, repeat, 'common', line, morning..., calm, huh!, again, for?, perfect, beat, sweetly, oblique, fresh, come, whistle, *attempt, whistling*, psss, only, while, crates, nose, picked, waste, hip..., travel, agent, flyer, read, flame, u-i-c, u-a-c, realest, illest, chillest, cats, rappers, jobs, why?, because, comes, able, cain, dickses, bomb, threats, also, rets, rhymes, wrecks, affects, roughnecks, preps, polos, studs, pros, hoes, wheeze, bald-headed, dreaded, folks, butters, high, rollers, players, plat, stocking, caps, rocking, raps, collapse, niggaz, tape, about, craps, point, celo, i'ma, early, bird, special, investor, congratulations, glad, patience, cause, -->, krs-one, common!, whassup, scony, rony, boney, homey, stoney, common, me!, talkin, "he, hardcore!", hardcore, than, bats, gats, stems, roots, do?, shoot, shank, them!, warriors, warrior, takes, aight?, *singing*, sometimes, feeling!, chillin, flat, lookin, wall, wondering, mic, talk, sense, tryin, dollars, momma, told, school, scholar, comin, nowhere, where, probably, seven, hair, club, client, toupee, 2pc, raider, ark/arc, shot, breath, adefo, chef, south, fell, getcha, b.j., stretch, styles, across, country, catch, bumpin, bumped, gangster, gangsta, love!!!, thisis, --, plays, background, peace, moms, grandmomma, chandra, john, rest, aunt, stella, sides, ron's, dawn's, corey's, you?, these, themselves, y'all, cut, scratched, common, resurrection, cards, 2pac, [2pac], shady, mission, enough, tricks, suspicious, watchin', pictures, haze, vision..., tonight, makin', place, today, satisfied, tradin', slowly, kisses..., blind, family, understanding, destiny, me..., 'em, grow?.., tho', thug, nigga, go..., broken, promises, secret, bound, i'll, yet, hopin'..., visions, prisons, maybe, forgiven, heaven, livin'..., close, worlds, queen, plant, seeds, babies..., cautious, right..., [chours], k-ci, jo-jo, [syke], full, tricks..., guess, tryin', less, rest..., quest, future, mold, born, baby, intense, seldom, crazy..., raised, succeed, without, plan..., trade, indian, hate, wait, late..., [mopreme], bottom, deck, searching, many, jams, lovin', place..., torman, written, face, hollow, crooked, smile, trace..., slightly, incomplete, misconceptions, success, defeat, rome, streets, alone..., homie, smokin', gone, someone, praries, on..., [edi, ameng], december, nineteen-ninety, feen, yeah, reincarnation, steps, into, itself, wealth..., listen, closely, game, gamble, sho', what's, ever..., times, journ, crossroad, buryin', floss, mode..., [khadafi], mysteriously, seems, thru, deepest, gone..., stranded, abandon, protect, throne..., capone, style..., tracks, coked, craig, ogenwind, livin', cortex;, louie, vaton..., behind, snakes, sent, futures, crying?..., 2pac, soon, luck, fuel, outside, middle, winter, brain's, fridgewould, shape, inpoint, things, lucky, sinwould, nowcaught, downphotography, monogamy, keepin', happenin', rage, alwaysevery, second, counts, prove, groundit's, brains, fridge, fuel, natural, selection, foxy, brown, [verse, one]i'm, most, critically, acclaimed, gamecoast, stash, holster, girldark, skinned, christian, dior, poster, girlmo', rockin, timbs, gucci, loafers, girlniggaz, pretty, gritty**, thought?, dancin, suits, {diddy}pretty, cityrespect, name, boogie, lanelike, hurricane, rains, bitches, sugar, shaneand, dare, rappin, chicks, mention, name"what's, beef?", beef, sweetsee, frontin, meet, ya1-, yoooooooo, yagga, yagga, yo[verse, two]check, uhhit's, speak, feelsometimes, reali, stack, riches, disrespect, y'alli, respect, **, bitchesi'm, speakin, heartit's, hoodbeen, startsince, ninety-sixy'all, flick, fake-ass, chicksbitches, shityou, industry, bitchi, breeze, prada, chloe, tiffsbut, sixrepeat, 1[verse, three]i, filthymy, trini', whiskeyuhh, proper, offsix, sped, calmgangsta, pours, screechie, bwoywho, foxpop, bottles, cellar, donatellacartier, wrist, wear, pasha, facegot, line, sneak, tasteact, keeps, beneath, waistand, hundred, thou', crib, safewhen, placei'm, marion, jones, fluck, wan', race?listen, trippin, brown, slippin**, mics, pippenshit, thugs, blood'n, crip'ni'm, shittin, lowridin, switch-hittin, niggarepeat, foxy, silence, letras, ¡lbumes, artistas, mp3, conciertos, canciûn, video, descargaMp3, Musica, Descarga, Letras, Canciones, Conciertos, Boletos, Live, Video, DVD, Gratis, Discografia, Mpeg, Compra, Grupo, Artista, Album, Coleccion, Archivo, Eventos, Busca, CD" />
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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Escuchar Retro Cumbia - Cumbia Argentina Mix


