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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Escuchar Duo LibaNo


Droppin' Science (Marley Marl)

featuring Craig G

(Get) (Get)
(Get funky)

When I get stupid to the point that I'm mentally mad
My rhymes start to flow so I simply must brag
About my style that makes you vibrant I keep drivin
Until the song turns me to a hip hop giant
Me and Marley Marl we're goin one on one
For any sucker rapper that chooses to come
And for me Craig G a/k/a The Kingpin
I drop science, can't you tell how I'm singing?
They hate how I tie my mic cord to a whip
Suckers just have to flip cause I'm so hip
Craig G and Marley Marl, we form the ultimate alliance
No sucker can deal when I'm droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

Rappers: Ask yourself the same question
Why am I best in this profession?
Is it because you're scared to step to me, yo
Or the things Marley does in the studio?
I drop science as if I was Butterfingers
And I know there's not another singer
In this lifetime to kick the right rhyme
Cause there's not another rhyme quite like mine
And when it comes to havin showmanship
I really don't care who you go and get
Cause rappers hate me, I'm so defiant
And I can get stupid just by droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

Livin larger than life, and what this means is
We'll be the dopest duo comin outta Queensbridge
Now crews hate us cause we're extraordinaire
For you to beat us? Hm, I think that's sort of rare
These rhymes are dope, that's how I transmit
And sized perfectly, so that they can fit
You're steppin to us? You need traction
Or you'll be another sucker missin in action
You hate to hear it? You'll learn to love it
My smokin rhymes, you always think of it
I eat MC's up like a pack of hungry lions
So step out my way, I'm droppin science

(Get funky)

I'm droppin science

The Vernon Posse along with me Craig G
Is gonna rock it till the crowd begs me
To kick the next verse, your context's worse
Like all the others, that's why I get respect first
And believe me, I'm never on on others
Cause as a member of Cold Chillin'/Warner Brothers
I do swear to uphold this
Title of rap to be the boldest
Among so many MC's
Yo Marley, yo we outta here?
(Yo money, let's breeze)

I'm droppin science

Crew (A Tribe Called Quest)

Intro: Q-Tip

Just a lil somethin-somethin
about the cats who be fronting
You know the Tip, he be huntin
for all the goodness gracious
All across the wide spaces
yo, check it out, bust me down, yo
Yo... yo...

Verse One: Q-Tip

Youse my peoples, why it got to come down to this shit
Two people thinking as one so now he split
Remember what I said to you, you bleed, I bleed
C'mon, you know how we get down, if you're down, you need
And I'm supplying, the dynamic duo, electricfying
Everybody had to wet us, cuz no one will forget us
Son, I testify sure as God was my guide
Any petty little bullshit you did will slide
Same on my end, after all, what are we, friends
If niggaz ran me this, too much grounds we defend
In the honor or brotherhood cuz it's all good
Get on some grown man shit and let's knock on wood
But now seeing you baby in this stall out position
Wondering who's the dime piece that you're kissing
You night as well take the jigger and take my life
Cuz the dime piece you happen to be kissing is my wife
Shit, I should have know not to let these crab asses
Get within the circle of my girl and make passes
Now you disrespected me and everything I stand for
(But I'm saying though, son) Shhh, say no more
Allah forgive me, my thoughts is traveling to low desires
Should I turn the other cheek or react and perspire
Don't wanna see myself in penitentiary attire
But I caught him in the act and my emotion is dire

Going Legit (Noreaga)

featuring Musolini

Now tell em to step up into the life of a gangster
Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers
Other rappers talk about what their friends did
And what their friends saw
IM talking about what I did and what I saw smell me?
So it go a little some like this check it out
Aha yo yo yo..

Verse 1: Noreaga

Yo if I had my choice I woulda been rhyme
I woulda been told niggaz that I coulda shine
A Yo Boricua, Pueto Rica, 100 miles IM running
IM just a nigga for life, straight from, Iraq, just living my life
No tattle tell, he did it, she did it
Why u snitch on grown men, and snitch on kids
Yo my ice go, platinum grenade for show
Tell what? Go tell your little stink**hoe
So what I got Dou, she ain't going get nothing Dou
I rock the Shirlock home brand, made with Timberlands
Cars ain't nothing now, straight fronting now
I crash one get another one ** it now
Spanish (ten cuidao te dejo plotao)(degracio, degracio)
What, (que que que que) what...

