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Tuesday, 22 May 2018
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Take A Look Around (Limp Bizkit  ) 
Take A Look Around (Pennywise  ) 
Take A Look Around (Masta Ace  ) 
Take A Look Around (mission: Impossible 2 Theme) (Limp Bizkit  ) 
Take A Look At My Face (Michael Bolton  ) 
Take A Look At Yourself (Coverdale & Page  ) 
Take A Look Inside (Over It  ) 
Take A Look Inside (The Supremes  ) 
Take A Lot Of River (Oak Ridge Boys  ) 
Take A Message (Remy Shand  ) 
Take A Message To Mary (Bob Dylan  ) 
Take A Message To Mary (The Everly Brothers  ) 
Take Another (Filter  ) 
Take Another Look (Little Village  ) 
Take Another Picture (Quarterflash  ) 
Take Another Road (Jimmy Buffett  ) 
Take A Number (Stone Sour  ) 
Take A Number (Three Impotent Males  ) 
Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes (Gilbert And Sullivan  ) 
Take A Photograph (Dropping Daylight  ) 
Take A Picture (Filter  ) 
Take A Picture Dvd (Charlie Daniels Featuring Johnny Cash, Aaron Tippin & Travis Tritt  ) 
Take A Picture, She'll Last Longer (A Jealousy Issue  ) 
Take A Rest (GangStarr  ) 
Take A Rest (Eskimo Joe  ) 
Take A Ride (Luscious Jackson  ) 
Take A Ride (The Isley Brothers  ) 
Take A Ride (BG Knocc Out & Dresta  ) 
Take A Shot (Hank Ballard & The Midnighters  ) 
Take A Step Back (Simple Minds  ) 
Take A Toke (C&C Music Factory  ) 
Take A Train (Blackfoot  ) 
Take A Train (awakening) (Kidney Thieves  ) 
Take A Train (awakening) (Kidneythieves  ) 
Take A Turn (Armored Saint  ) 
Take A Walk (Mr. Big  ) 
Take A Walk (Spoon  ) 
Take A Walk (Masta Ace  ) 
Take A Walk (Sara Paxton  ) 
Take A Walk On The Wild Side (Velvet Underground  ) 
Take A Walk Thru Bethlehem (Trisha Yearwood  ) 
Take Away (Compliments Of Gus  ) 
Take Away My Pain (Dream Theater  ) 
Take Away The Load (sandy's Song) (Sandy Denny  ) 
Take Away The Pain (Shifty  ) 
Take Away The Sun (Dropbox  ) 
Take Away This Pain (Outlaw  ) 
Take A Whiff (on Me) (The Byrds  ) 
Take A Whiff On Me (Leadbelly  ) 
Take Back (Green Day  ) 
Take Back Control (Stretch Arm Strong  ) 

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