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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Love Is Blind (Eve)

Hey yo I don't even know you and I hate you
See all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you
How would you feel if she held you down and raped you?
Tried and tried but she never could escape you
She was in love and I'd ask her how? I mean why?
What kind of love from a nigga would black your eye?
What kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry?
What kind of love from a nigga make you wish he would die?
I mean shit he bought you things and gave you diamond rings
But them things wasn't worth none of the pain that he brings
And you stayed, what made you fall for him?
That nigga had the power to make you crawl for him
I thought you was a doctor be on call for him
Smacked you down cause he said you was too tall for him, huh?
That wasn't love, babygirl you was dreamin'
I could have killed you when you said your seed was growin' from his semen

1 - Love is blind, and it will take over your mind
What you think is love, is truly not
You need to elevate and find

Repeat 1

I don't even know you and I'd kill you myself
You played with her like a doll and put her back on the shelf
Wouldn't let her go to school and better herself
She had a baby by your**and you ain't giving no help
Uh-huh big time hustler, snake mother**er
One's born everyday and everyday she was your sucker
How could you beat the mother of your kids?
How could you tell her that you love her?
Don't give a ** if she lives
She told me she would leave you, I admit it she did
But came back, made up a lie about you missing your kids
Sweet kisses, baby didn't even know she was your mistress
Had to deal with fist fights and phone calls from your bitches
Floss like you possess her, tellin' me to mind my business
Said that it was her life and stay the ** out of it
I tried and said just for him I'll keep a ready clip

Repeat 1 (2x)

I don't even know you and I want you dead
Don't know the facts but I saw the blood pour from her head
See I laid down beside her in the hospital bed
And about two hours later, doctors said she was dead
Had the nerve to show up at her mother's house the next day
To come and pay your respects and help the family pray
Even knelt down on one knee and let a tear drop
And before you had a chance to get up
You heard my gun cock
Prayin' to me now, I ain't God but I'll pretend
I ain't start your life but nigga I'mma bring it to an end
And I did, clear shots and no regrets
‘Member cops comin' in, watch me going to jail
Nigga whatever my bitch, ** it my sister
You could never figure out even if I let you live
What our love was all about
I considered her my blood and it don't come no thicker

Repeat 1 till end

Dogmatch (Eve)

Featuring DMX

Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!)
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Now for every real dog
There's that bitch that's behind him
That bitch that when that nigga get to missin'
She gon' find him
Old girl gonna stay with the dog
Hand in hand with the dog
And whatever the ** went down she ran with the dog
First time I had a match and didn't scratch
You catch just loss half you niggas but the punk can fetch
And I know my babygirl is gonna stretch
Any rappin' mother**er, male or female
Place your bets
You can imagine what the bloodline is like
Since I love mine to fight
I'm on some shit like what time tonight
Y'all niggaz can't be for real
Cause any one of you faggots
Will catch a face full of lead
Bitch you shouldn't be faggots
**in' maggots, once you have it, as good as I got it
I know my hands is in my pockets
But Eve got you spotted, red dotted
Eve didn't before the Dog
Nothin' but a war with tha bark

Always been the bitch that could roll with a thug and
Wipe up the blood
Roll in the mud with your other ducks nigga what?
What you need when the chips is down
I'll abide on the stand when evidence is found
I give pound to ya niggaz they respect this bitch
I spit rounds at your enemy no less than six
Always keep the extra clip Dog taught me well
The extra eyes on your team I see who's next to fail
Always hold your back up, I picked it up when you slack up
And if attention gets to close I tell the world to back up
Biting two time, rhymes who ride?
Bitch and your livin' lessons through life
**in' with the dog he's a master
Plus he's gonna show me how to blast ya
Want attention then pass ya
Split you then stash you
The game is real, E-V-E, DMX, the name's for real, uh

