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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Escuchar Iglesia evangelica filadelfia video clip del rapto de la iglesia


Jazmin (Luis Alberto Spinetta)

Caído de un amor
nunca encontrarás
luces donde mirar
ni piel donde morir

Tu amor de jazmín
el deseo no me deja partir
jazmín, el deseo es solo un fruto
sin un hombre ni una mujer ni un recuerdo....

Ritual del querer
en tus labios soy
soy nadie, nadie y el placer
oh, me abandonaré
a tu amor de jazmín
es que el deseo no me deja partir
oh, jazmín, el deseo es solo un fruto
sin un hombre ni una mujer
jazmín, uh uh uh ...
tengo apuro por quererte así oh, oh, oh, oh, oh..

Oh, jazmín, de tus ojos no podré volver

Caído de un amor nunca encontrarás
las pupilas de un alma que te espera
ni piel donde morir
tu amor de jazmín
es que el deseo no me deja partir
oh, jazmín el deseo no me deja partir
oh, jazmín el deseo no me deja partir
oh, jazmín el deseo no me deja partir

oh, jazmín, de tus ojos no sabré volver, oh

Volver A NacerComo las olas del mar (Azrael)

Como las olas del mar
ya vengo, ya me vuelvo a ir.
Como el aire quisiera ser
para entrar muy dentro de ti.
No se que cono piensas
que nada te hace reaccionar.
Susurro a tu oido, escuchare.
Confia en mi,
aprovechar tu existir
o es ningun chiste
ve a disfrutar,
los segundos devorar
porque es imposible
?volver a nacer!
Como un billete de mil
finalmente vuelve a ti,
que lo sueltas sin pensar
que a tu mano volvera
los hilos invisibles pensando al par
nos ataran
susurro a tu oido, escuchare.
Confia en mi,
aprovechar tu existir
no es ningun chiste
ve a disfrutar,
los segundos devorar
porque es imposible
?volver a nacer!

Puto (Molotov)

Que, muy machino?
A muy machino?
Marica nena, mas bien putino

Que, muy machino?
A muy machino?
Marica nena, mas bien putino

(puto, puto, puto)

PUTO!! el que no brinque, el que no salte
PUTO!! el que no brinque y eche desmadre
PUTO!! el guey que quedo conforme
PUTO!! el que creyó lo del informe
PUTO!! el que nos quita la papa
PUTO!! tambien joto el que lo tapa
PUTO!! el que no hace lo que quiere
PUTO!! puto nace y puto se muere

Amo matón
Matarile al maricón
Y que quiere ese hijo de puta?
Quiere llorar! quiere llorar!

Amo matón
Matarile al maricon
Y que quiere este hocicon?
Quiere llorar! quiere llorar!

Y este son va dedicado a Micky,
Y a toda su familia... y a Iñaky, su hermano

Le faltan tanates al..
Le faltan trompiates
Le faltan tanates al..
Puto, puto..

Amo maton
Matarile al maricon
Y que quiere ese hijo de puta?
Quiere llorar! quiere llorar!

(puto! puto! puto! puto!)

Pepe Botika (¿Donde Estan Mis Amigos?) (Extremoduro)

Pepe Botika es un honrado traficante tomando copas me l'encuentro to los días
me cuenta historias de sus años en la cárcel
a veces había suerte y si tenía pasta salía.
Que vergüenza, Señoría. ¿Cuánto cuesta su amnistía?
Lo colocaron con las manos en la masa
cuando venía del campo de coger higos
entodavía no l`an visto por su casa
lo tienen preventivo en una celda de castigo
¿¡Dónde están mis amigos!? Encerrados sin motivo.
Carabanchel, La Modelo. Herrera de la Mancha,
Cáceres II. Alcalá Meco, Puerto de Santa María.
El contrabando era su oficio más brillante
y las fronteras se las salta to los días
tengo colegas en casi todas las cárceles
era de Plasencia me parece que decía.
Que vergüenza, Señoría ¿Cuánto cuesta su amnistía?
Un día le hicieron un registro al soterrizo
y le incautaron 20 kilos de chorizo
hashis, caballo y cocaína pal que compre
pues ya lo dijo dios: no sólo de pan vive el hombre.

