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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Too Short - Letras

Ain't No Bitches - Album

Can't Stay Away

Yeah that's right

We gonna flash back

To 1983

I'ma show you niggas how I was spittin' this pimp game

Before most of you niggas even started rappin'

1983, Too $hort

Word for word

Like this baby, Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches

A nigga like me I know what's up

I want a nasty bitch with a lot of butt

If I can't find one anywhere

It turns my dreams to nightmares

Baby right there ain't got no ass

But she's okay if she got cash

Bitches, bitches, bitches

Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches

I'll tell 'bout a day that I had

Seen nothin' but bitches with no ass

I woke up early felling right

Do the same damn thing every day of my life

Cause every morning you know I get

A good blowjob from a real fine bitch

Strokin', smokin', sir Too $hort

Thinking about the day before

30 minutes after I rolled out

I pulled a freak took her to my house

She was hella young with a lot of butt

She sucked my dick and then we fucked

That good tight pussy I couldn't pass

A light-skined freak with so much ass

At 1 P.M. I was fuckin' away

I wanna do the same thing again today

Today my story made itself

Every bitch I saw was flat as hell

I told myself "I must need glasses"

Where's them bitches with the big round asses

Me and me homie just wanna be tuff

Bring two bitches then switch'em up

It was 3:35 the strip was lit

Every two blocks I saw a different bitch

Waitng on the bus someone was walking

Me and my homie just started talking

I said "Homie she looks good"

He said "That ass is flat as wood"

I said "What about baby in the black"

And he said "Short she's all that"

Bitches, bitches, bitches

Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches

Every single day of the week

For every nigger living there's a freak

If you got game and a bed

Why not get fucked and get some head

Cause bitches all over wanna get fucked

I just need one with a lot of butt

Me and my homie rollin' and smokin'

Flat booty bitches took over Oakland

I told my homie "I hate to say

All the bitches with ass stay home today"

And he said "Short what now"

Put the pedal to the metal and hit the beat town

I thought them bitches out there was fine

But the invasion was on and it fucked my mind

Bitches, Bitches, Bitches

Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches

We hit the beat town like Oakland players

I knew it bitches was everywere

The first one had tities so fat

But that don't work her ass was flat

The second bitch was flat too

Talked about the bitch like a muthafuckin' fool

I said beyotch

I know I'm capin'

Where's your ass baby what happened

She turned around caped back on me

Said "Fuck you nigga where's your teeth"

I dam near fell jummping out the car

But I slapped that and slapped her hard

My homie said "Short we gots to cut"

But I was spankin' that bitch on her big flat butt

We parked the car and took a walk

I saw another bitch a I had to talk

I said "Baby, baby, baby come here

Yeah you baby with the long long hair"

Baby came over from across the street

Standing on the corner talking to me

I was spittin' the game but I talked too fast

'Cause I didn't even notice that she had a flat ass


And I was ready to go

We was rollin' back to the O'

I told that bitch "I changed my mind"

She looked at me and she said "Why"

I said I'm Sir Too $hort the Oakland player

I'm not one of them niggaz who don't care

It's no thang to do my duty

But not with you and your flat booty

In the Berkley town what did we find

Freak after freak with no behind

One long day I never got in

I'm glad that shit never happend again

Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches

The invasion (Beyotch) is on

That's that old school


Still pimpin' baby

Short dog

You know I can't stay away from this game

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