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Friday, 25 April 2014
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Danny (Tiffany)

Here in the dark
Silence is much too hard to bear
Don't know where to start
I'm hurtin' everywhere
If we don't stop now
We're gonna lose
We should try somehow
'cause it's too easy to bruise

When you take your mark
Danny with your aim
Danny for my heart
It's only pain
What does it prove
Again and again
Danny nobody wins

If it's your pride
Promise you won't let it keep us apart
Deep down inside
We can make a new start
If we don't look back
On the price we pay
Well that's all I ask
'Cause we'll never make it this way

When you take your mark
Danny with your aim
Danny for my heart
It's only pain
What does it prove
Again and again
Danny nobody wins

Comin' 2 America (Ludacris)

The royal penis is clean your highness
Thank you, king shit

Yeah mother**ers! Welcome to the United States of America.
Time to roll out the red carpet on y'all bitch asses.
Hailin from the filthy, dirty South, where the Kings lay.
Ludacris; Disturbin' Tha Peace family. Recognize royalty
when you hear it. The throne has been taken, so kiss this
nigga's earring. Luda throw some grapes on these bitches!

These bitches throwin rose petals at my feet mayn!
They wanna spoil me, treatin me like royalty;
what I'm 'sposed to do? It's such a sweet thang
Work that track, whip 'em like Kunta
That's why they stay down, they loyal citizens of Zamunda
By way of A-T-L; if you disagree
don't even look at me ho don't pass go just go straight to jail
With no probation or bail, but this ain't Monopoly
It's Jolly Green Giants cause we smoke so much broccoli
Uh-oh, Spaghetti-O's! Luda's oodles of noodles
And testin me is like pitbulls put up to poodles
My rap career goes back further than yo' father hairline
It's Ludacris - I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines
I'm fly, even when I get high I work cash
And even got my coats bumped up to first class
I'm boss to all employees - and I'm here to teach the principle
Cause I've been saved by mo' bells than Lark Vorhees

Man ** that nigga 'Cris man, for real man. I'm tired of
this shit man. Man I try to rap for the nigga, I try to get
a nigga tracks; he ain't hearin my shit. Man for real.
Man my four-year-old son can rap better than that nigga;
man that nigga garbage. Man I got talent too, the nigga ain't
hearin me. Man iii-iiiis this shit on? 'Cris, c'mon 'Cris.
'Cris, f'real man. ** YOU NIGGA, MAN ** YOU!

** you too! What you wanna do, scrawny nigga
But I got a arsenal of automatics down to twenty-twos
Know how to use 'em, fight dirty as SHIT
I throw a grenade and all-in-one bury a CLIQUE
You see y'all got it all wrong like women in tuxedos
And comin up shorter than five Danny DeVitos
I'm on a cool ranch, get laid more than Fritos
With five strippers, four wives and three amigos
I go scuba divin in Bays at Montego
I find gold links and snatch 'em like I'm Deebo
But I'm the light-skinteted version of Mandingo
I've seen more Beatles and Jagged Edges than Ringo
I used to run numbers in line they caled me BINGO
Cause I'm big, you a little star, you just twinkle
Old asses like sharpeis, y'all all wrinkled
And I stay with more BULLETS than yo' Billboard singles

Ho that is just too much! You just gotta give applause
he is definitely all f'real - yaseeI'msayin? Ha ha I be
**in with him all the time, yahhmean? I'm sayin, I used
to just (?) now home come through he want filters a purple,
he want quarters a purple now. I want y'all to trip with it
man, I woulda sold him a Coupe (?) we coulda played with,

Yeah, can I get a little hit of that, little nigga with a bigga sack
See piece of the bigger trap look at that God be rollin on that
Where they kick it at? And a lot of people just don't know
Shady Park you heard just don't go
Quick to flip the bird up po'-po'
Makin the way for that rodeo, that rodeo show!
Gotta hit 'em with a reload, I gotta put 'em with the people
I gotta make a nigga stop, drop, roll - oh no where the beat go?
Bring that, shit back, didn't wanna hear that, clik-clak
Tons of fun with guns
** all the lil' chit-chat get back get that get that
Who knows, who goes there? Mother**ers it's Poppa Bear
Stop and stare; pourin out a lil' gasoline and then drop a flare
Come on, FIRE! And you know I can't stop 'til I re-TIRE!
Oh no, we stay swoll, rollin on Vogue TIRES!
Right down the avenue, passin you rapidly stackin
In the back of the Cadillac and packin emergency action
Camera, LIGHT LIGHTS, throwin a punch and then FIGHT FIGHT
Packin a lunch and then BITE BITE, A-T-L stay TIGHT TIGHT

