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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Escuchar Tommy Torres junto a Jesse & Joe. Imparable.


Tellin' Stories (The Charlatans)

Come see me in the morning
Can't you see I'm tellin' stories
My sweet angel's everlasting true love ways
I'll wait I'll sow the seed I'll set the scene
And I watch the world go by

See me come through changes
revelations to blank pages
I'll find a brighter guide to see me through
And leaves fall to the ground to turn brown
through the day just like you

Live for the day I see your heart is empty I've got plenty
Joe come ride with me I see your head is is meant to be cemented
It's true, when the stories that you tell come back to haunt you

I'll be there in the morning
can't you see I'm tellin' stories
My sweet angel's everlasting true love ways
While others turn to others introduce
you and walk right on through

It's just about knowing where
you come from being you and
singing love songs can begin to fill your day
I could lead you to the top don't stop
I could lead you there still

Live for the day I see your heart is empty I've got plenty
Joe come ride with me I see your head is is meant to be cemented
It's true, when the stories that you tell come back to haunt you

End Of The Time (Dilated Peoples)

It all comes down to this it all comes down (x3)

A lot of match to insense I'm tense with every sentence
Dence is how my weed is I rock them ill Adidas
Yo my feet is in deep peep my twist lingustics
Loud like Steve Ripkith but most of y'all won't miss it
To some it comes slower others much faster
My rhymes stand out like calliped at the Masters
Ask the question "Yo let me step up"
I say you can't try us cause fools dying
Before they get the chance like Len Blias
Ride by us they walk well I be hidden in shade
More content then when rent is paid
And renitent like raider spraid
Oow yo first date is made for those who needed evidence
Becoming ill never defeating the purpose
But I propose my flows goes off the deep end
Living everyday of the week like a weekend
That's just my lifestyle I'll cut like a knife while
You'll dull like shine never mind it's the end of the time

"It's the end of the time" -Group Home

While some crash the backboard I slash the blackboard
With permanet chalf I decode your thought
Thee eraser I will rip apart to make a marker
Flooded with more sheets now lines are darker
But who would of thought when nine years have past
The lines will contain the signs of the pat
And when my day finally comes at last
I resound taking out mad fools in the blast

Evidence will keep it on lyrics hi tech like tron
Visualize pictures drawn in neon
With suttle backdrops blackk for silouetts
Torn up cities that floundered nothing left
No fish in the streams no natural greens
Like a dream or a scene from 2014
But that's the next let my stay on the line
Evidence violated till the end of the time

Hook (x2)

I pick up vibes like God part of Quarty Hey
Through my brain sends my arms back signals of pain
I take you where I need to go from the scheme to the store
I travel when i flow we can do Mars like Joe
Then stroll back to Earth critique your transmission
You must renovate then innovate in a dimension
Not just of sound and sight but of mind like the twilight
Your rhymes are incomplete like a piece without the highlight
I be that artist painting pictures lyrically
In 3D to make that picture pop out spherically
When I rap I do laps like Tyco race tracks
So I bomb exact I sue my airial map
Poetic contractor design and build
Many intricate messages are messed with skill
Prescriptions are filled by traditional
Medicinal appressional rhymes
To break down before the end of the time

Hook (x2)

Shit that's how we do it. Dilated Peoples just rule
"It's the end of the time" (x4)

Me Muero de Amor (Natalia Oreiro)

Te marchaste sin palabras
Cerrando la puerta
Justo cuando te pedía un poco más
Un poco más
El miedo te alejó del nido
Sin una respuesta
Dejando un corazón herido
Dejándome atrás
Y ahora me muero de amor si no estás
Me muero y no puedo esperar
A que vuelvas de nuevo aquí
Junto a mí, con tus besos...
Es que me muero de amor si no estás
Me muero y no puedo esperar
Necesito tenerte aquí, junto a mí
Sin tu amor no puedo vivir
Entre tus papeles descubrí una carta
Sólo en líneas apretadas frases sin razón
Dices que el motivo fue la falta de aire
Si siempre te dejé ser libre
Sin una condición
Dime que no es verdad
Que voy a despertar
Cerca de tu piel
Igual que hasta ayer...

