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Thursday, 19 October 2017
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Too Short - Letras

Ain't No Bitches - Album

Money In The Ghetto

Verse One:

In the ghetto

You think life is hard

Food stamps and to' up cars

Wall to wall dirty on carpet

Sit in a buckethopin you can start it

And ride around to the liquor store

Can't get a job get drunk some more

You betta stop trippin on dem stereotypes

Cause in the ghetto there's a good life

We ain't starvin like Marvin and won't see no roach

When ya chill wit the rich folks in the hood

Ya sittin on leather watchin big screens

Bought by the dope fiends

Smokin, and what about the brother wit the good jobs

Save money and workin hard

Bought a house for his wife and kids

Ya only got one life to live

I know a brother dat got some cocaine

Ya know his face but don't know his name

Ya know he got the sack man

And he's sittin on a phat bank

Sellin cars at his house in the driveway

Being so clean don't roll it just fly away

Cause folks got money in the ghetto

Yea you know


Hey hey hey

What cha got to say

(It's money in the ghetto)


Havin money in the ghettooo

Verse Two:

Money in the ghetto ain't nothin new

It's been like dat way before you

Was even born get up from the down stroke

Chocolate City for the black folks

Say it loud in ya hot pants

Man child in the promise land

I take ya back to iceberg's land

And all the playas that came before him

If you a everyday hustler, get cha money

Cause what they do to black man ain't funny

All the time tryin to put us the pen

You get parole and then they send ya again

All the homies in the hood gettin paid

You might have left but the money stayed

In the ghetto it ain't all bout drugs

Gettin paid doin all kinds of stuff

Only rule on the street is don't get caught

Unless ya hustle ain't breakin the law

And even though rich folks got it good

We're sittin on it phat in the hood

I'm ridin dem gold ones

Smokin dank and it's potent

Ask dem fools cause they know

It's money in the ghetto


Verse Three:

I got money baby just tell me the price

Cause Short Dawg ain't nuttin nice

I always hit the town wit my boy Ben Franklin

Spend fo get an ounce a dank then

Rich nigga get high relaxin

And if I bust a Ben Frank get some Andrew Jacksons

Five twenties for a hundred dollar bill

You know the math lets make deal

On a one dollar bill if ya look on the front

Ya find the face of George Washington

Make money baby dat's all I do

Dat's how I know Thomas Jefferson is on the two

Abraham Lincoln got shot and died

Freed the slaves so they put him on the five

And how much in my old time friend

They put his face on the front of the ten

They are the dead presidents

From the hood and they represent

The american dream for the average monority

Make some money get some weed and a forty

I'm on the east side livin like a king

Kick back watch a fifty inch screens

Bounce to the west and hit studio

And spend my money in the ghetto


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