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Friday, 20 October 2017
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Mark Knopfler - Letras

Break Of Day - Album


R¨¹diger stands in the rain and the snow

Collector of autographs

Names upon photographs

Faces of people who everyone knows

R¨¹diger lives in a place on his own

Briefcase and spectacles

Strange and respectable

He knows the meaning of being alone

R¨¹diger works as a clerk in the town

Music or politics

R¨¹diger gets his kicks

He gets information then he comes around

R¨¹diger waits at the hall in Berlin

He waits there all night

Security's tight

They know who he is but they don't let him in

R¨¹diger waits in the dark by the stair

His fingers are shaking

His feet they are aching

But your name's in the paper so R¨¹diger's there

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