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Monday, 23 October 2017
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Too Short - Letras

What's My Favorite Word? - Album

Triple X

[$hort:] Yeah we ridin... yea

[Woman:] Short Dawg

[$hort:] We ridin, just bounce wit me

[Woman:] Short Dawg - here to play the game

[$hort:] Yea...

[Woman:] Whatch'all gonna do?

[$hort:] And we ridin

[Woman:] Short Dawg!

[Too $hort:]

What's on yo' mind ho? That nigga Too $hort

Got you playin witcho' pussy fo' twenty-fo'

In the mo'nin, why I won't call you back

Got another little freak all on my lap

She's been tellin me things that I wanna hear

So I hit you on another day, another year maybe

I still wanna see you baby

I know I told a few lies, you wanna be my lady

I let you ride with a player in my new truck

Take you straight to my house, you can do me up

And back down again, get around your friends

Let 'em know, e'ry nigga from the town's a pimp

My daddy was a player, my grandpa too

Now what the fuck else am I supposed to do?

Put my finger on the pussy, rub the nipple next

Short Dawg's in the house with the triple X

I'm a hooker's dream, a hoe's delight

They prove it, with bankrolls every night

You like to kiss her, she like to drink sperm

Get you high, smokin that pink sherm

I don't have sex with her, she just give me head

Like the ex-President, I don't need a bed

Let it drip down your cheek, get all on your dress

Rinse the evidence or rub it all on your tits

I don't care - cause I'm cold as ice

I don't feel nothin for you, think you know I'm nice

That's what you heard about Todd when I'm gettin hoes

Leave a trail of broken hearts when I let 'em go

It's not my fault, cause they be all in the club

Believin what I say, bitches fallin in love

When all I really wanted was a little sex

Turn your ass out with my triple X

[Chorus: female singer]

It's Short Dawg, he came to play the game

So whatch'all wanna do? He'll make you say his name (Short Dawg)

It's Short Dawg, he came to play the game

So whatch'all wanna do? He'll make you say his name (Short Dawg!)

[Too $hort:]

Now what you bouts to do, little prostitute

I see that sucka in ya ear but I gots to shoot

Some real game your way, what I came to say

Is what I did yesterday it ain't gon' change today

And if I cain't knock you I bet I get her

Cause I'm a hard workin pimp, I'm not a quitter

These hatin lames, don't even realize

Short Dawg's dirty rhymes make them fantasize

I don't dream about pussy cause I get too much

Can't believe that nasty slut didn't let you fuck

But maybe you ain't ready for the skills she got

Non-stop, hit the cot, the bitch still be hot

She's workin tonight, she'll stick to the script

My life is so tight, when hoes flip you tricks

Put a sponge on her pussy and she'll still be wet

Another bitch turned out by my triple X

It's nothin new - I've ran up in a few

Hit the party had the hardest G's cuffin them too

Cause I'm a mack, the whole world knows that

I'm in the house, you better hold your hoes back

Fuck $hort - that's what the bitches thinkin

Put my hand up her dress and her clit was stinkin

I gotta pass! Pussy smell like ass

So I jumped in my Benz and gave it hella gas

I can't believe you nasty girls tryin to get some

Sit on my shit and give my dick the runs

Like the East coast homies they don't slip son

Too many women in the world, you bound to get one

That slick bitch, dressed her up and played the road

But all my niggaz out in Texas say the bitch is throwed

She snort coke, rollin on them triple stacks

Rated X in the back while we dip the 'llac, beotch!


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