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Thursday, 17 April 2014
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Escuchar Cunumicita (Taquirari) Bolivia


Sacrifice (The Roots)

[Black Thought]

Listen, I got you phobic offa this like arachnid
Drastic, it ain't plastic, it's just Pro black-ness
Grown man tactics no pediatrics
The kind of track that make the comeback miraculous
The catalyst. Thought with the knack of splashin
I'm dashin, I mastered the craft of mashin
The level-headed thoroughbred the females passion
Magnetic attraction be keeping em askin
The crews in the Cadillac, the Pendergrassin
Swerve half-** won't come near crashin
But if I go to Heaven would you know my name
Or would it be the same for you like I was Eric Clapton, huh?
Clap for your freedom dog , that's what's happenin
My spit take critical political action
The hustle is a puzzle, each piece is a fraction
And every word that's understood is a transaction
I'm an S.P. soldier, microphone holder
Rep Philly set
From Bolivia to Boulder
Paris, France to Tip and Thai Yoga
How we gon' make it through the dark?
I'll show ya..

Tell you one lesson I've learned
If you wanna reach something in life
You ain't gonna get in unless
You give a little bit of sacrifice
Ooh sometimes before you smile you've got to cry
You need a heart that's filled with music
If you use it you can fly
If you wanna be high

Listen, yo kick off ya shoes, jump off the jock
I fly higher than them dudes from off ya block
My name Black, the style is unorthodox
It tap chins wit ya mens who you thought could box
A couple people wanted Thought to stop
but guess what?
My man grab the missile, plug for the gut
Now next time greedy stop being such a glut
I'm precise with it like Faheim with haircuts
We up close on em with toast but no crust
It's fructose on em they froze and won't bust
Choke on your face you jewels is lacklustre
Gotta put it to ya straight
y'all fools is jacked up
Came close to the utmost but no cogar
Nose to the grindstone, head to the stars
The number one runner with the number one drummer
Grammy award-winning it's the world's eight wonder
Come on!

Tell you one lesson I've learned
If you wanna reach something in life
You ain't gonna get in unless
You give a little bit of sacrifice
Ooh sometimes you gotta smile before you cry
You need a heart that's filled with music
If you use it you can fly
If you wanna be high

Yo, your first impression might be I'm a asshole
Or say I'm sometimey and give people a hassle
Or try to suntouch and put the heat in a capsule
Dog I'm far deeper than that though,
I get in the zone, recognise I'm a rolling stone
No time to lollygag or lounge with scallywags
Gimme the disc or I'll put it where your body at
Old school spit flow laid over Trotter tracks
With no apology, fraud or tricknology
Just trust what I see and I say and follow me
My way, I be the open book, look inside me
The star of the story that the grooveteller guide me
Through all the dark times part of the business
The light be contingent on small forensics
My microphone'll make a man a newborn infant
It's true so the true gon' sense it
I get in the zone

Tell you one lesson I've learned
If you wanna reach something in life
You ain't gonna get in unless
You give a little bit of sacrifice
Ooh sometimes you gotta smile before you cry
You need a heart that's filled with music
If you use it you can fly
If you wanna be high

Please Hang Up (Dog Eat Dogma)

