
When they aint enough black roakz
When you ooh to make a long story short
We need pay more attenion and do things that are more compleset and he told me
You kno i woulldnt say something that wouldnt work and i wouldnt damn sure waste my time telling something that would hurt you
But you would fall for anything
If you dont stand for something
But thats for certain but niggas dont be listen and that shit be hurting
No all of us but some of us
And if we dont hurry up
They going to bury each and every one of us

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[verse 3: ludacris]
Sometimes i cant deal wit my daily issues
Just being sober lifes a bitch and i cant control her
I wish i could and sometimes to cry on
We need a shoulder
The goverment stand us up
To run us over
And in the hood they dont seem to understand
Whats really got me wondering
Is if its a part of a bigger plan man
I smell some thing fishy goin on and its way beyond blowin away the smoke from these swishers
Goin on it aint much i can do about it but preach the word of telling my people to spend ya money wisely dont be obcared
By some things that depresiated like what like a home to open ya eyes to
Whats the **s thats goings on
Cause the constantly getting rid of us one by one Wether Its drugs or diseases or gun by
Gun i aint no saint either i feel that im even doing wrong by usin this chorus to get thru this song

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[outro: trick daddy]
You know yall going to mess around and complain about slavery that was over 40, 50 years ago black folks need to move on
Y'all keep playin wit a **they going to have yo**tied up wired up to them back roads south florida, georgia
And they made hem laws say they cant do anything for you
Can a church get a amen and god for them thugs too

Southern Fried Intro (Ludacris)

Hey, yeah! I want all you proud sistas to stand up
I want everybody to stand up and be counted tonight
Brothers and Sisters if you know you got your thing together
I want you to stand on up, now I got somethin' to tell ya'
I told ya' how to think about it, now I want to tell how to get the thing together
So come on now and get up to it yall

[Verse 1]
The incredible, untouchable nigga spittin' venom out his body wit' the dopest flows
And wonder why the line's around the corner
Cuz the little mother**er has the dopest shows
So one time for my independant women and all the single mothers who be gettin' that cake
Two times for my dawgs pullin' triggers
And my niggaz in the kitchen that be flippin' that weight
East coast, west coast, midwest, dirty south
Then we took it all around the world
I got fans in retirement homes, to teenagers, to little bitty boys ans girls
Droppin' lyrical bombs up in ya' hood,
Non-stoppin', I'ma hit 'em till the block explode
Hip hop, R&B, Pop-tart, what you want?
I even got a little rock 'n' roll
The most creative, original, got 'em takin' subliminal
*Boom boom* cuz they cant get what I gots
They want it so bad, four million dollar pad
And enough to retire off two albums, gone, wave ya' white flags, I'm hot!
And everytime I rhyme I'm puttin' rappers in the ground
Wit' lines that got 'em hooked like dope
They gotta make up they mind, because they runnin' outta time
And I'm about to make 'em choke
Better turn your stereo louder, listen up and let me preach
Let's get arrested for Disturbin' the Peace! (C'mon)

Man! This Disturbin' Tha Peace shit gettin' on my nerves
Boy I tell you the truth, know what I'm sayin'?
While he doin' shows, I'm in these skreets, know what I'm sayin'?
While he on tv, I'm in these skreets
And then my broad, my kid walkin' around singin' it
Boy, if they sing another verse, boy I swear
Know what I'm sayin'? I'm on another level though
I gotta car wash, I gotta shop on O' National
I got my own record label, you heard of us
The Posse Family Cartel, you know what I'm sayin', we real
Who this nigga thing he is?

[Verse 2]
I'ma house hold name, wit' game spittin' outta my mouth at all times
I spit it out and about, and spit outta the south,until they recognize the danger signs
So feel a tingle in yo' s-spine, by the way I talk
And it's pimpin' in my blood, you can tell by the way I walk
Ooh lawd, more styles than a barber shop, call the cops
People in the way wanna baller block
Little do they know that I'm callin' shots
And I'm not to be **ed with
If you see me comin' 'round the corner, then duck quick, perpetrators can suck dick
I tried to tell 'em, but they dont wanna listen
I tried to shine 'em, but they dont wanna glisten, while the high hat keeps on tickin'
And the kick drum keep on pumpin', I'm dumpin' on the closest fools
Cuz rules were made to be broken, but you cant make broken rules
Hear what I'm sayin' or heard what I said
Hear what they playin', cuz thru this music I'ma still be heard if I'm dead
Call ya' producers, cuz I'm hurtin' these beats
I said it once, I'll say it twice, biatch, Disturbin' Tha Peace

Yeah, folk
The King of the kings has spoken
ATL shawty! Hood to hood, block to block
We bouta let our nuts hang!
Disturbin' Tha Peace!
We dont die, we multiply
We makin Def Jam history
Thanks for gettin' the CD shawty!