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought this n-o-r making these hits
Who woulda thought this, my niggaz making it rich
Who woulda thought this; always in and out some shit
Who woulda thought this, my niggaz making legit

Verse 2: Noreaga

A Yo the movie called thugged out
End thug out, by thug out, for thugged out
You live a day in my life and just buggout
I used to live in 5e by the drug house
It was a reign and we all got paid
Cause when the crack house closed
Yo you open your stage, yellow
Bags and green tops, I got mean rocks
Selling crack buying out all the weed spots
I had doe but I still was mad
Back then, national, Willie was my cab
I was hated in the hood Yo by all the mothers
I used to, deliver food Yo my six brothers
Robbing Chinese food man, me and my crew and
Raster boys saying u,s a rude men, I grew up foul
But now ill improved that, did it for my daughter
And my little man...

Chorus (repeat 2x)

A Yo I came up, what what, making it happen
For rapping in the corner the posy we going platinum
Niggaz doubting me duo, cause I was Latin
A nigga Rican speaking for all my Puerto Ricans
Dominicano, Peruvian, and Chicano
We in the same boat, a Yo we all sell the same coke
Getting bag in the pins with the same coke
I love my niggaz and my niggaz love me
You get lock, and get bailed like 1-2-3
Bartolina at the side Yo is your attorney
Clap niggaz clap, clap (clap) Yo case dismissed
Tell the judge kiss your ass, dumb**bitch
Animal bud, animal thug, animal blood, Yo
Show my niggaz like animal love..

Chorus (repeat 2x)

Who woulda thought that shit uh?
Spanish (maricone tan frontiando como si hicieron algo
En su vida, nunca hicieron mierda, por mi mai que lo odio
Te lo juro pai, hijo e gran puta, sopla pipi chupa panti
Que se vallan par carajo, jala lo parta la madre de lo tomate
Sinverguensa.. He he he he
Que? Que? Que? Que?

We Got The Clout (Mystikal)

featuring Mia X


bitch we ain't your standard his and hers rap duo X2
Mystikal Mia X who the ** you take us for X4

you better cover your nose cause rhyme flows run like diahrrea
burn like gonorrhea that's me and mama Mia.....X
explicit mistress unlady like diva
you gonna know when you see her
you stack like you don't know
now we run this mother**er
that's what them No Limit Soldiers
done this mother**er
ain't no stopping us now, long way from finished
just gettin started, gaining momentum
see our faces on magazines, hear our music at parties
movies and videos, it's kind of hard to avoid us
how many mother**ers try to come out the south and don't sell out
make up all the money, take up all the clout


Mystikal, Mia X we got clout
Mystikal, Mia X
Mystikal, Mia X
Mystikal, Mia X who the ** you take us for X3

[Mia X]

tank mama (who) mama (mia) drama (what) biggest (mama) mama (who) ya'll know Mia
my rhymes are the pins in all the voo doo dolls
got your earholes hexed, Mrs. X I come to set it off
with the unpredictable big ole (whooo)
crooked like a roach leg dick nigga Mystikal
and they knows who got the clout all that
on that nigga and that broad with the tanks around they necks
we connect like infra-red dots and can't be stopped
collosols in this game check the billboard spots, we on top
but chatter knocks and ice rocks they can't wait
that's why these No Limit Soldiers always break street date
fakers hate yet they smile kissin**no doubt
but two faces get you punched them both in your mouth
who got the clout, no need to answers that
it's not a matter of who, it's a matter of fact
We got the clout


(Mystikal) [Mia X]

