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Tuesday, 26 September 2017
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Juvenile - Letras

Solja Rags - Album

Solja Rags (radio Version)


(helicoptor sound)


You 'bout dat paper

You on top

You handlin' business

You doin' swell

Down with yo' partners to da finish

Are you willin'

To hit da streetz up and make a killin'

Are you a villain

Pushin' a Bentley makin' millions

Do you do your time

Without rattin' on your partners

Do you kill your beef

With a pistol or a chopper

Is you da man

Do you pay all of your bills

Did you make a plan

And won't stop 'till it's fulfilled

Can you handle coke

Can you handle dope

Ain't afraid to go

Even though you know

Ya daddy, look ya

Do you take care of yo' kids

Is it clean in yo' crib

Can't you stand to eat some ribs

Ain't it scandalous how we live

You ball with Cash Money

Do you like Manny Fresh

Ain't it jive how I rap

Puttin' New Orleans on the map

You brush ya teeth

You on dem hoes

You got dem Ree's on ya feet

With them Girbauds

Chorus x4:

Then you a solja partner, put up a solja rag!!!

Throw up a solja rag

Put up a solja rag


Now what's happenin' wit' you

You knockin' them heads off too

You do what a playa do

You work in the Rochambeau

You ain't scared to blast

When you got dat iron wit ya

Do ya twerk it fast

You acts a fool

You got ya ski mask

And ya solja rag


You ready to blow a bag

Can you hustle like it's legal

Can you avoid da people

And hotwire a Regal

You 'bout that evil


You on a ignorant trip

When ya girl get flip

Do you deal with her lip

You like them Beamers

You like them Benz 500s

You like thmem Hummers

You like them big fine womens

You a playa ain't ya

None of these cowards out could fade ya

The ghetto made ya

Dope fiends and junkies raised ya

Do you sleep in suites

Do you go shopping every week

When you hit da streetz

You got dem Reeboks on your feet



Is you a paper chaser

You got your block on fire

Remainin' a G

Until the moment you expire

You know what it is

To make nothin' outta somethin'

You handle your biz

And don't be cryin'

And sufferin'

Your playaz is wit ya

You got your girlfriends wit ya

Since you was a kid,

You was a instant wig-splitter

You twinkle your slug

You ain't no coward huh

You stompin' ya box in the mud

A Hot Boy microwave oven

Tatooted up, booted up

None of these sissys lovin'

Your windows are tinted

You got a g and a half and you ready to spend it

You don't mess with them Nike tennis?

You play with Barettas

You got choppers up on the dresser

You sleep in the Royal Sonesta

You wanna hit Vanessa

You believe in GOD

But can you handle it when its hard

And represent your ward

You be stalkin' the boulevard


Then you a solja

Then you a solja

Then you a solja

Then you a solja

You a solja partner, put up a solja rag

Put up a solja rag

Put up a solja rag

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Now march playa step

Put up a solja rag

Put up a solja rag

Don't be no fag boy!

Put up a solja rag

Come blow a bag boy!

Put up a solja rag

Holla at me boy

Put up a solja rag

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