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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Chingy - Letras

Thug Child - Album

Ghetto Man

Oh shit here it goes.

'Bout to fake you out.

Loc'd out, plus smoked out.

I'ma fuckin' faggot with no life.

I can't rap so I beat my wife.

And it's real.

That's 'cause I've got no talent.

So I have to fake you out with another ballet.

Like I'm real, fool. Southside crip.

All them white peeps beat me witha-whip.

'Cause I'm gay.

I love the company of men.

I roll around in a rip-off benz.

So bitch, shut it.

Get off my shit.

If you don't like it, suck my dick.

I'm real. Freal.

Just Don't fuck. (Fuck.)

'Cause I'm real. x 4

So they kickin' it on my block,

and I wish I could slang rock.

But them real niggaz like Lynch

all uh-pin' my shit.

'Cause I'm fake

For gods' sake.

Gimmie a rake.

Maybe I can make an honest livin'

Working for a little shake.

Talkin' fake.

So kill me.

And all you people out there

Mill me.

Gimmie a mill so I can be tyte

Tyte like that nigga Drowzy-right?

So I'ma kick like the little fag I am

Like sam-I-am

Luda can suck my nut.

'Cause I'ma queer

Takin' it up my rear

It's that loc chingy

Tryin' to kick it with a 40

But I'm bor-heeng.

Waitin' for some made-blingy.

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