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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Master Ace - Letras

Take A Look Around - Album

Four Minus Three


"Ready to rock this at the drop of a dime baby"

"Master Ace!"

Listen closely so your attention's undivided

Many in the past have tried to do what I did

Just the way I came off them I'm a come off

Stronger and longer even with the drum off

And the blow that I deliver is a crisp one

Give that style back Jack and try this one

If you're gonna pick up the microphone when the beat is moving swift

You'd better say something I can get with

Suckers I mold in my hand just like Silly Puddy

You tried to shank me, Spanky, but my name's not McGilnicutty

Yes yes, let's test the waters

Skinny dipping in a slaughter

Hope you wore your water proof hightop certified

Cause I taight you I got the murder ride

And you don't have to buy a ticket

You can afford to to get aboard and watch me as I stick it

In the face of my foes because it goes to show that I flow like a bloody nose

Raps are sweet just like a donut from Dunkin'

The Action Posse's at the door, and they won't let a punk in

So you'd better try the back door

Before you get a cracked jaw

And I don't need a black had to be a villian

The posse is Action and the label is Cold Chillin'

The question is how hype will you get?

When you heard this beat you was familiar with

A jam you heard before, this is a summary

A voice surrounds you, but there's only one of me

Lyrics of dialect come from all angles

The cordless mic in my hand still strangles

They try rather well, but none are parallel

The words are spinning in your head like a carosel

And out of all the brothers I spoke to

None of them broke through, they sound like a joke, too

Their rhymes are very soft, just like terry cloth

The kid's that standing on stage oughta hurry off

Cause that ain't hip-hop, you little drip-drop

Trying to tip-toe but can't touch the tip-top

Cause you ain't tall enough

Try to brawl and scuff with a style you're calling tough

Is about as tough as a flower

Beware of the posse raise to the third power

Cause we ain't caring, don't mind tearing a

Cocaine-pushing, Dapper Dan wearing

Walking around with a neck full of cables

My DJ laughs when you touch the turntables

Wannabe hard rock when you roll 10 deep

They told you my name but you act like you've been sleep

Get back, sit back and chill you no frill MC's

Slim see, but still I show skill

Words can brutalize without no mercy

Enemies wasting their last breath to curse me

I ain't Shaft with a hat and a Cadillac

MC's lash out, but should I battle back?

Nah, I remain calm and collected

The stage was empty the last time I checked it

But now there's movement there in the spotlight

I can't make out who it is, nah, not quite

A flash of gold from a shiny medallion

A stride of pride on stage like a stallion

Oh, another one of those who try to get close to

But can't cause a man's supposed to

Rip the mic til the crowd is perplexed, but

With this jam here, there won't be no next up

So peace to Craig G, Kane, G. Rap, and Marley Marl

>From the Music Man, y'all

"Once you hear the Capital A" "You should know"

"Action is in eff-eff-ect-ect" (Repeat 4x)

"Ace in Action" "Steady Pace" (Repeat til fade)

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