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Wednesday, 18 October 2017
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Too Short - Letras

Ain't No Bitches - Album


without a doubt I'm comin' back and if you don't know

call me S. I. R. T. double O

I like to say these rhymes, I do it all the time

I make my own damn beat now all the money is mine

I carry big fat WIVES, I treat my girls like guys

Ask 'em "who do they love?" and they all say TIDE

I'm just an M.C. rapper and nothin' else

I keep rhymin' and I do it by myself

Could you be like me? I rap my none stop rhymes

You will never hear pause when I say these lines

So go on and on, I'm sir Too Short

just what you've been lookin' for

Like PCP or pure cocaine

DJ universe got you SPRUNG IN THE GAME

You make money, hear my rap from coast to coast

From host to host, I hear the toast:

"Too Short, love the way you that hit

here's to you, keep rhymin' and boy don't quit"

I say This is how it goes when I say my rap

Most times when I rhyme wouldn't be like that

'cause the way I write rhymes you will comprehend

I'll keep rappin' to the very end

And if you call me fake I'll say so what?

I got you standin' and noddin' like you just shot up

so boy straightin' up I'm still rappin'

comin' at you fresh. Do you know what happened?

I'm sayin' rhymes messin' with your mind

I didn't want your girl 'cause she really ain't fine

I took her to a motel could've been a hotel

It costs me 20 dollars but I did it so well

She had to tell your sister, your sister told you

Now the whole damn town calls me playboy too

I got rhymes, keep 'em comin', they don't stop

I'm lookin' at an empty page about to fill it up

I write only the truth, speak only to you

So if I tell you to say somethin' then you know what to do

I got rhymes, keep 'em comin', they never stop

I live in California, drive a drop top

Roll by the beach, look at the freaks

jump in my car, I do it every week

DJ's who know call me Mister Short

All you wanna be mothers get no child support

I'm Too Short baby gettin' rich

Get on the mic and then say... Like left to right

right to left girl stealin' your heart is like petty theft

Like 10 to 9, 3 to 2

I'll always be one up on you

Like nightfall makes the sun go down

CRAZY RACK laid the beat changed your life around

From the sea to the mountains the mountains to the sea

all you're gonna do is wanna rock this beat

It's so rough so tough when I talk this stuff

When I get on the mic I can't get enough

I'm the rapper of the season, fresh and decent

All my raps are smooth and decent

I'm that rapper known place to place

for the hardest raps with the hardest bass

You see I rap all the time, that's the point

When I walk in the place I just jam the joint

Singin' old Too Short's on the microphone

The beat's so fresh can't leave me alone

You see I rap so cool I will not shout

I keep comin' so hard I might knock you out

If you battle with Short that's the chance you take

so you better come fresh and don't be fake

All you weak MC's with your weak drum beats

tellin' all your people you can hang with me

Count 1 to 10 count 10 to 20 and I'll just keep on makin' money

Life is Too Short I don't stop

I'm hooked on money like a junkie on TOP

I got to make it every day, I won't go broke

Ask me am I rich and I'll say "no"

I'm your homeboy Too Short back again

puttin' Oakland on the map my rap will never end

I'd like to send a special thanks to the dangerous crew

for believin' in me when they thought I was through

I got rhymes, I keep 'em comin'

I'm on the mic, I won't stop rappin' till it comes out right

and when it's BEATIN' I'll just say "let's roll"

I make another record and buy some gold

I keep rhymin' and I do it by myself

I'm like a one man crew, you see I don't need help

I get the job done so all you fake rappers, MC's rap masters

Give it up leave that rappin' to me

Realizin' young buck you can't rock that beat

I rap on the mic and you'll believe

Nothin' ain't kickin' like the BIG OLD C

It's just one hard rapper spittin' a rap

Not 3 or 4 sucka's or a couple of saps

Like born to Mack I'll cash a check

Walkin' 'round like a fool livin' up to his rep

I'll tell you life ain't long

What you waitin' for?

Thought you wanted to be like Too Short?

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