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Wednesday, 21 March 2018
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Firework Spinners / Helicopters Comparison Firework Spinners / Helicopters Comparison
Comparison of Firework spinners/ Helicopters Another fun quick video comparing a couple novelty spinner items. This video was filmed during Fourth of July 2014 and just now uploading! Buzz...

Fidget Spinner + Fireworks = Insane!! + Giveaway Fidget Spinner + Fireworks = Insane!! + Giveaway
I got a crazy idea, what would happen if I taped some fireworks to a spinner? FREE SPINNER GIVEAWAY: https://gleam.io/competitions/MQx1I-spinner-giveaway Guess there was only one way to find...

(eye Spy) Firework Spinners (eye Spy) Firework Spinners
sorry for the wait but let me know what you guys would like to see in my future videos. let me know in the comments below and I appreciate your support and pyro love! SNAPCHAT: garciaabrahan.

Spinners: Flying Firework [moved] Spinners: Flying Firework [moved]
This video has been moved to my english channel: https://youtu.be/nNL_3SxPsx8.


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