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Sunday, 22 October 2017
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Paula Abdul - Letras

Spellbound - Album


(Paisley Park)

U - I wanna talk about it

This is not a fantasy

This is fact

If I am the play

I want U in every act

U got a sexy way

About U baby U

U do everything

A body can take

U know U do


All I want is U

U give me a fever of 110

U know U no

Ooh love U as hard as I can

U know I want 2


All I want is U


Ooh baby, here comes the

Private part

U baby what U do to me

U really put it thru 2 me


U a candy-coated carousel

Of kickin' little

Tickle-me do's

That really do

Me thru and thru


All I want is U

U make me wanna dance

4 only U

U I do things I never

Thought I'd do


All I want is U

U - I'd give U anything on the

Earth it's true

Ooh U bounce

The ball U we're

The 1st, this is true 2

All I want is U


U I could talk about U

All night long

This is not a fantasy

This is fact

All I want is U

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