Don't Cry For Me Argentina (Patti LuPone)

It won't be easy, you'll think it strange
When I try to explain how I feel
That I still need your love after all that I've done
You won't believe me
All you will see is a girl you once knew
Although she's dressed up to the nines
At sixes and sevens with you
I had to let it happen, I had to change
Couldn't stay all my life down at heel
Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun
So I chose freedom
Running around trying everything new
But nothing impressed me at all
I never expected it to
Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance
And as for fortune, and as for fame
I never invited them in
Though it seemed to the world they were all I desired
They are illusions
They're not the solutions they promised to be
The answer was here all the time
I love you and hope you love me
Don't cry for me Argentina......
Don't cry for me Argentina
The truth is I never left you
All through my wild days
My mad existence
I kept my promise
Don't keep your distance
Have I said too much? There's nothing more I can think of to say to you
But all you have to do is look at me to know that every word is true

I'm That Child (Swim)

Im the child who walked away
Im the child who always with you stayed
Im the child you gave away
Im the child for whom you pray

Im the one who cried
The one who mixed my tears with love
Im that child

Im the child you said no good
Im the child whos misunderstood
Im the child who walked away
Im the child for whom you pray


I'm the child you spit upon
I'm the child who's always wrong
I'm the child you won't forgive
I'm the child who wants to live


Megalomania (Black Sabbath)

I hide myself inside the shadows of shame
The silent symphonies were playing their game
My body echoed to the dreams of my soul
This god is something that I could not control

Where can I run to now?
The joke is on me
No sympathizing god is insanity, yeah
Why don't you just get out of my life, yeah?
Why don't you just get out of my life now?
Why doesn't everybody leave me alone now?
Why doesn't everybody leave me alone, yeah?

Obsessed with fantasy, possessed with my schemes
I mixed reality with pseudogod dreams
The ghost of violence was something I seen
I sold my soul to be the human obscene

How could it poison me?
The dream of my soul
How did my fantasies take complete control, yeah?
Why don't you just get out of my life, yeah?
Why don't you just get out of my life now?
Why doesn't everybody leave me alone now?
Why doesn't everybody leave me alone, yeah?

Well I feel something's taken me I don't know where
It's like a trip inside a separate mind
The ghost of tomorrow from my favorite dream
Is telling me to leave it all behind
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Got to get to happiness, want no more of sorrow

How I lied, went to hide
How I tried to get away from you now
Am I right if I fight?
That I might just get away from you now
Sting me!

Well I feel something's giving me the chance to return
It's giving me the chance of saving my soul
Beating the demigod, I'm fading away
I'm going backwards but I'm in control
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Getting back to sanity, providence of sorrow

Was it wise to disguise
How I tried to get away from you now
Is there a way that I could pay
Or is it true I have to stay with you now?

How I lied, went to hide
How I tried to get away from you now
Am I right if I fight?
That I might just get away from you now
Suck me!

I'm really digging schizophrenia the best of the earth
I've seized my soul in the fires of hell
Peace of mind eluded me, but now it's all mine
I simply try, but he wants me to fail
Feel it slipping away, slipping in tomorrow
Now I've found my happiness, providence of sorrow

No more lies, I got wise
I despise the way I worshipped you yeah
Now I'm free, can't you see
And now instead I won't be led by you now

Keep Control (Marley Marl)

featuring Tragedy King Tee Grand Puba Def Jef Chubb Rock

Keep control...