HELLO ... pick up the phone ... i know you're home ... i have to talk to you ... you're not gonna beLIEve what i just found out ... the POPE paid the RCMP to kill the KENNEDYs ... then the FREEMASONS framed the CIA to make us think that they're in CONTROL ... but i know for a FACT that no one makes a move without PERMISSION from the MEN IN BLACK ... and they get their ORDERS direct from orbital UFOs ... those BASTARDS have been IN CHARGE since ATLANTIS sank ... do you have any IDEA what this means ??? RONALD MacDONALD is an ALIEN ANTICHRIST ... he's NOT wearing make-up !!! UNCLE SAM and his BIG BROTHER are into this up to their necks ... so don't BREATHE a word of this to anyone ... we could be MURDERED just for knowing about it ... i HOPE your line isn't bugged ... look what happened to HOFFA after he discovered DuPONT was behind the PLOT to LEGALIZE MARIJUANA ... to this day, people STILL deny that the MAFIA was working for the FBI when they POLLUTED our WATER supplies with LSD ... LIBYA funded that little PROJECT ... We Are In Serious Trouble ... now that GOLD is WORTHLESS ... FORT KNOX is EMPTY ... i don't know who to TRUST anymore ... even the ENQUIRER stopped printing THE tRUTh last year because of INTERPOL INTERFERENCE ... they refused to publish certain INFORMATION about IRA INVOLVEMENT in MARYLIN's so-called SUICIDE ... that STORY would have blown the lid off the KKK CONNECTION ... who do you think runs the NAACP anyway ??? certainly not NASA anymore ... NO ... they're way too busy building BOMBS in space and FAKING moonwalks ... can you IMAGINE what would happen to DOW JONES if they revealed that AIDS was manufactured in 1948 by the CHURCH/STATE in a COLD-BLOODED effort to exterminate VAMPIRES ... i have in my possession a PHOTOCOPIED FAX of a XEROX DOCUMENT that PROOVES the whole thing ... of course ... they tried to blame it on the MILITARY/IDUSTRIAL COMPLEX because two of the SCIENTISTS at HITLER's SECRET BIOCHEMICAL WARFARE RESEARCH LAB in BOLIVIA happened to be PLO ZIONISTS ... but it was the KGB who bribed McCARTHY to steal the VIRUS and SMUGGLE it out of the country in a sack of COCAINE cut with SUGAR ... that SHIPMENT ... the entire SHIP and CREW neatly disappeared off the coast of BERMUDA and turned up years later at the bottom of LOCH NESS ... the same day ELVIS faked his DEATH to go UNDERGROUND ... i know this sounds CRAZY ... but the MEDIA has buried REALITY so deep under piles of DISINFORMATION ... i doubt if anyone will ever REALIZE that HINCKLEY was a UN SPY when he ASSASSINATED REAGAN in 1981 ... that ridiculous ROBOT LOOK-ALIKE didn't fool me for a second ... the ASTROLOGICAL IMPLICATIONS of this are FRIGHTENING when you consider the exact location of URANUS ... now with all this SPLIT-SECOND SUBLIMINAL BRAINWASHING going on ... HYPNOTIC BACKWARDS SATANIC MESSAGES brought to you by the PMRC ... they won't even let me watch TV in here anymore ... you've got to HELP ME ... are you LISTENING ?

Uncut Raw (AZ)

No need for Lato's, pure straight out Bolivia
Peru, uncut baby, what?
Life is a struggle, that's why niggas I know stay on the juggle
Some hustle to double, others hug you to mug you
Poverty-stricken, they even turn a church kid into stickin
It seems sickenin, but what? Whatever makes the pockets thickin
** police and no remorse for the beasts
that's lost on the streets, that pistol whip a priest for a crosspiece
Some lost sheep, runnin thru strips, thinkin of top dealers
Fillin Tek clips, wit 'cop killers' that could stop gorillas
Shovin a stubnose in buttholes, I'm nutso
skitzo, clepto, killin shit up throughout the metro
My thug essence will always keep me plugged with drug investments
Sketch my reference, takin papers considered preference
And violations will lead to kidnappin, decapitation
So what you're facin, is realism that's in activation
Livin off land with five honeys playin my hand
Me and fam, sippin off Guinness stout and eatin clams
It's all part of plans, a vet chillin in Tamps, West and Stans
Outta state connect, slugs, **, drugs and grands
What? For my Height niggas (Uncut)
Trife niggas (Raw), 25-to-life niggas
This is as, pure as opium, purified for street players to open em
space, like three els laced with coke in em
Shots awoken em, fake uniform takes the portion of
six trips, to young clips and killers coachin em
However though, fake**niggas'll never know
Cos my method's perfected, I'm movin sceptic and never show
I'm soon to blow, stack doe, lay on the low
While I'm sippin Cristal, I mess with Long Island and Moe
A part of nature, me wan' acres in Jamaica
Puffin exotic trees without seeds rolled up in leaf paper
So exhale, cos if I don't live to tell
then ** it, if well, I'll see the rest of y'all niggas in hell
So all my good fellas, heroin, coke and weed sellers
What the ** cats can tell us if they ain't got bread to bail us?
Happy to survive, I haven't seen it all, Peter pay Paul
>From the connivers to the livest, they crack fool
It's all war, the streets are filled up with guns galore
Plenty young for war, gettin their minds flunked and sore
Yo dun, cock the 4.....
Mother**ers think we're playin, back em down
Holdin niggas for high stitches, what? What?

