, repeat, welcome, slaughtahouse!, suckas, records, played, bein, slayed, war!, jeep, niguh, whatcha, talking, "i, could, man!!", making, break, crown, frown, wake, town, tick, tock, block, funk, dialect, stock, bashin, bass, drum, smashin, crashin, bedroom, walls, monster, mashin, dashin, flying, kids, trying, trick, scien-, -tifical, ninety-nine, couldn't, their, drill, it..., *sound, drill*, [what, funny, house!], welcome, playpen, escapin, where, freestyling, skills, sharp, axes, chills, cash, rash, itchin, green, mean, crazy, baby, ready, holdin, pistol, then, gun, hand, standard, other, candid, allen, funts, fronts, hands, man's, chair, [the, price, pay], whassup, sidewalk_?, right?, yaknow, grow, ain't?, mother**er's, heads, burstin, incorporated, lord, digga, shiloh, eyceurok, brooklynites, floor, builder, watch, biggest, enemy's, mirror, long, road, freedom, self-destruction, breeds, *faggot-ass*, average, original, turned, killer, inc., bandwagon, epmd, [pmd], double?, [erick, sermon], customers, paid, made., rapping, ain't, field, wrong, trade., you'd, grip, them, lips, the..., [p], twice, [e], double, man?, saying?, hard, hardy, mystery, were, solve, understand, involved, here's, ghetto, master, blaster, causes, disaster, number, up?, figured, boss, help, duck, three, epmd, bragging, tagging, snagging, biter, tries, imitate, strike, demonstrate, n-o, pulls, card, good, blow, without, battle?, g-o, repeat, blast, past, boomer, future, free, scream, "ho", "yo", suits, while, booming, face, glooming, saying, assuming, jealous, fellow, "yep", cooler, "hmmm", through, before, gluing, butt, krazy, glue, roll, party, five-o, book, investigation, biters, columbo, pushing, some, info, exchange, jumbo, play, rambo, commando, know?, knew, jack-ified, afro, catch, bite, confused, dazed, amused, sweating, used, seen, cost, chicken, volume, swaying, "who, brother?", record, playing, felt, kinda, happy, trip, laugh, energy's, tradition, dissing, position, perfect, condition, hissing, homeboy, listen, talk, slaying, devastate, hip-hop, scene, feet, dancing, machine, yeah, scratch, wild, room, distraction, controlling, keeps, scratching, business, uknowhowwedu, bahamadia, landscapin, shapin', lookin, gucci, represent, peoples, ill-a-del, side, live, sh*t, imagination, hansoul, lady, ster-re-erie-o, raps, plat., super, disco, freak, patty, duke, giggalo, aftermidnight, weekend, remember, steady, nuff, yvette, miz, pause, delay, jewel, rocked, ride, cross, breeze, bottom, discombobbaboobalate, cerrone, diggin', crates, ii, youngstas, makin, divine, beings, true, flipped, mad, props, ruggedness, lyrical, terrorists, funky, rhymin', e-b-s, crush, nation, nigs, snooze, jazz, fresh, easin', cha, rumbletown, mixture, merdah, hypnotic, rude, girl, tha, battle, star, galack, cosmic, abstraxx, limo, nigga, charlie, mack, west, phils, k-d, where's, takin', shorts, yuup, rebels, dice, raw..., shout, outs, bahamadia, kollage, worldwide, akinyele, extra, house, akinyele, tour, together, rhasaan, ak.., [akinyele], areas, fans, ak's, takin, slap, your**with, underground, subways, stay, carpenter, ak?, brain, drugs, smack, fire, your**like, flag, _backdraft_, peep, movie, half, schoolin, learnin, mississippi, burning, known, lines, might, clothes, static-free, kicked, doesn't, cling, singin, brought, bringin, cannibalistic, rhymer, eatin, bitch, statistics, jeffery, dahmer's, scrapin, sculpture, vulture, dozen, dirty, donated, agri-culture, medicine, taste, slide, corner, --, tired, loosen, laces, shoes, tight, pull, matador, bull-shit, singers, rudebwoy, raz', write, leavin, bloodier, maxipad, crayola, crayons, they'd, color, badd, midget, forget, arsonist, athletic, hyper-dermic, lyrics, flavored, dia-betic, recoups, nowadays, probably, jerry, lewis, drip, razor, punch, frazier, sell, favors, ducks, north, baggin, mother**in, washcloth, winnin, battles, told, bluff, years, nine, five, employee, stepped, beggin, for-giveness, channel, news, people, jehovah, witnessed, sayin, catchin, wreck, ring, alarm, bombs, guard, vietnam, dream, ignites, light, fast, speed, slow, puttin, brakes, midas, nope, matter, type, slang, ears, therapy, episode, cheers, beer, graduated, lobbies, bangin, hobby, anybody, would, **in, hire, chiropractor, nuthin, mani-cures, stomp, after, pedi-cure, lesson, quiz, jam, damn, slammed, backhand, rest, hooker, street, beef, hotter, sauna, again, drama, rugged, sinead, o'connor, tearin, sprayin, immaculate, mac-11.., impossible, voiceovers, london, europe, queens, russia, pole, indies, india, germany, to..., vagina, diner, rebel, 2pac, stand, reign, occasional, goes, against, grain., sometimes, vain, treble, missed, explain, rebel., devil., straight, alone, laughs., came, maniac, sychopath., critics, heard, aftermath., shows., clothes., me:, lunatic, mc., shout, homies., maybe, critics'll, g., streets, truth, tellin, won't, banned., dangerous, weapon:, educated, man., blank, pump, join, human, race., bay., jungle, oaktown, backin, way., sound., rebel:, underground., he's, breedin, ghetto., police, brutality, call, technicality., reap, soe., read, wrath, jackin, more., henhouse., creepin, daughter, asleep, sneakin, out., tupac, nuttin, nice., nothin, gonna., good., mastermind, mischief, movin, could., slip, down., guess, me., punks, tryin, sweat, fact, censor, talkin, 'bout., media, today., sellin, greedy, paid., soul., gold, story, told., sells, couple, copies, punks'll, copy., sloppy, to., slave, rythm, through., sold, yoya-yo, ahead, go., everybody, gangbang., punk, hang., bout, violence, silent., 2pacalpyse, 2pac, 2pacalypse, flippin', wall, lucy, ball, bass, [mc, serch, singing, throughout], balls, itch!!, *laughter*, oooooooooh!, dedicated, pete, knahmsayin?, oahhhh, got.., hahahah!, *uncontrollable, laughter*, oahhhhhhh, hooooh!, itty, bitty, blessed, soul.., *more, laughter, stops*, hoooooh!, mmmmmmmm.., takes, 1940's, ?, sittin, kevin, renald's, "son, you've, you've.., hooooh, soul, ass", see.., south, buggin, flippin, hahahahaha, white, "white, boy!", "you've, soul", boy!, hah.., shit!, "hohhhhhh, toes, asshole!, whohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhle, "kevin!, work, black!", "oahhhhhh, city, meet, named, peter, look, asshole!", cactus, canciones, letras, ¡lbumes, artistas, mp3, conciertos, canciûn, video, descargaMp3, Musica, Descarga, Letras, Canciones, Conciertos, Boletos, Live, Video, DVD, Gratis, Discografia, Mpeg, Compra, Grupo, Artista, Album, Coleccion, Archivo, Eventos, Busca, CD" />
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Friday, 18 April 2014
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Escuchar A Fondo Blanco - Apache Mc


