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Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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Take To The Sky (Jag Panzer  ) 
Take Two And Pass (GangStarr  ) 
Take Two Placebos And Call Me Lame (NOFX  ) 
Take Up A Course In Happiness (Stevie Wonder  ) 
Take Up The Stethoscope And Walk (Pink Floyd  ) 
Take Up Thy Stethoscope And Walk (Pink Floyd  ) 
Take U There (The Flys  ) 
Take U There (Victor Wooten  ) 
Take Warning (Operation Ivy  ) 
Take What's Yours (Mase  ) 
Take What I've Taken (American Head Charge  ) 
Take What The Heavens Create (Screeching Weasels  ) 
Take What You Can (XYZ  ) 
Take What You Need (Steppenwolf  ) 
Take What You Want (The Cars  ) 
Take What You Want (Sensefield  ) 
Take Ya Clothes Off (Bone Crusher Featuring Ying Yang Twins  ) 
Take Ya Home (Bow Wow  ) 
Take You At Your Word (Avalon  ) 
Take You Away (Orange 9mm  ) 
Take You Back (Jeremy Camp  ) 
Take You Down (Glenn Hughes  ) 
Take You Down With Me (Sebastian Bach  ) 
Take You Higher (Wild Orchid  ) 
Take You Home (Angie Martinez  ) 
Take You Home (Burhan G  ) 
Take You Home With Me (R. Kelly Featuring Jay-Z  ) 
Take You On A Cruise (Interpol  ) 
Take You On A Ride (Die Happy  ) 
Take Your Best Shot (Dope  ) 
Take Your Carriage Clock And Shove It (Belle & Sebastian  ) 
Take Your Chances (The Black Seeds  ) 
Take Your Chances On Me (Five  ) 
Take Your Children Home (Phoebe Snow  ) 
Take Your Dead Ass Home (Funkadelic  ) 
Take Your Elbow Out Of The Soup (youre Sitting On The Chicken) (Ian Dury And The Blockheads  ) 
Take Your Eyes Off The Blade (Hiding With Girls  ) 
Take Your Fingers From My Hair (John Butler Trio  ) 
Take Your Hand (Usher  ) 
Take Your Hands Out Of My Pocket (Van Morrison  ) 
Take Your Love Away (Reba McEntire  ) 
Take Your Love Out On Me (Tracy Bonham  ) 
Take Your Mama (Scissor Sisters  ) 
Take Your Memory With You (Vince Gill  ) 
Take Your Momma (Scissor Sisters  ) 
Take Your Shoes Off (Cheeky Girls  ) 
Take Your Sweet Time (Jesse McCartney  ) 
Take Your Time (Jefferson Starship  ) 
Take Your Time (The S.O.S. Band  ) 
Take Your Time (Lynyrd Skynyrd  ) 
Take Your Time (Shabazz The Disciple  ) 

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