Conversación Con Noam Chomsky (Habeas Corpus)

En Argelia se empezó por demostrar que
en ningún caso un cuarto de hora puede
superar los quince minutos. Sen entiende entonces
la celeridad de la justicia norteamericana por
condenar a muerte en la u.c.a. a los seis jesuitas.
No debí ser entonces tanta la confianza en
dios, y mucho menos en el salvador. Conscientes de
que una victoria tardía hipoteca menos
tarde o más temprano el futuro político.
Lo ideal exige que la sentencia se dicte en casa
y se ejecute en la trastienda.
What do you do? what do you say, Noam Chomsky?
para evitar la amenaza que supone todo buen ejemplo,
los marines se apresuraron a invadir indochina,
después de que la CIA descubriese la intención
de Ho Chi Minn de desembarcar en una playa de
california a los remos de su canoa. Idénticas
razones se le adivinaban a los sandinistas en la frontera
de Texas. Por eso, y porque en esta ocasión
Granada era una plaza más en la reconquista, el
departamento de estado se apresuró en poner en
práctica la teoría de la manzana podrida.
What do you do? what do you say, Noam Chomsky?
que el poder jamás se ha movido en dirección
a la esperanza, lo demuestra el hecho de que durante
años, parte de los beneficios provenientes del
tráfico de drogas en Estados Unidos estuviese
destinado a la financiación de la contra en
Nicaragua. Nadie duda entonces de la capacidad de
la administración a la hora de exportar
narcodemocracia a toda centroamérica.
What do you do? what do you say, Noam Chomsky?
parecía entonces conveniente que la United
Fruit Company ocupase el sillón presidencial
en Costa Rica, como parte de lo que desde la
'escuela de las Américas' se había
convenido en llamar doctrinas de seguridad
nacional. Algo que el pentágono iba a
saber trasladar a cada una de sus cinco aristas:
Uruguay, Paraguay, Brasil, Bolivia y Argentina.
What do you do? what do you say, Noam Chomsky?
Doctrina Reagan, doctrina Monroe, doctrina Truman,
dorctrina Nixon, doctrina Carter, doctrina Johnson,
doctrina Bush, doctrina Clinton, doctrina Kennedy,
doctrina Washington, doctrina dollar, efecto dominó.

Manifiesto (Nach)