Stick N' Move (Linkin Park)

This is how it's done, going for the title and crown
Renowned MC's surround as the beat breaks down
In 2 elements, clobbin' up those that had been the best
And as the M-I see the way it ought to be finessed
Yes, yes am I the one to keep you on your toes?
Most definitely in my b-boy pose
It’s the electric boogaloo with the slight twist
Touch your chin to your chest to the rhythm like this
Now see what I have, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move
Now see what I had, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move

MC's dogging me since the first day I grabbed the mic
Now it's like “Sit! Stay!”
Cobra path lifestyles, I'm kickin'
Stickin' MC's real quick 'cause times tickin'
At the drop of the defense, I let loose the venom
Sendin', I try to verbal heat up in ‘em
The ending will come, grab your family and run
Apocalyptic rhyme pattern taking shots from the sun
Record in this world, four-thousand-eighty-one
Question my intentions and your whole world is done
Like wars to Rome, turn your eyeballs into Saturn
Full metal jacket, fully auto rhyme pattern

Now see what I have, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move
Now see what I had, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move

Stick it, rock your whole clique and I’m wicked
Move it, moving all my tunes and you groove it
Stick it, rock your whole clique and I’m wicked
Move it, moving all my tunes and you groove it
Stick it, rock your whole clique and I’m wicked
Move it, moving all my tunes and you groove it
Stick it, rock your whole clique and I’m wicked
Move it, moving all my tunes and you groove it

Now see what I have, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move
Now see what I had, I want you
Be with me or Stick N' Move

Leavin' This Game (MCM)

No rapper in the world wants to leave this game,
If you leave this game....
You can leave in hame,

[Verse 1]
I feel caged and trapped, it's like my veins have snapped,
I can't rap no more- nothing's as lame as rap,
This rap game is w**, nothing can change it back,
If I quit tommorro', y'all can blame this crap,
This is hanus rap, I hate this crap,
I'm so sad -which is why I ** made this track,
Nobody said there was this much pain attached,
I'mma leave this game with a pain attack,
Can't slit my wrists -I'm sick of this:
This is it -bitch, I've quit -that's it,
No more holdin' back: I'm over rap,
I feel like an athlete who's being overlapped,
Once liked the game, can't find the page,
So I can't find the right **ng rhyme to say it,
Once I leave this game -gotta hide the pain,
Gotta exit the stage and hide away,

[Verse 2]
Can't hide the pain, I like the game,
Since I started rap my whole life has changed,
But it's over now, it's time to fade,
Time to pack my bags and put the mic away,
And this album took a lotta time to make-
I didn't sleep: I worked the whole nnight and day,
So when I quit I'mma throw my whole life away,
It's not nice, but I got nothing nice to say,
But I'm over rap, can't hold it back,
So I'mma leave for real with no bonus track,
There's no hope for rap, I've noticed that,
I got no clue why I even chose to rap,
No rapper in the world wants to leave this game,
But it's gotta happen -like a season change,
It's the one thing that makes all MC's insane,
Once you leave this game, you gon' sleep in pain,
But it's quite alright,'cuz my time is up,
And I'm quite relieved 'cuz Ive rhymed enough!
No more MCM, no more lyricist,
This is it -bitch, I've quit -that's it.
(fade out)

Madskillz (Mic Checka) (BT)

yeah ... Sounds of source and information
Peace be humanity ... (come on)

Yah mon ... Beat vibes and energy ... Hear this!

Come on ... Mad skillz!!

one, one two ... one two one two

Rockin' this mic, got you droppin' it right
{A little session for the soldier who be rockin' it tight}
Ah, don't be scared just let yourself go
I make this shit boom on the microphone

Somebody rockin' this mic, got you droppin' it right
{A little session for the soldier who be rockin' it tight}
Ah, don't be scared just let yourself go
I make this shit boom on the microphone, come on

Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel (come on)
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Mad skillz mic check, come on

It's no division ... It's no separation
With the rhythm, with the power, word and sound
Each and every TIME
Mad skillz!
Mad skillz!
(Mad skillz mic check)

Iki come with Hutchy
Is he one cat?
Naughty with the rich kid and the MC
With Hutchy 'pon the mic it's like want to G wit me
Come kiss me or love me and give me your**
Everybody's chopping sin skill
Not a party
With Hutchy 'pon the mic it's like want to G wit me
When we on we know we do it alright - aye aye

Instinct, checkin' MCs is on the mic- I'm 'bout to
This the sound
Instinct, checkin' MCs is on the mic- I'm 'bout to
Mad skillz
In-instinct, checkin' MCs is on the mic- I'm 'bout to
Mad skillz
Instinct, checkin' MCs is on the mic- I'm 'bout to
(make this shit boom on the microphone)

Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel, come on

Mad skillz mic check, come on

Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Give it to your party- give ya something to feel
Mad skillz, what's the deal?
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel, come on

Mad skillz mic check, come on

And ya don't stop

The vibe ... My life, your life ... High life
God gave us words, wisdom, sound, power
Words to wisdom

This the sound
(mic check)
(and ya don't stop)
Mad skillz!
Mad skillz!
Bring it to the party- give ya something to feel, come on Mad skillz mic check

Droppin' Science (Marley Marl)

featuring Craig G

(Get) (Get)
(Get funky)

When I get stupid to the point that I'm mentally mad
My rhymes start to flow so I simply must brag
About my style that makes you vibrant I keep drivin
Until the song turns me to a hip hop giant
Me and Marley Marl we're goin one on one
For any sucker rapper that chooses to come
And for me Craig G a/k/a The Kingpin
I drop science, can't you tell how I'm singing?
They hate how I tie my mic cord to a whip
Suckers just have to flip cause I'm so hip
Craig G and Marley Marl, we form the ultimate alliance
No sucker can deal when I'm droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

