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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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Escuchar Nigga Sibilino: Recojan los Vidrios


Wherever (Outlandish)

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go

To whom it may concern I think I lost someone
I think I heard my mother cry I think I left someone
Think I saw myself commit homicide kill someone
The sweetest thing you have ever seen I think I hurt someone
I am running on a cloudy day
With a mind state far from ok nowhere to stay
And none to pray for me five times a day
Did I mention that I was brought up to the sky
To clarify I was put on a high to represent my body to the fullest still I am rowdy
Though not blessed with the same earthly riches like the Saudi I got spirit so they are bounty hunting
No mercy shown it's a conspiracy all over me won't leave me alone

By the look in your eyes
I can tell you gonna cry
Is it over me
If it is save your tears cause I'm not worth it you´ll see
For I'm the type of boy who is always on the run
Where ever I lay my hat that's my home
I'm telling you that's my home

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Donde quiera que me encuentre
Donde quiera que yo vaya
Ese es mi hogar esa es mi casa
Soy como una pluma
Que es llevada por el viento
Libre como el aire, sin fronteras
Soy como el universo
Pirata sin modales
dueño de tus mares
tu amor yo me he robado
y sola has quedado
no soy digno de tus lagrimas
no llores tus dolores me los llevo
estas en mis recuerdos
no me justifico
y te pido mil disculpas
si pudiera cambiaria
pero esta es mi conducta
si algún día yo me asentó
seria a tu lado dormiría sosegado en tus brazos
por ahora te digo adiós algún día nos veremos
no guardes el rencor y si los bellos besos
porque a veces la vida es loca (loca loca)
a veces ganas unas
a veces pierdes otras

Wherever I find myself
Where ever I go
That's my house
That's my home
I'm like a feather
Conducted by the wind
Free like air
Without borders
Like the universe
A pirate without manners
Proprietor of your seas
I have stolen your love
And now lonely, there you are
I'm not worthy of your tears
Don't cry, I'm taking your pain away
You'll be in my memory
I can't justify my self
I apologize a thousand times
If I could change I would
But this is my way of being
If one day I settle
It would be by your side, Ill sleep peacefully in your arms
But for now I say goodbye, someday we'll see each other
Don't keep the rancour, only our beautiful kisses
Cuz sometimes life is crazy
Sometimes you win some
Sometimes you loose some.

Where ever it goes
Where ever I go
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Never ever really sow me coming
Never ever really heard me knocking
Could it be that you were busy working
Thinking about him and forgetting about me
You got to be, (got to be)
down with me (down with me)
Coz only then I'll be (then I'll be)
down for real(down for real)
where ever I lay my hat that's my home

Where ever it go
Where ever I goes
Where ever we go
That's my home

Where ever I go
Where ever it goes
Where ever we go
I'm telling you that's my home

Johnny 99 (Los Lobos)

Well they closed down the auto plant in Mahwah late that month
Ralph went out lookin' for a job but he couldn't find none
He came home too drunk from mixin'Tanqueray and wine
He got a gun shot a night clerk now they call'm Johnny 99

Down in the part of town where when you hit a red light you don't stop
Johnny's wavin' his gun around and threatenin' to blow his top
When an off duty cop snuck up on him from behind
Out in front of the Club Tip Top they slapped the cuffs on Johnny 99

Well the city supplied a public defender but the judge was Mean John Brown
He came into the courtroom and stared young Johnny down
Well the evidence is clear gonna let the sentence son fit the crime
Prison for 98 and a year and we'll call it even Johnny 99

A fistfight broke out in the courtroom they had to drag Johnny's girl away
His mama stood up and shouted "Judge don't take my boy this way"
Well son you got a statement you'd like to make
Before the bailiff comes to forever take you away

Now judge judge I had debts no honest man could pay
The bank was holdin' my mortgage and they was takin' my house away
Now I ain't sayin' that makes me an innocent man
But it was more 'n all this that put that gun in my hand

Well your honor I do believe I'd be better off dead
And if you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his head
Then won't you sit back in that chair and think it over judge one more time
And let 'em shave off my hair and put me on that execution line

Destined To Die (Necro)


This is a Captain Carnage and Necrophiliac duet of death!
It's the Witchcraft Killer!!!