1 - [DMX]
**in' with the dog man niggaz keep beefin'
Eve will hold it down now, niggaz can believe (Woo!)
Quick as niggaz come and quick as they'll be leavin' (Ugh!)
Paramedics on your chest, pushin' and breathin'

Repeat 1

Get em girl, ha-ha, that's my baby
I'mma put the bitch down, cause the boy got rabies
All my pups is crazy, cause off the leash
They can eat, stand and match defeat, out of the least
And if the beast is in the big one
The beast is in the little ones
Talkin' 'bout let's hit him son
**in' with the little guns
Y'all niggaz had a little run
What more do you want?
For your fans you can front
But the dog is on the hunt

You know I'm at the door point fox rippin' 'em out
And you're the only one that can tame me
When I'm flippin em out
Bite's lethal, no recovering
I spitz no other than acid
Up against the top contenders
None of them lasted
This bitch gon always hold you down
Keep the cowards thinking twice
I keeps it gritty nigga
Never think that love is life
Turnin' my back is something cats would do
I never take flight
Cause any breed he put's me up against
This bitch is gonna bite

Repeat 1 (4x)

Ugh! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Woo! Woo!
Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Ugh! Ugh! Woo

Squeeze 1st (Lloyd Banks)

(ad libs in beggining)

Chorus: Ima Squeeze First, ask questions last
as i watch all these so called Gangstas pass
so ima squeeze first ask questions last,
so if i pull it ima pop it so stay out of my way
So ima Squeeze 1st, ask questions last

Verse 1: I aint the richest but im richer than ya'll
shit Banks is like the young old Chaimberlin, all i do is ** bitches and ball
my eighteen niggas will slatter you for talkin that shit
you mines well hire a doctor to walk around wit
nigga your own blood will soak your clothes
and i aint worried bout you cummin back cause you cant smell beef wit a broken nose
for now on keep your cars and your homes tinted
your piece would shine if you had some more stones in it
if you aint pumpin or dumpin then go the hell home
cause the only clip on ya hip holds a cell phone
i kno your focused and you been writin
but all you beggin is if you can bite my ear like tyson
im in a bag big enouph to get my Benz straight
and ima need a O dog and i aint talkin bout no Lorenze Tate
an OG tol me to mark it wit da block
he been around since they hit Martin wit da rock
dont make me send niggas to your apartment wit da glock
that'll eat all ya food up and stomp you in da socks
i got rocks but niggas cant afford to buy it
thats why i got beef bigger than Kelly Price before the diet
you aint gon stand on my sheets so ima choose the couch
and if you on your period you gotta use ya mouth
some remain and some switch wen da hoes got us
thats why i kno more tricks den da globetrotters
ill rush da studio maskin ya picture
make you stutta and say your verse faster than Twista
you be da header in here ,cause wen we in hotels
we gotta like tha floor down like da president deal,
you would think top is a problem
but my gurl could suck dick with braces on and without poppin da condom
and all these groupies wanna show dey face
after tha show they follow the car longa than the OJ chase

(Lloyd Banks singing low tone and Ad-Libs)

Hide Out Or Ride Out (Juvenile Featuring Lil' Wayne, Turk)

(Lil' Wayne)
I strike a load
you get served like we toke with
fake busta get smoked with
aproach it
I explode it
unload it
reload it
unload again
and pull another left hand
fifty shots to win
i can't lose its impossible
plus i got a chopper fifty shots about to droppin' you
i be 'bout strings hittin' the beef gigga head
then leave the set, leave a beef gigga wet
off the scene with the uptown fighter
red dot sighters
all week night flighters
i'm a get ya', when ya' least expect it
cock the glock jacket
a vest can't protect it
boy, is ya' ready
i'll leave yo' set wetted
slugs flyin' high, got yo' body real heavy
you can't move, ya' got buff
now your stuck
left Wayne on the set, and yo' boys to pick you up
out cold
head swoll
eyes closed
i know for sure
you ain't gon' test me no more
yo' block tore
yo' family in black clothes
you got blowed
and in ya chest is many holes
this goes
for Lataranza Elmo
i show
how uptown niggas roll
ya' big boy, me and my niggas did it to ya
automatic, black chopper trigger pullin'
that's how we be
loadin' clips then release
eight deep
in the three-hundred E
leather seats
and in the trunk artillery
up the streets
where i started sure ain't for me
the B.G.
that's the name I go by
test me
you die S Kangol Y
hide out
at the club, slide out
ride out
yo' block 'bout to die out
move ya' people
i'm burnin' down the whole streets
the night creepers
'bout to heat our enemies
lights off masks on, creep silense
lights gone
we done left yo' block wired
no your not boy
'cuz i'm a Hot Boy
nine milli cock boy
chopper gunnin'
hoes scared of slugs, runnin'
start movin', me and Juve (Juvenile) e be comin'