No Voy A Ser Tu Esclavo (Maná)

no me crucifiques
con los clavos del amor mi morena
no soy de tu propiedad mi reina
y no voy a ser tu esclavo

si siempre te amé
por estar atado al corazón
no voy a ser el otro eslabón
de tu colección de esclavos

no, no, no, no, no, no, no

mujer hermosa
eres una reina peligrosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
me matas amor

mujer hermosa
eres una reina peligrosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
mas no voy a ser tu esclavo

eres una reina
una princesa del amor
donde pierdo entre tus muslos la razón
mujer eres magia negra

no no no no no no no

mujer hermosa
eres una reina peligrosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
me matas amor

mujer hermosa
eres una reina peligrosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
me matas amor

ay no quiero ser esclavo del amor
ay yo quiero escaparme del dolor
ay no sé qué hacer
no sé no sé hey

mujer hermosa
eres una reina peligrosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
me matas amor

mujer hermosa
eres una reina venenosa
eres las espinas de una rosa
mas no voy a ser tu esclavo

sépalo bien pero óyemelo bien
oyé me bein pero jugarte yo no soy tu esclavo

sépalo bien pero óyemelo bien
pero qué yo no voy a ser tu esclavo no no no

sépalo bien pero óyemelo bien
eres una rosa una rosa filosa

sépalo bien pero óyemelo bien
óye óye óye óye óye

Music Man (Master Ace)


The music man (Repeat 4x)

I am the man but I'm not the one with the can in his hand
I'm down with a different kind of street band
And I appear from place to place as the Music Man AKA Master Ace
Stacks of flyers are pressed up
All the part people are home getting dressed up
Just to hear the sound of the underground
Fusion and the bass like thunder pounds
And so they pack the show just to see
He who claims to be the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 4x)

It's about time for the music man to rip
First I take a sip, then I like grip
The crowd tight into my hand with the loud
Intro, then throw lyrics from a cloud like Zeus
I'm the one to get the ladies loose
Baby, you just got seduced and juiced
By the Master Ace, I'm not a villian from a place
In the West, that was just the was I was dressed
And so, looking for lust I stand
I got girls, but I would never bring sand to the beach
Each and every person give a hand
And swing with the capital A, the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 3x)

I bet you thought the Music Man would take a short
I fought tooth and nail to prevail in this sport
So lend me your ears, my peers because here's
Who doesn't fear another because fear's
In the mind, so don't try to scare because you might find
A chair thrust upon your back with the wack
So there, I put you in your place with haste
Now flee, cause now you can't be Master Ace, the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 8x)

I'm here to reach the youth
The only way that I can to that is to teach the truth, so I do
Some used to diss and dismiss this
But then many of those small minds grew
To understand the mission of the Music Man
I know the time, and I clock dough so I'm grand
But I'm not a father, no I'm more like the sun
Shining down on every single one
So run, run and tell em all
Yell it from a wall, the Music Man will never fall
Or fail, raps tip the scale to get you hot and
I wear cotton, I don't bail
Or pick, I like to kick raps, hape, you have none
So quit, gather round, hear the sound of the man
Cause I can, yes you know I can, yes I can can
Satisfy with the fly display, this may dismay
But I am, the Music Man, yeah I'm the Music Man

The music man (Repeat 4x)

Time To Pay (Marc Nelson)


She left me now beg please for my heart
She's wants to come back to me
Now he's gone
you're alone
Time to pay 'cause you did me wrong

I was sittin' at a bar thinking
trying to catch myself
call me trippin'
she's loving somebody else
but I'm too cool
To let it get me down
'cause I knew one day
girl that you'll be back around


I was wokrin' at a 9 to 5
While he was living large
I was bring the food to your home
He was giving fancy cars
Now he's telling you, you have to leave
sounds like the same thing you said to me
I'm not the only fool baby

Tell me why you're at my door
Why could you not sec before
tell me what it is he said
To make you come back to my bed
Now tell me what
No tell me girl
tell me why you're in my world
got togo, connot stay
don't you know it's too late



I know yo've been through many changes
and i can tell you've never loved someone before
but baby girl, I just can't take it
I want you back
but i've got to say it's over

Beef (Mac)

What them niggas in here wanted to know
They done made beef with one of the realest niggas rollin
Now it's time to go

Verse 1:
Now pump me up so all them real niggaz can feel me
I told y'all what I represent and that's until they kill me
Why these niggas play with me I guess I never know the answer
Well beefin with Mac is like sleepin with lung cancer
You know you gon die you don't know where
You don't know when, you don't know nothin
But that nigga was camoflauged with a mac 10
I remember y'all faces, I remember the days I remember the times
I remember I was in the mall and this nigga just wasn't respectin my
I knew the nigga he was with and the nigga he was with was tellin him
This nigga continued, this nigga couldn't be for real
I never said a word, cause TRU niggas don't be yappin
He must take me for some kind of hoe, cause I be rappin
I look in his eyes and seen the daddy was really soft
Either he just full of that shit, or just tryin to get his nuts off
However, whatever, I don't give a **, you done played with the big
Now asks yourself, do you really wanna sleep nigga

Chorus: 2X
We got beef
All my niggas gon ride tonight
We got beef
Somebody's gon die tonight
We got beef
Don't even sleep
Soon as I leave the studio, I'll be headed to your street nigga