I'm just tryin to save ya shorty. I'ma let you know
it's real down heah. When you ride down that two-eighty-five,
and you go past Kincaid, get ready to go past that Cambleton Road
fo' you get it cut free shorty just shave; cause dat where dem
real niggaz at. I ain't lyin when you in Decatur and you flossin
down Clintwood, Cambleton Road or (?) Boulder to shave!
Cause dat where dem real niggaz at. When you're goin down that
ol' Nat Hill and you pass dat second waffle house 'fore you get
to the rich niggaz daaang, cause dat where dem real niggaz at!
Matter of fact, just shave when ya get to Georgia nigga.

Lobachevsky (Tom Lehrer)

For many years now, Mr. Danny Kaye, who has been my particular idol since childbirth, has been doing a routine about the great Russian director Stanislavsky and the secret of success in the acting profession. And I thought it would be interesting to st... to adapt this idea to the field of mathematics. I always like to make explicit the fact that before I went off not too long ago to fight in the trenches, I was a mathematician by profession. I don't like people to get the idea that I have to do this for a living. I mean, it isn't as though I had to do this, you know, I could be making, oh, 3000 dollars a year just teaching.

Be that as it may, some of you may have had occasion to run into mathematicians and to wonder therefore how they got that way, and here, in partial explanation perhaps, is the story of the great Russian mathematician Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky.*

Who made me the genius I am today,
The mathematician that others all quote?
Who's the professor that made me that way,
The greatest that ever got chalk on his coat?

One man deserves the credit,
One man deserves the blame,
and Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name. Oy!
Nicolai Ivanovich Lobache...

I am never forget the day I first meet the great Lobachevsky.
In one word he told me secret of success in mathematics: Plagiarize!

Let no one else's work evade your eyes,
Remember why the good Lord made your eyes,
So don't shade your eyes,
But plagiarize, plagiarize, plagiarize...
Only be sure always to call it please, "research".

And ever since I meet this man my life is not the same,
And Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name. Oy!
Nicolai Ivanovich Lobache...

I am never forget the day I am given first original paper to write. It
was on Analytic and Algebraic Topology of Locally Euclidean Metrization
of Infinitely Differentiable Riemannian Manifold.
Bozhe moi!
This I know from nothing.**
But I think of great Lobachevsky and I get idea - haha!

I have a friend in Minsk,
Who has a friend in Pinsk,
Whose friend in Omsk
Has friend in Tomsk
With friend in Akmolinsk.
His friend in Alexandrovsk
Has friend in Petropavlovsk,
Whose friend somehow
Is solving now
The problem in Dnepropetrovsk.

And when his work is done -
Haha! - begins the fun.
From Dnepropetrovsk
To Petropavlovsk,
By way of Iliysk,
And Novorossiysk,
To Alexandrovsk to Akmolinsk
To Tomsk to Omsk
To Pinsk to Minsk
To me the news will run,
Yes, to me the news will run!

And then I write
By morning, night,
And afternoon,
And pretty soon
My name in Dnepropetrovsk is cursed,
When he finds out I published first!

And who made me a big success
And brought me wealth and fame?
Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name. Oy!
Nicolai Ivanovich Lobache...

I am never forget the day my first book is published.
Every chapter I stole from somewhere else.
Index I copy from old Vladivostok telephone directory.
This book, this book was sensational!***
Pravda - ah, Pravda - Pravda said:
"Jeel beel kara ogoday blyum blocha jeli," ("It stinks").
But Izvestia! Izvestia said:
"Jai, do gudoo sun sai pere shcum," ("It stinks").
Metro-Goldwyn-Moskva bought the movie rights for six million rubles,
Changing title to 'The Eternal Triangle',
With Brigitte Bardot playing part of hypotenuse.****

And who deserves the credit?
And who deserves the blame?
Nicolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky is his name.

Choose Your Friends (Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians)

Danny got of the yellow school bus
Looking so sad today, you see it on his face
Mommy and Daddy have been fighting again
Every time they fight, he's caught in the middle of it all
He has dreams, like every little boy in the world.
But right know his main dream,
Is to get out of here.
Is to make Mommy and Daddy disappear forever.
He doesn't wanna hear those angry voices anymore
Danny, be careful what you wish for
You might just get it.
Be careful o!! Oh!! Oh!!