[Captain Carnage]

Fillin my **in bed with skulls
Choppin up bodies until my blade dulls
I don't give a ** about the people dyin
Try to take mines and on your **in back, you'll be lyin
Then, like a corpse in a dead morgue
I find your **in body in Prostate Park, bitch
I'll have you **in hangin like a **in killa on a meathook
Then your **in flesh is getting cooked
Roastin, I chop up **in poor man is toasted
I suggest that you dont **in piss me off
Now cunt, my **in hollow tips ain't soft
I rip up your rectum, blow out your back
When I body attack, I'm a **in maniac
I don't know who the **in I am, or where the ** I'm goin
Cause another dead body is what I'm persuin
So I continue to laugh
Knowin any given moment, I could join a bloodbath

[Chorus 2x (Necro and Captain Carnage)]

Destined to die kid! (Destined to die)
Mother**ers are just destined to die!!

[Captain Carnage]

Again I bloody and shush
When I flush and you mush
Down a toilet
I wipe my **in "Green Soylent"
Throw down a log, then I make sure you die
There's no escapin New York, even if you **in try
I stick my **in pick, my jagged blade always slices
Get too close, and I kill you with my **in knife, kid
I chop a ** gorilla up, then I poach her
When I reimpulse ya, they **in won't know ya
A leg here, an organ over there
Your **in body parts scattered every **in where
So demented, I convict them consequently
Kid, I beat the mother**in bitch that I tormented
In my dungeon, I'll be **in plungin
All types of cunts that this dude's **in life functions
I cut and you wind up in my backyard
It's gore, wives should get their **in legs cut
Violators get smeared with tar and feathers
Bitches get slapped up a different type of lettuce
I'm **in stingy, I'll be quick to rip the last piece of flesh
I'm lookin forward to seein your death


[Captain Carnage]

What the ** you lookin at you stupid ugly motha**a
I shoot you like a dog in a heartbeat, then rape
I **in eat your brains for lunch
Your bones go crunch, as I **in much your corpse
Cause you wenches though somethin proper but until you stepped up
Kid you get swept up
Like a dolla, if you **in try to holla
I'll be leavin you wit a bloody **in colla
Motha**a, I never swallow my pride
I'd rather see you die, than let a motha**a slide
Motha**s get dissed and clowned
Try to get loud, I'll leave you dead with a **in cloud
I make abortions
I got a **in full clip
And my silencer
Makes it more violenter
So motha**a, don't ** wit me
Cause I'll, be ready to unload my gat until it's empty
I never break a motha**a at his party
I'd rather see him harder than a motha**in bloody gauntlet
And after all the **in smoke clears
I'll be on my way to buy a couple of beers
And if your black, you get knocked quick by beastly mallet
I chop up poor punks like salad
I come equipped with the proper utensils
Stab at a bitch and then until their bloody blood spills
Cause I'm too paranoid to avoid
I massacre, you'll be one dead **in passenger
And this is a message from Captain Carnage, black
And I'm **in out like **in "Kojak"



My crew mad, we'll kill a cocksuckin fag, don't mean to brag
But I'll leave you bloodier than a bitches rag
Necro slaughters niggas in my gory quarters
I drink the blood from my orders
I **that bitch Crystal Waters
No survivors, you'll slide and sink in **in saliva
I killed Arnold Shwarzanegger then raped Maria Shleyever
I stick swords in the abdomens of my landlord
Leavin him crippled by cast that got shot in his spinal chord
Hoistin your **in head when you get your**plugged
Electrocute his death when I dropped the radio in the bathtub
You won't persue your motha**in nerves
When dinner's served, I'll be eatin **in human hors deuvors
I got vaginal fluid on my knife
I'm out like the last nut Bobbitt will ever bust to **his wife


[Captain Carnage]

Necrophliac is destined to ** a corpse


Captain Carnage is destined to murda

[Captain Carnage]

Du Riz is destined to hustle


J.E.Z is destined to mug

[Captain Carnage]

Gore too, is destined to mug. Die!!!

