, repeat, 'common', line, morning..., calm, huh!, for?, perfect, beat, sweetly, oblique, fresh, come, whistle, *attempt, whistling*, psss, while, crates, nose, picked, waste, hip..., easy, travel, agent, free, flyer, read, flame, u-i-c, u-a-c, realest, illest, chillest, cats, life, jobs, why?, comes, able, cain, bust, dickses, bomb, threats, also, rets, wrecks, affects, roughnecks, preps, polos, studs, pros, wheeze, bald-headed, dreaded, folks, butters, high, rollers, players, plat, stocking, caps, rocking, raps, collapse, niggaz, craps, celo, i'ma, bird, special, investor, myself, congratulations, glad, patience, -->, krs-one, common!, whassup, scony, rony, boney, homey, stoney, common, me!, talkin, "he, hardcore!", bats, gats, stems, roots, being, do?, shank, them!, warriors, warrior, takes, aight?, *singing*, sometimes, feeling!, flat, lookin, wall, wondering, talk, sense, tryin, dollars, momma, school, scholar, comin, nowhere, probably, seven, hair, president, client, toupee, 2pc, dark, raider, lost, ark/arc, shot, rock, breath, adefo, wanted, chef, went, call, getcha, b.j., strong, stretch, styles, across, country, bumpin, bumped, gangster, gangsta, love!!!, thisis, --, plays, background, peace, moms, grandmomma, chandra, john, rest, aunt, stella, sides, ron's, dawn's, corey's, you?, themselves, cut, scratched, resurrection, romance, tiffany, babyevery, single, dayholding, friendbut, meso, request, nowevery, nightgoing, youon, dedication, linei, wonder, listeningto, words, wishingthat, kissing, youwo, woradio, romanceradio, romancemy, admirationi, reveali, wouldn't, hurt, oneby, tellin', feelthe, nowhe, says, namehe, "from, onewho, baby"radio, romanceone, you'll, songand, fromrap, baby, tiffany, hold, friends, hand, nuh, flee, beenie, chorus:, badman, bwoy, tough, thru, walk, posse, fool, lock, city, repeat, verse, 1:, wait, anything, happen, naw, drink, lef, yard, careless, well, somebody, smoke, opium, flash, tongue, 2:, rather, death, rough, crow, zero, family, sorrow, owna, blood, pool, wicked, contious, tool, rule, 3:, nuff, walla, wiss, wussie, rude, small, wozzie, reach, ends, plus, dung, stop, waan, listen, wey, liek, 4:, rummie, program, dead, sing, beenie, doctor, letras, ¡lbumes, artistas, mp3, conciertos, canciûn, descargaMp3, Musica, Descarga, Letras, Canciones, Conciertos, Boletos, Live, Video, DVD, Gratis, Discografia, Mpeg, Compra, Grupo, Artista, Album, Coleccion, Archivo, Eventos, Busca, CD" />
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Friday, 25 April 2014
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Escuchar █►Vallenatos Romanticos Mix►#3 -by DJ PATRICK


Are You Out There? (Dar Williams)

Perhaps I am a miscreation
No one knows the truth there is no future here
And you're the DJ speaks to my insomnia
And laughs at all I have to fear
Laughs at all I have to fear
You always play the madmen poets
Vinyl vision grungy bands
You never know who's still awake
You never know who understands and

Are you out there, can you hear this?
Jimmy Olson, Johnny Memphis,
I was out here listening all the time
And though the static walls surround me
You were out there and you found me
I was out here listening all the time

Last night we drank in parking lots
And why do we drink? I guess we do it cause
And when I turned your station on
You sounded more familiar than that party was
You more familiar than that party
It's the first time I stayed up all night
It's getting light I hear the birds
I'm driving home on empty streets
I think I put my shirt on backwards

Are you out there, can you hear this
Jimmy Olson , Johnny Memphis
I was out here listening all the time
And though the static walls surround me
You were out there and you found me
I was out here listening all the time

And what's the future, who will choose it?
Politics of love and music
Underdogs who turn the tables
Indie versus major labels
There's so much to see through
Like our parents do more drugs than we do

Corporate parents, corporate towns
I know every TV set that has them lit
They preach that I should save the world
They pray that I won't do a better job of it
Pray that I won't do a better job
So tonight I turned your station on just so I'd be understood
Instead another voice said I was just too late
And just no good....