we left yo' brain sick
up with a chopper (A.K. 47) splittin' the bricks
a young black crucifix
up in the dirt i be knockin' dicks
smooth and beretically, my pockets
to six figures
and polverizin' niggas
A.K.'s and two triggers
my potn's stand on the side of me
they only come out at night
them deamons got me on a flight
duck tapin' and takin' life
or even worse
it could be three O'clock, on a Sunday by church
yo' brains might have to burst
you shouldn't have **ed with me first
since them bullets was cappin'
adam's apples i'm scoutin'
got richer penintentiary ward
for the national guard to come get 'em
very seldom do you see me, when you do
what do you do
bust back, better be a head shot
if not it's you
i'm comin' around the corner
'bout to pulla meatball on ya'
purses like a coat
and them houses in calico
me and Lil Turk heard of a merger
on a murder
fifty G's (grand) on his head
what ht ** did you said
fifty G's (grands) for sure
that nigga live next door
call the man
let the sucker plan
look, i ** with this rap shit, but i ask 'em don't say no more
a Hot Boy representin' this bitch like black and Moe

I start to poppin'
niggas start to droppin'
i'm havin' fatal thoughts,i think i'm **in' shell shockin'
niggas bangin'
four-five ringin'
in my ear, i'm not scared
'cuz i'm a solja and solja's have no **in' fear
in my sleep at night
i'm seeing war fights
wakin' up thinkin' that a nigga took my **in' life
unnecessary shit
mind clickin' like a light switch
to pick you up on any nigga or any bitch
don't give a **
steady bangin' and dodgin'
with the mack alive and
don't have time for these dog hoes
goin' through a stage with that chop (Chopper) and that four-four

What's this shit i hear 'bout you boys potna's in crime
if that's true i'll punish you bitches for the last time
now you gon' shine?
let me put somethin' on ya' mind
lil' cowards takin' hits
and protecting shit
it's a for sure thang
i'm a brang
or i'm a wet ya
best to be 'bout yo' business, if not, God bless ya
look, what makes you think that two-two-six wasn't strong
that's when we do ya wrong
they both come and they gone
i'm a get with you and ya' potna's (patners)
T.C., L.D., and Williard street with choppers
drama hittin' a niggas cash
we play it right though
i'm comin' to get a niggas ass
like i'm them white folks
look, better be 'bout it
if not better be rowdy
it's all in yo' mind, ha?
you gon' shine, ha?
i doubt it

Desensitized (Mighty Mighty Bosstones)

Woke up early
On the tenth anniversary
Fit in clips of it
Between food prep shorts
Weather reports
Check the day's commute
And a look at sports
I remember how the wind
Was knocked from me
Before it became footage
A footnote in history
Recently I think I heard it could have been avoided
It shouldn't have occurred
A fundamental obligation
To my parents and my kids LIFE
Gave me a glimpse of it Don't know who shot him
They never caught him
Let's get to the bottom
And blow off the lid
I'm trying to keep a balance
Like the plates on top of sticks
Chip away 'til it goes down
When it goes down apply the kicks
Recently I think I heard
It could have been avoided
It shouldn't have occurred
Sadly we're desensitized
To all the scandals and the cover ups
The conspiracies and lies