(Tradegy the Intelligent Hoodlum)
When I made arrest the president America ate me
Spoke the truth that the gov't hates me
They labeled me a prejudice poet
I'm speaking the truth as I know it
I hold on but it's hard for me to handle
Too much lies corruption and scandal
Cops want to kill a brother or two
Who do you call when the gang wears blue
I ain't going out like an Uncle Tom man
My gun is loaded and I'm itching to pull the trigger
I'm marking for death as a funky rhyme sayer
Corruption flows from the cops to the mayor
Mali troops will run through your resident
In my hand will be the head of your president
All you fess that made a check to throwdown
Will rise up for a political showdown


(King Tee)
Yo, King Tee stepping in on a dark tip
Open your eyes and your mind and get a grip
Of the ropes and chains that kept us
Since we were black they didn't want to except us
But it's ok, I got my own plan
'Cause yo, I ain't down wit your program
The natives cook, wash and clean
And to the rubbers that throw in the scene
Now you got a chance to hear what he say
Since they kept him locked up for so long
'Cause his skin was black and his mind was strong
But we need to all stand together though
And let the red, black and green show
Become aware of yourself before it gets too late
Another message from King Tee the great


(Grand Puba)
Yo bust it
Hung wit the flip, got a ?dooby? wig
Now she thinks she's all that shit, her man got zits
Hon living lovely, Miss Gouchi
Even got a Benz when she drives around wit all her friends
Ugn, miss quick fast in a heedy
Speedy, speedy, speedy, the bitch is greedy
Spend so fast, she got caught wit 4 kids
And the man caught a nice thick bitch
Now the bitch is on skid
Screaming how she hates her kids
The move for the bitch is a thing quick and easy
Think slick, she better get wit the wick
'Cause foul, foul, foul is your style
You tried to run the race but you lost by a mile
See it everyday, it's the same old sorry song
How long must this go on


(Def Jef)
Power now or never, together forever
And ever, sever make it endever
To enlight your brother when
I recommend to extend a hand
Expand it then wish strength to fend
Black women and men from the white power structure
They stucked ya in, stoled your culture and fuked ya
And you gave birth to a nation
You freelabel laid America's economic foundation
Blood, sweat and tears and fear for years
But now here was a peer to give you shift in the gears
The turn of the tables, knowledge and ables
Us to escape the sterotype wit the labels
And years of classroom fables, fiction
Fallacies all sorts and fabrications
?For sarge? even fuss
Star Spangled story, stigma and stunts


(Chubb Rock)
I know this 11 year old kid named Jeffery Cowen
And knowing his father slowing
And his mother is hoeing
And now should he be growing
He's too young to be sewing
he should just chill and be flowing
I know he was being malested and sold
And his mom for being infected
Never check it, so I invested
My time and made sure little bro was looked at
Pops got evicted, not a smack
Pumped his fists and being that I'm a ?fugiless?
The bum got done by the one
And little Jeffery, no more tears left and drip
Mixed wit seaman on his lip, emotional trip
It confuses and bent ill thoughts
In the soul of the youngster
Is daddy a monster
That raw creates lip songs and heartache pain
Drys and open your eyes for the insane


I Hear Music (Biz Markie)

One two, one two
You're listenin to the grand groovin sounds
Of the diabolical energetical B-I-Z
And this goes out to my DJ
The cutmaster that no one cuts faster than
C-double-oh-L V
Drumroll V

[Verse One]
It's a different kind of sound that's in the air
It's not shots, fire**s, or a car that's there
A little different noise for your listenin pleasure
A sample from a record that's a four bar measure
Adults think this music is just a big headache
They think all this hard work, is just a piece of cake
They must be buggin, right out of they socks
Why don't they get up and try to do, the human beatbox
Cause back in the days when there was just block parties
A DJ would set up his equipment, and start these
live performances, and DJ tricks
A lot of different DJ's was on the mix
It is a proven fact, music is a universal language
From the tip of Long Island to the Verrezano Bridge
We won awards and served them by the millions
The more more years go by, the more we be killin 'em
They said it's just a fad, it will never last a year
All of a sudden, ten years later - "I hear music"

[Chorus: Cool V scratches "I hear music" over and over]

Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Two]
I can't believe how hip-hop has progressed
With more and more groups that have finesse
We have groups on the East and West coast with different names
We all play a part if we didn't we'd go in flames
We all got to stick together as one
But at the same time, still have fun
Cause you don't wanna lose the love for the music
When you have it keep it, and make use of it
This is a lesson from the S-K Biz
Cause nobody else is gonna tell you like it is
Everyone thought that rap was just a phase
But it still continue, to muse and amaze
It gives people chance to show they true talents
Instead of submittin to the crime and violence
People said to me the S-K-B
Is rap gonna stay until infinity?
As long as me and V be makin up the beats
You will hear people sayin - "I hear music"


Cool V, give me a drum roll

[Verse Three]
This is the ending, conclusion, kapiche?
Of this new hip-hop masterpiece
About people countin chickens before they're hatched
Recollatin on somethin that they can't match
They're creatin sounds of a hip-hop human bein
Whether you're American or European
Or even if you're from the West or East coast
I'd like to thank all of you, save the most
Don't diss each other by sayin who's better
Just do it the best way, and stick together
With different rhyme techniques and DJ cuts
And be crazy ambitious, and have a lot of guts
And the people buyin, thanks for your support
Cause if it wasn't for you, we'd all fall short
As long as there's radio, cars and jeeps
You know what you will hear?


What, what? What, what what what what?
Yo V, yo yo what what what what what what what you hear?
I can't hear you man, scratch it up one mo' time!
Yo what you hear?
Yo Paul Sea, yo yo, what wha-what you hear?
Yo Godfather D, I ain't hear what he said, what you hear?

Don't Know Why (Krayzie Bone)

I want to hurt you i don't know why(4X)

Verse 1
Woke up this morning in a cemetery kinda weary
Looked over my shoulder and I seen somebody just been freshly buried
Was kinda scary cuz my shirt was soaked in blood man
Shovel in my hand so I had to be the one that dug that
But I had no knowledge
I don't remember even leavin the house man
Can't explain how I got here
It's like I was walkin but I was unconscious
But I had to be wallin
Cuz I seen the bloody machete ah
It was used on the victim to shred him up
Oh my god don't tell me I.....Oh shit
Something's going wrong I don't know whats going on
All I know was I was home then I woke up here alone
Wondering who was in that hole I ain't stickin around to know
My mind is blank and I'm so cold and I don't know which way to go
Runnin in the rain
I'm barely breathin more like wheezin
Runnin in the rain
How could this be what I was heavin
I made it to my house I closed the blinds and shut the door
Somebody please tell me whats going on cuz I don't **in know


Verse 2
Jumped in the shower washed the blood from off my body
Rolled up a blunt I'm feeling psychotic mixed me up some ginentonic
But I'm nauseous feeling woozy like I'm in the twilight zone the movie
How did I do it how did I get through it
and I wondered if anyone knew what I was doing
Sat down and clicked on the tube
Flipped to the news I'm trying to find answers
Whos body is on my hands and how did the situation get so drastic
Its madness
And I just can't take no more I passed out
Couldn't help but crash out from last night I'm dashed out
Slept for a minute but I didn't sleep to long before
I was awakin by some heavy bangin on my door
It was the popo cuz inside they shined their flashlights
gotta funny feeling this has something to do with last night
They tried to tell me that I'm wanted for kidnap and murder
tellin me they got proof that I murdered my ex-employer
Don't think my lawyer can help me with this one
I grabbed my pistol put the clip in
and i'm out the back window
I'm gone.

Thisisme (Common Sense)