Calling Olson, Calling Memphis
I am calling, can you hear this?
I was out here listening all the time
And I will write this down
and then I will not be alone again yeah
I was out here listening
Oh yeah I was out here listening
Oh yeah I am out here listening all the time

The Man Who Loves Women (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

he's the man who loves women
women, women, women
he's the man who loves women
and fallin' in love every day

when he sees a señorita
it's a sure thing that he'll heed her
he's the man who loves women
fallin' in love every day

but in the mornin
when she wakes up
he'll be far away
keepin' his secret safe
hey, hey, hey

he's quite prepared to mingle
comes on like he's single
he's the man who love s women
and fallin' in love's just his way
one of these days he's gonna pay
for falling in love every day

oh stay away
he's the man who loves women

Like A Diamond (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Like A Diamond
madmen crawl
across the wall
knight gets away
kings all fall
queens chase men
saints all sin
and good things
all must end

but she goes on forever
she's gonna shine forever
yeah, she's gonna shine
like a diamond
in the sunlight

big full moon
above the road
i'm a long long way
form tomorrow
gotta light my way
down this highway
to get to her

'cause she goes on forever
she goes on forever
yeah she's gonna shine
like a diamond
in the sunlight

deacons steal
and ma can't feel
if you're lonely
and behind the wheel
when the ground gives way
you have to pray
to the unknown
and hope it's real

but she goes on forever
she goes on forever
she's gonna shine forever

like a diamond
in the sunlight

Warming Up The Brain Farm (Lo Fidelity Allstars)

Dear God,
The patient's best intentions have sadly faltered.
Despite his newly installed, varnished brain, and being
force-fed gallons of viscous demented liquor, he is
determined to obtain the new drone spiders' trophy.
He dreams of becoming the scorpion who never sweats.
Quite frankly i'm sickened to have this individual infiltrate
my headspace.
He talks of lascivious laughs haunting his every second
as the clock spits, clicks, and time speeds by in the
form of a neon snake.
Massive delusions?
Very probably.
I fear for my safety.
He is as weak as his fellow man.
I am now surrounded by hypocrites, liars, drunks,
clowns, fools, sycophants and the desperate.
I insist we barter with the moon to sell the patients
cohesive lyrical maps in exchange for a vision of the
Stricken with grief, I have no choice but to turn to lethal
Hardcore Punk Paste.
Allstars takin' over...

Early draft of lyrics taken from Radio 1 Breezeblock DJ set
Dear God,
The patient's best intentions have sadly faltered.
It has of late become apparent, he's driven by lust and
he's as weak as his fellow colleagues.
A hypocrite, surrounded by liars and bed-wetters.
Stricken with grief, he turns to lethal toxins, hardcore
Punk Paste.
Goodbye Lord
Allstars takin over...

We Don't Love 'Em (Mac)

[Mac Talking]
Yeah KLC DJ Wop it's all about them hoes
I know my nigga Wop don't love them hoes
My nigga KL he ain't loving them hoes
My nigga Cult definitely ain't loving them hoes
Y'all what's up with this Mac nigga feel it

To all the bitches hoes and all that shit
Running around with them tights on trying to find them tricks
Running behind that dick chasing niggas with brand names
I see you tight coming you making it harder for the right woman
Off in the club giving rappers a hug
Trying to get some love letting them put their hands on your glove
Off in the limo you and that slim hoe
They hit the**and let their partner and them know
So now you on they demo
They wrote a rhyme about cha
They told the world how they got that out cha
All up in the mouth too you with the groupie route boo
They made you famous your man has got to be your bitch
He saw the video tape and said all man that ain't shit
Instead of ending it he defending it I'll give you that much
Either he lame or your pussy is pure gold with diamond clusters
But he a buster cause everybody **ed you
But he the only one saying he love you
Woo you's a

Hoes hoes You know I'm bout them hoes hoes
But I don't love them hoes hoes hoes hoes
Wop don't love them hoes hoes
KL don't love them hoes hoes
Fiend don't love them hoes hoes
Coonts don't love them hoes
Check this out

