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Thursday, 21 September 2017
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Ion Dissonance - Letras

Breathing Is Irrelevant - Album


Gazing at a silver screen, I wonder not...

What am I waiting for? Streaming?

Wait, Wait, loading binary instructions

Drowned in surrounding CPU resolution,

Absorbed by this unique light of Datas


In this machinery's lore, I'm constantly seeking some...

Some pixel-rendered answers.

Powerful imagery and sweet numbers A.I.

Yeah man, you really are the master, masturbate on/off your pitiful little creation of yours...

That's right outside you ain't shit, you porno-induced zombie!

Shut my conscience!

It never helped me anyway; it's a critical error.

What is it?

A discreet anomalism... and I'm distracted, from this not so obvious purpose that I'm trying to reach (in vain).

Disturbed, yet its just a coffee spot, lyin' on the table.

One of many, and maybe the only fragment of reality I had in weeks

(Can't tell, have'nt count)

I remember now; this substance must be injected by oral means.

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