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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Jamie Walters - Letras

Ride - Album

I'd Do Anything For You

Nothin's gonna hurt you

As long as I am here

We're both livin'for the dream

And I wont desert you

So c'mon and dry your tears

You know it's never as bad as it seems

It just kills me

To see that you've been cryin'

Everybody needs someone to help 'em sometime


I'd do anything for you

I'd change the world

And give it back to you

And everything I've got

I'd give it all to you

I'd do anything for you

When nobody sees you And nobody hears a word

Let me be the one you come to

And all those wishes

That you thought no one heard

I would try to make'em come true

And it just kills me

To see that you've been cryin'

Well everybody needs

Someone to help'm sometime


Look at me

I'm just like you

And everything you need

Well I need it too


I'd do anything for you

I'd do anything for you

Drums: Abe Laborial, Jr.

Percussion Programmed by Kevin savigar

Bass: Leland Sklar

Acoustic Piano: Kevin Savigar

Guitars: Michael Landau and Jamie Walters

Guitar solo: Michael Landau

B3: Mike Finnigan

Background Vocal: Zachary Throne

Strings Arrannged & Conducted by Paul Buckmaster

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