Rappers: Ask yourself the same question
Why am I best in this profession?
Is it because you're scared to step to me, yo
Or the things Marley does in the studio?
I drop science as if I was Butterfingers
And I know there's not another singer
In this lifetime to kick the right rhyme
Cause there's not another rhyme quite like mine
And when it comes to havin showmanship
I really don't care who you go and get
Cause rappers hate me, I'm so defiant
And I can get stupid just by droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

Livin larger than life, and what this means is
We'll be the dopest duo comin outta Queensbridge
Now crews hate us cause we're extraordinaire
For you to beat us? Hm, I think that's sort of rare
These rhymes are dope, that's how I transmit
And sized perfectly, so that they can fit
You're steppin to us? You need traction
Or you'll be another sucker missin in action
You hate to hear it? You'll learn to love it
My smokin rhymes, you always think of it
I eat MC's up like a pack of hungry lions
So step out my way, I'm droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

The Vernon Posse along with me Craig G
Is gonna rock it till the crowd begs me
To kick the next verse, your context's worse
Like all the others, that's why I get respect first
And believe me, I'm never on on others
Cause as a member of Cold Chillin'/Warner Brothers
I do swear to uphold this
Title of rap to be the boldest
Among so many MC's
Yo Marley, yo we outta here?
(Yo money, let's breeze)

I'm droppin science

Slaughtahouse (Masta Ase Inc.)

* This song has two parts:
A. "The cutting edge of hardcore rap; the most innovative stuff
for 1993" gangsta parody following the "Classroom" skit
B. Paula Perry introduces the _real_ Slaughtahouse

Part A:

(Yeah... yeah... yeah...)
This is MC Negro
And this is this Ign ant MC
And this is our new mother** single
This shit is called Slaughtahouse
Negro! Coming off our last platinum LP
Platinum LP
_Shit's Real Killin' Mother**ers Dead_
Killin em dead
And this is how we gonna rock shit for the nine-tray

Verse One: MC Negro

Here come the craziest niggaz on earth
Cutthroats, ever since birth
Blood and guts are gonna spill
Cuz it's murder murder murder, and kill kill kill
Chainsaw in my holster
Barb-wire rope, and I'll hang ya like a poster
So when I grab my axe you better drop
Cause I'm "swing swing swing, and chop chop chop" in the Slaughtahouse

Yeah, yo Ign-ant MC
Show these niggaz what the dress code is

Verse Two: Ign-ant MC

Strictly Raiders and Kings gear
Only wear black and I don't know how to act
no more... so come and take a chance and
Mess around with the black Charles Manson
Body parts in the freezer
I'm not Jeffrey Dahmer but I'll slaughta ya momma
So open up the do'
To the Slaughtahouse, so I can kill a little mo'


Yeahhh, mother**er
This is MC Negro
And this the Ign-ant MC
And this shit is real over here, mother**er, real real
This is the brand new LP, it's called _Brains on the Sidewalk_
Brains on the sidewalk!
And all we wanna do now
Is murder murder murder, kill kill kill

Part B: Paula Perry, Masta Ase

One two, one two
This is Paula Perry and it's a brand new year
Time for the weak-ass, wack-ass
No-skills, negative, anti-everything
MC's to get shut down
They're gettin Slaughta'd!
[Lord Digga] Death to the wack MC's --> repeat 4X
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Too many suckas, too many wack records gettin played
Too much money bein made, it's time for the wack to get slayed
Take these suckas to war Ase, take em to war!

It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Whatcha know about the jeep (ass niguh)
It's the jeep (ass niguh), it's the jeep (ass niguh)
Here we go, with the jeep (ass niguh) (Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)
Never hear me talking "I could kill a man!!"
Started making records but I'm still a fan
I'll take you down, I break your crown
I make you frown, I wake the town
Tick, check it out tock I rock your whole block
Got the funk dialect in stock
With the boom, bashin, bass drum is smashin
and crashin your bedroom walls, and monster mashin
Dashin, man with the kick, that be flying
Kids don't be trying, this trick cause I'm scien-
-tifical, ninety-nine rappers wanna kill
to sound ill, you couldn't find their brains with a drill
Check it...
*sound of a drill*
[What a funny little house!]
(Welcome to the Slaughtahouse!)

Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, it's like a playpen
Welcome to my Slaughtahouse, there's no escapin
This is the place where freestyling skills
are sharp like axes, and suckas get the chills
Drum is the cash, like the rash you'll be itchin
for the green and, everybody's talking like they're mean and
crazy, oh baby, you're ready, for this yo
Make me, a poster, holdin, a pistol
Then I can be the (man)
I can be the (man)
Cause they see me with the gun in my hand
I, am not, down with the standard
The man did, not do, what every other man did
Candid, just like the man Allen Funts
And there's nothing worse than, a rapper when he fronts
So throw your hands up in the air
If you really don't care
about the next man's life, you get the chair
In the Slaughtahouse
[The price a rapper must pay]


Whassup kid you hear that new album _Brains on the Sidewalk_?
Yeah it's FAT right?
Yeah I like that part
Yaknow that's what it's all about
Yeah I'm gonna be just like that when I grow up
You think I ain't?

[Lord Digga]
This is a brand new year for mother**er's heads to start burstin
Masta Ase, Incorporated
Ase, Lord Digga, Shiloh, Eyceurok, the Brooklynites
And the Floor Builder
Watch your back black man
Your biggest enemy's in the mirror
Long is the road to freedom from self-destruction
The Slaughtahouse, breeds death
Death to the *faggot-ass* average wack MC's
And death of the original man, turned killer man

Get Off The Bandwagon (EPMD)

Ayo what's up E Double?

[Erick Sermon]
Yo whole thing man got a lot of customers out there man trying
to get paid off what we made.

Ayo rapping ain't your field you took the wrong trade. So you'd
better get a grip on them lips and get off the...

[P] Ayo yo yo I be the P twice E M D
[E] I be the E double E in the place to be
[P] Ayo what up E man we in there man?
[E] You know we in there, trying to get paid, know what I'm saying?
[P] Yo, we gotta step out hard this year
[E] Pee check this out, this is how it's going down

[Erick Sermon]
There was a Hardy Boy mystery you were trying to solve
Can't understand why you got involved
Here's a clue, try the ghetto master blaster
Now think who causes disaster
Clue number two, you give up?
I figured, it was K La Boss on the cut
He had help, sucker duck, now that's clue number three
You wrong, cause it was EPMD

MC's, get off the bandwagon
I'm not bragging, but tagging
And snagging the biter that tries to imitate
Time to go on strike and demonstrate
On the fo, that does not N-O
That if he pulls my card, I'm good to flow
Toe to toe, blow to blow, without H2O
Ayo, you want to battle? I'm good to G-O

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]
This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future
Feel free to scream "Ho" or "Yo" if it suits you
While the bass is booming and your face is glooming
Saying the E double E is def, you're not assuming
They're only one of many that think a jealous fellow
Say "yep" then step cause I'm cooler

Say "Hmmm" now you're through, you're how not who
Before I'm gluing that butt like Krazy Glue
I roll into the party as if I was Five-O
Book investigation biters like Columbo
Pushing rap for some info in exchange for a jumbo
And when I find a sucker it's time to play Rambo
Or play Commando, you know?
I knew it was the sucker with the New Jack-ified afro
We rock rhymes then we we run em a while
Sucker MC's catch on, then they bite our style
They're confused, dazed, and amused
Sweating and thing because their rhymes are used
Seen us in the crowd then they own their cost
They run around like a chicken with their heads cut off

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

[Erick Sermon]
While my volume was swaying, you were saying
"Who was that brother?" while the record was playing
I felt kinda happy like an ego trip
I had to laugh cause my energy's tip
My tradition is dissing in this position
And right about now I'm in perfect condition
And don't get mad, and don't stop hissing
Don't say nothing homeboy just listen

No talk or playing, sucker MC's I be slaying
Get off the bandwagon, you know what I'm saying?
I devastate the hip-hop scene
Keep the feet moving like a dancing machine
E got my back (yeah) K La Boss on the scratch
You wild on the groove with the beat on wax
I'm in my own world, no room for distraction
Controlling MC's while La Boss keeps scratching

Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)

Uknowhowwedu (Bahamadia)











(You Know How We Do)











Verse III

(Shout Outs and Rock - Rock Ons)

Worldwide (Akinyele)