I seen her in the house in blue shaking her**
Winking her eye at every nigga who passed
Trying to fell that glass put his pants back
The**fat but you asked backwards
A trip with a simple effect even don't have to
Simple things you be after you caught up in the rapture
Me and my nigga point at you with laughter
But get down or try to understand you world
And what it did to make you such a shallow**girl
I know you laid with this nigga that you met last night
You ** him because his white Land Cruiser's looking tight
Stroking telling you that it was love at first sight
But you don't realize that it was love for the night
Now you at the crib crying you sick of all them niggas lying
But you the one that's doing all the lying
Supplying the cat to all the niggas that be trying to mack
On the celia you wants to be real familiar

Now back at the spot where the champagne pop
You in the club corner getting wet in some rain drop
It's common to you so you except it
It's unknown how many niggas you done slept with

We don't love them hoes hoes
We don't love them hoes hoes hoes hoes
I'm bout them hoes
Check it hoes

My nigga slim I let them hoes know I'm from the 3rd yo
My name is Macadon and I'll get all up in em' slow
I gives a ** I get bucked nigga what
My nigga DJ Wop told me to let them niggas know what's up
My girl Storm she definitely in the house
I'm from uptown so you niggas know I got all the clout
Murder murder kill kill

I Hear Music (Biz Markie)

One two, one two
You're listenin to the grand groovin sounds
Of the diabolical energetical B-I-Z
And this goes out to my DJ
The cutmaster that no one cuts faster than
C-double-oh-L V
Drumroll V

[Verse One]
It's a different kind of sound that's in the air
It's not shots, fire**s, or a car that's there
A little different noise for your listenin pleasure
A sample from a record that's a four bar measure
Adults think this music is just a big headache
They think all this hard work, is just a piece of cake
They must be buggin, right out of they socks
Why don't they get up and try to do, the human beatbox
Cause back in the days when there was just block parties
A DJ would set up his equipment, and start these
live performances, and DJ tricks
A lot of different DJ's was on the mix
It is a proven fact, music is a universal language
From the tip of Long Island to the Verrezano Bridge
We won awards and served them by the millions
The more more years go by, the more we be killin 'em
They said it's just a fad, it will never last a year
All of a sudden, ten years later - "I hear music"

[Chorus: Cool V scratches "I hear music" over and over]

Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Two]
I can't believe how hip-hop has progressed
With more and more groups that have finesse
We have groups on the East and West coast with different names
We all play a part if we didn't we'd go in flames
We all got to stick together as one
But at the same time, still have fun
Cause you don't wanna lose the love for the music
When you have it keep it, and make use of it
This is a lesson from the S-K Biz
Cause nobody else is gonna tell you like it is
Everyone thought that rap was just a phase
But it still continue, to muse and amaze
It gives people chance to show they true talents
Instead of submittin to the crime and violence
People said to me the S-K-B
Is rap gonna stay until infinity?
As long as me and V be makin up the beats
You will hear people sayin - "I hear music"


Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Three]
This is the ending, conclusion, kapiche?
Of this new hip-hop masterpiece
About people countin chickens before they're hatched
Recollatin on somethin that they can't match
They're creatin sounds of a hip-hop human bein
Whether you're American or European
Or even if you're from the West or East coast
I'd like to thank all of you, save the most
Don't diss each other by sayin who's better
Just do it the best way, and stick together
With different rhyme techniques and DJ cuts
And be crazy ambitious, and have a lot of guts
And the people buyin, thanks for your support
Cause if it wasn't for you, we'd all fall short
As long as there's radio, cars and jeeps
You know what you will hear?


What, what? What, what what what what?
Yo V, yo yo what what what what what what what you hear?
I can't hear you man, scratch it up one mo' time!
Yo what you hear?
Yo Paul Sea, yo yo, what wha-what you hear?
Yo Godfather D, I ain't hear what he said, what you hear?