Desentisized (Mighty Mighty Bosstones)

Woke up early on the tenth anniversary.
Fit in clips of it between food prep
shorts, weather reports.
Check the days' commute and a look at sports.
I remember how the wind was knocked from me before it became footage.
A footnote in history.
Recently I heard it could have been avoided.
It shouldn't have occurred.
A fundamental obligation to my parents and my kids.
LIFE gave me a glimpse of it.
Don't know who shot him, they never caught him.
Let's get to the bottom and blow off the lid.
I'm trying to keep a balance like the plates on top of sticks.
Chip away 'til it goes down, when it goes down apply the kicks.
Recently I think I heard it could have been avoided.
It shouldn't have occurred.
Sadly we're all desensitized to all the scandals and cover-ups,
The conspiracies and lies

'Til I Collapse Freestyle (50 Cent)

Shady, Aftermath, The Dream Team
Gotta get the get well cards
Niggas is sick
Motion picture shit
Now don't think I won't hit ya 'cause I'm po**r
I got a "P" 90 Ru gonna pop at ya
catch ya slippin' I'ma give ya what I got for ya
my clip loaded with sixteen shots for ya
have you ever had a hot gun on your waste
and blood on your shoe
'cause a nigga went and said the wrong shit to you
homie you ain't been through what I been through
you not like me and I'm not like you
I'm like a animal with it when I spit it it's crazy
got semi-autos to put holes in niggas tryin' to play me
one shot is not enough you need 'least an uzi to move me
after four bottles of Don the kid start feelin' woozy
I write my life, you write what you seen in gangsta movies
I'm gangsta to the bone nigga you can't move me
I'll find my space at the top
I got this rap shit locked
I never heard of you, you heard of me,
I'll murder you
spray shells through your convertable lotus
you know this, rich or poor
hollows still go through you door, this is raw,
you scared of me, you not prepared for me
the kid is back
50 Cent
I know you like that, I know you like that

One Day (Lords Of The Underground)

featuring Da Brat

* cough * Youknahmsayin B I mean
mother**ers be talkin you know what I mean?
[Da Brat] Talkin plenty shit
YouknowhatI'msayin? Just shit talkin
[Da Brat] And don't know a mother**in thing
But we gon' we gon' gather all these niggaz from Chicago
[Da Brat] Hehe Da Brat
[Da Brat] That's right all them niggaz from Jersey
Yeah yeah yeah and we just gon' do it
[Da Brat] Yaknahmsayin?

[all together]
Aiyyo, put your hands up, way in the sky
Light up your lighters, flame on the fire (yeah!)
Aiyyo, put your hands up, way in the sky
Light up your lighters, flame on the fire

Aiyyo I been on many stages of all sorts
Banged in many hoopties on blocks of all sorts
Ran to foreign ports, sippin on Port
Thinkin rap thoughts while I'm reppin for Newark, WHOAAAAAAH
Down-fall never, I rhyme too clever
Storm like the weathers, hip-hop for the pleasure
Feel the texture, how does DoItAll lecture
you and whoever, the more, the better
L-O-R-D, back from N-W-K
The U-N-D-A make me bounce this way
Why you say - here me from Chi to NJ
I swear one day it's gon' all come your way, one day

Chorus: Da Brat (repeat 4X)

One day, that's when it's gon' come
For all you muh'**ers, tell me where you gon' run to

[Mr. Funke]
Check it
Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
Blackin out on anybody think they **in with us
We just, live the life of Billboards and mic cords
Straight buyin shit you can't afford (hah) so put it down
and stop touchin it, you wanna step to us, see you rushin it
Watch your head, I'll be bustin it, what's this?
Who you think you talkin to - you think we slippin?
Yo Brat, stick the clip in, these niggaz is trippin
Bustin shots like pimpin (pimpin) hit you in your hip and (hip and)
take your Bills like Clinton (Clinton) nigga I ain't bullshittin
You must be lost - thinkin Jersey niggaz is soft
I should whip out on your niggaz - make you take your rings off
Now take your **in jeans off, for thinkin that we soft
Before I squeeze off, make you nigga ease off
Cause me gettin burnt or hurt, won't be tolerate
Funk Bizzy put a foot to your ass, you're constipated - what?