He goes up to his room; he's not feeling good today
But it's no use, telling, nobody listens here
No use complaining, nobody cares around here
Little boys go to sleep and pray
For toys and candy, he prays for one thing
God I need a miracle down here
Will you make, Mommy and Daddy?
Disappear forever
Danny, be careful what you wish for
You might just, get it.
Be careful oh!! Oh!! Oh!!


I'll Never Give It Up (Richard Thompson)

I can't eat, I can't sleep
know that your 're on your midnight creep
I can't jump, I can't jive
knowing that you want me dead or alive
there's no halfway with you
you see red, white and blue
what holds your head on
could use another screw

come on, do your worst, boy
there's the way, that's the way
hits me where it hurts, boy,
that's the way, that's the way
puff until you burst, boy
that's the way, that's the way
but I'll never give it up
I'll never give it up

I'll put you in my loser file
I don't need your reptile smile
I prefer you out of range
stare at somebody else for a change
when the sky fell in, you cried
and blackness welled inside
and how your little brain
got twisted and fried

Some day we're going to
meet somewhere
You and me will rock and roll
when you crawl out of
your sick little hole
so give me what your got
put your money in the pot
let's see what you are and
what your 're not

you're someone I can't help betray
because you built me up that way

[Richard Thompson - Vocals. autoharp, electric and acoustic guitars]
[Michael Hays - rhythm electric guitar]
[Danny Thompson - Acoustic Bass]
[Michael Jerome - Drums and Percussion]

Taubat Nasuha (Danny O'Keefe)

PadaMU ku serah segala
Hatta sepenuh jiwa raga
Hanya KAU yang Maha Pemurah
Meredakan hati yang gundah
Ya Allah

PadaMU ku curah segala
Perasaan yang melara
Engkaulah yang punyai cinta
membawa ku ke puncak nasuha

Ku kesali kealpaan diriku
Ku tangisi kesilapan lalu
Walaupun sekali takkan ku ulangi
Ya Allah Tuhanku bantulah hambaMU

Jangan biarkan diriku terus dibelenggu
Ampuni dosa ku
Terangi hati ku
Izinkan ku kembali ke jalan redhaMU

Tiada lain yang ku harapkan
Hanya kasih sayangMU Tuhan
Membawa ku ke rimbun keampunan
Ya Allah
PadaMU ku serah segala

Ku kesali kealpaan diriku
Ku tangisi kesilapan lalu
Walaupun sekali takkan ku ulangi
Ya Allah Tuhanku

Bantulah hambaMU
Jangan biarkan diriku terus dibelenggu
Ampuni dosa ku
Terangi hati ku
Izinkan ku kembali ke jalan redhaMU

Tiada lain yang kuharapkan
Hanya kasih sayang MU Tuhan
Membawa ku ke rimbun keampunan
Ya Allah
PadaMU ku serah segala

A Thing Named Kim (Biz Markie)

One two, one two
The Diabolical's back again
With the Cutmaster Cool V
At the boards my man Paul Sea
But this goes out to my man Danny Dan
The beat man that makes you understand
He want me to tell somethin bout this girl named Kim
I'ma do it like this

[Verse One]
Well it was one of those days when nothing's right with the world
I was half broke, bored, and fed up with my girl
Lookin for somethin to do but wonderin how long
It would take for the next thing to go wrong
So I decided to hang, go out and ease my mind
I told myself you would never know what you might find
I took a hot bubble bath, instead of a shower
Got rid of "The Dragon," it took me a hour
Decided on a sweatsuit, Gucci red and white
Some rings and some ropes, and then I'm on for the night
The Gucci sneakers some cologne, I think Aramis
I look in the mirror and said, "Biz you look - marvelous!"
I jetted out the door, and hailed a taxi
And said "54 in a hurry," and jumped in the backseat
We arrived he said, "$8.50 and that don't count my tip"
I said, "Don't drink and drive -
GIMME MY CHANGE before I bust ya lip!"
The club was jumpin and word is bond
I saw girls walkin around with jeans painted on
Splittin they skirts up the middle, tight leather and lace
Both me and Jimmy agree, we're gonna like this place
Took a seat at the bar, the girl said what are ya drinkin?
A Coke and a smile child, and slid her a Lincoln
Took a sip of my four dollars, she looked at me strange
I said, "Psych I bet you thought you was gonna keep the change"
I made my way through the crowd, it was plain to see
Same everywhere I go, all eyes on me
I sat down at the table, and one of the staff
said, "Ain't you the Biz" I said, "Yeah but no autographs"
I sat alone in the corner, and sipped my drink
Happened to look across the room and somebody winked
I did the only thing the Diabolical could do
Looked down to see what that I was attached to
Sure enough it was a girl, a sweet female
Her hair and eyes sparkled like ginger ale
I looked lower to her lips, her chin and her neck
And fantasized about the rest, then decided to check
I sent champagne to her table, the waiter asked her name
He returned with Kim, and I almost came
I checked myself and made sure, I looked alright
And told my dick, "Don't worry - we're **in tonight!"
Threw her the Kool-Aid smile, and a dash of charm
I stepped to the lady and tapped her arm
But when she turned around, my smile turned to gloom
She didn't look none like she looked across the room
She had big broad shoulders and her titties was big
They were filled with silicone, and her hair was a wig
She had more makeup than Boy George and Phyllis Diller
Ugly enough to be a monster in "Thriller"
Had hair on her chest longer than King Spade
Even though I got a band, I don't need the AIDS
So I hurried out and left, she said, "Please stay"
I said, "Sorry money grip, I don't go that way"
So I stepped out in a hurry, to gather my wits
And thought that's a damn shame, he had nice tits
And that's the last I ever saw of Kim
You wanna know why? Cause she's a he and her's a him
Like that and-a, like that and-a
I'm not the man called Dantana
You go on and on and on and on and on and on and on
Don't go to Getty, go to Exxon.. {*echoes*}

