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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Master Ace - Letras

Take A Look Around - Album

I Got Ta


"I got ta" (Repeat 4x)

(I got ta) Pick up the mic on a soul tip

(I got ta) Run you down like a Polo skip

(I got ta) Rip MC's like a paper bag

(I got ta) Wear a disguise to escape a nag

(I got ta) Go to my shows in a limosine but

(I got ta) Stay in touch with my inner scene

(I got ta) Keep my house nice and tidy

(I got ta) Learn a lot about the whitey

(I got ta) Buy a house with all my riches

(I got ta) Invest the rest, avoid the diches

(I got ta) Eat my frank with mustard only

(I got ta) Call up a friend when I get lonely

(I got ta) Do enough shows cause the rent's due

(I got ta) Get paid, cause it makes sense to

(I got ta) Uplift rap on its perspective

(I got ta) Help all those that aren't connected

(I got ta) Give a girl enough affection

(I got ta) Turn a heart in my direction

(I got ta) Grab the mic from the stage and

(I got ta) Drop more spice than a Cajun

(I got ta) Smoke MC's like a cigarette

(I got ta) Rap in a style they can't figure yet

(I got ta) Teach the youth that they capable

(I got ta) Show the ghetto is escapable

(I got ta) Walk soft, but carry a big stick

(I got ta) Wise up, and stop being pigged quick

(I got ta) Manifest words til they understood

(I got ta) Make more noise than thunder could

(I got ta) Play an MC like a sham shirt

So step back, cause you gonna get slammed, squirt

(I got ta) Get on the floor with a fly step

(I got ta) Come on strong like a bicep

(I got ta) Ball up my fist, that's the power sign

And MC's clean up your act cause it's shower time

(I got ta) Drop my rhymes like a sandbag

(I got ta) Pick up the microphone and rag

MC's who try to be better than

(I got ta) Heat up the party like a sweater can

(I got ta) Learn from the mistakes that I've made

(I got ta) Walk whatever path is laid

(I got ta) Let things fall where they may

(I got ta) Live my life by the day

(I got ta) Help out a friend that's in trouble

(I got ta) Tell 'em we all have to struggle

(I got ta) Go to school with the other man

(I got ta) Get as close as I can

(I got ta) Know what he knows to know him

And then my chance to survive is less grim

(I got ta) Also have knowledge of self, though

(I got ta) Learn that, plus achieve wealth, yo

(I got ta) Get that wealth for my family

And community and still live happily

Not ever after, cause life ain't a fairytale

(I got ta) Stay on my toes and I'll never fail

(I got ta) Carry the crowd like a duffle bag

You saw me score and you still wanna scuffle? Dag

(I got ta) Admit you got a lot of heart, kid

You better run like somebody smart did

(I got ta) Remember the Benz that my man drove

Now it's all smashed up in a grove

(I got ta) Recall the first day he bought it, though

And as he boasted and posted I said "So?"

(I got ta) Say he was the man among back

Ten workers on the ave selling smack

On Saturday, he made his last mistake, so now

(I got ta) Buy a suit for his wake

"I got ta" (Repeat 4x)

I got to avoid surrounding myself with too many materialistic things

But I got to enjoy the life of the law-abiding black kings

I gotta motivate others to achieve and become a part of this elite group

And that's what the struggle for equality is really about, troop

I got to understand the pain and strife of the next man

So I got avoid flaunting, showing off, and high posting if I can

I got to make sure that Action is understood comepletely by all followers

I got to convert the color of you shirt from blue to white collars

I got to close my eyes, ball up my fist, and thank God for the freedom of speech

Then I got to use my knowledge of the English language to write songs that teach

"I got ta" (Repeat 6x)

I want to say peace to DJ Mister Cee, Steady Pace, the whole Action Posse

The whole Action Posse, the whole Action to the third power movement

And everybody that believed in Master Ace

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