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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Master Ace - Letras

Take A Look Around - Album

Me And The Biz


featuring BizMarkie

[Master Ace]

Awww yeah! Uh uh huh

One two microphone check one two

Microphone check one two mircophone check one two

Tell you what I'm gonna do

On and on and on is how the beat goes

So sell the British Walkers and cut the afros

And dance till the feeling is gone in your toes

I wear shorts in the summer Timberlands when it snows

Sometimes I like to chill sometimes I like to mingle

Sometimes I get the fever for the flavor of a single

Sexy young slimmy, but not too young, though

That's because Jimmy might end up on death row

Now this here jam is like a special kind of song

It's not too short, but then again it's not too long

I brought someone with me, someone you might know

He's bound to wreck your body from the tip of your toe

All the way up to your last hair folicle

[Biz Markie]

Hey hey hey, it's me the diabolical

Yes, y'all and, it's time for me to fall in

To a funky beat to make you have a ball and

Jump, make you move your rump on the floor and like pump

C'mon don't be a chump, I see four and maybe five

Live party people but the rest did not survive

(Why?) They had a cardiac arrest

Now rocking microphones is something I do daily and

Making people dance like if I was Albert Alien

People just love it when the Biz starts to play

With my (beatboxing), and by the way

Skeezing with a girl is something I get tricky

And I'm the sneaky type to like slip a girl a Mickey

And I live the type of life that's far from affordable

Standing on the corner calling cuties on the portable

Me and Master Ace is FONKY (Word to Miz)

Yo, who is it Ace? (It's me and the Biz)

It's me and the Biz (Repeat 4x)

[Biz Markie]

Yo Ace, I got an, um, question

Excuse me brother, but can you spare a dime?

[Master Ace]

Naw, but if you want, I can kick a funky rhyme

All I need is a groove that's as smooth as a harp and

I'm ready to talk nuff shit like Al Sharpton

I take the stage and engage in a page and

My name is Master Ace and 22 is the age

[Biz Markie]

Yo, I'm the B-I-Z M and, like a lot of women

Bought a new car because the first one was a lemon

Oochie Louie Findy, me and Sexy Cindy

Riding around the block as if I was in the Indy

Everybody pointing cause I am the joint and

They know it's me, because I'm the B-I-Z

Sometimes I lie in bed all day and think about my life

Should I just kick rap and settle down with kids and a wife?

And get a regular job where I'm working 9 to 5

Shit, I'm the Biz and it's great to be alive

[Master Ace]

I'm making crazy hits, a winner never quits

So those that used to diss me in the past are having fits

But I just sit back and kick my feet up on the table

Cause I'm able to rock a crowd without a cable

Or a Cuban Link and (Yo, Lincoln wasn't Cuban!)

So I still produce Def Jams like my name was Ricky Rubin

M-A-S-T-E-R and this ain't store bought hip-hop from a jar and

It sure ain't Stephanie Mills playing Dorothy in the Wiz

It's me and the Biz

It's me and the Biz (Repeat 4x)

[Master Ace]

I'm a 100% proof and rag on the roof and

Pulling crazy cuties without a gold tooth

Wilding, styling, this land is my land

(You're a) prisoner to my music like you was on Riker's Island

A slim, soft-spoken brother from the ghetto

My name is Master Ace and I thought that you should know

You run your rhymes like a horse and force

Extra booty lyrics on the crowd like you're the boss

I think you'd better keep them to yourself

Do it for yourself, put your lyrics back up on the shelf

Now I'm going to pass it to the B-I-Z M-A-R-K-I-E

Cause I know you want to see him

[Biz Markie]

Ah one two, one two, this is what I'm gonna do

Keep the place jumping, get it wild like a zoo

If anyone can do it, the B-I-Z can

Peace to Marley Marl, Tagedy, and MC Shan

And my cousin Cool V and, TJ Swan E and

The Jungle Brothers swinging from a tree and

EPMD and, Nice and Smooth B and

MC Craig G and, Just I-C-E and

The list goes on and on and on and on

I go to Dapper Dan or Bennaton

Hey hey, I got some shoutouts, I know you all bought my new album

I know everybody in Brooklyn bought it

Everybody in Jersey bought it

Everybody in uptown bought it

Eveerybody in Philidelphia and California and Florida bought my new album

I'm Biz Markie, I'm down with my cousin Cool V, TJ Swan, Marley Marl...

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