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Friday, 20 April 2018
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Mcbride Murder Past Midnight 2005 Mcbride Murder Past Midnight 2005

Mcbride The Chameleon Murder 2005 Mcbride The Chameleon Murder 2005
McBride takes on the defense of a friend's young co-worker, accused of robbing and murdering a woman who gave him a ride. McBride and Phil discover that the victim had multiple identities -...

Mcbride It's Murder, Madam 2005 Mcbride It's Murder, Madam 2005
A naive country girl believes she was hired to only have dinner with a man. When he propositions her, she goes back to confront her boss only to find her murdered and is accused of killing...

Mcbride Requiem 2008 Mcbride Requiem 2008
A classical violinist is murdered, and McBride sets out to find the killer and clear the accused, convinced that the murderer was someone else that the violinist knew.

Mcbride Semper Fi 2007 Mcbride Semper Fi 2007
Lsawyer McBride, former police detective, is defending a man which is found severely wounded by and beside the same kitchen knife which killed his wife.


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