Trick Or Treat Whodi (Master P Featuring Slay Sean)

{*woman SCREAMING*}

[Master P]
Guess who's back.. it's Freddy? NAH, P BITCH!

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Trick or treat whodi.. where you be whodi?
I'm right 'cross the street whodi
And I think I seen the beast whodi!

[Master P]
It must be Halloween, ya heard me? It all happened at once
I'm in the middle of the hood rollin a black and orange blunt
My mind **ed up, I done seen a black cat {*ROWR!*}
Put my hand on my gat and took three steps back
Ran up the block it was like a movie
I seen a big haunted house with a chick in a jacuzzi
I knocked on the doors {*DING-DONG*} and it broke the mirror {*CRASH*}
I got seven days of bad luck and a dog with no liver(??)
It must be a nightmare, but I'm bout to wake up
Then I put my nail in the keyhole {*door*} and jumped in the truck
{*engine revs*} Headed to the club, the party's off the hook
Until I ran into this nigga that I knew was a crook
He said... onnnnne, twoooooo... they comin for you
Threeee, fourrrrr... better lock your door {*animal roars*}
Nah, ** the world, I'm about to go for mines
Cause I'm trapped in this dream like I'm trapped in crime
I see this younger ??, hair looked just like Eve
And I'm thinkin to myself, what the ** is she doin in New Orleans?
Now is this a curse, or shit I did bad
Or my mind playin tricks cause I snatched a kid's bag


[Slay Sean]
Yeah it's nighttime, the right time to do crime
Niggaz hustle, and watch out for po'-nine
It's showtime, raisin hell {*ROAR!*} one more time
Thugs move, no rules bottom line
You got into the sunset to speak your mind {*SCREE!*}
Run - lock your doors, the streets is mine
Niggaz wild out, {*SCREE!*} throw eggs, the people beg
October 31st niggaz need to be caged
No remorse {*SCREE!*} you done heard my force
Takin, what we want, by means of all sorts
It's the way of life, payback's a bitch, pay the price
Somebody gotta suffer, even po-lice
When the streets is dark and cold you fear for your life
You know you hear the screams {*SCREAM*} it's a horrible sight
Nobody fiends, they just wanna survive the night
Twelve hours of mayhem as you beg for life


[Master P]
Trick or TREAT, kiddies!
Bout to deliver the mail once again
"Ghetto Postage," all platinum BITCH!

Y'ALL CAN'T ** WITH NO LIMIT (hahahaha)
Who's laughin now, WHODI? Hehehehe, trick or treat!

Junebug, you better take that mask off
and get your little bitch-ass inside!

Freestyle (Lil Balla)

down here we ride chevys and vose
I move weight from quarter pounds to o's
nigga my style is dreds and goldzs
baggy clothes
I love gettin my dick suck everynight by uh
different hoe
as I blaze dro
I got so toe up
from da floe up
nigga I was so **ed up until my
pupil wouldn't even show up
I got my dick blowed then I **
right after I bussed my nutt
I said your a good slutt
man I ran through it like uh f150 truck
you know how we do it da playa way
nigga where I stay
we dont play
we spray nothin but aks
trust me nigga I got enough bullets that'll last for days
yall bitches gonna feel my shit
once I spit
I hit like uh atomic bomb

Eat Shit And Die (Necro)

Ladies and gentlemen
Tonight we present torture and *sodomy*
Hosted by Necrophiliac and Ill Cannibill
Relax n smoke your crills

I'll make your eyeballs go back in your skull and come out your ass
I'm walkin' on hot coal and glass
I shit on the *church's mass*
Sacraligous I'll sever your body something prestigious
Precise cuts, I'm fascinated with women's guts
I'm hittin skins and I'm jerkin' off on your intestines
I'll ** you in your**bitch
Now you're colen is swollen
When I go bowlin'
To achieve a strike
I use the headpiece of a *dyke*
I swing her brains down the lane
I'm a sadomasochist
One finger, two fingers, three fingers
Four fingers, ** IT THE WHOLE FIST
Up your asshole
Now you're ready for Ed Powers
And Rocko Sefreddi to suck my cock hoe