Here Come The Lords (Lords Of The Underground)

[DoItAll] Hey yo Funke wake up!
[Mr. Funke] Huh?
[DoItAll] Turn your radio up!
[Mr. Funke] What?!
[DoItAll] It's us!
[Mr. Funke] It's US?!
[DoItAll] Yeah listen to the cut!
It's our style!
[Mr. Funke] Our style?
[DoItAll] Your style
[Mr. Funke] Stop brother
[DoItAll] Aiyyo nigga wake up "let me show you some thin!"
Listen to the way they flip the metaphors and phrases
Listen, listen, it's drivin me CRA-ZY
Cause everytime I do a style and flip it kind of simple
Brothers say, "That's fat," and do it on the demo
From a demo to a promo now a hit on the radio
Next thing you know, they'll be doing our video
[Mr. Funke] Same one?
[DoItAll] Same one! Concepts, whole nine
And crazy similarities to the whole rhyme
I'm not worried though (why?) I'm flippin hits from the grill
And in the underground only real stays real, so umm
check the skills, the skills are kinda ill and yo
Here Come the Lords, cause we're here to make a kill!

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

[Mr. Funke] Aiyyo, Marley!
[Marley] Aiyyo whassup knocka?
[Mr. Funke] Do you hear these suckas tryin to clock the Lord Chief Rocka
[Marley] Yeah I hear em, they're just a bunch of clones on your bone
[Mr. Funke] Hold up, I'm tryin to figure out where could they get my style from
Aiyyo wait a minute, remember the tape you shopped around a while back?
[Marley] Yo what, wasn't that your boys?
[Mr. Funke] Now they got our stuff down pat!
[Marley] Yo man don't sweat it, just show em why they call you Mr. Funke
Yo Lord Jazz, pass me some of that Brass Brass Monkey

[Mr. Funke]
Here Come the Lords, Here Come the Lords, Mr. Funke don't you see me?
I told you we were comin, you suckas didn't believe me
The Skipper, my Lords style stick like Jack the Ripper
I'm hangin other rappers like your girl hangs on my zipper
Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make it funky
Stop being stingy knocka, pass that Brass Monkey
I step, off a stage, everyone knows, who I am
Grab the mic like Teddy Riley and I _Jam_ (chicka, aawww, Jam)
Give me the mic and watch me wax that***horn sample*
Keep the camera moving cause I'm kinda fast *horn sample*
You can trip, you can flip, you could even slip or dip
but you'll never ever rip, Funke style as good as this
Because you sound like you're drugged, you might as well be a singer
Your whimsy couldn't touch me if your name was Sticky Fingaz
So when I come around, don't try to be down, don't try to be down
Just dig the sound, cause here comes the Lords of the Underground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X

Well umm, open up the doors and yell, Here Come the Lords
Yell it loud yell it loud, let me hear it from a crowd
I packs em, _In the Closet_ like Michael Jackson
And love to hear the girls go OOH when I'm rockin
So catch it, no stutter in my flow but I wrecks it
And caught you on the dillz from my jam called _Check It_
Check it check it check it check it microphone check it
Yeah, you went wild, cause your moms digs my records
So come on, I'm takin you where the sun don't shine
The underground, but everything is fine
I rhyme, copacetic, unless it gets hectic
Your vocal chords'll get CRACKED, you gets no chloraseptic
So hit em, so chill, chill man chill
I know who used to be but now who's _Top Bill_
Well it's me, and yes, I am back by the Funke
Marley filled the House with Hits so you know The Lords are chunky
We stink, like pee-eww, funk from my shoe
But what about this funk, can two brothers like us do
but get down like James Brown and rock the whole town
Hah! And now The Lords have broke ground

(Here Come the Lords) 7X
(Here Come the Lords) 7X

* Lord Jazz cuts n scratches 'Here Come the Lords' *

Tossed Up (Mean Green)

featuring UGK

[Pimp C] (Bun b)
hol up..smoke something bitch
keep your mind on your money (keep my mind on my money)
I represent UGK river know what I'm talking bout (black owned)
independent and black owned (smoked up)
smoke on something
so get your mind right

uhhh I'm young mother** sweet jones
pimpin the six
gotta yellow bone bitch cooking me serving bricks
since I was 17 I've been a legend in texas
screaming ** the police and blowing dough in the lexus
I saw your video nigga, you're slow and sloppy
spent 500,000 on a carbon copy
while I was smoking with the young soldiers in the caddy
yall ** off your money trying to be puff daddy
i'm a OG rock baller
I know some nigga that a bust 17 off in your impala
you ** them hoes and pay em top dollar
I'm still down with lil J I gotta the money and the ** power

chorus x 2
now all you niggas talking shit you getting tossed up
and all of these hoes that's on the dick they getting tossed up
we got them cookies and them bricks they getting tossed up
so don't you be bout nothing slick you getting tossed up

