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Saturday, 21 October 2017
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Mystikal - Letras

Ghetto Fabulous - Album



Da Da Da Da

Da Da Da Da(MC's)

Da Da Da Da

Da Da Da Da(Yaah)

Yaah(say what) (8x)

Break my joint cut my tongue off if I aint tight

Put a bullet in my head take my life and let me die

If I aint fie

Cut me up feed me to the roaches let me rot up

If I dont rot

Let me go to hell burn sizzlin and simmer

If I dont deliver

Pull my hair out

If I sell out

Bury me on my stomach without no droors on at all

If I dont go off

Or either lethal injection or straight electricity

Let the garbageman pick me up and then get rid of me if I loose


Let me get forced into sexual activity

Let me get turned put by fish stank freaks if I dont fall to the

upmost of my ability

Take my head if I say there aint no feelin

Stop sellin my record,give me the money back,nigga if I dont sell at

least a million

Cut my dick off if I get down

Dont get off

Crush my spine and cave my chest in

If I cum under a nymphovestin

If I aint bad for my age,and kick half my size

Close my fuckin eyes

If you can stop me from saying or

keep me from playin

Yaah(say what) (15x)


Snamp my pencil,dislocate my fingers,and jam my thumb

I aint gonna write nomore,tear my favorite strip clothes

If it dont explode

Take my bless,baptized,holy ghost,christian soul

If it take left in the year of playin my records and tapes before

theyt can say my shit ole

Or if it dont,bang,take me out the game,call me out my name,

put me out my house, beat me out my chain

Let em leave my bomb,and tell em I received my doom

When I'm dead,read bitch ass nigga in the ground,written across my


Let the breeze take my leaves if my trees dont bloom

Put me in a sunny cause my air supply give these niggas breathing room

And for when I'm broke and poe

For a door maid Roland,think guess lets make a movie

Turn my body on Oprah,erase my fuckin vocals,

Burn my fuckin notebooks,take my fuckin tapes from me

And give it back to golden,I quit,my career is over

Turn me upside down and hang me from my scrotum


Da,Da,Da,Da(say what)


Da,Da,Da,Da(say what)

Yaah(Yaah) (8x)

Give em my post office application it I aint hip for rap nuttin

If yo ass aint(SHIT)and yo hands aint(CLAP)

Take my happiness if its just so happened that it aint evenin


Let something happen to me if I aint hardcore at its maximum

Flip the dodge and change the channel

If I cant handle it

Forgive me if I leave this bitch before I put my fuckin grammy on the


Let my next 50 concerts get canceled

If you scard to front my camera then take my fuckin talent

Take me from my family,sneaked me back on me if I dont represent


Chop my fist if I aint the prince

Bitch keep me beggin if I cant keep up wit the presidence

If I dont run circles ya'll leave me without gas

Let my mama Benz catch for flat tires


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