[Da Brat]
Dearly beloved, we gathered here today to bust
Me and the Lords been in the lab, guaranteed to ** it up - what?
If you got a problem with Jersey or Chicago
The revolver'll go POP and the weaves'll DROP
Rhyme-diesel heffer in it, don't stop, the glock cocked
Ready to penetrate with every one of my sixteen SHOTS
Don't be deceived by the pigtails, the butter colored ma
Smothered in cheese, the dopest bitch you've heard thus far
When in need, of an incredible high, you can flow
with the L-O-T-U-G and I, as we get lifted
til we die, all this stuff is weight
Make the money to buy the bank and the Benz and the vacation
(Sheeyit) Take time to kick it with niggaz in Jersey
You weren't worthy and your day is comin
Mother**er, you better keep runnin (hahahah)
And that's all fact and no lie, one day got your name on it
Be ready to die (bitch, mother**er!)

Chorus 2X

Flint Niggaz Don't Play (Dayton Family)

Shoestring packin glock for the nine tre
Triple beamer squeeze the trigga bitch you gonna die today
Wanted to kill her find a killer lurkin with a tec 9
Don't you bitches give me shit cause hoes I'm out to kill for mine
If you squeal you get killed or caught up in the rapture
Infrared is on your head so bitch I gots to blast ya
So if you got some beef you betta let your nuts hang
Cause bitches are bein wasted and tasted like cocaine
Niggas are talkin shit, but they don't really want none
If you toot and (help me out here) bitches come and get you some
Cause I don't discriminate so what the ** you want to do
Niggas and bitches are catchin bullets and cops are catchin slugs too
Shoestrings on the **in loose, creepin in the **in deuce
Deep dish gold Daytons sixteen switches and they fully juiced
Okies on the **in dash, smokin on that open hash
Time to get some gas, I pull up and I drop that**
Niggas are gettin jealous, they hoes and they ???????
But I'm packin fo-fo and its tucked up under the seat and,
If you talk some shit, you hoes gon catch the trigga
A one little two little tato chip**nigga
All you hoes is dressed in blue packin wit a .22
Miggety miggety man to man chest to chest now what the ** you
wanna do?
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
I'm a work do more dirt than a little bit
Play your punk**like clock and bitch this is your last tick
Niggas get they**kicked for pullin in more hoes stuff
Mutha**a steppin up straight gettin smoked like (crowblood?)
Livin in Flint city such a pity but I'm holdin mine
Any static got a uzi, automatic and a nine milli-mil
So grab your **in grill when I pull it
Empty the clip into your face and make you take these **in bullets
Cause you niggas kill me, claimin that you real gs,
Knowin damn well that you hoes never thrill me
So nigga nigga fall back from all that and then some
Fools get dropped, popped from **in around with shotguns
I'm the mutha**in grave digga hittin niggas where it hurts
Diggin the **in dirt but don't even try to burp
Cause momma gave birth to a mutha**in lunatic
Punks try to jump ** around and get they shit split
Cause the Smif and the Wesson teachin hoes lessons daily
Punks tryin to fade me too late to say I'm crazy
So play like Rodney King mother**er lets all get along
Or catch 17 strong from that **in chrome
Cause you's a mutha**in how you know I'm talkin to
I ain't sayin no names, bitch, now what the ** you wanna do?
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
I'm a villain killin niggas for the fun of it
Psychopath from Dayton Ave. niggas don't want none of it
A monster from the streets, any beef I'll make you bite the bullet
Actin like a gangsta bitch, packin one but scared to pull it
Lost in a ??? ** my boss I'll robb his**too
Ain't no limitations on the niggas that I'm runnin through
Cut five bucked wild
Never ever loved a hoe
Niggas are tryin to run the race but droppin every mile I go
Toss em up, toss em up, who in the ** gets **ed next?
Bustin caps in bitches mouths, rapin hoes and takin **
Leave a nigga bleedin shoot him twice then I'm through wit it
Felt like Tina Turner, what the ** love got to do wit it?
My nigga got indicted tryin to fight it just sit back and chill
If I make a mil you got a million dollar appeal
So MUTHAPHUCK the FBI, gotta make a drug buy
Fiends on my dick and I got to get them bitches high
Runnin like a Stallion
Makin money like Italians
Don't ** with my crew, TDF, now what you wanna do?
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!
What the ** you wanna do? Flint niggaz don't play!

