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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Escuchar Kambalache Negro performs Mama Juanita


Swing (Ani Difranco)

she came to and her
whole life was how she remembered it
she had a mouth full of fur
and she was laughing
she parked her hearse across
three spaces posted motorcycles only
and jumped out shouting
wha the cus could make a nice girl like us
feel so lonely?

are you weary as water
in a faucet left dripping
with an incessant sadness
like a sad record skipping
and an ugly and ornery
and shadowy dread
lurking like a troll under the bridge
between your heart and your head

please dumb blind kind sir
lend little miss listless a little bit of christmas
she's been a real good girl
but now she's stuck here
the world is so little and still
mysterious and ominous as ever before
like an unmarked bottle of pills
on the shelf right next to the thing
you were reaching for

swing the groove 'round here
where i can reach it
when i get my**back on track
i'm gonna need it
swing shift til i get the money
to buy me and my baby a moon full of honey
then i'm gonna turn off the nagging voices
inside my head
that follow me to bed and say
you suck...

("break it down" freestyle by Corey Parker added to this song during some performances)

if you dig it on the sound
break it down
no walls up, break it down
break it down
happiness spread it all around
break it down
racism stomp it in the ground
break it down
so if you dig it on the sound
break it down
no walls up, break it down
break it down
ignorance stomp it in the ground
break it down
happiness spread it all around
break it down

check, who said folk and hip-hop can't latch
put us together on the stage and light a match
kaboom, guess who stepped in the room
sweeping you off your feet like we had a broom
with ani difranco and maceo
add a little freestyle flow and who knows
put a little scratchin' into the mix
and it's enough to get you high if you need a fix

so, if you dig it on the sound
break it down
no walls up, break it down
break it down
ignorance stomp it in the ground
break it down
happiness spread it all around
break it down
if you dig it on the sound
break it down
no walls up, break it down
break it down
racism stomp it in the ground
break it down
happiness spread it all around
break it down

so, if you dig it on the sound
break it down

Like Starscream (On Broken Wings)

His Performance Is Moving
I'll Give It That
The Sequence Of Events
Its All A Matter Of Speaking
To Betray Those Who Offer
Friendship And Sactuary
It's Beyond

And Ironically
He's Covered In It
I'm Tired Of Being Tired
The Inferno Will Describe
The Inner Most Circle As
The Destination For The Worst
You Move Like Dripping Ice
You Stare Like Realization

Black Jesus (Kane & Abel)

featuring Master P Silkk the Shocker

(Master P)
Like 2Pac said only God can judge me
But I think only black Jesus can help me

Verse 1 (Kane)

Six in the morning and I see the sunrise
Wish I died in my sleep didn't want to open my eyes
To see this world so **ed up for me
And my family worked so hard but can earn a decent salary
these bills keep whooping a nigga**
Spent my whole check trying to dress with class
I found myself having to smoke weed just to chill
Both my parents got killed and I ain't cried still
All my niggas getting shot, peoples mama's smoking rock
And who the hell can stop these **ed up cops
They like to overseaers and we like the slave bitches
Offer pussy to a nigga even though they got AIDS
You jumping in that pussy thatn you diving in the grave
White man build the prison and the niggas come through
Like the mother**ers giving out free barbeque
Lock a nigga up for life and say ** you
Most of ya'll ain't make it pass the 12th grade
That's why you making minimum wage or slanging rocks for chump change
Alot of people died for the right to vote
We don't use white devils taking nigga land and missuse it
On top of that I think my uncle on crack
My boy Quay Shaun took a slug in his back
>From another black now he in the coma trying to make it back
Come on come on
My old lady think she pregnant I ain't got no cash for her
She probably ** another nigga I wouldn't put it past her
My mind got me murderous like John Doe
Bitch**niggas trying to play me like a hoe
And now I'm rolling round ** on a steel dick
Bout to pull the trigger end it cause I'm tired of this bullshit
Know what I'm saying grown men don't cry
But the ghetto got me wheeping like a bitch I'm gone die on my knees


Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up
Allah, tell me why this world so **ed up
Black Jesus tell me why this world so **ed up for me
For me a nigga

Verse 2 (Abel)

They say that I was dealt some bad cards in this game of life
But before I take my trip I'm gone leave with them stripes
Sending dime bags of weed, toting nines til nose bleeds
My nerve so bad I had to pop one of those b's
I had to strap my jimmy hat or catch this double mint disease
See the devil in a crack pipe pointing at me
I seen a nigga shaking just lke he caught the holy ghost
But he really scored a gram of heroin for 80 bones
I got them stones, if you take a hit you can't resist
Now I'm crying, I think one of my brothers on that shit
Do you care if you live or die, really I don't know
But if there's hell below I think we all gonna go


