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Saturday, 23 September 2017
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Shades Apart - Letras

Eyewitness - Album

Edge Of The Century

Is anyone out there at all

Does anybody hear my call

I'm on a channel all my own

Tuned in from the Twilight Zone

My space-age Juliet

She's the best invention yet

Whenever I see her again

All my lonely days will end

Now I search all over the universe

At the edge of the century

Countdown to infinity

Feels so lonely

Am I the only

One left on earth

Is anyone out there for real

Does anyone feel like I feel

Caught in a science fiction scene

That never made it to the screen

My space-age Juliet

This stage is desolate

Before the first act was complete

The shooting starlet hit the street

Now I search all over the universe

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