Verse 2:
I was by my potnahs house peepin out these beats that he made
Just chillin, free stylin, just thinkin about some ways to get paid
Some new nigga he came around and I never met him
Get close to me, I don't even know why these niggas let him
For some strange reason, he never looked me in my eyes
When he spoke he ducked his head, or just yapped to one of them other
And we was outside talkin, I was lettin him peep out my new weapon
I walked away for one second, when I came back he started steppin
Look, I thought nothin of it, I just continued to yap and talk
But when I went to go get my shit, I had realized my shit had walked
What the **? Who the ** got a ride? Look show me his spot
If I see this nigga with my shit, this nigga gon get got
But the Lord must love the wicked too, cause I had never seen his face
But you best believe when I catch him, him and my bullets they gon
Forgive me for my anger, I'm a product of the streets
And I was taught that you never ever ever sleep with beef, peace


We got beef
When you beefin with them No Limit niggas, it's like beefin with me
When you beefin with Master P nigga, that's like beefin with me
When you beefin with the Shocker, that's like beefin with me
Nigga, when you beefin with C-Murder, that's like beefin with me
When you beefin with any nigga on the tank, that's like beefin with me
And you know what I do to niggas that beef with me
I cook 'em nigga

Get With Me (3rd Storee)

You should get with me
If you get with me
You should get with me
If you get with me

Do I look like I'm fakin with you
(& I) Am out to hurt you
(& I) Don't care about you
(& I) Just wouldn't love you
(& I) Would get me to you
(& I) Just wanted from you
(& I) Was not out to please you
(& I) Could show you I'm true
(If I) Gave my world to you
(If I) Showed you how I do
(If I) Made your words untrue
(If I) Tell you I need you
(If I) Set my heart for you
(If I) Can't live without you
(If I) Can't sleep without you
Would you know I'm feelin you...

What do I do
To show you that I'm really feelin you
You would feel me
If you just let me get next to you
I know I'll know
Whatever it takes to please you
Baby you'll see
If you just let me get next to you (repeat)

If you would just hear what I say
(If you) Would just look my way
(If you) Would not turn away
(If you) Would see I don't play
(If you) Just listen to me
(If you) Knew what I can be
(If you) Would play into me
(If you) Were open to me
(Then you) Would see what I'm 'bout
(Then you) Know how I get down
(Then you) Would see I can please
(Then you) Would really want me
(Then you) You know that I'm true
(Then you) Would see that I'm into you
(Then you) You might decide
To make it me and you...


Ba-by-with-time-you-will-find-I'll-give-you-ev-ery-thing-you-want-& need


When We Get Them Hoes (2 Live Crew)

( ) = the fellas
[ ] = Mr. Mixx

Intro: Mr. Mixx
YEAHHHHHHH, BA-BYYYY!! It's the boys, we gon' do it like this, one
time for ya mind! All the boys in the house ... y'knahmsayin!
Repeat after me, yo -
Say, "Hey! We got them hoes! We got them hoes!"
(Hey! We got them hoes! We got them hoes!)
Yeah, say "Hey! We got them hoes! We got them hoes!"
(Hey! We got them hoes! We got them hoes!)

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
When I get the hoes I let all the boys ** 'em [Yeahhh!!]
No matter what she says, she still got to suck 'em
'Cause bitches will be bitches even when I'm dead [Riiight!]
And if I can't **, then I'll take some head
'Cause you gotta dog a hoe whenever you can
'Cause bulldaggers run game for every man [True!]
To all raggedy bitches, you ain't really nothin'
'Cause when I get a hoe I LET ALL THE BOYS ** 'ER!!!!!

Chorus: Mr. Mixx
When we get them hoes, when we get them hoes,
When we get them hoes, we let ALL the boys ** 'em!
(When we get them hoes, when we get them hoes,
When we get them hoes, we let ALL the boys ** 'em!)

Verse 2: Brother Marquis
In the ** game there ain't no rules
Give it up smooth, put me in there cool [Yeahhhh!]
'Cause it's your delight to ** with fate
You're looking for a way to close the gate
Your ** is hard core, you're the devil's whore [Yeah!]
Your mama was one so you will be nothing more
Let me dog-** you, bitch, throw down hard
If you don't cum for me, you won't for God!


Verse 3
{Marquis} You must do it right, you freaky dyke!
If you do it wrong you get no dick tonight [No dick tonight!]
Dick in your mouth and in your**is what you love
While you're on your knees, give my homie some [Yeah!]
{Kid Ice} Bitches know what's up when I'm in command
'Cause Kid Ice is down with the next man [Riiiight!]
All the groupie hoes, I'm down with 'em
'Cause at any time they'll let ALL THE BOYS ** 'EM!!


Mr. Mixx:
Yeah! When we get them hoes, we let all the boys run up in 'em,
y'knahmsayin'? Right about now we gon' let my man get loose!
Mr. Heavy Metal man and stuff ... RUN THAT SHIT, BA-BYYYYY!!
{long guitar riff} Yeah, we outta here!


Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rasecdan20 Twitter: http://twitter.com/cedaulri Otra obra de arte por parte de JAR... una bella cancion, la cual se las dedic...

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