Verse 3 (Master P)

Tell me is this heaven, is this hell
I ain't LL, but all I hear is funeral bells
The ghetto's trying to kill me, a born loser
A born hustler my uncle's a drug user
I'm from the projects or should I say the 3rd Ward
Where fools into killing and fiends walk like androids
Hooked up with the twins or should I say Kane & Abel
Trying to keep some change in my pockets, some food on my table

Verse 4 (Silkk)

You know what P your right
Cause Silkk was on the block like last night
Niggaz doing anything from selling drugs
to sell mugs smoking that glass pipe
I'm from a messed up city where niggas don't live long
they parents out-live they kids
Rest in peace to my homie they like split his wig
Now who won't walk that last mile to they death
Imaging taking a deep (inhales) that was your last breath
Just imaging your mom was prostituting your mom was smoking
Imagine your eyes don't close imagine your eyes don't open
I be like trying to keep the world and stay TRU
There's too much drama in my hood, gotta stay cool

Verse 5 (Master P)

As I lay me down to sleep
Black Jesus if you real, take me out this ghetto g
Cause its crazy its wicked
I got niggaz on every block trying to get a meal, ticket
They killing they murder
Little kids in 3 inch girdles
And life is just like Pac Man
Niggaz gumping up niggas but who gone be the next man
To lose his shoes, I mean lose his life
Who gone think twice, dying in this ghetto life
Cause in the White House, politicians run the country
But where I'm from in the ghetto's its bout drug money
Ice cream slanging
Niggas banging red and blue everybody's hanging
Niggas bout it, little kids get rowdy
But will I make it out this ghetto, I doubt it

(Kane & Abel talking)

I think the devil trying to get me to sell my soul
He keep on walking with me, he keep on talking with me
I think the devil's trying to get me to sell my soul
He trying to temp me with the bitches and money

Black Jesus black jesus if you feel me
Than save me and my ghetto people

Eye On The Gold Chain (Ugly Duckling)

They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

[Verse One]
When Young Einstein was a kid in the mid
80's he saw how the b-boys lived
They wore the fat gold to rock the rap song
Einstein's takin off, now he's puttin it on
There's not a pair of eyewear that can stop the glare
Of the Duke, overexposed in photo shoots
He salutes the days of old with chains of gold
He looked around then found that the chain was sold
Over to the airport he sets off metal detectors
Inspectors, pull 'em to the side and give 'em lectures
Going through his luggage, heh, they're tryin to test him
Threaten to arrest him, askin lots of questions
Like, "why do you have a box of tissue"
"To remove" "What?" "All the oily finger residue"
So look but don't touch, and let my chain shine
Yo, put it on Einstein

They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right
They got the eye on the gold chain, that's right
<scratching throughout>
All right now here we go
Young Einstein
Check it out
My big gold rope
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Young Einstein
Check it out
Fat gold chain
Always rock a jam every time I perform
Einstein got a dookie gold rope

[Verse Two]
From Panama to Canada, Einstein's the man of the year
Get the trash outta here like a janitor
Chain so heavy when he step in the place
You could tap him on the shoulder and he fall on his face
Dropped the single fresh mode, you thought we would fold
Thirty days later, Einstein had gold
So what you sayin? My man scans the collectibles
For the LP chock full of delectables
For the MP he could reshape the lead break
Cut it in half, changin the speed rate
Or make it self-arranged when it's on the turntable
He wore the dookie when we met Queen Elizabeth
Asked her was she jealous, she said "A little bit"
I guess a crown jewel never compares
To the rope that the Einstein wears
They got the eye on the gold chain
They got the eye on the gold chain

[CHORUS] - repeat
{*adlibs and shoutouts 'til fade to end*}

The Potion (Ludacris)

"The Potion"

What up aye shawty what it is
[Repeat 3x]

Lil Buddy whatcha want some violent shit 2 steppin laid back still wildin shit what up
Aye baby I got the potion Take a sip of this and put yo back in motion
[Repeat 1x]

[Verse 1]
Man I'm like a needle in a haystack so face that goin back to the drwing board connect dots
But can't trace that Matta fact erase that cause I'm this late track getcha face slapped and I'm
Straight so don't taste that try somthin different and shit I'm listenin and shit speakin about
What hip-hop missin and shit I'm bout to feel aboard Ludacris born in illinois raisd in Atlanta
Taught hamma since I was a little boy ain't nobody like me so they wanna fight me fight me step
To me now but it ain't like me people swear they sike me just cause he's light-skinded with braids in
His hair don't mean that nigga look like me trick getcha mind right livin in a limelight so
Picture what they'll do for my jimmy and a kondike Bar Bar hardy hard tell yo mama imma ghetto