Yeah yeah yeah
We got my man Extra P in the house
But me and my man Akinyele
you know we goin Worldwide this tour
Cause yo you know how that go
We gon' get together y'all, word up
That's how we gon' bring it to you
We gon' go all around the world
get this money, and do what we got to do
Word up, my man Rhasaan in the house
We gon' bring it to y'all like this, word up
Just give it to em Ak.. UHH

I been in and out all areas
And all you true hip-hop fans, you know the Ak's takin care of ya
Slap your**with real rap
I keep it underground, like subways, so I can stay on track
I'm not a carpenter, but I'll cut the rug
Think you can hang with Ak? Ha, that's your brain on drugs
Smack fire out your**like a flag from _Backdraft_
Didn't peep the movie, you don't know the half
Schoolin MC's until they start learnin
We don't gotta be Mississippi to watch the Ak start Burning
I kick that shit that's known to hit
So much rap lines, you might ** around and hang clothes on it
But yo it ain't no THING in it, your static-free rhymes
that you kick, need to be kicked, cause it doesn't got no CLING in it
Then you turn around and start SINGIN it
Hard Akinyele be brought, so I'm here to start BRINGIN it
First cannibalistic rhymer, eatin bitch niggaz
by the statistics, like, Jeffery Dahmer's
Huh, scrapin you like a SCULPTURE, murder you for the VULTURE
My dozen dirty, my brains be donated to agri-CULTURE
So come on and face it, my skills are like medicine nigga
You just don't wanna taste it
You best to slide to the side, another corner of the map
Cause this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Put them tired rhymes to bed, and loosen up your laces
Your shoes are too tight, and now it's goin to your HEAD
Me you feel you can pull with
Remember that I'm not a matador, so get off that bull-shit
I put rappers and singers in they place
A real rudebwoy with the raz', I write it all over your face
Leavin you bloodier than a MaxiPad
Crayola crayons, they'd have to Color Me Badd
So play like a midget and FORGET it
Cause I put oil to the fire, like an arsonist
when it comes time to SET it
I get more run than an ATHLETIC
Sharp as a hyper-DERMIC
Lyrics are flavored up like a dia-BETIC
I recoups, and they try to step to this
Nowadays I probably have as much kids as Jerry Lewis
My rhymes drip like a RAZOR, punch like Joe FRAZIER
I don't sell shoes, because I don't believe in FAVORS
Ducks better break North, before I start
baggin that ass, like a mother**in washcloth
Winnin battles cause I'm a hip-hop soldier
Act like you know, and ** what your girl told ya
No bluff, for years I've been IN THIS
A nine to five employee don't got shit on me
cause I done stepped to nuff rapper BUSINESS
Beggin for for-GIVENESS
Channel 7 news and people from Jehovah done WITNESSED
the whole Akinyele vibe
You know what I'm sayin kid, this here is worldwide

Worldwide -- yeah yeah (repeat 4X)

Ak not catchin wreck, come the ** on
Ring the alarm, I drop bombs like the Guard in Vietnam
I kick that shit, niggaz dream to write
My brain so hot that it ignites, but you can't see the light
Fast rappers can't speed by this, you better slow down
because I'm puttin the brakes on your**like Midas
Nope, it don't matter what type of slang you drop
I give you rope and you still can't hang with the Ak
For years I put ears through therapy
Watch a episode of Cheers before you come try the beer with me
I graduated from lobbies, bangin on walls for a hobby
I battle anybody, even a dead body
I got rhymes that would attack ya
so you better watch your back, or **in hire a chiropractor
Ain't nuthin change from BEFORE, slap niggaz with mani-CURES
Stomp you down, after a pedi-CURE
Here's another lesson, I'm not a quiz
So that talk about me not gettin biz that's out of the question
It's a Ak, jam, god damn don't get slammed
You catch the backhand, word to my dead man
You best to rest if you want peace
Cause like a hooker from up the street, I'm down for beef
I'm hotter than a sauna again the drama is rugged
Word to Sinead O'Connor, I be tearin shit up
Cause I sprayin immaculate, like a Mac-11..

* impossible to make out the rest of the verse with voiceovers *

I take you to London Worldwide
I take you to Europe Worldwide
Come back to Queens Worldwide
I take you to Russia Worldwide
I take it to the North pole Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to the West Indies
I give it to em Worldwide
I take you to India
I give it to em Worldwide
I bring it back to Queens
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to Germany
I give it to em Worldwide
I take it to...

