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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
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Escuchar Tercer cielo - cada dia


Emotii (Cu Andre) (Parazitii)

'Nu, nu pleca, prima iubire...'

Stau cu acu'-n vene si cu ochii-n geam
Sunt calare pe cantar, nu se vede c-am bagat 1 gram
Trag un fum fix in cap, ma port de-al dracului
Se deruleaza in fatza mea istoria acului.
?? pe tine, esti periculoasa
Deschide-mi usa ca sa borasc in casa
Se invarte tot cu mine, e bine
C-am femei sus pe bloc sa-i trag *** la inaltime.
Toti privirea sus care vor sa vada
O femei cu *** *** sus pe bloc gata sa cada
Tu nu tragi Gogule, sa nu ma minti
Ca ma spal la *** cu periuta ta de dinti.
Azi lansez ideea secolului, sa crestem marijuana in fatza blocului.

'Ramai si nu pleca'
Bagi H, nu vrei sa te lasi, bagi marijuana
'Prima iubire a mea
Ce mult te-am asteptat sa vii
Nimic nu ne va desparti.'

'Am incercat sa-ti spun de-atatea ori
Privirea ta imi da fiori'
Zice mintea mea in gandul ei:'Nu-mi gasesc locul'
Hai sa mai fumam un cui, arde l-ar focu'
Timpul trece greu, pe langa timp alerg
Nu mai am directie, important e ca mai merg
Am o *** si trei *** prinse in sutienul tau de baie
Vad desene animate cand te ard la ADN
Dupa ultimele calcule *** un OZN
Decat sa ma duc dintr-o viroza
Mor de supradoza si ma trag in poza
Din locatia 0 transmitem in direct
Un mod exemplar de-a ne chiaunui complet
Puneti mana de la mana sa facem mai multe maini
Parazitii in efect, 'as vrea sa nu te schimbi niciodata
Am nevoie de o dragoste curata
Sentimentele sunt singura realitate
Tu imi dai putere si atunci cand esti departe.


Bagi H, nu vrei sa te lasi, bagi marijuana
Le-ascunzi pe unde vrei sa nu le vada mama
Mama, hai, hai, hai sa-ti zic direct
De cat sa-mi ati venele prefer sa mi-le intep.

Cemburu (Dewa 19)

ingin kubunuh pacarmu
saat dia cium bibirmu merahmu
di depan kedua mataku
hatiku terbakar jadinya....cantik....
aku cemburu....

ingin kubunuh pacarmu
saat dia peluk tubuh indahmu
di depan teman-temanku
makan hati jadinya...oh cantik...

mungkin memang nasibku
yang selalu menunggu untuk jadi
yang pertma amungkin
kukatakan kepadanya saja
bahwa aku juga milikmu
bahwa aku juga...u....u....u
bahwa aku juga kekasih hatimu....

meskipun aku pacar rahasiamu
meskipun aku selalu yang kedua
tap aku manusia
yang mudah sakit jadinya

Worldwide (Akinyele)

Yeah yeah yeah
We got my man Extra P in the house
But me and my man Akinyele
you know we goin Worldwide this tour
Cause yo you know how that go
We gon' get together y'all, word up
That's how we gon' bring it to you
We gon' go all around the world
get this money, and do what we got to do
Word up, my man Rhasaan in the house
We gon' bring it to y'all like this, word up
Just give it to em Ak.. UHH