[Biz Markie shout outs and ad libs]

Summertime (Pharcyde)


Hot short days
Long sweaty nights
The changing of the equinox

I was delayed on delta
Thinking about my shelter
In Pasadena when a man
I was emphazema
Let the top down
Turn the volume up some decibels
And rolling down the street
Ass all up on my testicals like lice
Summertime is always nice
From dena to the l.b.c.
And start driving the telly 301
Time jump behind me
Flashing lights like a disco
Was lookin like Danny terrio
herbs in scenario
Its summertime.

Its summertime
And the livins easy
ridies on the microphone
With ras m.g.
All people in dance will agree
That we're well qualified
To represent the LBC
Me, me and lawee
We go run to the party
And dance to the rhythm
It gets harder.

Days hotter than coco
As smooth as coco butter
My mind was cluttered
With thoughts of being home
My zone, closing my shutters
Imagine the microphones
And lying under the covers
With my baby bear
Banging with dreamy stairs
Shoulder shoulder then hair
Put a nigga's underwear
With the baby T
Whispering words like
"Come and... Play with me"
What a beautiful day to be free
That is it.

I've come to tell you that she's
Most definitely
Ornery, scandalous and
Most definitely.
The tension
Is getting hotter
I’d like to pull her
Head underwater

You know it’s seasonal
Temperatures reading exactly at
1. 0 .1
Ran into sublime when I was
Rollin high on the
northbound in tune with the earth sound
sound wave and the sun beams
when im on the microphone
I freak beats and rearrange scenes
When im on the microphone
I make heads bob
We smoke hella herbs
Cause herb attracts the gods.

(You gotta gotta gotta keep it comin on)

one day I was joggin through the concrete jungle
and all of a sudden I slipped on some SUBLIME
and landed in the pharcyde
its all good, it doesn’t matter
we have sunshine in the air
good smoke and good people everywhere
you know
I know
We must stay strong
And keep it, keep it comin on.

submitted by Uteez

Para Que Seguir (Danny Williams)

Yo se que tu jamas vas a volver a mi
Aun que me veas llorando no regresaras
Inutil es el rogarte no me escucharas
Igual como otras veces me rechasaras
Por eso mi corazon me lo adicho ya

Para que seguir rogando su amor
Un amor que no fue verdadero
Solo fue ficcion

Para que seguir una la falsedad
Al pensar que ella tambien me ama
Solo me hago mal
Para que seguir para que si ella no sabe amar


Para que seguir rogando su amor
Un amor que no fue verdadero
Solo fue ficcion

Para que seguir una la falsedad
Al pensar que ella tambien me ama
Solo me hago mal
Para que seguir para que si ella no sabe amar

Para que seguir para que si ella no sabe amar

Dollaz + Sense * (DJ Quik)

* also appears on the Murder Was the Case soundtrack as 'Dollars and Sense'