Mi padre es el sol, mi madre la luna
mi hermano es el viento y el planeta tierra mi cuna
mis unicos hijos son las frases que me invento
y mi mayor regalo es vivir este momento
en el que siento que callar es un pecado capital
en la capital del pecado me quieren decapitar
y aunque quisiera criar a mis hijos en un cuento de hadas
s que el mundo se acaba y no les quedara nada.
Seran ratas si la cloacka les maltratara
la ciudad clavara su aguja y nadie aplacara
el odio que les empuja, no abra nada solo brujas
mientras los nios ricos viajaran en su burbuja
de lujo, de arrogancia infalible
yo vengo de un lugar donde decian que triunfar era imposible
Nach otro juglar en la jungla jugando a ser libre
Nach otro juglar jugando a juzgar al que juzga inpacible
Y esos mcs tan increibles cuando escriben
no, no hacen ciencia, no describen lo que viven
solo calcan actitudes de alguien que quieren ser
mientras mi mente representa poder como Uri Geller
capaz de ver el castigo, en la traicion de un amigo
os digo que hay fuera hijos de puta solo miran su ombligo
bordes que corren sobre un borde constantemente
haciendo que engorden sus cuentas corrientes
poniendo su mueca mas seria e indiferente
al ver que el indigente sangra su miseria en la cera de enfrente
ya no me asombro de ver a los mismos
revolviendo escombros, deseo llevar su orgullo a hombros
luchando contra el sistema que os corrompe
viendo que idiotas sin nombre solo hablan mierda y se esconden
en la calle donde nios de ojos rojos fuman verde en callejones
siempre metiendose en marrones,
su materia gris en blanco un futuro negro augura
mientras la lluvia purpura ahoga sus ilusiones.
Yo me mire al espejo con los ojos de quien me odia
y me senti euforico porque todo es psicologico
en este zoologico de buitres y cammellos
de perros hambrientos esperando el momento de morder mi cuello
pero no por ello callo, ni me rayo, ni huyo
el murmullo de un listillo no me destruyo
solo me instruyo en lo cierto
como que la ciencia demuestra que Dios ha muerto
cierto como el fuego abierto en Gaza y Cisjordania
cierto como ver mi fe moviendo tu montaa sacandola de Espaa
Aqui es donde est mi reino
yo tambien quiero un trono y quien no?
Tus hijos no van a clases porque escuchan rap
no hay porque preocuparse tus hijos escuchan rap porque tienen clase
hacen suyo nuestro ardor se burlan de lo snop
no son robots, victimas del complot de la super pop
y toda esa mierda fashion victim
niatas que maana mataran por hacerse un lifting
Esa es la educacion que dais me desespera
lo plasmo en un papel o me lo tomo con humor como Dave Chappelle
chap mas de una boca aunque callar tambien es gratis eh
en la ciudad muchos me ven como a un iluminaty
con otros nivelacion es la de un yanki y un iraki
la vida es asi, y yo hasta el fin tranki
tu contra (mi?) como boleros de machn, triste
tu destino es el que tu elejiste
Y puestos a reflexionar sobre la vida menos mal
mira! mira al final es para todos igual
es el ciclo vital de un hombre
la muerte como cima y cumbre, y no hay milagros
siento que el camino es largo
con el corazon de piedra me visto y salgo
cabalgo otro dia mas entre guepardos y comadrejas
y aunque me diga mi vieja que no hay queja
yo tambien quiero un chalet de lujo en la moraleja
y conducir un cadillac pero soy feliz con este anorak panama jack
sin mas hndicap que subirme a un track
y escupir mis realidades
para ti son debilidades para mi sensibilidades
me llenan, fiel a mi lema
ganar dinero del sistema haciendo musica contra el sistema
Sin mas armas que mis dientes mi voz es un kalashnikov
un cctel molotov desde el altavoz potente
con el liquido al ignorante, lo liquido intelectualmente
la fuerza bruta me repugna se la dejo al nazi
o al cani que resuelve cualquier pugna de la forma facil
te queda claro yo vengo sin un plan
soy un poeta hecho soldado
y solo s que la mezcla es napalm!
tu sueas con ser don juan derrochar champagne
yo prefiero ver a quien no tiene y darle pan man
soador y dramaturgo, zurdo
prestidigitador del sentido absurdo
de la vida, la mia melancolica,
dicen que unica, condenado a asumir que soy persona publica
y mi rubrica en pedazos
soy mas de abrazos que de autgrafos
mas de parrafos que de fotografos
y aunque los tortazos de la vida, este es mi elixir
existir es sentir, aqui sentir es escribir
y s que el unico secreto es que no hay secretos
solo respeto por el rap antes de usar un chndal ecko
