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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Chingy - Letras

Jackpot - Album

He's Herre

Hook 1:

Uhhh uhhh uhhh

He's herre (this is a Track Star production)....he's herre...he's herre (for my nigga' chingy up in herre)

Yeah (the biggest nigga in the game, no need the same old, go and kill 'em) he is herre


Don't be d's'courg'd now (he's herre)

Got it made now (he's herre)

Came to lay it down


Don't be d's'courg'd now (he's herre)

Got it made now (he's herre)

Let's pray to God he don't hit ya

Verse 1:

Back slap that ass, clap that ass, trapped in body bags

Glocks or mags, for a block of fast, park the trash, drop ya fast

Never jock a cat, I would blast out a stack, rock a half, watch my math

Stock the stack so I watch my stash (style?)

Cock and grab, open up, chop and grab

Quarter bags, order that, water last, snort a half

Have ya comin' back cuz I import the stash

Escort the hash, extort the 'raff

Cut the pass, brought my mass

Sort my cash, on the dock, block is hot

Keep it in a proper spot, adopt a cop, rob a spot

Plot a heist and cop a knot

Drop a pot, slot a lot, jackpot a lot

Already got a lot, wildin' out in my ride


Chorus 2x:

Verse 2:

We are dangerous, mangle us who slang with us, insane and stuff, and puff a gang of stuff and aim to bust

You strange and tough, no thang to us, famous stuff, game I love, train my sluts to give brain and cuss, learn pain and plus

Get tricks to claim they bucks, think they nuts, slurp them up, hooker work them up, wake them up, break 'em fuck, cake and crust, stank 'em up

Makin stuff, in ya twat, hit the streets, then the blocks, then or not, hit the dentist swatch in a scotch

Top notch on my roster, busta eatin' pasta, drop her in the closet, clamp you like a lobster, have my ho to rob ya

Then dodge her, any ho need work I got a job for, go see the supplier, make like you a buyer, goodbye slut

Trick these fake playas out they weapons, take em buy em up messiah, wait and bring 'em back to ma and pa ya

Chingy keep these heifers on the strip and on fire, try 'em

Chorus 2x:

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