Now let's get down to business bitches
Cause it seems like y'all just keep on tryin to diss this
Nigga that you know that's been down for years
I've clowned for years and y'all could never fade my peers
One two three four five six seven
Nine ten Eiht you can't win
Cause all the way around nigga I gets respect
and youse a nigga that can't even get no props in your set
?Trag new park? you say huh
Wanna be rippin, but now it's time to do some set trippin
So listen close, cause I don't want y'all to miss
That I'm bout to break it down for this bitch, check it
Acacia, Poplar Maple Spruce Cedar Elm
Westside trees sprayin all the fleas
that's from the three and four hundred block P-Funk riders
(So niggaz watch yo'**at that center divider *gun blast*)
Now Erik Titer, tell my why you seem so tame
When I caught you at the airport, shakin like a crap game
You looked up and you seen my niggaz comin
And you looked like your bitch**was bout to start runnin
But all I wanted to do was kick a little coversation (yo whatup)
And see if we can fix this little situation
But would I ** you up was what you wondered
Yeah, that's probably why you changed your little pager number (punk ass)
But bitches like you don't grow
You can't even look me in my eye, let alone go toe to toe
And callin me skinny, youse a clown
I'ma call you Theo, cause you weigh ninety-two point three pounds
Wack**actor, movie script killer
Fool don't you know, Quik is still the nigga
Compton psycho, boy you oughta quit
Your records don't hit, and bitches don't jock your shit
You need to stay down you Compton clown
and get off of the nuts of the niggaz with guts
Because I'm down with the Trees, I'm down with Death Row
I'm down with Black Tone, and I'm down with the fo'
So when we cross paths and I hope that's soon
I'ma boot your mother**in**to the moon
You need to quit bangin under false pretense
Cause if don't make dollars, it don't make sense


If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
So don't kill game, let the pimpin commence
If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
So don't kill game, let the people, commence
If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
So don't kill game, let the pimpin commence
If it don't make dollars, it don't make sense
Because you gotta give it up to the crown prince

Now I'ma swing it to the right and, right into the left hand
Take a deep breath and, cook it like a chef and
this is dedicated to the C-P-T
No better yet T-T-P, or the niggaz that look up to me
I make it my business, to be that true forever
and whenever I can come clever well that's my endeavor
so whether or not you understand, that there's only one DJ Q-U-I-K
with no C still you can't be me
Because I'm floatin in my Lex and, depositin fat checks and
gettin mad ** while I floss the NSX and
doin what I wanna, and youse a goner nigga
for thinkin that you can catch me slippin on a street corner
Remember Compton's in the house, and Quik is in the hood
Sippin yak with all my niggaz cause it's tooted good
So don't knock it til you try it, cause Eiht he tried to knock it
But he's still walkin round with my nuts in his pocket (beyotch)
So put tha P in it represent and sip that Miller
And for those of y'all concerned, this is still Eiht Killa *gun blast*
Let me take a load off my scrotum little pest
If it don't make dollers nigga, you know the rest


Now I done sold my **in soul to the shit that I kick
While you groupie**niggaz keep on ridin the dick
You oughta know that DJ Quik ain't your average everyday mother**er
(hah) Slick like a snake cause I stuck ya
Now, I never had my dick sucked by a man befo'
But you gon be the first you little trick**hoe
Then you can tell me just how it taste
But before I nut I shoot some piss in your face
you **in coward, tremblin like a nervous wreck
Cause when I caught your ass, you put yourself in check
And when you left my presence, you left expedient
You ain't no **in killer, youse a comedian, beyotch
Tell me why you act so scary
Givin your set a bad name wit your misspelled name
E-I-H-T, now should I continue
Yeah you left out the G cause the G ain't in you
Remember that time you was rollin on the Westside
And a little brown bucket pulled up on your side
Caught at that light in your Camry in the midst of a
REAL killer, tell me did you feel a little nervous (hell yeah)
You was in the shadow of death
With two trey-five-sevens pointed at your chest, hmm
Whatchu gon do, where was your niggaz that kill at
You ain't got no killers so kill dat
Holdin up your hands and beggin for a pass
You lucky they didn't just to get to dumpin on yo'**
Cause this game you think is funny is some real shit
So you need to be more careful who you **in wit, beyotch!

(line 4) I'm through playin with your punk**

Shouts goes out, to my well known road dog
What's up Dozun Tru, they don't understand it baby
they can't fade us out here on these Compton streets (beyotch)
It's bigger than they can imagine
To the whole entire Death Row family
Both sides, whassup niggaz
And my nigga big Suge, known for keepin shit poppin
To my nigga Big J, my little nigga Hi-C, little straight G
And that little singin**nigga Danny Boy
Y'all don't understand, y'all can't fade this
I'M the first nigga that was "Bangin on Wax"
Yeah if you remember, nineteen eighty-seven underground tapes
And it don't stop, and it won't stop



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