[verse 2]
yall niggas done **ed up and called up some treal niggas
niggas who ain't scared to put 6 in your Hilfiger
deal wit a nigga like a swisha and split him down the middle
remind a mother**er who the real hard hitter
gold diggers for cheese jealous and in keys keeping berretas
for them playing hating fellas what the ** can you tell us
driving benzs with mo mos hoes ** our toes
cause they know we the niggas roll with all the goddamn dough
I cook a quarter pound of blow sell it for 44
selling ounces for 5.50 caught you 12 at your door
it's smitty the pimp dope pro hoe I know the rules
the early bird gets the bread if you snooze you lose

chorus x 2

[Bun -B]
you done pushed the panic button
now we taking it all like a glutton
any tripping we cutting so listen it's bubby hutton
now any hoe that snort in here you can catch the nuttin
we synonymous with a rock like charles s dutton our prophecies
now wasn't you that sudsucker
talking shit with that funky bitch up in that fuddruckers
you best to be a mud ducker, I'm a thug bucker
and I got one specially designed for all you mother**ers
we love ruckus, wanna shuck and jive
but when I came through with that four to the ** five
niggas duck and dive ?????
what a ** liar
bitch ain't no time to get flossed up
I'm sauced up you said it cost what woooo-d

chorus x 4

Vengo del Mar (Natalia Oreiro)

Tantas cosas perdí
Muchos sueños olvidé
Tanto me arrepenti
Por no aprender a querer
Dispuesta a partir
Sola me quedé Y después sin pensar
Se que me escape...
Luego en soledad muchos sitios caminé
Era así la verdad tan vacía y tan cruel
Me anime a volar y volé, volé
Y ahora quiero encontrar todo aquello que soñé
Vengo del mar, vengo de lejos
Vengo para cambiar
Una pena de amor por un beso
Vengo a buscar el sol
Me trae el viento
Cambio desilusión por un sentimiento.

Me Muero de Amor (Natalia Oreiro)

Te marchaste sin palabras
Cerrando la puerta
Justo cuando te pedía un poco más
Un poco más
El miedo te alejó del nido
Sin una respuesta
Dejando un corazón herido
Dejándome atrás
Y ahora me muero de amor si no estás
Me muero y no puedo esperar
A que vuelvas de nuevo aquí
Junto a mí, con tus besos...
Es que me muero de amor si no estás
Me muero y no puedo esperar
Necesito tenerte aquí, junto a mí
Sin tu amor no puedo vivir
Entre tus papeles descubrí una carta
Sólo en líneas apretadas frases sin razón
Dices que el motivo fue la falta de aire
Si siempre te dejé ser libre
Sin una condición
Dime que no es verdad
Que voy a despertar
Cerca de tu piel
Igual que hasta ayer...

Love Is Blind (Eve)

Hey yo I don't even know you and I hate you
See all I know is that my girlfriend used to date you
How would you feel if she held you down and raped you?
Tried and tried but she never could escape you
She was in love and I'd ask her how? I mean why?
What kind of love from a nigga would black your eye?
What kind of love from a nigga every night make you cry?
What kind of love from a nigga make you wish he would die?
I mean shit he bought you things and gave you diamond rings
But them things wasn't worth none of the pain that he brings
And you stayed, what made you fall for him?
That nigga had the power to make you crawl for him
I thought you was a doctor be on call for him
Smacked you down cause he said you was too tall for him, huh?
That wasn't love, babygirl you was dreamin'
I could have killed you when you said your seed was growin' from his semen

1 - Love is blind, and it will take over your mind
What you think is love, is truly not
You need to elevate and find