Yo tengo coleguis que te follan si improvisan,
aunque vistan levis y camisa,
conocen cada grupo, cada skit,
desde antes del rap in Madrid
y t no sabes ni quien es Madlib
keep it real es la premisa
aunque keep it real contigo mismo quiza sea mas precisa
Pisa las huellas de este nomada nada me doma
si nada perdona el fallo en babilon marchare a (Sayon)
aunque nadie me recuerde
ni esta ciudad que muerde y devora el verde
Suburbia y sus horizontes, edificios mastodontes
devoran los prados, los parques, los montes
y que nos queda? charcos de asfalto, infartos,
demasiado barullo en este trullo
salto y me escabullo, huyo entre la masa annima
esos que se tragan su orgullo para despues cobrar la nmina
no hay droga mas dura para mi que un escenario
ni hay meteoritos que extingan al dinosaurio
Me refiero al que suscribe, al que escribe
al que revive cada noche en tu reproductor de audio
tu ghetto blaster tras tanto mensaje gangster
tanto lastre quien se fia, si al rap solo le guia
la fria filosofia de vivir al dia
R de revolucion, A de actitud P de poesia
xenofilia esa es mi ciencia
significa lo que implica amor por la diferencia
amor que nos tortura porque amar es la mayor locura
a no ser que se ame con locura son mis dudas que suturan
porque nada duran, quisiera parar el tiempo como Hiro Nakamura
pero que mas da mi arruga si mi entrega es ciega
si el universo es la canica con la que alguien juega
Todo nos llega en su momento y no lo entiendo
tantos aos invirtiendo hasta que sientes que te estas muriendo
y no el maana no es certero, etreo, misterio, en serio sal de tu agujero
yo tecleo reo en este coliseo de politiqueo
rappers de perreo y tiroteos de fogeo
no poseo la verdad aunque la persigo, eso creo
lo importante es estar vivo de deseo
carnal, espiritual da igual cada cual en su propio ritual,
medita para mi es vital hecharle dinamita a cada frase
para dartela, que tu se las regales al fachas de tu clase
puede que mi vida nunca os interese
no esta dirigida por martin scorsese
pero casi voy volando entre edificios como un Yamakasi
asi lo hago facil como brasil
y solo ante el papel puedo eliminar tension
el me entiende y no me cobra 80 euros por sesion
El mensaje y no la fama es mi bagaje trepa
pisame cuando subas, te cazare pa cuando bajes trepa
hasta la cimas de mis sueos podras verlo
mis sueos son mentiras que algun dia dejaran de serlo
del verbo me llaman vstago, basta con alzar el micro al cielo
y caen relampagos en timpanos, miralos
somos furia sobre un bumb clap
hijos de la catastrofe, apostoles de la verdad.
Rap como entretenimiento que agita el pensamiento
asi alimento a la generacion nintendo
porque si esta es tu droga vamos yo te invito a un gramo
proclamo el horror de ser furor en tu hipotlamo
mientras derramo profecias,
mercader de la esperanza y se abalanzan sobre mi como a un mesias
pero no hay mejor profesor que el error,
ni mas dulzura que el que sufre y luego cura su dolor
y asi he vivido en estos tiempos lquidos, inspidos,
sin tener miedo del miedo de no rapear lo tpico
no es anecdtico te soy sincero
hago pblico un cuaderno con mi infierno interno para conmoveros
y si este (enero) me disloca me relajo y canto
Soma produce rocas y yo despues las lanzo
claro que s paso de (genesi), ron con seven up y brindo
por el HIP-HOP y el homenaje que aqui rindo
al lindo frenesi de la escritura
lo captas almas en miniatura
no son aptas pa esta asignatura
y aqui nada en disparate
tu no eres mc maniqui de escaparate con tu pose de magnate
que pretendes si asi vendes t ridculo
aqui solo el trabajo duro y los testiculos dan titulos
pobre diablo se cree un dios entre los dioses
y tan solo es otro potro en el establo dando coces
pides a voces gloria y no te la mereces
yo asumo el drama de mi fama y vivo entre sus estrecheces
no lo planee, solo vol como Tracy McGrady
hise del rap mi personal brain training
ejercicio mental al filo, afilo mi estilo
compitiendo con la imagen del espejo en el que mino cautivo de un tictac
que me atonta, mi unico habitat un compact
que te voy a contar chaval que por ir de underground no eres mas original
que no por ser de universal voy a sonar comercial
no teneis ni puta idea a vuestra verborrea es cnica
faltandole al respeto a militantes de mi mtrica
aqui y en Latinoamerica en todo el planeta tierra
mi rap sera mi rap sera la luz tras las tinieblas
mi rap sera la luz (si!) tras las tinieblas.