Blood Hound (50 Cent)

"Blood Hound"
(feat. Young Buck (G-Unit))

[50 Cent]
G-Unit, UTP
G-Unit, UTP, G-Unit, UTP
G-Unit, UTP, 50 Cent, get 'em bucked

[50 Cent]
50 Cent, that's my name
Man I ain't **in' playin'
I move on you wit' that Mac mayn (Mac mayn)
Come off, now watch your chain
Fo' I blow out your brains
Shells hit your chest go out your back mayn (back mayn)
See me I put in work, man I been doin' dirt
For so long when niggas get laid out (laid out)
Niggas run through my crib, to holla at the kid
That's when I start bringin' them thangs out (thangs out)
Then we go through the strip, hangin' up out the whip
Dumpin' clips off at they whole clique mayn (clique mayn)
When witnesses around, they know how we get down
So when the cops come they ain't see shit mayn (shit mayn)
My soldiers slangin' 'caine, sunny, snow, in sleet or rain
Come through the hood and you can cop that (cop that)
I'm sittin' on some change, G-Unit gots the game
Come through here stuntin' you get popped at (popped at)

[Chorus 2x]
I love to pump crack, love to stay strapped
Love to squeeze gats but you don't hear me though
I love to hit the block, I love my two Glocks
Love to bust shots but you don't hear me though

[Young Buck]
I came in this game knowin' niggas gon' hate me
Just for the simple fact they know that I'm a rida' (rida')
I got a hell of a aim, I keep on tellin' ya mayn
I swear ain't nobody gon' find ya (find ya)
When I get lifted I'm tempted to tear your block up
Your niggas can't run cause I'm behind ya (behind ya)
Me and Chilly in your city wit' a couple nine-milli's
You better stay in line bro' (in line bro')
Cause if I walk it I'll talk it, you know we'll walk up and pop it
I love the sound of gunfire bro' (gunfire bro')
Right now we smackin' 'em wit' platinum
And they hate it cause we made it, that's what we keep that eye for (that eye for)
I represent it cause I'm in it, UTP until I'm finished
Juvenile, they can't stop us (can't stop us)
And I admit it, I live it
I'll knock a baller off his pivot with this mother**in' choppa'

[Chorus 2x]

[50 Cent]
My twenty-inches spinnin', you always see me grinin'
And you hear niggas call me grimey (grimey)
They hit me wit' them bricks, and I ain't pay 'em shit
I'm outta town, they can't find me (find me)
When I come back around, man I'ma back 'em down
I run up bustin' that Tec mayn (Tec mayn)
If you ain't got a gun, and you can't **in' run
My advice is you hit the deck mayn (deck mayn)
But if you get away and come back another day
My soldiers'll leave you wet mayn (wet mayn)
Cause we know where you be, and we know where you stay
And we'll come trippin' through your set mayn (set mayn)
Man you heard what I said, now get it in your head
I ain't payin' no **in' debt mayn (debt mayn)
Cause you'se a middle man, but you don't understand
You'se a **in' fake**connect' mayn (connect' mayn)

[Chorus 2x]



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