[Ill Bill]
I be gettin' backrubs in backrooms of S&M clubs
I'm on drugs
During ** I use anal beads and butt plugs
I'm holdin' bitches dooty holes hostage
Their sisters sphincter keeps me warm during the winter 'cause my cocks big
It gets stuck
Bitches be getting **ed up the asshole
Open ya oven
So I can cook the dooty casserole
That's how I'm living, givin' bitches the shits
I ** 'em between they tits, then I bust a nut on they lips
I vaccinate sockets with lip plugs like if I was to flip once
I snag body bags with dirty hags and cuts
Shooting chemicals directly into my jugular
Look around, shit's getting uglier and uglier
Spinnin' within my hyperbaric chamber
Nothin' short of a bloody rusty razor
fingerprint that could stop my behavior
Generally and federally
Etcetera, etcetera
Shooting storm troopers lie deadera
I emphasize like Emphysema
Every word I speak creeps into your blood stream like *Leukemia*
I instigate mutilation
Under federal investigation
Escaping police stations

Yah I got dead bodys covered with hay in my barn
Loud mother**ers get their lips sewed and yawn
Out the ten story window, headfirst I chuck you
Attach a switchblade to my dick and then I ** you (** you!)
In and out, as I cut the *uterus*
You'll soon be, familiar with torture if you're new to this
Leave you glued to a piss-stained wall
Take my brain out of my skull
And watch my **in' brain crawl
Bend over and get *sodomized* with the .45
Bumpin'into the beehive and get stung
I got the noose of death, so *nigga* come and get hung
Willingly, your rectum gets bruised
I come from the world where *niggas* get **in' abused
The realm of violent crime
Where bitches get **ed in the pussy and**at the same time

Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die

[Ill Bill]
I'm comin' out from inside the walls like asbestos
A ghost disappearing and reappearing when least most, expected
I gank kids on their own
'Cause I'm inproper
I'm a monster, responsible for missing camp counselors
I'm analyzing bio-rhythms
Sleeping my victims with incisions
My sensory sees catastrophic visions
Over the image of *Jehovah* I burn sober
In retrospect I infect your innards just like an ulcer
Then twist facial features like Rocky Dennis
When I menace it's horrendous
My bloody appetite's tremendous
Watch the metamorphosis
Diggin bitches in orifices
Remorse is not my thoughts when I catch a corpse
The torture tactics I practice tear up your mattress
Kidnap an actress
That activate vibrateing plastics

When they made me
I was so, evil they broke the mold
Necro is cold, my ** birth should of been controlled
If you're bold you'll get strangled with your gold
Going once !! going twice !! another ** white *slave* sold
From wacking off I have compulsive dependancy
From the tendency, for ruining bitches *pregnancy*
*Niggas* can't understand my morbid biology
I bring, new, meaning to the studies of Gynacology
When I shove, razors up your *cunt* you'll see
All bitches that diss me wind up with ** V.D.
When I was in my mom's *cunt*, my father slaughtered me
I came back from the dead, after my mom *aborted* me
Bloody, *fetus*, baby of *Satan*, *Devil's* child
Leavin' bodies on all types of mother**in' level piles
So girl take **in' caution,
'Cause if you're walkin home alone tonight
You might wind up a bitch on auction
And if you can't take you and you're concious hun,
I'll be like *Ralphus*, and shoot a slug into you from my blow gun
[Ill Bill]
I'm stirring in the pain in the center of your brain
Carve a path with a butcher knife
Walk down the lane
Take a stroll through the hole in your head
Stab untill your dead
I'd like to paint the world blood red
Flippin' like OJ Simpson, the Joel Rifkin
Covered in crimson
Everywhere you look another dead shook
On the meat hook hangin'
Then I'm up in your place to spread your wife's legs for the bangin'
I love to ** retarded chicks with wiffle ball bats
Then watch there **in' head go splat when I pull out the gat
I'm also into sodomizing secretaries
I'm very scary
My ice pick rips through virgin cherries
And all you goons that think you got half of what me and my brother got
You get chop chop chopped like Bobbit's cock

Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and die
Eat shit and DIE!!!!!