A todo el planeta tierra, donde sea que me escuchen
en Espaa, en Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Portugal, Venezuela
Chile, Argentina, Brasil, Angola, Guinea, da igual donde esteis
Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos, El Salvador, Panam,
Costa Rica, Ecuador, todos mis soldados latinos ah..
todos! a los que esta mierda engancha
este es el rap que purifica que la vida os mancha
Nach.. Manifiesto

Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' (Wu-Tang Clan)

The game of chess, is like a swordfight
You must think first, before you move
Wu style is immensely strong, and immune to nearly any weapon
When it's properly used, it's almost invincible

Verse One: U-God

Raw imma give it to ya, with no trivia
raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia
my hip hop will rock and shock the nation
like the Emancipation Proclamation
Weak MC's approach with slang that's dead
you might as well run into the wall and bang your head
I'm pushin' force, my force your doubtin'
I'm makin' devils cower to the Caucus Mountains

Verse Two: Inspector Deck

Well I'm a sire, I set the microphone on fire
rap styles vary, and carry like Mariah
I come from the shaolin slum, and the isle I'm from
is comin through with nuff niggaz, and nuff guns
so if you wanna come sweatin, stressin contesting
you'll catch a sharp sword to the midsection
don't talk the talk, if you can't walk the walk
phony niggaz are outlined in chalk
a man vexed, is what the projects made me
rebel to the grain there's no way to barricade me
steamrollin niggas with the eighteen wheeler
with the drunk driver drivin, there's no survivin

Verse Three: Raekwon the Chef

Ruff like Timberland wear, yeah
me and the Clan, and yo the Landcruisers out there
peace to all the crooks, all the niggaz with bad looks
bald heads, braids, blow this hook
we got chrome tecs, nickel plated macs
black axe, drug dealin'styles in phat stacks
I only been a good nigga for a minute though
cuz I got to get my props, and win it yo
I got beef wit commercial-ass niggas with gold teeth
lampin in a Lexus eatin beef
straight up and down don't even bother
I got fourty niggaz up in here now, who kill niggaz fathers

Chorus: Method Man

My peoples are you with me where you at?
In the front, in the back killa-bees on attack
my peoples are you with me where you at?
Smokin meth hittin caps on the block with the gats

Verse Four: Ol Dirty Bastard

Here I go, deep type flow
Jacque Cousteau could never get this low..I'm
Cherry bombin' shits...BOOM
just warmin up a little bit, vroom vroom
rappinin is what's happenin
keep the pockets stacked and then, hands clappin and
at the party when I move my body
gotta get up, and be somebody
grab the microphone put strength to the bone
DUH-DUH-DUH...enter the Wu-Tang zone
sure enough when I rock that stuff
huff puff?? I'm gonna catch your bluff tuff
rough, kickin rhymes like Jim Kelly
or Alex Haley im a Mi-..Beetle Bailey rhymes
comin raw style, hardcore
niggas be comin to the hip-hop store
comin to buy grocery from me
tryin to be a hip-hop MC
the law, in order to enter the Wu-Tang
you must bring the Ol Dirty Bastard type slang
represent the Gza, Abbot, RZA, Shaquan, Inspecta Deck
dirty hoe gettin low wit his flow
introducin' the Ghostface Killer
no one could get illa


Verse Five: Ghost Face Killer

Speakin of the devil psych, no it's the God, get the shit right
mega trife, and yo I killed you in a past life
on the mic while you was kickin that fast shit
you renegged tried again, and got blasted
half mastered**style mad ruff task
when I struck I had on Tims and a black mask
Remember that shit? I know you don't remember jack
That night yo I wuz hittin like a spiked bat
and then you thought I was bugged out, and crazy
strapped for nonsense, after me became lazy
yo, nobody budge while I shot slugs
Never shot thugs, I'm runnin with thugs that flood mugs
so grab your eight plus one, start flippin and trippin
niggas is jettin I'm lickin off son

[Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang, Wu, Tang!!!!]

