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Wednesday, 20 September 2017
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The Derailers - Letras

Jackpot - Album

100% Pure Fool


Well, I'm one hundred percent, not 99 and nine tenths

Hundred percent pure fool

I wasn't very good at fractions back in school

But I know what I am, I'm one hundred percent pure fool

I guess I wasn't thinkin', guess I lost my head

I stayed out a drinkin' while you were home in bed

You were makin' coffee when I came stumblin' in

And it's painfully clear I've been a perfect fool again

Repeat Chorus

Strung out honky-tonkin', a foolish man it seems

Leaving you at home, dear, alone with just your dreams

You could take me back and forgive me if you can

But I won't blame you for leaving, 'cause you know just what I am

Repeat Chorus

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