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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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Shades Apart - Letras

Shades Apart - Album

Cold War

Frozen talk won't stop for sure

What's buried in the ground

A limit for tomorrow

Doesn't save the here and now

It shouldn't be hard to agree

On something they must know

Maybe they are thinking

If we give in we will fall

Falls the snow

If we give in we will fall

Falls the snow

So far to go

The only thing I really fear

Is what I can't control

This fear has grown a part of me

I've lived it for so long

What good is it to protest

It's like screaming at the wall

Still we raise our voices

If we give in we will fall

I can't live my life here underground

And stare at concrete walls

Nothing's safe to touch outside

I'm scared of what I'll find

I spend my time back in the past

All I have are photographs

Visions of a troubled world

That didn't know how good we had it all

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