Garden City Of Light (Butterfingers)

hey joe howdy rainbow claustrophobic hour..
sittin' by the jewel in the crown noisy motor sounds
go go the cops are comin' you gotta move you car
think you're smart parking free never get it right

weekend come and have lots of fun
joke around makes us feel like on
super slackers now kiss my heart
growing older is not my fault
in the garden city of lights.....2x

disco goddess solo dress up like your style
mak koh frogs will never eat'cha round about and out
oh no low below you rats have run above
people walking all across no one make a fuss

hey joe howdy rainbow claustrophobic hour
sittin' by the jewel in the crown noisy motor sounds
go go the cops are comin' you gotta move you car
people walking all across no one make a fuss

Juice (Kurtis Blow)

I was walkin' down the avenue the other day
When I heard this crazy sound
It was nothing but a guy with a set of drums
But he was really gettin' down
He said my name is Jack and I'm a rhythm attack
When I got a pair of sticks in hand
I got savior faire on the bass and snare
And I'm here to take my stand
I got juice

The next to show was a guy named Joe
Came in from Kalamazoo
Had a Kango cap with a real smooth rap
And he knew just what to do
He was an outta work bricklayer,part-time conga player
Brought along a set of LP's
Don't do a lot of talkin',let my fingers do the walkin'
And I play just as pretty as you please
I got juice

There was a guy with a bass,had a handsome face
And designer clothes all around
He said I'm into threads,don't wear Pro Keds
But I can make that funky sound
I play Fender Jazz,I got razz-ma-tazz
I got style from head to toe
It's a funky sound that I learned uptown
And I'm here to let you know
I got juice

About a minute went by when another guy
Showed up with an old guitar
Well it hard to be from World War III
Or run over by a car
It don't look like much,but it's sweet to touch
They don't make'em like this today
It's been around,but check the sound
Then see what you say
I got juice

There was a dude with a bongo,came from the Congo
Had a rough beat of his own
He dressed real strangle,wore beads and chains
But he could rock you all alone
He said call me Chief and I've got relief
For those weary dancin' blues
I got jungle heat from a primative beat
And I know I'll move your shoes,HUH-HUH
I got juice

The next to show was Kurtis Blow
With timbales in his hands
Well I'm known for rap and I play with snap
And I think you'll understand
Now I was taught to play in a different way
By a dude known as Delgado
He said listen to me and you soon will be
A timbale desparato
I got juice

What do you say when you're bustin' loose
It's good for the gander and chilly for the goose
Breakin' out from that weekday noose
Gettin' down on the one and up on the deuce

Walking Past (Joe & Ellen)

Walking past autumn grass on a morning in September
Wind blows on through the dawn and I must remember
That is doesn't even matter who's cross I bear
I could easily be someone else
It's everything
One and the same

And I'm not sad
Floating in the wind
For every other broken heart there's a blade of grass
For every cry in history the voice slowly fades

I think of you in a room with pale yellow carpet
Scribbling on until the dawn words of a lover
And it doesn't even matter just what you write
It's all already inside your heart
You were my friend
Will we smile again?

And I'm not sad
It's just my voice
I could never tire of those summer days
Doesn't it remind you of something more true

Walking past moonlit grass in the dark of the midnight
Wandering on until the dawn your face in blue light
And I wanted so to show you everything
I could love you every lonely day
It's only love
Just let it be crushed

Underneath the weight
Of the city streets
We are always driving them
The same everyday
We are always driving them
Heading the same way

Your Eyes Are Beautiful (Joe & Ellen)

Lying in my car
I called you all afternoon
I'd hoped you had not gone out yet
I hoped the ring would wake you up

The day'd been hurting me
I'd wasted all my time
I broke things that did not belong to me
I was afraid of everyone

Well correct me if I'm wrong
We used to be far gone
Lovers outside the window
It's not how you used to pull
Your eyes are beautiful

I see your face all the time
Diluted in the sky
Like that poem scribbled on your wall
The clouds shadow us

Even when they're filled with jealousy
I still smile to think I have
A friend with eyes like storm clouds
Dark and beautiful and fierce

Well correct me if I'm wrong
We used to be far gone
Lovers outside the window
I'm so empty, I'm so full
Your eyes are beautiful

Double Up (Cam'ron Featuring Un)