What's Up With That (Master P)

((Master P))
Yo, Silkk man pass me a 40 you ready to do this shit or what
Lets show these mother**ers

Master P dont take no bullshit
What up with that x4

((Master P))
I anit no joke and the TRU should be told
I write some rhymes and this shit go gold
Master P dont take no bullshit, thats what they sayin
straight to the top, endo they layin
Its time to house the set, and put some some punks to rest
and let you mother**er know that im the best
back in the days I used to lie for fun
now im gettin and im number 1
hardcore jams, and dope fiend beats
man I never sell out punk that just mean


((Master P))
ahh once again
from the south now im kickin it in cali
I spot a gold chain, a beaper, and some balli
my main intension is to get paid
forget fame I write some shit that **s with you head
like Issi, kissi, risso, get off my jock your little his hoe
bates heads out for the pissite
mothers leaving kids in the middle of the nizzight
runnin those kids just holler
but the dope man dont give a **, hes all about the dizzolars
but if you mess with me, you pressin you luck
cute la shoot luber im a rapper that dont give a **


((Master P))
from the hood, but you know I aint a gangbanger
a straight, could never be a slanger
I left home because mom started bitchin
now im gettin pid livin from the rags to the riches
hoes only out for the money
brothers on the corners gettin bossed like dummies
I cant drive through the hood without dogin the cops
young girls used to jump, roll now they sellin cock
my brother used to play nintendo
now the only game is to sell that endo
our house the set like a vet
im the new kid on the block, you bet
**in with P you got a hella of nerve
go back to sesame street, you look like big bird
or put your dukes up punk if you want some
or get your**chewed like bubble gum


((Master P))
Ive been ruling the mic ever since my younger days
them C's start shivering, cause im sharper than a razorblade
control the crowd like a shark in the ocean
subsitising my rhymes like a genie posion
my dj g scratch gives him a hit
but the cops cant catch P cause im legit
the no limit mafia, is on the hip-hop scene
and if you down with master p, let me hear you scream


((Master P))
yeah we out here chillin in K-Lou studios

Thisisme (Common Sense)

"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" > KRS One
(repeat 2X then 2X with 'Common' at the end of each line)
Check it out
Good morning... be at calm I'm back
HUH! It's me again
Is it me you're looking for? (Yup)
For the perfect beat sweetly oblique
I'm fresh I come clean but I can't whistle
*attempt at whistling* Psss I'm only buggin
While No dug in the crates I dug in my nose
and picked a rhyme any rhyme I don't have any time
to waste, I'm hip... don't even trip
to an easy travel agent now we fly for free
I can be fly for free, you want some flyer to read
then buy from me
I got the flame like U-I-C but I be, U-A-C
Some of the realest illest chillest cats you may see
in your life if you get one
Rappers are like jobs to me (why?) because they get done
Here it comes I'm as Able as Cain to get raw
That's why the DJ's mix me, I'm gonna bust dickses
not da bomb so save all your threats
I'm good to go and also I'm Rets
Rhymes I wrecks affects the roughnecks
down to the preps in the Polos, the studs with pros
hoes who wheeze, the bald-headed to the dreaded
To folks with butters, high rollers and rollers
Players with plat studs with stocking caps I be rocking raps
til I collapse
Niggaz play my tape about as much as they do craps
I'm on point, I celo, I see high
Hi C, I'm free at last
I'ma free man, free as the world be
and like an early bird, I'm special
But you ain't that special, as that investor
So to myself I say congratulations
I'm glad you had the patience, you better have the patience
Cause thisisme
"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" --> KRS-One
(repeat 3X)
Whassup Scony Rony I'm that boney homey
from Stoney (Common) you know me!
Off the GP niggaz see me on the TV
Talkin Take It EZ, and they was like "He ain't hardcore!"
But hardcore is far more than bats and gats
It stems back to the roots of being true
It's gonna get me Me, you just get you You
What I look like, talkin about some shit I ain't do?
I ain't shoot nobody I ain't shank nobody
I ain't kill nobody, it wasn't us it was THEM!
The Warriors, I'm a warrior and still don't have to show no gun
It takes one to know one, and no one can tell me
how to be, cause I'ma be me, aight?
Cause I'm a man, now check it
"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" --> KRS-One
(repeat 3X)
*singing* Sometimes, sometimes, I get a good feeling!
When I'm chillin at the flat, lookin at the wall
Wondering can I come off of it, I'm off a bit
on the mic I be talkin shit
But some say my talk don't make no Sense
I'm tryin to make the Dollars, my momma told me
to go to school and be a scholar, but school ain't for me
So don't even go there, I'm comin out of nowhere, to go where
probably in about seven years, I won't have no hair
But not only am I the Hair Club President, I'm also a client
I come off like a toupee, I still have to pay 2Pc Dark
A Raider that never Lost the Ark/arc, on the shot
but now when I shoot rock, I be all out of breath
My boy Adefo wanted to be a chef
But he went down South, and fell in love call me love
cause love is gonna getcha I'ma getcha
I'm like B.J. my Arm is Strong and I Stretch ya
Styles from East to West, all across the country
I'm like that big fat one niggaz catch when bumpin
I probably would get bumped more if I was a gangster
But I am a gangsta, call me the gangsta of love!!!
I love good music, I love my momma
I love myself, I love you, and you love me
And thisis -- I'm out
(KRS sample plays in background)
Yo I wanna say peace to my moms, my grandmomma
Lil Chandra, and John, yo rest in peace to my Aunt Stella
My sides moms, Ron's moms, Dawn's moms, Corey's moms
Who are you? These people be themselves y'all, peace em out
Common! (4X)
(KRS sample is cut and scratched to end)

