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Saturday, 23 September 2017
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Shades Apart - Letras

Dude Danger - Album


I can't complain

about this rut I'm in

day after day

these same walls I kick in

rip out my hair

what's so unfair

bent out of shape

underestimate what I can take

it's easier to just break down

when you're not around anymore

woe is me,

I just can't win

the cable's out again

can't stand the neighbor's hollering'

it comes crashing down and I forget

that some hearts never mend

and it never ends

even though I'm not pretending when I cry

I don't care

about this rut I'm in

no show to steal

by making a big deal if I fall down and what for

fall so hard to seal my fate

feel's so good to bellyache

it's gonna be one of those days

break it down

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