Verse Six: Master Killer

Homicide's illegal and death is the penalty
What justifies the homicide, when he dies?
In his own iniquity it's the
Master of the Mantis Rapture comin at cha
we have an APB on an MC Killer
look like the work of a Master
evidence indicates that's it's stature
merciless like a terrorist hard to capture
the flow changes like a chameleon
plays like a friend, and stabs you like a dagger
this technique attacks the immune system
Disguised like a lie paralyzin the victim
you scream, as it enters your bloodstream
erupts your brain from the pain these thoughts contain
movin on a nigga with the speed of a centipede


Peruvian Cocaine (Immortal Technique)

(feat. C-Rayz Walz, Diabolic, Loucipher,
Poison Pen, Pumpkinhead, Tonedeff)
[Intro: from the film "Scarface"]

Host: I've heard whispers about the financial support
your government receives from the drug industry.

Guest: Well, the irony of this, of course, is that
this money, which is in the billions, is coming from
your country. You see, you are the major purchaser of
our national product, which is of course cocaine.

Host: On one hand, you're saying the United States
government is spending millions of dollars to
eliminate the flow of drugs onto our streets. At the
same time, we are doing business with the very same
goverment that is flooding our streets with cocaine.

Guest: Mmm-hmm, si, si. Let me show you a few other
characters that are involved in this tragic comedy.

[Beat starts]

*Two Men Speak in Spanish*

[Immortal Technique - Worker]
I'm on the border of Bolivia, working for pennies
Treated like a slave, the coke fields have to be ready
The spirit of my people is starving, broken and sweaty
Dreaming about revolution (REVOLUTION!) looking at my machete
But the workload is too heavy to rise up in arms
And if I ran away, I know they'd probably murder my moms
So I pray to "Heso Preisto" when I go to the mission
Process the cocaine, paced and play my position

[Pumpkinhead - Cocaine Field Boss]
Ok, listen while I'm out there, just give me my product
Before we chop off ya hands for worker's misconduct
I got the power to shoot a copper, and not get charged
And it would be sad to see your family in front of a firing squad
So to feed your kids, I need these bricks
40 tons in total, let me test it, indeed I (*sniff*)
Shit, this is good, pass me a tissue
And don't worry about them, I paid off the officials

[Diabolic - Peruvian Leader]
Yo, it don't come as a challenge, I'm the son of some of the foulest
Elected by my people...the only one on the ballot
Born and bred to consult with feds, I laugh at fate
And assassinate my predecessor to have his place
In a third-world fashion state, lock the nation
With 90% of the wealth in 10% of the po**tion
The Central Intelligence Agency takes weight faithfully
The finest type of China white and cocaine you'll see

[Tonedeff - American Drug Distributor]
Honey I'm home, nevermind why our bank account's suddenly grown
It's funny, we're so out of this debt from this money we owe
Woulda ya...mind if I told you I had two governments overthrown
To keep our son enrolled in a private school, and to keep ya tummy swollen
C'mon, our **in' home was built on the foundation of bloody throats
The hungry stolen of they souls, of course this country's runnin' coke
I took a stunted oath to hush the one's who know
But CIA conducts the flow of these young hustlers who lust for dough

[Poison Pen - Drug Dealer]
I don't work in the hood (Hit my connect)
Plus what's really good, they supply for the hood
These dudes ** crack me up, scrutinize like we inferior
Petrified when we meet in my area (calm down)
My dude's'll shoot until I say so, got the loot?
Give me the YAY YAY like Ice Cube, so don't play with my llello
We won't stop for you bastards
Must choose (?), chop it and bag it

[Loucipher - Undercover Police Officer]
Taking pictures and tapping phones
Debating snitches and cracking codes
Past a couple, blast the fo',
Want any hustler stacking dough with probably crack the blow
And my overtime is where your taxes go
I gain your trust
Get you to hand weight to us because we paid up front
On the low with cameras taping ya
Getting pop away? The prison sentence is going to
Make the officer leave with two ki's out the evidence room

[C-Rayz Walz - Prison Inmate]
Out the evidence room (*Said with Loucipher*)
Went my fame, truck, boat or plane, they watching you
You think you got work? They copping too
We control blocks, they lock countries
Ya own companies, we had nice cars and sneaker money
Now there's players out there, talking 'bout the holding
With bugs in they house like they down South with windows open
Your dough ain't long, you wrong, you take shorts and (?)
Feds will be up in your mouth...like forks and spoons
So enjoy the rush, live plush off Coke bread
Soon you'll be in a cell with me, like Jenny Lopez
In school, I was a bully, now life is fully a joke
I keep a flow on a boat for Peruvian Coke
Players do favors for governers and tax makers
Fat Quakers smoke crack and ** acts with bad mayors
The walls got ears, you big mouths probably scared
Not prepared to do years like Javier