Radio Romance (Tiffany)

I see you baby
every single day
Holding on to my best friend
but you don't see me
So I make the same request now
every single night
Going out from me to you
on the dedication line
I wonder if you're listening
to the words that keep me wishing
that one day I'll be kissing you

Wo wo wo

Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Romance

My secret admiration
I won't reveal
I wouldn't want to hurt no one
by tellin' how I feel
The DJ knows my voice now
he even knows my choice now
he never says my name
he just says "From the one
who loves you baby"

Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Romance

One night you'll hear a song
And then you'll know just who it's from

(Rap) I see you baby, every single day
Holding on to my best friend
But you don't see me
I wonder if you're listening
to the words that keep me wishing
that one day I'll be kissing you

Wo wo wo

Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Radio romance
Radio Romance

Bad Man Nuh Flee (Beenie Man)

Sey badman nuh flee, after dem bwoy dem nuh tough like we
Some only bad thru dem a walk ina posse dem a fool
Caw dem nuh see how we lock di city
And dem done nuh tough like we


Verse 1:
So me say badman nuh wait pon night fi come down
Anything fi happen mek it happen and done
Naw catch me ina no bar ah drink rum
Naw lef me yard careless fi get bun

Well if you nuh come
When me pop off den somebody life done
Dis ya DJ naw go smoke opium
Well ah run mi lyrics, dem ah flash off ah me tongue
Bwoy you fi done

Chorus 2x

Verse 2:
I rather go on death row, than rough it out like John Crow
Badman naw play zero, naw lef mi family ina sorrow
Don't take man fi fool or we go find yuh in ya owna blood pool
Wicked man dey ya and a mi run di school
Contious lyrics and mi know dat ah mi tool
Cause yah we rule

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
Nuff ah dem ah walla wiss, nuff ah dem ah wussie
How you fi try dis di rude boy posse
Naw use no big gun, just ah small wozzie
Reach pon di ends man ah go shoot everybody
Plus man lock dung di city
Cool, stop yuh noise now, mi waan you listen to the hay
Look pon a man like me, wey sho people liek fly
I must lock him up and give him bun ina him eye

Chorus 2x

Verse 4:
Hey no bwoy can dis me, caw man ana no rummie
If yuh dis di program you go jump up on di cd
When mi come back well somebody have fi dead
music mi ah sing from after di DJ

Chorus 2x


Mix de vallenatos romanticos, los vallenatos mas romanticos de siempre, solo para Enamorados, , 6 canciones en un solo mix,,,,vallenatos de oro, VALLENATOS R...

Mp3, Musica, Descarga, Letras, Canciones, Conciertos, Boletos, Live, Video, DVD, Gratis, Discografia, Mpeg, Compra, Grupo, Artista, Album, Coleccion, Archivo, Eventos, Busca, CD