Rebel Of The Underground (2Pac)

Rebel, rebel, rebel
They just can't stand the reign
Or the occasional pain
Of a man like me who goes against the grain.
Sometimes I do it in vain
So wit the little bass and treble ain't missed a
So it's time for me to explain that I'm the rebel.
Cold as the devil.
Straight from the underground, the rebel alone laughs.
They came to see the maniac sychopath.
The critics heard of me and the aftermath.
I don't give a damn and it shows.
A when I do a stage show I wear street clothes.
So they all know me: the lyrical lunatic, the maniac MC.
I give a shout out to your homies.
Maybe then, the critics'll leave your boy alone, G.
On the streets or on TV, it just don't pay the be a truth tellin MC.
They won't be happy till I'm banned.
The most dangerous weapon: an educated black man.
For point blank in your face, pump up the bass, and join the human
I throw peace to the Bay.
Cuz from the jungle to Oaktown, they backin me up all the way.
You know ya gotta love the sound.
It's from the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
He's the rebel: rebel of the underground
Now I'm face to face with the devil.
Cuz they breedin more rebels than the whole damn ghetto.
And police brutality,
Put you in a nip and call it technicality.
So you reap what you soe.
So read the wrath of the rebel jackin em up once more.
Now the fox is in the henhouse.
Creepin up on your daughter, while you asleep
I got her sneakin out.
Tupac ain't nuttin nice.
I'll be nothin how I wanna and do it when I'm gonna.
Now I'm up to no good.
The mastermind of mischief movin more than most could.
So sit and slip into the sound.
Peep the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
He's the rebel: rebel of the underground
They say they hate me, they wanna hold me down.
I guess they scared of the rebel: the rebel of the underground.
But I never let it get me.
I just make another record 'bout the punks tryin to sweat me.
In fact, they tryin to keep me out.
Try to censor what I say cuz they don't like what I'm talkin 'bout.
So what's wrong with the media today.
Got brothers sellin out cuz they greedy to get paid.
But me, I'm comin from the soul.
And if it don't go gold, my story still get told.
And that way they can't stop me.
And if it sells a couple of copies, the punks'll try to copy.
It's sloppy, don't even try to.
I'm a slave to the rythm and I'm about to fly through.
Sold yo(ya-yo) to the people in the ghetto.
When ya hear the bass roll, go ahead and let go.
Now everybody wanna gangbang.
They talkin street slang, but the punk still can't hang.
By makin records bout violence
But when it comes to the real, some brothers go silent.
It kinda make you wanna think about
That ya gotta do some sellin out, just to get your record out.
But 2pacalpyse is straight down.
So feel the wrath of the rebel: the rebel of the underground.

Flippin' Off The Wall Like Lucy Ball (3rd Bass)

[MC Serch singing throughout]

But my balls itch!! *laughter*

Dedicated to my man, Pete Nice, knahmsayin? *laughter*
Oahhhh I got.. HA HAHAHAH! *uncontrollable laughter*
Oahhhhhhh, when I was a little baby
Little baby boy, hooooh!
A little itty bitty baby boy
I was blessed with soul.. *more laughter as the beat stops*

This is def, hoooooh!
This goes, this goes back
This takes me back to 1940's, when I was a little baby
new ? sittin on Kevin Renald's lap
And he said to me, "SON you've got so much soul..
You've.. hooooh you've got, soul comin out your ass" *laughter*
Now peep this, see..
You've gotta take this back down South
Oh I'm buggin, I'm flippin
Hahahahaha, huh, flippin right?

Now see you, got to understand where this is comin from
Little white boy, down South
No mother**in white people around
And they said to me, they said, "White boy!" *laughter*
"You've got a whole, mess of soul"
They said, "White boy!
You gonna grow up, to have so much soul
A little little itty bitty baby boy!"
Ha hah.. oh shit!

"Hohhhhhh, you've got soul
Way down in your little itty bitty baby toes
You got soul..
You've got so much soul it's comin out your asshole!
Whohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhle mess of soul"
They said, "Kevin! When you grow up
gonna work with a lot of white people think they're black!"
They said, "Oahhhhhh, Kevin boy!
When you grow up, you gonna go to the big city
Meet a, man named Peter
Gonna look like a white boy but he's a def MC
He got soul.. comin out his asshole!"


New Release of Mc Apache's Music, exponent of Rap music in Venezuela.

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