Necrophiliac nineteen ninety gore
Ill Cannibill nineteen ninety gore

Eat my shit
Eat my shit
Eat my shit

You suckin dick for crack
You suckin dick for crack

Get Down (Amil Featuring Beyonce')

Oh shhhh
Yo Jon-John this track is crazy

You know how i do
Browntown, Roc-A-Fella

Where my ballers at? Where my thugs at?
Where my fellows at?
Where my coins at? Where my bitches at?
Where my ladies at?
Where my ballers at? Where my thugs at?
Where my fellows at?
Where my coins at? Where my bitches at?
Where my ladies at?

Let me know what tha deal, keep it real
If you wanna build
Ain't nothing wrong with a roughneck
Rockin' dirty Timbs, baggy jeans, and a nice chest
What you do on the low?
You Bling-bling
You's a thug for sure, I want ice cold ice, hit me off
Wanna break me off, you gotta break me off
Break me off

However you wanna get down
I can get down, baby, like you get down
You know I don't play around
If you got diamonds, maybe we can get down
However you wanna get down
I can get down, baby, like you get down
You know I don't play around
If you got diamonds, maybe we can get down, get down

Can I live? Let me live, you want me
Then you gotta give
I'm a bad girl, such a bad girl
Not a **, but a rock girl
Drive a drop girl
Hair is done, body's right
You wanna touch cause I'm just that tight
We can roll, we can stroll but I gotta let you know
I ain't giving out without doe


So if you wanna get with me
Then diamonds is what I need
You are what I need
And if you want to make me happy
Then give me some of your cream
Give it to me baby, give it to me, give it to me

Uh huh, yeah
Amilliyon, Major Coins
It be the brokest niggas always talking shit
I don't even notice niggas who can't offer shit
What that look like, a broke nigga flossin this
Major Coin, meaning high costing bitch
Only a baller in fact can keep me in the minks
To the small of my back, I'm just keeping it real
Letting y'all know from the gate, no papes, no scrapes
You ain't hungry for it, no plates
Mother **er you'll get clowned first
Treat you like a corner scrub slinging an ounce of dirt
Think about it, what sound worse?
Telling my Coins you broke, or you drowned the purse?
See only official bitches wifey of a rich nigga
A smart bitch, ** with no trick niggas
Them grimy bitches ** with stick niggas
And a dumb bitch just ** you for your dick nigga


Tu y Yo (Wilco)

A ti, a tu belleza tan particular, a esa manera turbia de mirar, a tus mentiras y a tu gran verdad, tu verdad

a ti, a lo que fuiste y a lo que ser?s, a tus secretos y tu intimidad, a tu pasado so?ador, tu presente junto a mi

a la vida al amor, a la noche al calor, ese ni?o que es tuyo y mio
a ese sol que vendra y nos reflejar?
esa flor que seremos tu y yo

a mi, a mi locura que eres solo tu
a mis silencios, a mi ingratitud
a mis traiciones y a mi mal humor, que es amor

a mi, al tiempo que pase buscandote
a los virtudes que siempre ense?e
a los defectos que oculte, a mis locuras a mi fe

a la vida de amor, a la noches de olor, ese ni?o que es tuyo y mio
a ese sol que vendra y nos reflejar?
esa flor que seremos tu y yo

tu y yo, que somos algo mas que tu y yo
somos pasados, somso por pasar
sobre esta tierra que nos ense?o como amar
tu y yo, que somos dos y somos un millon, somos reproches
somos el perdon
somos la guerra, somos paz
vi por mi por los dem?s

a la vida de amor, a la noches de olor, ese ni?o que es tuyo y mio
a ese sol que vendra y nos reflejar?
esa flor que seremos tu y yo