"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" > KRS One
(repeat 2X then 2X with 'Common' at the end of each line)
Check it out
Good morning... be at calm I'm back
HUH! It's me again
Is it me you're looking for? (Yup)
For the perfect beat sweetly oblique
I'm fresh I come clean but I can't whistle
*attempt at whistling* Psss I'm only buggin
While No dug in the crates I dug in my nose
and picked a rhyme any rhyme I don't have any time
to waste, I'm hip... don't even trip
to an easy travel agent now we fly for free
I can be fly for free, you want some flyer to read
then buy from me
I got the flame like U-I-C but I be, U-A-C
Some of the realest illest chillest cats you may see
in your life if you get one
Rappers are like jobs to me (why?) because they get done
Here it comes I'm as Able as Cain to get raw
That's why the DJ's mix me, I'm gonna bust dickses
not da bomb so save all your threats
I'm good to go and also I'm Rets
Rhymes I wrecks affects the roughnecks
down to the preps in the Polos, the studs with pros
hoes who wheeze, the bald-headed to the dreaded
To folks with butters, high rollers and rollers
Players with plat studs with stocking caps I be rocking raps
til I collapse
Niggaz play my tape about as much as they do craps
I'm on point, I celo, I see high
Hi C, I'm free at last
I'ma free man, free as the world be
and like an early bird, I'm special
But you ain't that special, as that investor
So to myself I say congratulations
I'm glad you had the patience, you better have the patience
Cause thisisme
"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" --> KRS-One
(repeat 3X)
Whassup Scony Rony I'm that boney homey
from Stoney (Common) you know me!
Off the GP niggaz see me on the TV
Talkin Take It EZ, and they was like "He ain't hardcore!"
But hardcore is far more than bats and gats
It stems back to the roots of being true
It's gonna get me Me, you just get you You
What I look like, talkin about some shit I ain't do?
I ain't shoot nobody I ain't shank nobody
I ain't kill nobody, it wasn't us it was THEM!
The Warriors, I'm a warrior and still don't have to show no gun
It takes one to know one, and no one can tell me
how to be, cause I'ma be me, aight?
Cause I'm a man, now check it
"I love the way I am and can't nobody out here change me" --> KRS-One
(repeat 3X)
*singing* Sometimes, sometimes, I get a good feeling!
When I'm chillin at the flat, lookin at the wall
Wondering can I come off of it, I'm off a bit
on the mic I be talkin shit
But some say my talk don't make no Sense
I'm tryin to make the Dollars, my momma told me
to go to school and be a scholar, but school ain't for me
So don't even go there, I'm comin out of nowhere, to go where
probably in about seven years, I won't have no hair
But not only am I the Hair Club President, I'm also a client
I come off like a toupee, I still have to pay 2Pc Dark
A Raider that never Lost the Ark/arc, on the shot
but now when I shoot rock, I be all out of breath
My boy Adefo wanted to be a chef
But he went down South, and fell in love call me love
cause love is gonna getcha I'ma getcha
I'm like B.J. my Arm is Strong and I Stretch ya
Styles from East to West, all across the country
I'm like that big fat one niggaz catch when bumpin
I probably would get bumped more if I was a gangster
But I am a gangsta, call me the gangsta of love!!!
I love good music, I love my momma
I love myself, I love you, and you love me
And thisis -- I'm out
(KRS sample plays in background)
Yo I wanna say peace to my moms, my grandmomma
Lil Chandra, and John, yo rest in peace to my Aunt Stella
My sides moms, Ron's moms, Dawn's moms, Corey's moms
Who are you? These people be themselves y'all, peace em out
Common! (4X)
(KRS sample is cut and scratched to end)

If You Play Your Cards Right (2Pac)


Another shady mission, had enough of shady tricks,
you so suspicious, like watchin' pictures and haze vision...
tonight is love makin', take you any place you wish,
today we satisfied, and tradin' slowly kisses...
blind insanity, perfect pictures of me and my family,
not understanding the destiny, had a plan for me...
if I have kids, will I live to see 'em grow?..
tho' I don't know, I live the life of a Thug nigga until the day I go...
broken promises, a secret bound broken
I know I'll die alone, but yet and still I'm hopin'...
visions of prisons, maybe I'll be forgiven,
I know it's better in heaven cause being here ain't livin'...
close my eyes and see nothing but pain, the worlds crazy,
still look for a queen to plant seeds and have babies...
maybe I'll be the one, or just maybe I'm lost,
you'll never know, being cautious, and play yo cards right...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo


I'm always in the mix,
life is full of tricks...
I guess, tryin' my best,
nothing less, before I lay to rest...
my quest and future I'm mold like a new born baby,
intense and seldom to the world I'm so crazy...
my daddy raised me to be a man, do the best I can,
he said you won't succeed in life without a plan...
it's hard to take my people trade me,
with Indian hate, can't wait better change before it's too late...