(biggest momma and that nigga Mystikal)
(don't hold on your chest, Bitch let it go)
whoa, we got tornadoes, nigga spinnin that**no doubt
we got the hook up, we bout it bringin the world to the south
(never gon bounce off the billboard count)
(No Limit in there, how they do that there)
yeah, you can give me trigger man and that hard shit
and Mama Mia still gon stay up on her guard bitch
(gettin rich makin hits to the filthy dirty)
(Bitch I'm almost 30, we livin like we slangin birdies)
you heard me, you heard him you know what we bout
you know you can't doubt that we got the clout
(Bitch we got the clout)

chorus until the end

Zui Chang De Dian Yin (We Five)

wo men de kai shi
shi hen chang de dian ying
fang ying le san nian
wo piao dou hai liu zhe
bing shang de ba lei
nao hai zhong hai zai xuan zhuan
wang zhe ni
man man wang ji ni

mung long de shi jian
wo men liu le duo yuan
bing dao hua de juan
juan qi le shei gai bian
ru guo zai chong lai
hui bu hui shao xian lang bei
ai shi bu shi bu kai kou cai zhen gui

zai gei wo liang fen zhong
rang wo ba ji yi jie cheng bing
bie rong hua le yan lei
ni zhuang dou hua le
yao wo zen me ji de
qi dao ni jiang wo wang le ba
qi dao ni jiang wo wang le ba
ni shuo ni hui ku
bu shi yin wei zai hu

repeat # * *

Bu Hui Ai (Wonder Who)

Zhi hao rang li wu an jing tang zai wo kou dai
Ning yuan kan zhe ni gen ta kuai le liao dao xiao kai
Dan you qing liang zi bu zu xing rong wo qing gan
Xin qing dou sui ni zhuan wan
Er qi ta qing jing wen wo er duo ai qing dou ting bu wan
Shi he wo men de cong bu shi lang man

*Ni bu hui ai
Wo de ai
Wo ming bai
Ni de zui ai
na yi kuai
na tian wo cai cun zai
*Wo bu hui ai
ni de ai
shou shang hai
suo yi ning yuan an jing de deng dai

Zhi sheng xia bing leng kong qi pei wo yi zheng ye
ji mo que duo dao sai che gen ben wu fa dong tan
yi fan shen wo zai ban ye tu ran jiu xing lai
meng li ni de chun rou ruan
er qi ta qing jing wen wo er duo ai qing dou ting bu wan
shi he wo men do cong bu shi lang man
ai ni wo man bu xia lai mei you na yi tian li wai
gen zi ji bi kuai wo hui gan shang ni wei lai
bu pa kong bai

Nuu Ren Bu Gai Rang Nan Ren Tai Lei (Chen Xiao Chun (Jordan Chan))

wo zhao bu dao tian tang
ye zhai bu dao yue liang
dui bu qi rang ni shi wang
ni de ke wang dui wo shi hen nan

tai duo ren bi wo qiang
ye chen ren wo pin fan
wo yi jing ping ming zui gan
ni de yan shen qing bie na me leng dan
jiu suan zai fu chu wo ye cheng de zhu
wo bu pa xin ku ku dao shen me di bu
zhi yao ni man zhu dan shi ni he shi man zhu

ai de hao lei zhen de hao ku
nu ren bu gai rang nan ren tai lei
shui ran ni shi wo de yi qie
ye bie rang wo gan jue ai ni hen ke bei
ai de hao lei zhen de hao ku
cong lai ting bu jian ni yi ju zhan mei (an wei)
jiu suan wo zuo de dou bai fei
zhi shao zi zhun rang wo bao liu yi dian

REPEAT # and *

ai de hao lei zhen de hao ku
wo bu pa xin ku ke shi zhen yang ni cai man zhu
ai de hao lei


Shi Mian Mai Fu (S.H.E.)

Rap sui shen mo wang da gou bang jin nang dai zhe jie qing dan
Ling bo wei bu gai shan jiu shan Yeh Oh~~
Jiu suan de le yi tian jian shen huai xiang long shi ba zhang
Ye bie ying chuang long men ke zhan Yeh Oh~~
bu que ding ta shi yang guo zui hao jiu bie ban xiao long nuu
mian de zhi deng lai yi chang shang xin
(bu yao lang fei hu? Bu yao chen ni gu di)
shang wang jiu neng bian qing luu na li hai liu xing shen diao xia luu
qian wan yao xiao xin yi pian zhen xin bian cheng le xian shang you xi
xia nuu men qing zhu yi ai qing jiang
hu duo wei ji
mian dui di ren yao leng jing Yeh Oh~~
tian yan mi yu duo dong ting bian cheng an qi jiu zhi ming
shi mian mai fu de cong lin bu yao sui bian qing yi dong fan xin
bu shi mao si zhang wu ji jiu shi lai zi wu dang huo shao lin
ye xu ta zao jiu sheng ming lang ji
(hao duo hong yan zhi ji yong you guang da ren qi)
qing shu jing hua cheng jian xun wang nei hu chuan sheng qian you rong yi
shuo yi bai ci wo hao ai ni yong bu liao yi cheng gong li
ai yao man man xiu lian xin ai ji zhi hui rang wu gong quan fei
jing guo shi jian de zhu Lian can tou wu tou ai de dong?? yan
cai zhi dao ni yao de shi shui

