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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Prince - Letras

Batman - Album



"Hey, it's the man! Yeah, let's see what's going on!"


Trust - who do ya?

Trust - what makes U a real lover?

Trust - I put this question to ya

Cuz I want U 2 be with me

Love - U cannot imagine

How much I want 2 give 2 U

Hot - I get so excited

Just thinkin' about all we could do

Dig it now

Another world awaits us

Another power 2 see

Close - don't worry about nobody else

From now on U'll be here with me


Money - how much'll make U happy?

U can have it all if it'll suit U right

But nothin', I said nothin' can take the place

Of U and me kickin' it tight, tight!

Come, it's easy

Just let yourself go - don't put up a fight

Sex - it's not that type of party

Girl, we're gettin' higher 2 night


"Get 'em! Take the pictures!"

"Gotham's greed!"


Hot and close, dig it now

Ooh, that feels good


Oh, My Lord!

When I'm on I feel good

Trust (good Lord)

When I'm on I feel good


Who do ya trust if U can't trust God?

Who can U trust - who can ya?

Who do ya trust if U can't trust God?

Who can U trust - who can ya?

Come and see


wait, I want ya with me

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