CRAWLING BACK TO YOU (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)

Waiting by the side of the road
For day to break so we could go
Down into Los Angeles
With dirty hands and worn out knees

I keep crawling back to you
I keep crawling back t o you

The ranger came with burning eyes
The chambermaid awoke surprised
Thought she'd seen the last of him
She shook her head and let him in

Hey baby, there's something in your eyes
Tryin' to say to me
That I'm gonna be alright if I believe in you
It's all I want to do

It was me and my sidekick
He was drunk and I was sick
We were caught up in a barroom fight
Till an Indian shot out the lights

I'm so tired of being tired
Sure as ni ght will follow day
Most things I worry about
Never happen anyway

I keep crawling back to you
I keep crawling back to you

Where Have You Been (Jay-Z Featuring Beanie Sigel)

[Beanie Sigel]
Damn how am I gonna say this shit?
hey... hey dad, yeah it's your boy
remember me? I wanna talk to you scrap

I remember being kicked out the house
'cause I looked just like you
Said I'd be nothing but a crook
just like you
The niggaz in the hood was shook
Where the just like you
'Cause all they said was little whitey look
I'm just like you
But dog I can't see it at all, shit
We never kicked it at all
We never pitched or kicked at a ball
dog, you never taught me shit
how to fight, ride a bike, fix a flat
none of that sorts of shit
Nigga you was an abusive pops
** you left me out to dry, stuck
gotta teach news to box
gotta teach news to bop
and that aint the half of it man
I gotta teach news to block
It's about time we have a father to son (nigga sit down)
sit down let me tell you 'bout your fatherless sons
how they grew to be men and father they sons
father they daughters
nigga, you left a fatherless daughter
I never follow your orders
nigga you make me sick
pussy you could....ooh
how you gonna leave these memories in the back of my mind
I can see it clear as day you smackin my mom
I 'member that day you showed me that gat, that 9
put it in my palm when I was young
and said that would be mine, you turned me out
the reason why I hit the block
reason why I tried to hit them cops
reason why I started hittin shots
reason why I started gettin licked
and drinkin syrup and skippin court
ginger bread man never think of gettin caught
look at your hand man damn you fought
nigga you left my mom
left us with no good-bye's
you left us out to dry
you left us with no letters, notes, (nothing!) no replies
no digits numbers was unlisted
you left us with some of my loneliest night
nigga some of my hungriest nights
shit, one of the reasons for years (shit embarrasin)
damn we used to think money was white
yeah you gave us life like, fruit from a plant
we aint eat right from them foods from them stamps
and to think you was my pop,
man i gotta stop shit

chorus: (Beanie Sigel)
dad where have you been
(and when you come home you got us here all along)
mommy where daddy went
(you always take up for him always said you'd make up for him)
mommy what happened then
(what was you cheatin on him why he was always beatin on you?)
daddy where have you been?
(nigga, you gonna hear me out)

I wanted to walk just like him (remember?)
wanted to talk just like him (word)
often momma said I look too much
and I thought just like him (it could happen)
wanted to drink Miller nips
and smoke Newports just like you
but you left me, now I'm goin to court just like you
I would say "my daddy loves me and he'll never go away"
bullshit, do you even remember December's my birthday?
do you even remember the tender boy
you turned into a cold young man
with one goal and one plan
get mommy out of some jam, she was always in one
always short with the income
always late with the rent
You said that you was comin through
I would stay in the hallway (waitin)
always playin the bench (waitin)
and that day came and went
** You! very much you showed me the worst kind of pain
but I'm stronger and trust me I will never hurt again
will never ask mommy "why daddy don't love me?
Why is we so poor?, why is life so ugly?
Mommy why is your eyes puffy?"
please don't cry everything'll be alright
I know it's dark now, but we gon' see the light
It's us against the world
we don't need him, right? (right)
mommy drivin 6's now (yeah), I got riches now (yeah)
I bought I nice home for both of my sisters now
we doin real good
we don't miss you now
see how life twists around? (**a!)



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