I been in and out all areas
And all you true hip-hop fans, you know the Ak's takin care of ya
Slap your**with real rap
I keep it underground, like subways, so I can stay on track
I'm not a carpenter, but I'll cut the rug
Think you can hang with Ak? Ha, that's your brain on drugs
Smack fire out your**like a flag from _Backdraft_
Didn't peep the movie, you don't know the half
Schoolin MC's until they start learnin
We don't gotta be Mississippi to watch the Ak start Burning
I kick that shit that's known to hit
So much rap lines, you might ** around and hang clothes on it
But yo it ain't no THING in it, your static-free rhymes
that you kick, need to be kicked, cause it doesn't got no CLING in it
Then you turn around and start SINGIN it
Hard Akinyele be brought, so I'm here to start BRINGIN it
First cannibalistic rhymer, eatin bitch niggaz
by the statistics, like, Jeffery Dahmer's
Huh, scrapin you like a SCULPTURE, murder you for the VULTURE
My dozen dirty, my brains be donated to agri-CULTURE
So come on and face it, my skills are like medicine nigga
You just don't wanna taste it
You best to slide to the side, another corner of the map
Cause this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Put them tired rhymes to bed, and loosen up your laces
Your shoes are too tight, and now it's goin to your HEAD
Me you feel you can pull with
Remember that I'm not a matador, so get off that bull-shit
I put rappers and singers in they place
A real rudebwoy with the raz', I write it all over your face
Leavin you bloodier than a MaxiPad
Crayola crayons, they'd have to Color Me Badd
So play like a midget and FORGET it
Cause I put oil to the fire, like an arsonist
when it comes time to SET it
I get more run than an ATHLETIC
Sharp as a hyper-DERMIC
Lyrics are flavored up like a dia-BETIC
I recoups, and they try to step to this
Nowadays I probably have as much kids as Jerry Lewis
My rhymes drip like a RAZOR, punch like Joe FRAZIER
I don't sell shoes, because I don't believe in FAVORS
Ducks better break North, before I start
baggin that ass, like a mother**in washcloth
Winnin battles cause I'm a hip-hop soldier
Act like you know, and ** what your girl told ya
No bluff, for years I've been IN THIS
A nine to five employee don't got shit on me
cause I done stepped to nuff rapper BUSINESS
Beggin for for-GIVENESS
Channel 7 news and people from Jehovah done WITNESSED
the whole Akinyele vibe
You know what I'm sayin kid, this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Ak not catchin wreck, come the ** on
Ring the alarm, I drop bombs like the Guard in Vietnam
I kick that shit, niggaz dream to write
My brain so hot that it ignites, but you can't see the light
Fast rappers can't speed by this, you better slow down
because I'm puttin the brakes on your**like Midas
Nope, it don't matter what type of slang you drop
I give you rope and you still can't hang with the Ak
For years I put ears through therapy
Watch a episode of Cheers before you come try the beer with me
I graduated from lobbies, bangin on walls for a hobby
I battle anybody, even a dead body
I got rhymes that would attack ya
so you better watch your back, or **in hire a chiropractor
Ain't nuthin change from BEFORE, slap niggaz with mani-CURES
Stomp you down, after a pedi-CURE
Here's another lesson, I'm not a quiz
So that talk about me not gettin biz that's out of the question
It's a Ak, jam, god damn don't get slammed
You catch the backhand, word to my dead man
You best to rest if you want peace
Cause like a hooker from up the street, I'm down for beef
I'm hotter than a sauna again the drama is rugged
Word to Sinead O'Connor, I be tearin shit up
Cause I sprayin immaculate, like a Mac-11..

* impossible to make out the rest of the verse with voiceovers *

I take you to London Worldwide
I take you to Europe Worldwide
Come back to Queens Worldwide
I take you to Russia Worldwide
I take it to the North pole Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to the West Indies
I give it to em Worldwide
I take you to India
I give it to em Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to Germany
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to...

Todas Las Cosas Que Ella Me Dió (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs)

Verano extraño, el de 1986,
yo estaba buscando, una forma de escapar
de escapar de las manos, de alguien que me estaba ahogando
y el único camino que veía era saltar desde el balcón
cada vez que pensás que no, alguien llega para salvarte.

Donde poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio
donde poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio.

Llegó despacio, ojos brillantes como el sol
me dijo que conocía todas las cosas que llenan mi vida
yo contesté algo casi sin pensar
vi esa película muchas veces y nunca me gustó el final
cada vez que pensas que no, alguien llega para salvarte.

Como poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio
Donde poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio.

Verano extraño, el de 1986

Donde poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio
Donde poder enterrar, como poder olvidar
todas las cosas que ella me dio.

Isla de Encanta (The Pixies)

Hermanita ven conmigo (x2),
Hay aviones cada hora,

Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)

Donde no hay sufrimiento (x2),
Me vieron pasar por la calle,
Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)

Nuestro propio animal canta a la gente pa'gratis ,
Hey babe what are we doing here?.
Isla del encanto,
Me voy! (x3)


Little sister come with me,
There are planes each hour,

Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!
Where there is no suffering,
They saw me pass by the street,
Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!

Our own animal sings for free for the people,
Hey babe what are we doing here?
Laaa Loooh,Fatherland.

Island of the enchantment,
I'm leaving!