Repeat 1

I don't even know you and I'd kill you myself
You played with her like a doll and put her back on the shelf
Wouldn't let her go to school and better herself
She had a baby by your**and you ain't giving no help
Uh-huh big time hustler, snake mother**er
One's born everyday and everyday she was your sucker
How could you beat the mother of your kids?
How could you tell her that you love her?
Don't give a ** if she lives
She told me she would leave you, I admit it she did
But came back, made up a lie about you missing your kids
Sweet kisses, baby didn't even know she was your mistress
Had to deal with fist fights and phone calls from your bitches
Floss like you possess her, tellin' me to mind my business
Said that it was her life and stay the ** out of it
I tried and said just for him I'll keep a ready clip

Repeat 1 (2x)

I don't even know you and I want you dead
Don't know the facts but I saw the blood pour from her head
See I laid down beside her in the hospital bed
And about two hours later, doctors said she was dead
Had the nerve to show up at her mother's house the next day
To come and pay your respects and help the family pray
Even knelt down on one knee and let a tear drop
And before you had a chance to get up
You heard my gun cock
Prayin' to me now, I ain't God but I'll pretend
I ain't start your life but nigga I'mma bring it to an end
And I did, clear shots and no regrets
‘Member cops comin' in, watch me going to jail
Nigga whatever my bitch, ** it my sister
You could never figure out even if I let you live
What our love was all about
I considered her my blood and it don't come no thicker

Repeat 1 till end

Dogmatch (Eve)

Featuring DMX

Ugh! (Whoa) Ugh!(Woo!) Ugh! Ugh! (Arf! Arf! Arf!)
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Now for every real dog
There's that bitch that's behind him
That bitch that when that nigga get to missin'
She gon' find him
Old girl gonna stay with the dog
Hand in hand with the dog
And whatever the ** went down she ran with the dog
First time I had a match and didn't scratch
You catch just loss half you niggas but the punk can fetch
And I know my babygirl is gonna stretch
Any rappin' mother**er, male or female
Place your bets
You can imagine what the bloodline is like
Since I love mine to fight
I'm on some shit like what time tonight
Y'all niggaz can't be for real
Cause any one of you faggots
Will catch a face full of lead
Bitch you shouldn't be faggots
**in' maggots, once you have it, as good as I got it
I know my hands is in my pockets
But Eve got you spotted, red dotted
Eve didn't before the Dog
Nothin' but a war with tha bark

Always been the bitch that could roll with a thug and
Wipe up the blood
Roll in the mud with your other ducks nigga what?
What you need when the chips is down
I'll abide on the stand when evidence is found
I give pound to ya niggaz they respect this bitch
I spit rounds at your enemy no less than six
Always keep the extra clip Dog taught me well
The extra eyes on your team I see who's next to fail
Always hold your back up, I picked it up when you slack up
And if attention gets to close I tell the world to back up
Biting two time, rhymes who ride?
Bitch and your livin' lessons through life
**in' with the dog he's a master
Plus he's gonna show me how to blast ya
Want attention then pass ya
Split you then stash you
The game is real, E-V-E, DMX, the name's for real, uh

1 - [DMX]
**in' with the dog man niggaz keep beefin'
Eve will hold it down now, niggaz can believe (Woo!)
Quick as niggaz come and quick as they'll be leavin' (Ugh!)
Paramedics on your chest, pushin' and breathin'

Repeat 1

Get em girl, ha-ha, that's my baby
I'mma put the bitch down, cause the boy got rabies
All my pups is crazy, cause off the leash
They can eat, stand and match defeat, out of the least
And if the beast is in the big one
The beast is in the little ones
Talkin' 'bout let's hit him son
**in' with the little guns
Y'all niggaz had a little run
What more do you want?
For your fans you can front
But the dog is on the hunt

You know I'm at the door point fox rippin' 'em out
And you're the only one that can tame me
When I'm flippin em out
Bite's lethal, no recovering
I spitz no other than acid
Up against the top contenders
None of them lasted
This bitch gon always hold you down
Keep the cowards thinking twice
I keeps it gritty nigga
Never think that love is life
Turnin' my back is something cats would do
I never take flight
Cause any breed he put's me up against
This bitch is gonna bite

Repeat 1 (4x)

Ugh! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Woo! Woo!
Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
Ugh! Ugh! Woo


Hola a todos espero que os guste el video que he montado sobre el rapto de la iglesia espero que os guste y de paso nos haga pensar sobre si llegara ese dia, ...

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