Gunuang Padang (Adrian Gurvitz)

Duduak tamanuang si Gunuang Padang
Mamandang **u Angso Duo
Kabakeh ombak nan jo galombang
Samo bapasan salam cinto

Asa mulonyo pandang mamandang
Cinto bagaluik dalam hati
Kasiah sumarak co bungo karang
Janji diikek sampai mati

Bilo masonyo (oi) nan kabasuo
Si Gunuang Padang (oi) jo Angso Duo

Kok samo taragak bumi baguncang
Topan badai ombak manggilo
Cinto saumua alam takambang
Gunuang Padang jo Angso Duo

Can You Handle This (Cypress Hill Featuring Barron Ricks)

(Intro: Barron Ricks)
That's right nigga, dynamic duo style, what?
Green horn in a cadle style mother**er

(Barron Ricks)
Oh shit, my styles' progress like hot ** upon a firm matress
But limit the techniques to get freak
Now look at me, Cavarsay, Cognac, VS'll be puffin' the don-deago
Macanoodle, out armadayo

Yayo, up, ready to sell and bail, we niggas afrail
(Post-dated, put 'em in the mail nigga)
I'm the hill figure, deliver your body to the river (uh)
How you feelin' (how you), how you livin' (how you), how you breathin'

(Barron Ricks)
** it, whatever's clever, fort and ** and def or real I got your back
Which ever Squadron you attack yo I attack
I got my automated Mossberg, hand on the pump
ready to dump, so yo we gettin' dum-de-de-dum-dum-dum

Dum-de-de-dum, when they hearin' the gats hum like a siren
Niggas they be, barkin' and whilin'
Thuggin' in stylin', holdin' the dope smilin'
Yo, smooth, what you pilin' up, go make a move

(Barron Ricks)
Yo, path for Central Harlem where niggas be sparkin' son I beg your pardon
Ese rollin', if you got it, pass it to the margin
If you want it greedy, come and get it
Aiyyo, we got it, Cypress, Cannibus Seeteeva, **in' freak of shit

Mother**ers refuse to loose my whole crew, don't get it confused
Don't light a fuse or get bruised
Like a gat I'll have to bust your**or feel the blast of the shot glass
full of jack and smokin' hash

(Chorus: B-Real)
(So can you handle this) They can't **in' handle this
(So can you handle this) It be that Cypress Hill shit
(So can you handle this) They can't **in' handle this
(So can you handle this) Handle this, y'all can't ** with this

Back up in the mills of the Cypress Hill
You catchin' a thrill, coppin' a feel, the whole steel
Everybody put their blunts up in the sky
Cause everybody's sparkin' the dutches and gettin' high

(Barron Ricks)
At 1-5-5, the city bread it, exit, got that method
Yo, what y'all infected, we crashin' fords ain't no substitutions
Me and B-Real want all our restitution's
that means our back pays so niggas pay up
Now, what the **!!

I'm an addict, addicted to static and bad habits
Bringin' the magic, opposite the Nina Milli Automatic
War is war, a battles' a battle, the gat'll be your friend
It'll be your end, it'll be your shadow

(Barron Ricks)
Now y'all shadowboxinists, irrational, rap new recruitin'
dirty denim, timb boots, hummin', gunnin' for his competition
Listen yo, we all be on that trivial don't change shit
lame shit, Cypress is all about the Mary Jane shit

No competition can handle the whole mission
Bitches are wishin' me on but they won't last long
Family ties are fly, do you do or die
You try to escape, all the visions up in your mind

(Chorus: B-Real)
(So can you handle this) They can't **in' handle this
(So can you handle this) It be that Cypress Hill shit
(So can you handle this) They can't **in' handle this
(So can you handle this) Handle this, y'all can't ** with this


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