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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Too Short - Letras

Short Dog's In The House - Album

Paula & Janet

Bitch! That's a trademark

I was at my house not doing anything

Half past ten I heard the phone ring

When I picked it up, I said "Hello?"

The bitch spoke up and said "What's up ho?"

I said, "Bitch, if you're fine it's my dick"

Enough playing, who the fuck is this?

She said "Janet" I said "Oh"

Met the bitch last week at my show

I told her "Call me" and I gave her my card

She talked dirty and my dick got hard

That night I fucked the bitch three times straight

Next night we made another date

I gave a concert and she came backstage

Fuck a bitch, I'm trying to get paid

But that puusy squeezed tighter than a vice grip

Fucked around and met this other bitch

Right out the back I told her "Bitch let's go"

Took the bitch to my limo even though

Her friend said I'm ugly, I ain't even fresh

She told her friend they fuck the best

Rushed the bitch to the back seat

She pulled up her skirt and fucked the shit out of me

She said her name was Paula, bitch turned me out

Took my dick out the pussy, let me cum in her mouth

She kept sucking like a veteran, I couldn't handle it

The limo door opened, it was Janet

She jumped in the car, they started kissing and shit

I kicked back and let 'em have this dick

I told the driver "Take me straight home"

Then called my partner on the car phone

I said "I'll hook you with a bad-ass bitch"

Come to my house and don't even trip

He came over and we served the hoes

Fucked the bitches like gigalos

Paula and Janet will make you wet in your pants

But to me, they're just two more tramps

With some good ass motherfucking pussy, no shit

Short Dog's in the motherfucking house and I ain't even tripping, bitch

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