They got me at the bottom of a deck, searching for my Ace,
I can't take too many jams, ain't much lovin' no place...
full of torman and soul, and it's written all in my face,
hollow inside, a crooked smile is the only trace...
a mission slightly incomplete,
misconceptions of success and defeat,
I rome these dark streets alone...
searching for yo homie, smokin' til I'm gone,
when I need someone to kind of lay my praries on...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo

[Edi Ameng]

December 30 in nineteen-ninety feen yeah,
my reincarnation steps in, born into a world that don't love itself,
but the love is wealth...
my little nigga listen closely, if you don't remember nothing else,
just remember that life ain't nothing but a game,
a gamble, and how you play yo hand will sho' explain,
for what's ever...
in times you gone journ into a crossroad, get lost tho',
keep on buryin' and let 'em see you up in floss mode...


Mysteriously it seems,
thru my deepest thoughts and dreams,
it's all wrong, Pac do wrong gone...
and now 18, I'm stranded on my own abandon here in a zone,
protect my throne...
pow like a king, Al Capone style...
lay no tracks on this rhyme, coked up, with Craig Ogenwind,
livin' life as a Don, Guess Cortex; Louie Vaton...
with my future behind me, livin' with these snakes,
sent here to blind me, one day I know my futures gonna find me,
am I crying?...

[Chours] K-Ci and Jo-Jo

Luck (Fuel)

It's cold outside in the middle of the winter and my brain's in the fridge
Would you know what shape I'm in
Point things in the better I'm lucky if I even give into the sin
Would you know what shape I'm in

And it's all been luck until now
Caught in the race of up to down
Photography mixed in the monogamy keepin' my world happenin'
Would you know the shape I'm in

I know that I'm better when I know that you're better and I'll hold you again
Would you know what shape I'm in

And it's all been luck until now
Caught in the race of up to down
Photography mixed in the monogamy keepin' my world happenin'
Would you know the shape I'm in

And it's gonna rage it's gonna stay with you always
Every second counts on you to prove you're of the ground
It's cold outside in the middle of winter and my brains in the fridge
Point things in the better I'm lucky if I even give into the sin

Oh Yeah (Foxy Brown)

[Verse One]
I'm the most critically acclaimed, rap bitch in the game
Coast to coast, stash the gat in holster girl
Dark skinned, Christian Dior poster girl
Mo' rockin Timbs bitch and the Gucci loafers girl
Niggaz say I'm too pretty to spit rhymes this gritty
** y'all thought? Be dancin around in suits like I'm {Diddy}
Pretty, show niggaz how we run this city
Respect my name, Boogie nigga, stay in ya lane
Like The Hurricane, rains on bitches like Sugar Shane
And dare one of y'all rappin chicks to mention Fox name
"What's Beef?" Beef is when bitches think it's sweet
See y'all frontin in the streets and let my gat meet ya

1- Why Yoooooooo, Why yo yo yo
Why Yoooooooo, Why yagga ya yo
Why Yoooooooo, Why yo yo yo
Why Yoooooooo, Why yagga ya yo (yagga yo)

[Verse Two]
Check, uhh
It's like I'm in my own **in world, I speak how I feel
Sometimes I feel like I'm just too **in real
I love to stack riches, no disrespect y'all
I respect the rap game, but I don't ** with rap bitches
I'm speakin from my heart
It's not that I'm too good, I'm just hood
Been like this from the **in start
Since I bust my gun in ninety-six
Y'all never see me flick up with them fake-ass chicks
Bitches smile up in your face, turn around and pop shit
You a industry bitch, I'm a in the streets bitch
I might breeze through Prada, Chloe or Tiffs
But, other than that it's just me and my six

repeat 1

[Verse Three]
I dream filthy
My moms and pops mixed it with the Trini' rum and whiskey
Uhh, proper set off
Six sped off, gats let off, I speak calm
Gangsta, and pours off like Screechie Don, bwoy
Who y'all know rock Prada like Fox
Pop bottles in the back of the cellar with Donatella
Cartier wrist wear, Pasha Kay face
Got niggaz stand in line just to get a sneak taste
Act like y'all don't know I keeps gat beneath waist
And like a hundred thou' each crib in each safe
When Fox come through she have a gun in the place
I'm like Marion Jones, what, who the FLUCK wan' race?
Listen, never trippin, never catch Brown slippin
**, y'all only nice around mics like Pippen
Shit, to all my thugs that's Blood'n or Crip'n
I'm still shittin, still lowridin and switch-hittin nigga

repeat 1 - 2X


Aqui un super mix de cumbias antiguas como para las fiestas xD.Las canciones creo que son: Grupo sombras - la ventanita Trueno - picadito Los avila - estoy p...

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