Sobrevivire (Belle Perez)

Nuestra historia termina aqui
De mis manos te escapas
Tu corazon ya no vive por mi
Solo piensas en ella
Me cuesta tanto olvidarte

Yo se que tu mañana no estaras
Te vas para siempre
Esos recuerdos se esfumaran
En el aire
Me cuesta tanto olvidarte

Pero se que el sol un dia brillara
Y que el color en toda mi vida volvera
Porque yo quiero vivir aunque sea sin ti
Volver andar de nuevo , a paso lento
Buscando mi camino , sobrevivire

No intentare de retenerte mi amor
Es demasiado tarde
Eras mi piel, mi luz , mi primer amor
Yo tendre que soltarte
Me cuesta tanto olvidarte

Pero se que el sol un dia brillara
Y que el color en toda mi vida volvera
Porque yo quiero vivir aunque sea sin ti
Volver andar de nuevo , a paso lento

Tantas exusas, tantas palabras y mentiras
Tengo que continuar , abrir las puertas de mi vida
No puedo imaginar mi futuro sin tu amor te extraño tanto
Volver amar , volver amar

Porque yo quiero vivir aunque sea sin ti
Volver andar de nuevo , a paso lento
Pero yo se que el sol un dia brillara
Y que el color en toda mi vida volvera
Porque yo quiero vivir aunque sea sin ti
Volver andar de nuevo , a paso lento
Buscando mi camino

Dirty Dirty East (Outlandish)

Okay this one
Goes out to all the people living a dirty life style
You know what I'm saying

Dirty dirty east
Y'all mean south
Naah east playa

Dirty dirty east
Sure it aint south
Naah east playa
Still got love for the south though
North, west & east coast
Bang y'all heads to this beat fool
Gon' ride in the night while we popping them collars

[Rap verse 1 (Lenny)]

Soy montuno cien por ciento
Una guitarra es lo que tengo
Cada manana estoy contento
Cada noche le canto al viento
El cantar de los cantores
Hace llorar a los mayores
Yo te regalo mis canciones
Remedio a los dolores
De oriente a occidente
Gente vamos ya
Del sur al norte
Mis guajiros a gozar
A si que oye como va
Mi ritmo
Ponte tu a bailar
Es outland


I'm highlander hundred per cent
A guitar is the only thing I have
Every morning I'm so happy
Coz every night I sing to the wind
The song of folksingers
Make the grown cry
I give you my songs
As a remedy to the pain
From Orient to Occident
People come on now
From the south to the north
My guajiros lets get lose
Now listen how it goes
My rhythm
Get up and get your groove on
This is outland


Well it's the dirty dirty east y'all
That's my peeps y'all
Watch the beast
If you don't belly that**he gon' get ya fast

Dirty dirty east
Where's the meat y'all
Watch the grill
We gon' get our eat on

[Rap verse 2 (Waqas)]

Pass that bread I'm starving y'all
Can I borrow your bird and make a call
Dirty east life style baby you know
Im that Beduin thug that's running the show
No cash flow still having blast,
Shaking my**not forgetting my path
My desert caddie cruising streets
I don't pimp hoes I pimp sheep
Pass that waterpipe
I want my high tonight
Life is hard out of sight
Struggle on make it tight
Hey girlfriend can I have some water
At the well I caught her
9 sons and a daughter we share
Making it clear from the dirty dirty


Oye com ova
La raza
Ponte tu a bailar
It's outland


[Rap verse 3 (Isam)]

My moms chose my wife
Got it all arranged
I love my mommy cuz she takes care of everything
Without her everyday journey to and from the well
There wouldn't be no water whole village would be looking hell
Enough bragging she got me a pretty girl
You don't need to work
Just help my moms in the kitchen world
And every second year we'll make a baby or baby twins
Don't worry girl ya know my mom's gon' baby-sit
Never depend on me, it depends on my family
That's how we do it's gangsta, how it always be
You don't know me but ey!... we got a whole life's
Under the family tree, eating dates in moonlight
You to me is like what water is to sea ya know
I take it that my moms already told you about the gold
So let me put this henna on ya hand and do the vow
Oh tell ya pops not to worry, I threw in the cow


All my thug moros let me hear you say oye oye
And to the sisters if you with me holla uy uy


Fatima's Hand (Outlandish)

(feat. Majid)

