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Saturday, 16 December 2017
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Hands Of Darkness (Heavenly  ) 
Hands Of Death (burn Baby Burn) (Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper  ) 
Hands Off (Junkyard  ) 
Hands Of Fate (Allegiance  ) 
Hands Of Fate (Sadus  ) 
Hands Off Me (Red Lorry Yellow Lorry  ) 
Hands Off... She's Mine (The Beat  ) 
Hands Off The Wheel (Oleander  ) 
Hands Of Kindness (Delirious?  ) 
Hands Of Reason (Paradise Lost  ) 
Hands Of The Potter (Eric Clapton  ) 
Hands Of The Puppeteers (Misanthrope  ) 
Hands Of The Saints (Citizen Cope  ) 
Hands Of Time (Primal Fear  ) 
Hands Of Time (Groove Armada  ) 
Hands Of Time (Steve Wariner  ) 
Hands Of Time (Joaquin  ) 
Hands Of Time (Jim Byrnes  ) 
Hands Of Time (Archetype  ) 
Handsome And Gretel (Babes in Toyland  ) 
Handsome Boy (Saves The Day  ) 
Handsome Boy (Monochrome Set  ) 
Handsome Devil (bbc) (The Smiths  ) 
Handsome Devil (tate) (The Smiths  ) 
Handsome Johnny (Richie Havens  ) 
Handsome Life Of Swing (Lost Prophets  ) 
Handsome Life Of Swing (lostprophets  ) 
Handsome Man (Robbie Williams  ) 
Handsome Shoved His Gloves (Horse The Band  ) 
Hands On Deck (Waking Ashland  ) 
Hands On Experience Pt. Ii (The High & Mighty  ) 
Hands On Me (Vanessa Carlton  ) 
Hands On Me (Christina Milian  ) 
Hands On Stance (Ignite  ) 
Hands On The Bible (Local H  ) 
Hands On The Trigger (Shakra  ) 
Hands On The Wheel (Willie Nelson  ) 
Hands On You (Obie Trice featuring Eminem  ) 
Hands On You (Hotwire  ) 
Hands Out Of My Pocket (Cold Chisel  ) 
Hand Springs (The White Stripes  ) 
Hands Remember (Rufus  ) 
Hands That Mold (Dystopia  ) 
Hands Tied (Sick Of It All  ) 
Hands To Heaven (Breathe  ) 
Hands To Heaven (Christian Bautista  ) 
Hands To Hide The Shame (Bury Your Dead  ) 
Hands Up (Black Eyed Peas  ) 
Hands Up (Kate Ryan  ) 
Hands Up (Dionne Warwick & Luther Vandross  ) 
Hands Up Billy (Fall  ) 

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