[Verse 2]
Only 75 I make but still a bigshot plus i gotta big clean everyday stay fresher than whats in
A ziploc tell yo man to kick rocks when I make my pit stops I'm in then its hard to get me out
Like imma slip not Born to be a leader and not no not a follower only hang wit chicks that got mo
Twist than Oliver And imma tell my hollower would i like to borrow her lips bringing out the best
In me specially if she's a swallower freaky-deaky yellow man to all the lovely ladys that like to
Jiggle like jello man bigger booty small waist put'me in a small place and if it ain't no ass
Where im at then I'm in the wrong place bells like a bondsman but keep'em dancin like Bob
Johnson who da hell is that in that fancy car tell yo mama imma ghetto superstar


[Verse 3]
Jump down turn around
Pick a bell of cotton
Jump down turn around
Pick a bell of hay
Oh Lordy pick a bell of cotton
Oh Lordy Pick a bell of hay
[Repeat 1x]

Still workin like a slave
Learnin tricks in da trade in da ghetto state of mind till im rich and I'm paid pickin records
Like cotton in the thick of the day
Till I'm spoiled and I'm rotten and they send us away life no different that ozar minimum wage
Mo money but still locked in a similar cage either losers of tomorrow Now just that and theres
Really nothin missin to say but


Hang On (Outlawz)

What (Hang on) wherever you at
Hold your head
Put your head to the sky
For my ankle bracelet niggas (Hang on)
25 to life niggas
Outlawz hang on (Hang on)
Hang on
All my thugs hang on (Hang on)
Hang on (Hang on)

Verse 1: Young Noble

For all my thug niggas I got on the block (Hang on)
For all the little homies running from the cops (Hang on)
If you a fiend around the way coked out (Hang on)
If you a ex-drug dealer smoked out (Hang on)
If you a soldier locked down in the hole (Hang on)
No heat in your house and its cold (Hang on)
No job just got laid off (Hang on)
You did your verse but we taking you off (Hang on)
You had your ears all ready for the Lawz (Hang on)
And if you think about sniffing that rock (Hang on)
You about to hop in your homies stolen car (Hang on)
You got a dream to be a big rap star (Hang on)
You gotta hustle but you keep getting robbed (Hang on)
And now you paying for protection from the mob (Hang on)
Your baby mama want half of your check (Hang on)
And your little homies give you no respect (Hang on)
And now you waiting for your time to come around (Hang on)
Be offered work and you turning it down (Hang on)
And now your homies looking at you all funny (Hang on)
You been clocking for 12 years and no money (Hang on)

Chorus: Young Noble

Hang on
If you're out in the cold with nowhere to go you gotta (Hang on)
You 15 and you feel real old youngster (Hang on)
You only 21 and you ain't even coming home soldier (Hang on)
Four kids and make enough to feed one homie (Hang on)

Verse 2: Young Noble

Hang on
If you a thug (Hang on)
You on drugs (Hang on)
You took slugs (Hang on)
You shed blood (Hang on)
You got it bad (Hang on)
You niggas mad (Hang on)
You unprotected
Hand on
And now she pregnant (Hang on)
You pop shit and you don't even got a glock (Hang on)
You from the streets and you don't even got a block (Hang on)
You got the nerve to try to criticize me (Hang on)
Trying to judge the Young N-O-B-L-E (Hang on)
My homie Swift locked down right now (Hang on)
You got dough for some pounds right now (Hang on)
Too many niggas on your block for you to eat (Hang on)
Them out of town niggas steady trying to creep (Hang on)


Verse 3: Ya Yo

If you single 'cause your man ain't shit (Hang on)
Independent ain't pressed for the dick (Hang on)
Kool-Aid money with Cristal taste (Hang on)
You ain't think that I will punch you in your face (Hang on)
All my ladies in the struggle like me (Hang on)
All my ladies trying to bubble like me (Hang on)
You go to school or you strip for a living (Hang on)
Only 20 and you got 3 children (Hang on)

Verse 4: Mil

If you got your test back and it's positive (Hang on)
If your bitch left you 'cause she know you got it (Hang on)
You friends disrespect you for not riding (Hang on)
You did for 3 years and couldn't call nobody (Hang on)
You caught another charge in jail added to the robbery (Hang on)
You in the county can't get a visit from your family (Hang on)
Your baby mother ** one of your homies (Hang on)
You in the ?? (Hang on)
Don't nobody give a ** about me
Little Nob hold on
I'm a young G
I always stay strong

Chorus 2: Young Noble

You signed a bogus contract now wanna get out you better (Hang on)
Your mama kicked your**out 'cause you chose that route you better (Hang on)
And if you wonder how long we gonna be on top you need to (Hang on)
You niggas wish but you never gonna be like Pac they better (Hang on)
They better hang on
They better hang on