Fatima is 21
And around here - when your 21
You gotta start thinking about getting a man
Getting a son - getting it done
Just like her mom when she was 21
But even though Fatima's not ready for it
She not gonna say some
She feels she gotta do this for the parents
Cause they've been on her for the last 5 years
A lotta men from motherland
Came up here hoping she say yeah
But she ain't down
Wants somebody that can make her feel alive
Chill every time she wanna cry
The one in a million type of guy
But her mom keeps telling her
"Compromise, this ain't no fairy tale, my child
Do not waste your time
You'll regret you didn't say yes to this guy"
Everyday is the same
Like a battlefield
She gets the blame
Bringing shame on the family name
Just cause the streets be babbling
Like a Bedouin in a desert storm
She lays low from all their songs
Try to make'em understand
But it's like talking to the wall
Her desire's burning to change her ill state
It's strange - for the first time
In a long time - she sees the light in the end

She brings the pain within your brain
Y'all don't really wanna understand her thang
Boo be really strong enough to maintain
Thru your bullshit
It ain't nothing but pain
But she knows in the name
Of Fatima's hand
She don't go wrong
In the name of Fatima's hand
She will move on
Hey hoping everything will be alright!!!

I see tears in everybody's eyes
But I don't understand why
Mama standing in the kitchen
Preparing dinner while she cries
As the pain spreads inside
Cause something that's going on
Denial of my first question
Second time got no respond
To lose some one that
Had always been there
She always had my back
And she always did care
So with these lines right here
I wanna explain how much I love you
No matter what you do
I will forever stay true
Until this day
Can't nobody tear us apart
10 years is past
But you are still living in my heart
Truly no poetry can explain
How much I miss ya
No matter where you are
You will always be my sister


Con la mano de Fatima
sobre su alma encantadora
su camino es protegido
no importa cual escoga
y ella fue escogida
para verla y admirarla
en sus ojos tiene un algo
impecable es su retrato
y cada vez que pasa
lo duro se ablandese
la noche se agrandese
lo malo desvanece
no la olvidaran, la esperaran
al otro lado de esta vida
su amor alumbrara, su voz les cantara
en las memorias hay momentos de pasion
afecto y comprension, retratos y recuerdos
dando vuelta en las fantasias
su aura es alegria
lleva la mano de Fatima


En Donde Jugaran Los Nions? (Maná)

Sigue este cancion, es un llamado, a toda la gente que quiere, a nuestro planeta tierra, a nuestro madre tierra.
Que siente algun respeto, por la naturaleza, y por los animales.
En un mundo muy golpiado, muy dezbastado, y a todo esto nos salta un pregunta al aire,
En Donde Jugaran Los Ninos?!
Donde diablos jugaran, los pobres ninos, ay ay ay!
En donde jugaran. Se esta partiendo el mundo, y no hay lugar!

Cuenta el abuelo que de niño
El jugó
Entre árboles y risas y alcatraces de color
Recuerda un río transparente sin olor,
Donde abundaban peces, no sufrían
Ni un dolor
Cuenta el abuelo de un cielo
Muy azul,
En donde voló papalotes que él
Mismo construyó
El tiempo pasó y nuestro viejo ya murió
Y hoy me pregunté después de tanta
Dónde diablos jugarán los pobres niños?
Ay ay ay! En dónde jugarán
Se esta partiendo el mundo
Ya no hay lugar
La tierra está a punto de
Partirse en dos
El cielo ya se ha roto, ya se ha roto
El llanto gris
La mar vomita rios de aceite
Sin cesar
Y hoy me pregunté después de
Tanta destrucción
Dónde diablos jugarán los pobres
Nenes? Ay ay ay. En dónde jugarán?
Se esta partiendo el mundo
Ya no hay lugar

De Creer En Ti (Jaci Velasquez)

Puede ser, que talvez
Manana el sol no vuelva a aparecer
Puede ser, que quizas
Lo que yo fui no puedan olvidar
Pero yo no perdere la fed ni dejare ...

De creer en ti, de creer en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Yo se que jamas dejare de creer en ti

Puede ser, que el dolor
Un dia se convierta en amor
Puede ser, que al final
En ves de angustia todo sera paz
Cuando vensa el bien a la maldad quien dejara...

De creer en ti, de creer en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Podras todo el dia acabar pero siempre, para siempre vivire por ti

Creere en ti, creere en ti
De rodillas frente a ti voy a vivir
Yo se que jamas dejare de creer en, oh, de creer en, de creer en ti...


Una cancion razonable para los jovenes.

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