Verse 1:
Yo yall niggaz wit the muscle yall get clapped in the tussle
I'mma hustler, not a rapper bitch, rap is my hustle
Show a nigga know yo, we the 1st teen millionaires in Harlem
since rich and poor, you don't know, get to know
Ain't takin shit to left, Jimmy Jones rock and jock
Right back to the block and cock, it ain't hop and scotch
It's pop and scotch, in a bar they go shot for shot,
Matter of fact, outside the bar they go shot for shot
Me and my codie on a O-Z, we go rock for rock,
Me and my codie on a role we go rock for rock,
You souped up, think I'm easy to touch,
Then you been watchin' a little bit of TV, too much,
Lots of rhymes, so you see my**lots of times
On the corner still, like I ain't got a dime
Autographs not the kind to be signin' the crap,
Here's a CD, slash here's a dime of that crack

Nigga double up, keep all guns double clutch,
Shoot at yo feet, make you jump like double dutch,
New York baby, for you matchbox nigga'z
Take away the french fry, snack box niggaz

Verse 2:
I know lookin at my jewerly is scarrin yo brain
Not to mention Jada Pinkett over parkin' the range
(Yo that's Will Smith girl) naw she's part of my chain
Pardon my game, car gettin washed in the rain
Runnin yo trap, that'll get you one in yo back
The hood that I had, had to take the good with the bad
Like Joe on the run, put his **in P O it's done
Low on his funds, had to get the coke or the guns
Word to the wise, killa Cam, I heard of them guys
Diplomat, crisp black, yo convertible fives
Rims on the wheel, to drive down shows in the South
Rap ain't that great neither, I got coke to give out
Stroke to give out, mother**in smoke to give out
hoes to give out, naw we ain't over this route
Back on the street, Jimmy get the crack on the street
Tour over mother**a let's get back on our feet

Chorus 2x

Verse 3: Un (whispering)
Ay yo it's un bitch shhhhh it's un bitch
CEO joint bitches, punk bitches
I'mma let you know so you get it right
I don't rap nigga but I'mma spit it right
Make a nigga, go to church and pray
Nigga'z first day, and his first deal
leased his first beamer now yall tussle
2 against 4, now on yall youngsta'z
gone respond, walk out the rusty
car, what y'all stand on, ** the tabloids
Y'all little men, I be Un man
??? Charli Baltimore and Lil' Kim
And yall can't see these flows,
If you wanna be stars see the CEO


Monkey gone to heaven (The Pixies)

there was a guy
an under water guy who controlled the sea
got killed by ten million pounds of sludge
from new york and new jersey
this monkey's gone to heaven

the creature in the sky
got sucked in ahole
now there's a hole in the sky
and the ground's not cold
and if the ground's not cold
everything is gonna burn
we'll all take turns
i'll get mine, too
this monkey's gone to haven

rock me joe!

if man is 5 [3x]
then the devil is 6 [5x]
then god is 7 [3x]
this monkey's gone to heaven

Like What (Tommi)

I know that some of ya'll don't really feel me
You see my attitude is bad and I am cocky
I'm really sorry for you honey but frankly
I give a damn about whether you like me
So tell me what it is that got you hating me
Nah forget it 'cause it aint fazing me
Is it 'cause I stay fresh or maybe
'Cause I walk in the club like what baby

If you got your hair done and your look is tight
You got a fresh outfit and you're clean tonight
Laid back attitude all eyes on you
You gotta walk up in the club like what what what
Known 22 girls jocking you
You got your whole damn crew getting in wit you
Laid back attitude all eyes on you
You better walk up in the club like what what what

[Mi$ Thang]
So now I got your undivided attention
There's a few things that I forgot to mention
Like I don't deal with folks who don't listen
'Cause I'm not the one to deal with all that friction

'Cause I'm one of those self sufficient women
Who's got a big criss house I live in
I'm not arrogant I know I'm not tripping
But I'm like what when I know your looking

My girls you got to have attitude
When you walk up in the club
Fella's you know they're all watching you
You need to let them know what's up

Like What



[Peekaboo Rap]
When we step in the club it's like what
Five girlies with sneakers that won't stop
See my peeps at the back of the car
Jamming with the beat at the bar and make you wanna say ahhh
When we riding the rhythm the dance floor
Give you more of the Tommi crew for sure at the door
We're gonna move you more, that's for sure
For the fizz to pour, now hit the dance floor


[Lil Chill]
If you got your hair done and your look is tight
You got a fresh outfit and you're clean tonight
Laid back attitude all eyes on you
You gotta walk up in the club like what what what


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