Woodie Guthrie (Alabama 3)

Another Pyschopath in Iowa
Loadin up another round
While the NRA in Columbine
Hunt Marilyn Manson down
Powder in the Pentagon
Cruel letters in the mail
Another KKK white supremacist
Cooking up a dose of race hate

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Some baby in Afghanistan
Cryin for it's mama now
While the BNP scare refugees
Sensless up in Oldham town
Hypocrites in downing street
Pourin petrol on the flames
Septal cries asks Paddy why
Do we always get the blame

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Sing a song for the asylum seekers
For the frightened baby on some foreign beach
Bang a gong and pray they reach safe harbour

Some mother in Jakarta
Lays down her weary head
In some free trade zone compound
Where they work you till you're dead
Hunger stalks the corridors
Famine and disease
Ive seen the multinationals walking hand in hand
With globalising marketeers

Don't need no country
Don't fly no flag
Cut no slack for the Union Jack
Stars and stripes have got me jetlagged

Sing a song for the asylum seekers
For the frightened baby on some foreign beach
Bang a gong and pray they reach safe harbour

Vampyresque Weddingnight (Moonlight Love) (Ancient Ceremony)

Dismal Winternight's Embrace
paints Scenarios of snowcovered Graves
Oh what Solitude in this mystic Presence of the Dead
Through the Shadows of ** Trees
bright silvery Moonlight forms Her fierce Silhouette
An ardent Aura of bewitching Beauty
Nocturnal Princess ascends
Icon of Sin, darkened Dreams made Flesh
Graveyardstatues scream for leaving marblestoned Shell
to clasp at least one single Kiss of her lovely crimson Lips

"Fallen from God's Grace I am the dark Angel to catch Thee
In my Veins I carry Treasures of what Paradise might be"

Drink my Blood to taste my Love!
Taste my Blood and drink my Love!

Seducing me with all Thy corrupt Passion
deepest wolfish Desires awake

I lost my Heart to Her, a Rose portrayed by sombre Artist's Hand
I gave my Soul to Her, a Star kissed with cosmic Fire

"Thou drank my bridal Wine,
now let me come upon Thee!"

** Funeral for my mortal Soul
Lust and Death unite to a grotesque Romance
in our Vampyresque Weddingnight
Celestial Choirs perform decadent Chants
Orchids rain from black Skies
Maidens dance in voluptuous Embrace
charming us with ecstatic Rite
in our Vampyresque Weddingnight

Think Again (Minor Threat)

Everybody's right
Everything I've done is wrong
You know I've tried to keep it short
I know it took too ** long
Too much has been said
You think it **ed my head?

Think again

Ignorance, it set your standards
Intelligence, that don't work in your brain
You're an adult, so you act like a child
Don't even try to explain
This stupid shit, it's been done
You think you're the only one?

Think again

A hand to your mouth
A performing yawn
I guess you know
What the ** is going on
You're on top
You're on the ball
You think you've seen it all?

Think again

Before you take another crack
And slap yourself on the back
Before you tell me what you heard
And sum it up in one word
Before you start talking shit
Before you throw another fit

Think again

You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) (Vince Neil)

Little woman got that look in her eyes
Want to cut me down to size
Show me watcha gonna do...it's true
Who's that gorilla standin' by your side
Oh no that must be your ride
You wouldn't be with such a fool
Or your mama too

There's something over here I want you to see
There's a party but it isn't for three
Get something straight between you and me...because

Oh no you're invited but your friend can't come
Oh, no come on baby we're gonna have some fun


Heartbreaker yeah you came for the show
But little did you know you'd end up in the spotlight
Well all right
Come on baby won't you show me what you've got
Ready or not...one, two, here we go
Oh no

Nobody's watchin' it's time to decide
Shake the monkey, mama don't be shy
Come on honey time to take a little ride because


Oh, no you're invited but your friend can't come
Oh, no you're invited but your friend can't come

Rock the night like a hurricane
Make me sweat like the drivin' rain
Pour it on till I can't get no reaction
It's gonna be your night tonight
I'm gonna make you feel all right
Scream and shout, I need it now!
Now! Now! Now! Now!!!!!!

I'm making plans for the rest of the night
So tell your guard dog he better not bite
My dogs are bigger and they're ready to fight

Come on...come on...come on...give it up tonight!


Oh, no you're invited but your friend can't come

Oh, no come on baby we're gonna have some fun

We're gonna have some fun, we're gonna have some fun
Have some fun, baby...oh...she can't come...

Lick it


Afro Peruvian band, Kamalache Negro led by Roberto "Chino" Bolaños performs the song, Mama Juanita Roberto "Chino" Bolaños-leader, cajon Jereto ...

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