[Immortal Technique Speaking]
The story just told is an example of the path that
drugs take on their way to every neighborhood, in
every state of this country. It's a lot deeper than
the niggas on your block. So when they point the
finger at you, brother men, this is what you've got to tell them:

[Wesley Snipes - from "New Jack City"]
I'm not guilty. YOU'RE the one that's guilty. The
lawmakers, the politicians, the Columbian drug lords,
all you who lobby against making drugs legal. Just
like you did with alcohol during the prohibition.
You're the one who's guilty. I mean, c'mon, let's kick
the ballistics here: Ain't no Uzi's made in Harlem.
Not one of us in here owns a poppy field. This thing
is bigger than (Immortal Technique). This is big
business. This is the American way.

Pedro y Juan (Embajada Boliviana)

Venian de Bolivia, traian marihuana
pero en el camino los paro la cana y...
no volvieron nunca mas
Ay, ay, ay, ay,
ay, ay, ay, ay,
ellos eran Pedro y Juan
no volvieron nunca mas.

by: juan_punk29

Soldadito Boliviano (Paco Ibañez)

Soldadito de Bolivia, soldadito boliviano
armado vas de tu rifle, que es un rifle americano
que es un rifle americano, soldadito de Bolivia
que es un rifle americano

Te lo dio el señor Barrientos, soldadito boliviano
regalo de Mr. Johnson, para matar a tu hermano
para matar a tu hermano, soldadito de Bolivia
para matar a tu hermano

No sabes quien es el muerto, soldadito boliviano
el muerto es el Che-Guevara, y era argentino y cubano
y era argentino y cubano, soldadito de Bolivia
y era argentino y cubano

El fue tu mejor amigo, soldadito boliviano
el fue el amigo del pobre, del oriente al altiplano
del oriente al altiplano, soldadito de Bolivia
del oriente al altiplano

Está mi guitarra entera, soldadito boliviano
de luto pero no llora, aunque llorar es humano
aunque llorar es humano, soldadito de Bolivia
aunque llorar es humano

No llora por que la hora, soldadito boliviano
no es de lagrima y pañuelo, sino de machete en mano
sino de machete en mano, soldadito de Bolivia
sino de machete en mano

Con el cobre que te paga, soldadito boliviano
que te vendes que te pagas, es lo que piensa el tirano
es lo que piensa el tirano, soldadito de Bolivia
es lo que piensa el tirano

Pero aprenderás seguro, soldadito boliviano
que a un hermano no se mata, que no se mata a un hermano
que no se mata a un hermano, soldadito de Bolivia
que no se mata a un hermano
que no se mata a un hermano

Java Blues (Rick Danko)

Stopped by a diner, and the blond behind the counter
Asked if she could help in any way
I could tell by her smile, her number I could dial
If I was in the need of company
I asked her for some Java
Instead she brought a cup of chickory

A taste of Java is like a volcanic rush
Nobody's gonna stop me from drinking too much
Costs many more than you care to pay
But money is nothin, compared to a fired-up day
Don't try to cheat, it's impossible to beat
The only pick-me-up that's here to stay

Java Blues... coffee's got me
Java Blues... coffee coffee coffee
Java Blues... well the coffee's got me
Java Blues... coffee coffee coffee

You know that I'll stay high
Drinkin coffee till I die
Java blues

Won't you boil me water, fill up my cup
You know it takes alot to keep me up
Down in Bolivia, the people are insane
They want as much for Java as they do for cocaine
Don't try to cheat, it's impossible to beat
The only pick-me-up that's here to stay

Java Blues... coffee's got me
Java Blues... coffee coffee coffee
Java Blues... you don't know what it does to me
Java Blues... coffee coffee coffee

You know that I'll stay high
Drinkin coffee till I die
Java Blues...


Taquirari, ritmo oriental boliviano.

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